What Phones Are Compatible With SafeLink

The essence of communication in anyone’s life can never be underestimated because people communicate with one another on a day-to-day basis, and thus it’s necessary.

There are, however, many ways of communication but using a phone is one of the most effective and famous around the world because nowadays, everyone owns a phone.

Moreover, unlike other means of communication, mobile phones are cheaper and more convenient to send a text, email, picture, or voice call.

The SafeLink wireless program has come into existence so that it can help the less fortunate and those financially incapable of getting cheap phones with what they have.

What Phones Are Compatible With SafeLink

One should meet some eligibility conditions before they access SafeLink compatible phones. Many people have queries about what phones are compatible with SafeLink. The answer seems to involve quite a substantial number of gadgets that can integrate the program for effective communication.

It is also important to note that SafeLink wireless program is intended kinds of people and not everyone; thus, when one qualifies for the program, then they are entitled to a new phone that they can upgrade with new SafeLink compatible devices that are present in the market.

There are many types of phones that are compatible with the SafeLink wireless program in the market, and they depend on an individual’s ability to purchase.

Hence, you may find some of the popular Metro PCS compatible phones, Access wireless compatible phones, and Qlink compatible phones. They include-

What Phones Are Compatible With SafeLink

1. Samsung Galaxy  J3 Luna Pro

What Phones Are Compatible With SafeLink - Samsung Galaxy  J3 Luna Pro

This device is a prepaid smartphone with several great features that enable one to connect with their respective loved ones quite comfortably.

The Samsung Galaxy  J3 Luna Pro has a 4G network capability that allows users to utilize the fast browsing through the internet that the phone enables.

The phone also has a large display of about 5.0”, which makes it excellent for watching movies and playing games.

The smartphone has got other features which include a spectacular camera composed of both front and back, with the front comprising 2 megapixels. In contrast, the back camera is rated 5 MP. These cameras enable users to take high-quality photos and videos.

Furthermore, the phone has an internal memory of 16GB with 1.5 GB RAM and processing power of 1.4GHz. The phone’s battery is extended-lasting, allowing users to use them for a long period of time before charging them again.

2. Alcatel IdealXcite

Alcatel IdealXcite

The IdealXcite is one of several types of phones available at SafeLink. It is also one of the unique phones available in the market because it is one of the few that runs on Android 7.0.

The Alcatel IdealXcite has a lovely microtextured back with a lovely frame that elevates its appealing appearance. The IdealXcite has a wide camera that enables it to capture pictures in detail compared to others.

The other features of the phone include an engraved power key and a one-click collage editor, which improves the experiences of the user of the smartphone. This smartphone is one of the unique SafeLink compatible devices available in the market right now.

3. ZTE Z Five 2 4G

What Phones Are Compatible With SafeLink - ZTE Z Five 2 4G

As far as SafeLink complaint phones available in the market, the Z Five 2 is an excellent choice for users. This is because it is well equipped with a 5.0” HD display screen that provides clarity for users.

Moreover, the phone has a 6.0 Marshmallow android that enables users to multitask and a 1.4 GHz quad processor that allows users to have an excellent internet experience.

In terms of what phones are compatible with SafeLink, then surely the ZTE Z five is one of them.

Moreover, the Z Five 2 has a 5MP and 2MP camera that enables users to take high-quality photos, which are then stored on the phone’s substantial 8GB internal memory. The battery of Z Five 2 is quite long-lasting, with an 18-hour talk time and 16 days of life before charging again.

4. ZTE Maven 3

ZTE Maven 3 Z835

This is one of the most up-to-date smartphones in the market that is powerful with 4G connectivity that allows easier communication with loved ones.

The Maven 3 operates on the Android Nougat operating system, which provides an excellent display to users.

The phone is fitted with front and back cameras to take high-quality videos and pictures.

Moreover, the quad processor on Maven 3 allows users to have more effortless connectivity and faster performance.

