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WeBoost 470145 Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

Are you tormented with your cell phone network? Is your home network unapproachable? Are you belonging farway from the cell phone tower? Alright, all these complications are trivial when you scrutinize at WeBoost freshly launched cell phone signal booster which is available in the contemporaries market as WeBoost 470145 and has persuaded the hearts of users as a best seller cell phone signal booster.

This WeBoost 470145 cell phone signal booster will assist you maximize the best and pick up the supreme network without any hassles. While you are in your home this very illustrious cell phone signal booster assists you to find crystal clear signals.

WeBoost 470145 Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

According to the manufacturer, this signal booster is predominantly fabricated for rural areas people as they are unprivileged in terms of recapturing the ultimate signals for assorted obstacles like lack of tower and a gigantic amount of trees. Don’t be panicked. WeBoost Home Complete 470145 ready to provide you the best and alluring signal. To learn more about this repose your eyes on my article.

Noticeable Features of WeBoost 470145 Cell Phone Signal Booster

  • This WeBoost signal booster comes with the most powerful consumer-grade cell phone signal booster up to 4G/5G for homes and small offices.
  • It runs on all the U.S major carriers like T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Straight Talk and U.S Cellulars with all phones and devices.
  • It can boost 2G,3G,4G of LTE and is ready for 5G service.   
  • It boosts your cell signal not only voice and text but also data.
  • It can boost multiple cell phones in your home and offices.
  • It provides you robust uplink with 24dBm and downlink power with 12dBm.
  • It offers you limited cell coverage up to 7500 square feet.

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Compare WeBoost 470145 and HiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster

WeBoost 470145 Signal BoosterHiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster
WeBoost 470145 Signal BoosterHiBoost Cell Phone Signal Booster
  • WeBoost Home Complete 470145 cell phone signal booster can boost all networks from 2G to 5G.
  • It is compatible with all US budget carriers.
  • It can boost your signal from distant places up to 7500 square feet.
  • To secure its booster and inside antenna it features custom wall-mount brackets with 3M command strips.
  • It can supply network signals up to 72+ dB max gain.
  • WeBoost 470145 is easy to install and setup as well durable enough.

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  • HiBoost cell phone signal booster enhances 2G,3G, 4G LTE signal for both your office and home.
  • It is compatible with all US budget carriers including T-Mobile, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, Straight Talk and US Cellular. It is compatible with Canadian carriers as well.
  • This cell phone signal booster emphasizes signals to raise your data speeds and stop dropped calls.
  • For easy installation HiBoost provides you a Kit by which you can get everything you need.
  • It makes your network stronger by up to 70+ decibel gain. While considering wireless coverage, its far good compared to any other model.


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What Users Saying About WeBoost 470145 Cell Phone Signal Booster

Since there are a lot of requirements for this WeBoost 470145 signal booster in the running market, you can understand that there are no limitations of this cell phone signal booster. Contemporary customers looking forward to getting prior customer feedback. Thinking about this we have collected a few of the user opinions. Majority of the users express the integrity of this booster by rendering positive reviews. They opine that it boosts your signal up to the entire home of 3 to 4 rooms. This cell phone signal booster works better in the countryside but not to a great extent in the city area.

weBoost Home Complete (470145) Cell Phone Signal...
  • OUR MOST POWERFUL BOOSTER — The Home Complete is ideal for large homes up to 7, 500 square feet or...
  • MAXIMUM COVERAGE — The Home Complete boosts all available network speeds and 5G technology to...
  • EASY INSTALLATION — The Home Complete is designed for intuitive, DIY installation; featuring...

A couple of users opines that they have some issues with this booster. They opine this WeBoost 470145 cell phone signal booster is unable to boost up to 7000 square feet, rather it can boost only up to 2000 square feet with 2 rooms. A small number of customers say that it doesn’t work with all carriers. This cell phone signal booster works well with AT&T tower as well Verizon which is the most miserable for customers. Everything has a little bit of limitations. But WeBoost cell phone signal booster manufacturers gradually make improvements to this very signal booster. 

Key Features of WeBoost 470145 Cell Phone Signal Booster


The WeBoost cell phone signal booster comes with an improved version which is its WeBoost 470145 and can boost signal in large homes and offices with a strong network. It blocks building materials like UV-coated windows, metal, concrete, plaster etc just because of rendering a strong network. It works better in homes which are constructed with basements, metal free buildings and in the theatre room. You can acquire the utmost reliability from WeBoost signal booster.

Easy to Install

This signal booster is easy to install. But if you face some nuisances you can contact a professional who can easily install your signal booster, in this case you have to spend some additional cost to install. WeBoost suggests you to contact their customer care center for easy installation. 

FAQs About WeBoost 470145 Cell Phone Signal Booster

Q: How can I get a better signal if I am living in the rural area?

You can use WeBoost cell phone signal booster for getting good network coverage in your area. In that case, you have to use an outside antenna which will communicate with the cell phone tower for signal and an indoor antenna that will communicate with your room device.

Q: If I use WeBoost cell phone signal booster but my signal doesn’t boost well what should I do?

This is a good one. WeBoost cell phone signal booster is the best nowadays. Even after using this if your signal doesn’t boost then of course you should switch another carrier immediately.

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Final Thoughts

WeBoost 470145 is the highly recommended cell phone signal booster by us for those who endure unsuitable times with their signal booster. This signal booster is the most up to the mark for rural areas to gain reliableness. So, no more negotiation only takes action to purchase this affordable signal booster.

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