What Carriers Are Compatible With Metro PCS?

Metro by T-Mobile is a prepaid wireless service provider and telecommunication brand of the United States that T-Mobile owns. Previously it was one of the fifth largest telecommunication brands in the United States. It is a Code Division Multiple Access(CDMA) operator that started its journey in 1994 with General Wireless, Inc.

Metro PCS is a well-known telecom and mobile service provider across the United States, and they have more than 1.5 million users throughout the country as of February 2005. The PCS refers to an industry team which means Personal Communication Service, and the service mainly started in 2002.

When switching between carriers from T-Mobile to Metro PCS, your phone needs to be unlocked, and previously it needs to have the CDMA software technology that is compatible with T-Mobile. Continue downward to know more about What Carriers Are Compatible With Metro PCS.

What Carriers Are Compatible With Metro PCS?

What Carriers Are Compatible With Metro PCS

Since Metro PCS comes using GSM technology, thus it is usual that it will be compatible with T-Mobile. Furthermore, there are carriers large like AT&T that also use GSM technology. Metro PCS is also compatible with other GSM or CDMA carriers and has compatibility with LTE services. Let’s discuss them in brief.

1. T-Mobile

T-Mobile is one of the largest telecommunication services, which is based in the US. It serves throughout the whole country with a variety of great, reliable plans and other telecom services.

T-Mobile began its service journey in 1999 while they were under the brand name of a German company Deutsche Telekom. But later, after that or even in present times, they have changed it into T-Mobile International Inc.

T-mobile is a widespread and largest network that provides services in more than 20 countries across Europe, the US, and other continents. Its widespread and prominent history and coverage area define how extended and prominent this provider is.  Under the shade of services, it has unlimited plans, family plans, prepaid plans, cell phones, other devices, and many more. 

Features and Service of T-Mobile

T-Mobile basically offers data plans, talk times, text plans at a reliable rate, and all offers & plans can be easily purchased from their online site. Get access to the best metro pcs phone deals for existing customers from T-Mobile. Below we have included the features and coverages of T-Mobile.

  • Their primary plan appears with a plan named T-Mobile essentials. Here, you will find out the restricted amount of minutes, texts, data offers, and limited speed that one will essentially require for continuing.
  • For long-term benefits, T-Mobile also has unlimited plans for a monthly, half-yearly, or yearly basis, and these plans are of great value at a cheap rate.
  • With all that, it has newly arrived plans naming T- Mobile One- Magenta, which covers unlimited talk time, messaging, and 4G LTE data, free data, etc.
  • With various cell phone ranges, it has the latest smartphones, cell phones for seniors, retired persons, and much more.
  • Unlike any other carrier, T-Mobile has the cheapest plan that starts at 15 dollars monthly, and an unlimited plan(T-Mobile essentials) also starts at just 30 dollars monthly.

As T-Mobile is one of the four most popular carriers of the nation, you will be able to get some discounts while switching to Metro PCS through T-Mobile as they are both run under nearly the same network. The additional benefits that while you go for a switch to Metro PCS, you can get the likelihood of winning a free phone.

2. Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is a broadcast telecommunication company handled by two independent corporations in Australia and the United States. Boost Mobile was primarily founded in 2000 by Peter Adderton of Australia. It is now operated and functioned by Boost Tel PTY Limited that utilizes the mobile network of Telstra’s. 

However, Boost Mobile currently operates over the network of the T-Mobile and Sprint networks for their overall system coverage. By far Boost, Mobile has faced some criticism in the market for launching a text-for-dollar offer that the media misled. After all, Boost Mobile has been a reliable performer and service provider across England, Australia, and the United States.

Nevertheless, Metro PCS is also compatible with Boost Mobile since they are somehow related to one place, T-Mobile. You can also check Metro PCS new customer deals instead. Let’s discover some features of Boost Mobile here:

  • Boost Mobile comes with the cheapest data plan that starts at just 10 dollars per month for 1 GB 4G LTE internet. 
  • Moreover, it has some unlimited plans. To name some- Go unlimited comes at 50 dollars monthly which includes unlimited talk, data, and a 12 GB hotspot with an international roaming facility. 
  •  As it is an MVNO carrier, the network coverage and overall access are widespread to four other major carriers for optimal comfort. 
  • Provides streams at an impressive speed, and the video is also available in high definition 1080p resolution and greater customer support.
  • It comes with unlimited calling and texting features and ensures a decent amount of data sharing through the mobile hotspot feature. 

Normally, Boost Mobile gives flexible phone plans with text, talk, and a fixed amount of data, except you go for the unlimited data plans. Hence, if you primarily or partially demand a mobile hotspot or HD streaming feature, the Boost Mobile provider can be a suitable one for you.

3. Sprint

Founded in 1899, Sprint corporation is an American Telecom and mobile network service provider with the coverage area holding the whole USA. Since Sprint has merged with T-Mobile and MetroPCS is also owned by T-Mobile. Thus they both are compatible with one another.

Sprint was one of the four biggest telecom brands and service providers throughout the US. But after April 1, 2020, Sprint was merged with T-Mobile, and amongst all the owned carriers of T-Mobile, the purchase of Sprint was the most successful.

As Metro PCS runs through Sprint, thus Metro PCS Free phones with activation are also accessible from Sprint. Instead of going anywhere, have a look at the facts of Sprint here.

  • As Metro PCS and Sprint both have been under the functionality of T-Mobile, you will observe that both come with equal specs and features.
  • Sprint provides CDMA and LTE network services and data and wireless packs at an affordable price range.
  • It comes with a range of basic and unlimited plans that meets unlimited talk, text, and data; 500MB of 4G data for a mobile hotspot, all under 60 dollars per month.
  • The Unlimited Plus plan is the best plan for the value that includes unlimited talk, text, and data; 50 GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot starts at just 70 dollars monthly.
  • Sprint’s Unlimited premium is the best plan for perks that comes at 80 dollars per month and covers up with Unlimited talk, text, and data; 100 GB of LTE mobile hotspot, Amazon Prime, and more.

Since T-Mobile and Sprint join beneath the shade of the corresponding network, changing to Sprint will redirect you to T-Mobile’s online platform. The offers and plans continue with nearly the same for each. Consequently, it doesn’t signify which one you favor, Sprint and T-Mobile; both are compatible with Metro PCS.

Final Verdict

Going ahead to the tagline, What carriers are compatible with Metro PCS? The simple answer is, as it is an MVNO carrier, you can change from any of the CDMA or GSM carriers to the Metro PCS. Metro PCS offers excellent deals and cell phone plans that come with no extra fees, no troubles, or other time-consuming procedures.

A surpassing privilege of going for MVNO carriers like Metro PCS is they provide cheap and affordable data, text, and calling plans instead of the major carriers. To get access to the reliability and affordability of the major carriers, you can undoubtedly shift to any of the Metro PCS compatible carriers.