Which Is Better Boost Mobile OR MetroPCS?

I couldn’t count how many times my friends and others ask me this question – which is better: Boost Mobile or MetroPCS in 2022. If you are also confused with the same question, then this article is for you. 

When it comes to choosing between these top-level wireless service providers, then there are many things you have to consider.

Like coverage, plans, price, call rate, speed, and so on. Although I have used Boost Mobile for the last couple of weeks for testing purposes and find out it’s not bad, in my opinion, MetroPCS is better. 

However, it may be different for you. So, in this article, I have compared them and explained which would be a better choice for you according to your objective. So, without delay, let’s find out your next service provider.

Ultimate Comparison – Boost Mobile Vs MetroPCS

Which Is Better Boost Mobile OR MetroPCS

Boost Mobile was founded in Australia by Peter Adderton in 2000. Now, this company is operated separately by two independent companies in Australia and the United States. In the US, it is operated by Boost Worldwide, Inc. It uses the Sprint network here.

MetroPCS, meanwhile, is an American prepaid wireless service provider. It was created by Roger D. Linquist and Malcolm Lorang in 1994. And, then brought by T-Mobile. It is now known as Metro by T-Mobile.

Key Strength of Boost Mobile & MetroPCS

Before I take you to the main comparison, I want to show you some individual strengths of these companies which stand them out.

Boost Mobile

  • More mobile hotspot data ( especially more than what you get with MetroPCS)
  • Offer perks like Tidal music streaming
  • Satisfying customer service
  • Several offers for new switchers.


  • The network coverage is large than Boost Mobile’s coverage
  • Faster network for quick download
  • Offer perks like trip deals, vouchers
  • Data plans are more attractive

Coverage: Comparison Of Boost Mobile VS MetroPCS

I’m a long-time user of Metro by T-Mobile. And, for the past couple of weeks, I have been testing it more for this article. Without a doubt, MetroPCS has way larger coverage than Boost Mobile.

MetroPCS uses T-Mobile’s network, which is second in the nation. And, according to a report by OpenSignal, T-Mobile has the fastest network and has the best availability among the main carriers in the United States. And, the same was reported by Ookla.

On the other hand, Boost Mobile uses Sprint’s network. The coverage of this network is not that high for now.

However, it is the age of the 5G network. Both Boost Mobile and MetroPCS let you access 5G without any additional charge. And, same as before, the MetroPCS has the upper hand. But, it’s a completely different story when it comes to plans. Let’s see how

Price: Boost Mobile vs MetroPCS – Which One Gives Higher Return Plans?

Both of these companies offer prepaid plans. It is better than postpaid plans as you know what to expect and many people prepare these types of plans.

In the case of MetroPCS, you can purchase the 10GB LTE plan at $40/month. In this plan, the text and minute are unlimited. This is a lot if you talk about how fast MetroPCS network speed is! However, for the Unlimited Data plan, you have to pay $50/mo where everything is unlimited.

On the other hand, the Boost Mobile starter pack starts at $10/mo. You will get 2GB LTE with unlimited text and call. You can get double the amount of data if you bring your phone. The next Boost Mobile offer is a 5GB Data plan for $25/mo. However, the Ultimate Data plan is as much as MetroPCS, $50/mo.

MetroPCS is offering high-volume plans where Boost Mobile is focused on smaller plans. Although the ultimates are the same price, Boost Mobile charges higher per gigabyte data in other plans.

But, many people liked this as those who don’t really rely on mobile data too much, can enjoy other services at a lower cost. And, there are also some best Boost mobile plans with free phones

Speed: Boost Mobile VS MetroPCS – Who Is Faster?

In the case of speed, there is no doubt that you can get better speed with MetroPCS than Boost Mobile. It is because, as I mentioned earlier, MetroPCS relies on the T-Mobile network, where Boost Mobile operates on Sprint.

The T-Mobile network is the second-best network in the whole nation. And, their 5G coverage may surpass Verizon. On the other side, Sprint’s main users complain about the slow net speed. 

