What Cell Phone Companies Use Verizon Towers For Best Network

Across the United States Of America, if you go searching for the best and overall expanded telecommunication networks, Verizon will stand in the first row. Verizon is one of the largest and most widespread wireless telecom network service providers throughout the USA.

If you ask for a good network provider for overall services, then we will prefer Verizon. Acknowledging its popularity, it does not indicate that other service providers do not use the tower for their wireless solid coverage.

There are several mobile and telecommunications companies available that come with providing Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs) which provide services to their users.

Each MVNO provider comes with separate services, different rate plans, billing, and customer care assistance for its users.

Since Verizon towers are used by a variety of mobile network companies, you can easily switch to any of your favorite Verizon compatible networks without leaving access to Verizon’s good network coverage.

Now for making your switch a lot easier we have included here the info of Cell phone companies that uses the Verizon network. Let’s go deep into the content about what cell phone companies use Verizon towers.

Top 7 Cell Phone Companies That Use Verizon Towers

Verizon is one of the four largest telecommunications companies in the United States. There are a variety of mobile phone companies available that are using the network towers of Verizon. Below we will briefly discuss the phone companies that use Verizon towers. 

1. Visible


Amongst the most unique and different mobile companies that use Verizon’s network, Visible will stand first. Under the provided services of Visible, they mostly come with services from other providers.

From their online portal, one can get access remotely and can switch their services to Visible. You can make all of your tasks done from their website including paying bills, creating accounts, getting subscriptions, and much more.

Visible offers a cheap plan which is just under 40 dollars and it is a great option considering the affordability or cost-efficiency. This plan offers unlimited talk time, messages, a 5 Mbps faster internet plan, and is regarded as pretty much decent to stream HD videos and mobile hotspots.

However, they don’t tend to hold anyone to their company through any contracts. You can go for their plans considering your requirements and needs as well as at any time you can unsubscribe from their plans. 

All the visible plans can be accessed with any of the iOS phones. Moreover, You can also go for the S series up to Galaxy S9 and S9+ through Visible. You can also get the chance to exchange any old phone in return for a new one from Visible.

Therefore, if you have any used smartphone that does not function well, or even if it is in a poor circumstance that it just shuts down, no matter what you can exchange it for a brand-new phone from Visible. They provide a phone named Visible R2 in exchange for old phones.

Offers an unlimited plan for everything(text, voice, data) at just 40 dollars per month
All plan comes with faster 4G LTE and 5G data speeds
Provides cheap plans as well as frequently provides big savings offers
A hotspot is available for international traveling
Support iOS and S series and all plans come with taxes & fees included for less hassle
No internationally calling features are available
Support of exchange for old phones is limited

2. Straight Talk

Straight Talk

Straight talk is one of the most discussed MVNO operators in the United States. If you are dwelling in a city owning a Walmart, it is difficult for anyone to not know on Straight talk.

It is also very familiar almost everywhere because Straight talk is famous for giving all the providers plans. Straight talk provides access to plans that are with Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon. You can also check Verizon internet for low income families instead.

Straight Talk comes with a variety of plans that is compatible with all other providers. There are primarily four plans available that you can choose from, and the cheapest plan is just about 35 dollars per month and it comes with 5GB 4G LTE services.

If you go for a 25 GB 4G LTE data plan then it will charge just about 45 dollars per month. Overall, if you go for an unlimited plan then this will cost a monthly charge of just 55 dollars. 

The 55 dollars unlimited plan also comes with 10 GB of hotspot data which is pretty much overwhelming. However, if you require more than that then you can go for the  65 dollars plan which is available with 20 GB of hotspot data and 100 GB of cloud storage covered.

Occasionally, if you go low on your data then Straight Talk also has a backup option that sells an additional 1 GB for 5 dollars and 2 GB for 10 dollars. Straight Talk runs everything relatively easy and simple for common people, and it is a great thing.

The international calling induces unlimited calling throughout Mexico, China, Canada, and India
A Hotspot facility is included with the unlimited plans
Each month’s unused data gets rolled over to the next month’s data
Physical top-up cards are also available for convenience
All the plans can be purchased remotely from online stores
All plans come with higher prices compared to the competitive operators
Plans are not compatible with iOS generations and they are only available for single users

3. Total Wireless

Total Wireless

When you are looking for a Verizon MVNO operator for switching into a cheap plan option, Total Wireless will stand next to as one.