The phone’s internal memory can be expanded to 32GB, accommodating a lot of data and information.

5. LG Rebel 4G

What Phones Are Compatible With SafeLink - LG Rebel 4G

Regarding what phones are compatible with SafeLink, the LG Rebel 4G is an excellent choice to use; it has several enhanced features that will greatly improve the experience.

For instance, the presence of 4G allows seamless connectivity to the internet and a faster browser for users. The fact that the phone is quite light makes it easier to fit seamlessly on the users’ hands.

Additionally, the phone allows users to send shop and watch movies and install any type of app because the LG Rebel has an expandable 8GB internal storage.

Moreover, the phone utilizes the Marshmallow 6.0.1 android with a 1.1 GHz processor, which makes for faster performance.

6. Alcatel Cameo X 4G

Alcatel Cameo X 4G

The Alcatel Cameo X is one of the slimmest and compact phones under the SafeLink compatible phones that make them fit in one’s pocket very easily.

The 5.0” LCD screen of the Cameo X has multi-touch functionalities, including a resolution that performs various functions.

The 5MP back and 2MP back camera provide a high-quality display for taking pictures and videos.

Furthermore, the Cameo X has a quad-core processor that provides more efficiency and faster use for the phone in terms of performing an activity.

The 16GB internal memory of the phone can be expanded to 32GB, which provides adequate storage for the user.

7. LG Phoenix 3

What Phones Are Compatible With SafeLink - LG Phoenix 3

This phone represents a newer model from the LG family that is SafeLink compatible and fitted with a 5.0” screen display. The phoenix 3 features the 6.0.1 android Marshmallow that enables users to perform various tasks at a single time.

The phone has an excellent front and back camera with clear autofocus that allows for the capture of high-quality videos, which are indeed much clearer.

Moreover, the phoenix 3 features an internal storage capacity of 16 GB that can be expanded to 256 GB, an exception size for users with plenty of music, videos, and games, among others.

The Phoenix 3 has a long-standing battery life of up to 600 hours and 14 hours of talk time without charging, which ensures that the user does not need to worry in cases of blackout.

8. Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy phones have the greatest camera of them all that comprises an improved camera with dual functionalities that are capable of taking both front and back photos simultaneously.

The 13MP camera allows users to capture super clear pictures and videos. The Samsung Galaxy S4 has an eraser shot that enables users to edit photos on their phones, which is quite a cool phone feature.

The phone has an air gesture feature that makes it possible to receive calls by just waving the hand over the screen.

Along with other features, the S4 comes with unique functionalities that present worth to an individual’s old phone.

9. Motorola G4

What Phones Are Compatible With SafeLink - Motorola G4

Communication remains the critical component of an individual’s life, making it important to determine what phones are compatible with SafeLink.

The Motorola G4 thus represents the best option for such individuals in terms of them being able to browse the internet faster, respond to emails instantly, and access social media very easily.

This phone has intelligent and faster functionalities that improve the experience and enable faster connectivity in line with the 1.2 GHz cortex processor.

The phone is also fitted with a splash-proof design that prevents rain, splashes, and spills from interfering with the screen. Moreover, the 8.0 MP cameras allow users to capture clear and perfect shots, and videos are some of the major features of the phone.

10. Samsung Galaxy Sol 4G

Samsung Galaxy Sol 4G

This ultra-slim SafeLink compatible phone can fit very easily in the pocket of the user. The Samsung Galaxy Sol 4G has a 5.0” screen that enables one to watch movies and videos.

The highly reliable quad processor and 4G make connectivity for the phone to be quite faster and its performance.

The quick launch functionality allows users to access applications very easily. All these features ensure the users make great use of the phone.

Final Verdict

There are several SafeLink compatible phones in the market, especially for individuals involved in the program, and an individual does not need to have a lot of money in order to get one.

A SafeLink compatible phone is thus essential in order to allow one to be able to communicate with their loved ones.