What Deals Does Metropcs Have Right Now

MetroPCS, currently known as Metro by T-Mobile, is among the top MVNOs. It provides its users the benefits of T-Mobile’s 4G and 5G network at a lower cost with their prepaid plans. So, a common question I got a lot – what deals does metropcs have right now?

Metro by T-Mobile is one of the small MVNOs that offers deals on iPhone 13. Recently they have added LG Stylo 6 and Samsung Galaxy A32 to their list. There is also an unlimited internet deal, which was added on Black Friday and is still available.

Today, We will know in detail about all the deals and offers by the Metro by T-Mobile. So, let’s get down to the original article with no delay.

What Deals Does Metropcs Have Right Now

MetroPCS Best Deal

  • 50% off for the new customers – Unlimited 5G internet for $25.
  • $200 off with the New iPhone 13.
  • Get a 5G phone without any cost.
  • Get up to a 50% discount for adding a new line.

Those are the top Metro pcs phone deals today. The deals change pretty frequently. So, keep on their social media page to grab an excellent deal.

1. $200 Off On iPhone 13

iPhone 13

As soon as the iPhone 13 launched in the market, MetroPCS got aggressive over the phone. The phone was at a $300 discount on Black Friday, but now I’m back to the old deal again.

iPhone 13 is a phone which comes with everything you would want from the phone. It’s currently the best phone you can purchase in the market. Its cinematic mode shoots, personalizable photographic styles, and super close zooming make it stand out most.

In comparison to the recent iPhones, the design of the model is pretty heavy. But, it is still identical to the iPhone 12, except the notch of the 2021 version is more compressed.

The display also got a significant upgrade from the previous versions; the ProMotion provides the users a completely new experience. You will have an excellent and fast experience with a 6.7-inch display and 120 Hz refresh screen refresh speed. Moreover, the adjustability of the display with low and high-light makes it more worthy.

iPhone 13 comes with the largest camera array in the entire iPhone history and is also the most powerful. The large three cameras with depth sensors will provide you with the experience you never had. With its powerful telephoto lens, you can go close up to 3x optical/ 15x digital zoom.

For the performance, the phone offers a breakneck speed. The new A15 Bionic CPU makes it powerful enough to deal with any large app or software. With the high-refresh speed, robust chipset, and ample space ( 8 GB RAM), users get a whole new experience with their model.

It also has decent battery life. The 4320 mAh battery can run for 13 hours with intensive use. But, the fast charging ( 27 W) is slow compared to the phone’s top competitor.

Besides the basic features, there are a few fun options with the iPhone 13. It comes with an adaptive sensor, which adjusts with the environment around you. It could be a handy feature if you travel from here to there. But, sometimes it can cause inconvenience.

2. Google Pixel 5a with $200 discount

Google Pixel 5a

The Google Pixel 5a is the best affordable phone option. The phone offers features of high-end phones while still costing pretty much cheap.

The model of the phone is currently available on the MetroPCS deals. Usually, it costs $499, but there is a $200 discount for the new customers. You need to hurry for the phone. Firstly it’s a limited-time offer, and the stock runs out pretty fast for the model.

Google Pixel A series is known for being an affordable flagship from the very beginning. The previous model, Pixel 4a, and the current flagship – Pixel 6 are familiar faces in the best phone list on many popular sites. Same with the Google Pixel 5a.

The affordable phone (costs only $299 from MetroPCS) offers you 5G compatibility, massive battery health, and outstanding display quality.

But, like most affordable phones, instead of the body, the 5a is more focused on performance. So, it may feel like a plastic box when you hold it for the first time. And, the design doesn’t have anything attractive to offer.

Coming out of the design, everything else is what you more than expect from an inexpensive phone. The rear-mount fingerprint design to the performance, everything is fast, excellent, and accurate.

It comes with a 6.34 inches OLED HDR display for an excellent experience with video watching and gaming. And, the Snapdragon 765G CPU and 6 GB RAM make sure you can continue what you are doing without any hindrance.

The camera condition of the device is also quite decent. It comes with a 12.2 MP wide lens and a 16 MP ultra-wide lens. The front camera is a bit disappointing, but if you consider the price, everything is in place.

3. Get 5G Phone Without Any Costs

5G Phone

MetroPCS offers several free cell phones for new customers. Among them, 4G phones are the most; still, few 5G phones are noticeable.

Nokia X100, OnePlus Nord N200, and the OnePlus Nord N10 are the current free 5G smartphones available.

When the customers switch to MetroPCS and trade in an eligible device, they can instantly get the phones. Now, let’s know more about the phone individually.

Nokia X100

The Nokia X100, a budget-friendly phone exclusively for T-mobile and MetroPCS users. With an under $300 price tag, Nokia X100 has many overwhelming features.

The huge phone is featured with a 6.67-inch full HD display to confirm the user’s entertainment. Its 60 Hz screen refresh rate also ensures smooth social media scrolling and switching apps.

It comes with a Snapdragon 480 5G processor and 6GB RAM to ensure sluggish-less performance. As for internal storage offers 128GB and a microSD card slot that goes up to 1 TB.

It has four different cameras on the rear – one 48 megapixels primary shooter with a 5 MP ultrawide, a 2 MP depth, and a 2 MP micro camera. It also has a 16 MP front-mounting lens.

The X200 comes with an Android 11 os system, and the system on the os system isn’t consistent. It also has a significant 4,470 mAh battery life, which with the energy-sufficient CPU, can run for quite a long hours.

OnePlus Nord N200 5G

OnePlus started its affordable phone series with the Nord series. All the phones on this series are affordable and, the OnePlus Nord N200 is the new addition to the series.