If you go online and try to download something, you are going to have a better experience with MetroPCS. This is one of the biggest reasons Boost is having a hard time holding their customers. Who won’t get frustrated with loading speeds?

Data Limitations: Boost Mobile VS MetroPCS – Where They Stops?

You may bring an unlimited plan and you can think, you can do anything you want to do. But wait! There are some qualifications for that too. 

With Boost Mobile on the unlimited data plan, you have to face speed restraint while streaming music and video gaming. It’s going to be frustrating if you are a video gamer. But, there is no data cap. However, you won’t get astonishing speed everywhere in the country. You will have a hard time in rural areas.

MetroPCS has limitations on video quality while streaming on the unlimited data plan. You won’t get a resolution higher than 480p while streaming videos. Without that, you won’t face any data cap. 

Customer services: Boost Mobile VS MetroPCS – Which One Provides Better?

To find which one can provide better services for you, I had to test all(nine) carrier customer services. In these terms, Boost mobile is way ahead of MetroPCS and others also. 

You get most of the information and tips just by searching Boost Mobile’s surprisingly robust website. The website is simple, so extracting information from it is easy.

To check the response time, I posted a problem on each carrier’s Facebook and Twitter accounts. And, to my surprise, the reply from Boost Mobile was super quick. So, I tried a few more times, and every time they replied super fast, although all the replies were not right. 

The customer support line is also friendly and speedy. On the other hand, although MetroPCS has improved its customer service quite a lot in recent years, it is still slow and annoying too much time to reply to any question. Same with the customer service line. It is like hit-or-miss, although it’s said to be available 24 hours. 

Phones: Which Are Preferable With Boost Mobile And MetroPCS

If you have a phone beforehand, and you don’t have any thought to change it, then you might prefer a network that is compatible with your phone.

If you also need a phone, then check which phones are recommended by your network service providers before getting one. 

Both Boost Mobile and MetroPCS are putting emphasis on low-budget smartphones. With Boost, most of the preferred phones are under $200. And, if you don’t need the latest flagships you can get an older generation at a reasonable price with the boost network. 

MetroPCS prefers to use iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel phones of any version. They are also offering various phones at this time, and most of those are low-cost phones but you will also find the latest flagships on the list. Here are some MetroPCS phone deals for existing customers

Ultimately which one to choose?

This choice is now entirely up to you. Boost and Metro by T-mobile both have their own advantages and disadvantages.

You have to prioritize your needs and choose which goes with those needs. But, to help you out more, I’m going to give you some more hints here. 

With MetroPCS, you are going to have better coverage. You will enjoy faster data streaming, downloads, and non-laggy gaming.

And, with 5G, which just started, MetroPCS is going to become faster and better. But, you have to pay a little higher for those facilities. If you have a good paying steady job, then I highly recommend you to choose MetroPCS, you won’t regret it. 

Boost Mobile, provides superior customer services, versatile data plans, along with more hotspot data. You get various discounts from time to time.

Ultimately, Boost Mobile will cost you less whether you take individual or family plans. But, slow speed and inferior coverage are causing hesitation.

However, if your home is in the main city and you don’t travel much, this network is your perfect choice. Both networks have their merits and demerits.

So, before choosing one, think carefully about why you need it. But don’t need to stress out too much over it as you can switch anytime. Just remember to avoid long-term commitments with a single network unless you are sure it is going to be fine for you. 

Final Verdict

Both MetroPCS and Boost Mobile are offering their strong suits. Both have their strong key points to stand out. If one is offering fast speed and better coverage, another comes with low cost and more support. 

Although MetroPCS is overall better than Boost Mobile, the difference is not massive. But, you have to choose one over another, after all. Choose according to what you need.

And, if you want to switch from one network to another, you can do it quite easily. It takes 20 minutes to one day to finish the process. You can’t use any services at that time. And, also before switching, check if your smartphone is compatible with the new service. That being said, enjoy your new network.

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