Total Wireless utilizes Verizon towers for providing the best coverage to its clients. For meeting up the demands of their clients, Total WIreless comes with a variety of plans.

According to your requirements, you can go for any of these plans. Their cheapest plan starts at just 23.70 dollars per month which includes unlimited talking and texting with 1GB of LTE data and if it gets finished the plan’s speed will be downward to 2G band.

For getting into a plan that has greater data features then you have to step up to the next plan that starts at 33.20 dollars per month and the plan comes with a 5 GB of LTE data plan.

But if you are in need of a plan that comes with a greater amount of internet then you need to jump into the highest-end data plan that starts at 47.50 dollars per month and it comes with offering unlimited LTE 4G data plan of 25 GB and it will be pushed back to 2G speed if you utilize more than 25 GB throughout the monthly period.

Unlike any other MVNO operators that use Verizon towers, Total Wireless also comes with a variety of family plans. The family plans come with a budget range starting from at least 57 dollars and at the peak, it has plans ranging from 95 dollars. The corresponding family plans are launched for 2 lines, 3 lines, and 4 lines respectively.

For 2 lines they provide Unlimited talk, text, and 30 GB of shared 4G LTE data (back to 2G after usage) all starting at just 57 dollars monthly.

And for 3 lines and 4 lines, the plans come with 60 GB and 100 GB data with unlimited talk and text, they start at 80.70 and 95 dollars per month.

All plans are easy to use and the plans also allow to save more
Comes with plenty of data plans for meeting the demand of the majority people
Provides free hotspot access
Unused data gets carried over to the next month
The family plan is cost effective and allows greater savings
The provided international calling service is a bit expensive
Plans are only compatible with Samsung Series

4. US Mobile

US Mobile

Here we will introduce an MVNO that is not that famous amongst the users but uses Verizon towers for operating. US Mobile is an MVNO you may not have heard of previously, but it is sorted with great services that you will surely want to check out.

Primarily US Mobile runs through many service providers and these services consist of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

However, if you are looking for bringing it from Verizon then you definitely can. If you are an existing user of Verizon or any of the aforementioned networks then you can easily switch to US Mobile Plans for getting access to Verizon phone deals for existing customers.

US Mobile comes with a range of highly customizable plans which is a plus point. Since it uses the Verizon network, US Mobile is committed to providing you with the best LTE services. From the plans, you can select and pick how much talk, text, and data you require under a Customized Plan.

If not you can also go for the included Unlimited Plan and get access to unlimited talk, text, and data and the speed choice depends on your wish. If you are such an individual who doesn’t use phones that much and doesn’t require a bunch of data, talk, or text plans, US Mobile is the best one for you. 

For starting up US Mobile has a cheap plan that starts at just 45 dollars per month and wraps up unlimited calling, texting, and high-speed data. Additionally, you can add up to 20 GB of hotspot data with the plan just by adding 10 dollars.

Their unlimited plan comes with the touch of the family plan that brings up with two lines bringing the price down to 30 dollars for each month and for three or more lines it reduces at just 25 dollars for each month.

Comes with customizable plans that are perfect for light users
Plans include up to 10 GB of international roaming
The unlimited plan is also great for having a decent value 
If you add more lines the digital subscription becomes free of cost
Compatible with AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon and also has  a free referral program
The hotspot is not free of cost
No international hotspot feature and the data roaming is expensive too

5. Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile

If you are looking for a mobile network that will suit your wifi requirements then Xfinity Mobile is going to be the best option for switching. Xfinity Mobile is a mobile operator that is made for individuals who are already in access with the home internet option of Xfinity.

Xfinity not only gives access to a variety of WiFi hotspots across millions of users but also provides unlimited nationwide calling and texting and access. Xfinity also comes with a wide range of plans that focuses on mobile data.

For instance, you can go with Xfinity’s by the Gig plan and this plan comes with 1 GB for 15 dollars, 3 GB for 30 dollars, and 10 GB for just 60 dollars per month. Just note that your data plan’s actual cost will depend on your monthly usage.

That’s not the end, they also provide a great variety of unlimited plans that are pretty much overwhelming. The unlimited plan starts at just 45 dollars per month. 

