WeBoost 472120 Review – What users opinion & Complain?

WeBoost 472120 Review WeBoost 472120 Home Room Cell Phone Signal Booster is one of the superior quality signal boosters that is designed for use in a small business office or small residential room of 2-3.

WeBoost’s fresh-designed model Home Room enhances signal and connects multiple users in a single area of up to 1500 square feet. After using it, you wouldn’t have to endure any hassle because WeBoost assures you to make crystal clear signals when you are at home or a small office.

After switching to WeBoost 472120 Home Room, it will offer you fewer dropped calls, rapid internet speeds, reliable network coverage in its area, and of course, better voice quality. The Athirst customers can repose their eyes on this review.

Noticeable Features of WeBoost 472120 Cell Phone Signal Booster

  • This signal booster provides you with complete coverage of your areas up to 1500 square feet.
  • It is ideal for a small apartment home or office.
  • At the same time, this signal booster boosts signal and propagation for multiple users on several devices.
  • It runs on all networks and is compatible with all US carriers, including AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, US Cellular, and Straight Talk, as well as all phone and cellular devices.
  • This signal booster user may find high-speed text, talk, and data & streaming video, which they never found before.
  • It makes your network strong up to 60+ DB max gain.
  • It is easy to install and takes 10 minutes to set up.

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Comparison Between Multi-Band Signal Booster and WeBoost WeBoost 472120 Home Room

WeBoost 472120 Signal Booster Multi-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster
WeBoost 472120 Review Multi-Band Cell Phone Signal Booster
It comes with a vent pipe mount to install the antenna and save your time. This signal booster can boost the cellular signal of 3G voice and 4G LTE data signal for multiple users and cellular devices simultaneously.
You don’t require any tool to install the window cable. This signal booster assures you better voice quality and faster data speeds under your house.
The best part of this signal booster is its suitable seat for the desktop antenna in the proper place. It runs on all US carriers, including T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, US Cellular, and Cricket Wireless.
It is a high-powered cell phone signal booster that supports multiple users at the same time except for the breakage of the budget. This cell phone signal booster boosts your cellular network up to 65dB max gain and provides you with the strongest connection.
According to the manufacturers, it has a two-year warranty. It is easy to install, and you can set it up by yourself.
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Key Features of WeBoost 472120 Home Room Cell Phone Signal Booster

Key Features of WeBoost 472120 Home Room Cell Phone Signal Booster


WeBoost’s signal boosters are champions worldwide. But WeBoost’s up-to-date signal booster surpassed its predecessors in terms of reliability.

It is reliable for all carriers and places. It provides a reliable network by removing the signal blocking materials like concrete, metal, UV-coated windows, and plaster. So you can get the highest reliability at an affordable price.


Its performance is beyond description. It is easy to install and takes only 10 minutes to set up. It costs no additional charge for anything and offers you supreme performance.

What Users Are Saying About WeBoost 472120 Cell Phone Signal Booster

This WeBoost 472120 cell phone signal booster is one of the most fashionable and dynamic among WeBoost and all other models. It melts the heart of the users with its amazing features.

If the fresh users look at prior users’ feedback, they can be informed about everything they desire to know. To assist you, we fix a few of the users’ feedback. The majority of the users express positive opinions about this signal booster.

It provides you to stream video in 1-2 bars. It offers you a strong signal and enhances your download speeds extraordinarily from 6.7 Mbps to 20.2 Mbps.

Another advantage is easy installation and time-saving. But a small number of users opine it doesn’t work well with all the carriers like T-Mobile. T-Mobile users are unable to get signals inside of the house. Though the manufacturer of the WeBoost Home Room entirely disagrees with his complaint.

So, it assures you to be connected with your loved ones even after you are in your home, no matter where they are. For your assistance, you can find some latest AT&T compatible signal booster also MetroPCS cell phone signal booster that works best with the mentioned careers.

FAQs About WeBoost 472120 Home Room Cell Phone Signal Booster

How effective are WeBoost cell phone signal boosters when I am a Verizon user?

WeBoost cell phone signal booster is extremely effective for you. Firstly, WeBoost is compatible with all US budget carriers. It can boost all cellular carriers and phones as well as devices. No matter which carrier you use. It can boost weak signal cellulars like 4G, LTE, and 3G signals. So, you don’t require to be panicked about it. 

Do WeBoost cell phone signal boosters work well in rural areas?

Yes. Obviously. WeBoost cell phone signal boosters work amazingly in rural areas. The rural area is the most distracting in terms of network connection.

WeBoost cell phone signal booster’s primary responsibility is to boost weak signals. It provides better network coverage and faster internet service.

Why don’t I have strong signals inside my house?

If you don’t get strong signals inside your house, it could be a nuisance in your using carrier or your home walls that have signal blocking materials. In that case, wifi could be your ideal choice.

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Final Verdict

To sum up, WeBoost Home Room 472120 Cell Phone Signal Booster is the unsurpassed cell phone signal booster ever. No other signal booster can replace it as it is well stocked with utmost benefits.

It is built for both rural and urban areas for small apartments up to 1500 square feet. Those enduring hard times with their signal booster can follow my article. This signal booster is highly recommended.