WeBoost 474445 Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

Are you agonized with your cell phone signal booster? Is your signal incapable when you are in a house or far from a cell phone tower? If you are enduring this type of hassle then this article is for you. In this Very article we will disclose to you the optimum cell phone signal booster entitled as weBoost 474445 cell phone signal booster. This cell phone signal booster assists to make crystal clear signals when you are in the home.

WeBoost 474445 Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

In most of the cases rural areas are deprived from elevated signals because of trees or buildings and even geography can be a reason for weak signals. weBoost 474445 cell phone signal booster makes sure you don’t require to be panicked for a signal. To have this alluring signal booster repose your eyes on my writing.

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Noticeable Features of weBoost 474445 Cell Phone Signal Booster

  • weBoost 474445 provides cell phone signal coverage of your whole house. This signal booster is only for home use not for business or official usage.
  • It can provide you cell phone signal coverage up to 7500 square ft.
  • It comes with max gain up to 72+ dB and 24 dBm uplink with 12 dBm downlink.
  • This cell phone signal booster runs on all US carriers including T-Mobile Verizon, Sprint, this signal booster also best for AT&T, Straight Talk, U.S Cellular, and this signal booster compatible with Metropcs too.
  • It offers you better voice quality with fewer dropped calls and rapid data speeds.

Comparison Between HiBoost Signal Booster For Office and weBoost 474445 Signal Booster


WeBoost 474445 Signal Booster HiBoost 4G Signal Booster
  • weBoost 474445 cell phone signal booster provides coverage up to 5G devices.
  • It enriched your data coverage with unlimited data plans.
  • It comes with multiple accessories for highest coverage and customization.
  • It features fulfill coverage for the whole house for all carriers by means of multiple devices.
  • It appears with an outdoor yagi antenna and indoor panel antenna with fashionable fabric front.

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  • HiBoost Signal Booster is compatible with all US can Canadian carriers.
  • HiBoost enhances your phone signal of 4G LTE, 3G, 2G for your entire home and office as well.
  • It can boost signals up to 15000 square ft with 70+ dB max gain.
  • This signal booster helps you to strengthen your data at any device. It stops your dropped calls and enhances your data speeds.
  • You don’t require extra accessories rather it provides you durability and reliability.


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What Users Are Saying About weBoost 474445 Cell Phone Signal Booster;

weBoost 474445 cell phone signal booster is now a hot cake in the recent market. Numerous people are having a hard time with their cell phone signal. Considering contemporary customers we have collected a small number of users’ mix feedback. A couple of users express approval for this very cell phone signal booster. They opine that they connect to the outside world by this signal booster.

As most of the users are from rural areas so they generally don’t get any signal or cell phone tower. So the lack of signal they have to be distracted from the outer world. In that case, weBoost cell phone signal assist to connect them and boost their devices up to 2G, 3G, 4G LTE and even 5G. 

Hardly any users opine that this signal booster is not good enough for boosting the signal up to 7500 feet. But, It provides you a prodigious signal when you are enclosed by a few feet of the booster. Apart from this limitation weBoost 474445 cell phone signal booster doesn’t have any nuisance. 

Key Features of weBoost 474445 Cell Phone Signal Booster


weBoost 474445 cell phone signal booster offers  you the highest reliability to get the best cell phone signal. It is considered the best and most efficient signal booster that is available in the recent market. If you use this signal booster with any of the US carriers you will achieve the utmost reliability from this very cell phone signal booster.


This cell phone signal booster performance is beyond description. It can assure you to stay connected with the dynamic cell signal and offers you fewer dropped calls and better voice quality.  

FAQs About weBoost 474445 Cell Phone Signal Booster

Q: Do weBoost signal boosters really work in rural areas?

Yes. weBoost signal booster works well everywhere. But as urban areas include giant buildings so weBoost occasionally disable to boost signal up to 7000 ft. In that case, rural areas people are able to acquire the high speed signal. One more thing is weBoost operates with all phones and carriers as well. It works with not only T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint but also Bell, Rogers and Telus.

Q: How do weBoost cell phone signal boosters last?

Cell phone signal boosters don’t last long like satellites. So, they can easily fall as well. But it can happen if you buy low-grade cell phone cellular boosters. Some renowned cell phone signal boosters can last up to 4 years. According to the manufacturer of weBoost, the 474445 cell phone signal booster lasts 2 years, but a couple of users say that it can last up to 4-5 years.

Q: Will weBoost signal booster really increase internet speed or just cell phone signal?

a.Yes. weBoost cell phone signal booster increases your internet speed. Genuinely it has been manufactured for enhancing both cell phone signal and internet speed. When it strengthens your cell phone signal, your LTE data is intensely enhanced. By this way, your data speed will improve. Over and above you can get rapid text and crystal clear calls.

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Final Verdict

weBoost 474445 cell phone signal booster would be an ideal choice for those faced hard times with their cell phone signal. We recommend all of the users of rural or urban areas can enhance their network coverage. Especially rural areas users should use this. We won’t force anyone to buy but to get reliability you should consider this. So, stop thinking and buy weBoost 474445 cell phone signal booster right away.

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