It doesn’t matter if you pick the gigabyte or the unlimited plan, after using the limited 20 GB monthly limit you will notice a slight lag over the internet speed. Now it comes to the hotspots, hotspot access is included with the plans and it is pretty much free of cost. Here’s a catch, the free hotspot speed is reduced to just 600 Kbps. There are some of the best Verizon dual sim phones available that come with better mobility and service. 

It also has an offer that comes with an international calling facility and it charges a rate of just 10 dollars monthly for each country it also has an optional add-on for unlimited calls to Mexico and Canada.

Xfinity also comes with HD streaming facilities if you switch from any regular plan to an unlimited plan. The HD pass charges just 20 dollars monthly so it means if you go for a 45 dollars unlimited plan, you have to pay a total of $65 monthly for each line.

It’s By the Gig plan is pretty much affordable
Gives access to a plethora of Wifi hotspots
For a family plan, it has mix and match options
Provides international roaming to more than 200 countries
5G access is also included with all plans
All the plans and services are only available for Comcast or Xfinity internet service subscribers

6. Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum Mobile

Spectrum mobile also works similarly to the Xfinity mobile plans. If you are a subscriber of any of their internet plans then only you can get access to Spectrum mobile services.

Spectrum mobile not only provides great home internet services, but it also has unlimited talk time, text data, and hotspots across the whole country.

For providing services to the user Spectrum also uses the Verizon LTE network. It comes with an upgradable data plan that you can upgrade for adding extra GBs and you have to pay 14 dollars per GB. They also have an unlimited data plan that prices just 45 dollars monthly and thus you can get access to an unlimited data supply. 

Spectrum comes with charging a one-time fee of just 10 dollars for activation or subscribing to their services. Their data speed also gets reduced when you have done using the monthly limit of 20 GB.

Spectrum is compatible with a series of smartphones from several brands. You can go for a phone from the Samsung Galaxy Series, Samsung Notepad series, Apple iPhone XS, and much more.

Provides plans and offers that are upgradable
All plans include unlimited talk time and messages
Compatible with a series of Samsung and Apple phones
Comes with new phones that are available at affordable prices
Only available for customers that use Spectrum Internet Home service.
Lack of hotspots and provides less amount of internet

7. Ting Mobile

Ting Mobile

Ting Mobile uses Verizon and T-Mobile networks and it is a plus point that you can get a wide range of coverage towers, so you can choose one from these providers depending on the speed and coverage of your area.

Ting began applying the Sprint network before moving to its contemporary coverage associates offering greatly enhanced coverage throughout the process.

Ting also comes with 5G included if you can use the suitable phone and solid coverage you can also get access to the next generation wireless service.

Ting comes with plans that are pretty much easy to get access to and they have both basic and unlimited plans and the least plan starts at just 10 dollars per month. This is the way you can go to the cheapest plan if you are the one who doesn’t demand any data access.

Ting also has great plans for upgraded devices and it starts with Set 5 which comes with 5 GB of data that can be used in a hotspot. You can get access to Verizon compatible unlocked phones through Ting also. 

The other two plans are unlimited plans starting from 22 GB of high-speed data for just 45 dollars monthly and 35 GB of high-speed data at 60 dollars for each month.

As Ting uses two large network providers (T-Mobile and Verizon), thus it is compatible with a wide variety of phones and if you want to use your phone you can use it unless it is unlocked. If you are searching for buying new phones, Ting has a satisfactory variety of Android devices and iPhones that are available on the site, and all the purchases are financed with Affirm.

Ting has a cheap basic plan
Allows the user to use either the Verizon or T-Mobile network for further comfort
Provides plenty of hotspots on the unlimited plan
Comes with including the fastest wireless through the 5G access 
Unlimited plans are considered pretty much expensive
Their network information is not that clear

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Final Verdict

There are several cell phone companies available that use different service providers for carrying out their services. They are Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

For fulfilling the incremental demand of the consumers these service providers come with different plans and deals from a set of different networks. Before switching to these MVNO mobile network providers, be sure about the availability of their network using your required specific towers.

After this long-discussed content about “What Cell Phone Companies Use Verizon Towers”, we are wrapping it up by giving our picked recommendation to Visible Mobile. Visible comes with straightforward ways for making things as easy as possible for users.

Visible’s 40 dollars per month plan is a great one of its own, but it gets more exciting when you factor in Party Pay. After all, the benefit of switching to Verizon is not limited, as it is compatible with a variety of MVNO carriers you can use the best one up to your needs.