The model has few things to offer without 5G compatibility and huge battery life. The phone’s 6.5 inches display’s fast refresh rate is the best among the available options. And, the device comes confirmed with 3 years of consistent security updates.

On the downside, its camera quality is just average. Even considering the phone price, its camera quality disappoints me a little. Anyways, you get a 13 MP main shooter, a 2 Mp macro camera, and a 2 MP depth sensor. For selfies, a 13 MP selfie camera is there.

The overall performance of N200 isn’t too impressive or too bad either. Although it is fine for regular use and browsing, the phone gets a little slow when it comes to intensive tasks.

The phone uses Snapdragon 480 5G processor, which became a trend among the new budget-friendly 5G phones. Along with a 4GB RAM, the N200 somehow keeps up with daily work.

The N200’s display quality is pretty decent. The 6.5 inch LCD with 1080p resolution makes sure you get a great entertainment experience.

OnePlus Nord N10

OnePlus Nord N10 is another excellent budget-friendly choice. After the release of N200, its price has dropped significantly; and, now, it is available at under $200.

Similarly to its price, the phone doesn’t have much to offer. As you can imagine from a low-budget mobile, the phone body is plastic. Somehow, it has a 6.4 LCD with 1080p resolution, which offers a very tall 20:9 aspect ratio.

So, it will be a good option for watching videos and movies. Moreover, the screen offers a 90 Hz screen refresh rate, seeing the price tag, which is pretty rare in that class. However, the screen doesn’t have good color gourmet.

The model uses a Snapdragon 690 5G chipset with 6G RAM and 128GB of storage. So, you can play some games, even high-intensive games, in a lower-quality setting.

Some Other Top Deals

Without those top deals, there are few other outstanding deals available with MetroPCS. Let’s get a quick look at those deals –

4. $200 Off iPhone 12/12 Pro

iPhone 12

The previous year’s iPhone 12 can be an excellent choice for you. After the 13 launched, the phone price dropped quite a bit. And, for the new customers or the existing customer for adding a new line can enjoy a $200 discount for the phone.

So, counting everything, you are getting a new high-end iPhone at just $530.

iPhone 12 isn’t much different from its little brother – iPhone 13. There isn’t much difference in their design in a side-by-side comparison. The phone offers an OLED display, 5G compatibility, robust A14 Bionic chipset, excellent cameras, and feature like MagSafe.

Even after being a one-year-old model, the iPhone 12 is still among the best phones and provides good value.

The phone offers almost everything you can get from the iPhone 13 (of course lacks quite a bit) and still can save a good amount of money.

5. $250 Off iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE

iPhone SE, Apple’s first-ever affordable phone, was launched in 2020 aside from that year’s flagship. The phone is now available at an excellent discount for the new customers on the best metro pcs phone.

iPhone SE is a budget-friendly phone, which usually costs only $399. But, if you are switching to the MetroPCS website or adding a new line to your existing account, you can get $250 off. That brings the price down to $149 only.

The SE model is pretty simple compared to the flagships of recent years. It follows the design of the old iPhone 8 and 8 Pro. But, don’t mistake that with its performance.

It has the A12 Bionic chipset, also integrated in the 11 and 11 Pro. Moreover, it recently upgraded the camera system, which has recent photography features.

But, like all budget-friendly phones, there are many issues you need to face. For example, the battery life is relatively poor; only the 1821 mAh battery.

Even Samsung and Xiaomi’s low-end phones have better battery life. And, photo quality also won’t impress you.

6. Get Samsung Galaxy A32 5G For Free

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G

One of the best Metro Pcs compatible 5G phones on the sale, the Samsung Galaxy A32, is accessible for the existing customer to add a new line. The phone usually costs $289.

The Galaxy A32 is known as the true entry phone to the Samsung selection, as other models below it are just for being there. And, as a budget cell phone, this phone is fully loaded.

An outstanding 6.4-inch AMOLED display offers FHD+ and 90Hz screen refresh. This quality is far ahead of its class and comparable to the Galaxy S series.

Similarly, the phone also has a large 5000 mAh battery life, which is also pretty rare in its competitor. The battery can run for three straight days, with regular use and browsing.

The camera quality is also pretty decent; comes with a 64 MP main camera, an 8 MP ultrawide, and a 5 MP macro camera. But, the performance is also something you can’t overlook. Mediatek Helio G80 is a powerhouse model with 4/ 6/ 8 GB ram. But it’s not that surprising like the other specs.

7. MetroPCS Unlimited Deal At $25/month

Starting from black Friday, MetroPCS, for the new customers, offers one line at only $25. In this case, you are getting access to the country’s best 5G network at a cheap price. And, you have a chance of obtaining a free phone. For the inexpensive 5G plans, MetroPCS is the best option.

Final Verdict

MetroPCS is one of the best MVNOs for its inexpensive plans and robust network. So, it’s common to hear the question – what deals does metropcs have right now?

The deals change pretty frequently. The phone you are seeing on the list may not be available tomorrow. But, still, you get a rough idea of what you can get out of the carrier.

MetroPCS was the first and only small carrier to offer iPhone 13 at a discount. They are offering all phone versions (original, pro, pro max, mini).

Moreover, you can also find other flagships from other companies. There are also Metro pcs free phones. But, before you get into any deal, make sure to read if there is any contract and how long it will take. You can be sure there will be some kind of contract for discounted or free phones.

Contracts are not bad things. Just make sure you can easily be strict with the provider for that period.

So, in this article I have answered your question in mind, showing some phone and plan deals, available at a discount price.