6 Best VTech 4-Line Business Phone in 2022

We know that the service you provide is really helpful and people call you every day. But how do you manage your calls? Do you own a legacy system to handle calls?

We’re sure that your customers are turning to your competitors only because of your mismanagement of the calls. Without upgrading the system, it is impossible to act as a professional.

VTech 4-line business phones are the perfect solution for upgrading your existing phone system. Because they are compatible with your existing network, reliable, and easy-to-use with a simple setup process.

Considering 4-line business phones in 2022, we’ve gathered 7 phones from VTech that will serve you like no other phones. The competition will never go away but you can stay one step ahead with the latest multi line phone system. Let’s get started.

Review of 6 best VTech 4-line business phone in 2022

VTech is one of the best business phone manufacturers in the US. They have helped many businesses to grow without having any issue with their phone networks. So, the professionals recommend their system which has become mature over the years. Also, VTech designs the look and features of their phones considering the suggestions from the consumers. No more talking, let’s jump right into the reviews.

1. VTech CS6529-4 DECT 6.0 Business Phone 

VTech CS6529-4 DECT 6.0 Business Phone 

If you don’t like the desksets at all and give your office an ultra-modern look, the VTech CS6529-4 can help you. This is the ultimate phone system that’ll allow you to move, work, and take calls.

Key Features

  • It has an intercom feature between handsets and can have a maximum of 5 extra handsets.
  • You can transfer calls between handsets which reduces the clients’ waiting period.
  • It has a clear display and backlit keypad so that you can operate it in a low-light area.
  • The handsets are capable of wall-mounting so that your desk space stays as they were before. 
  • The digital answering system of the phone can store 18 minutes of recording.
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The phone has one base station which is cordless and can be expanded to 5 handsets. All of these handsets have speakers so that you can take notes or find any important documents while talking on the phone.

On the other hand, these sets are connected with DECT 6.0 technology. So, you get protection from wiretapping and interruptions from Wi-Fi signals. Finally, the phone has an ECO mode which means less power consumption. Due to this feature, this model from VTech was certified by EnergyStar. 

2. VTech CM18445 4-Line Small Business Phone System

VTech CM18445 4-Line Small Business Phone System

Want to solve the phone system puzzle with two clicks? Then, click on the link for Vtech 4-line business phone System and order now. This combo is perfect to equip every employee of your office within minutes.

Key Features

  • The 4-line phone is perfect for business as you can receive calls from 4 different lines at once and make conference calls with 4 parties. 
  • Connecting the cordless sets to the station is easy as they have DECT 6.0 technology which also gives you high call quality and good range.
  • It has programmable 32 phone number speed dial with 16 numbers one-touch and another 16 numbers two-touch call.
  • The digital answering system has the capability of recording 180 minutes of incoming messages, outgoing announcements, and memos.
  • It has a full-duplex speakerphone feature so that both parties can hear what’s important.
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All stations have a simple plug-n-play feature. Just connect a maximum of four analog lines, add the wireless handsets, and start making or taking calls. The wireless handsets will allow you to work wherever you want without missing any important calls.

Moreover, the digital answering system is advanced so that the caller doesn’t get repelled. It’s possible because you can add custom music on hold connecting an MP3 player or Smartphone.

Also, the auto attendant on each line will guide your customer to his/her target number. Finally, they have included a feature that will allow you to get calls even when the power is out.

3. VTech CM18045 Accessory Handset Small Business Office Phone System

VTech CM18045 Accessory Handset Small Business Office Phone System

With the VTech CM18445 main console, you can add this CM18045 accessory handset which is capable of 4-line operation. So, it’ll give you the ultimate mobility. There are not many cordless handsets that’ll give you this benefit.

Key Features

  • It’s a compatible cordless handset for your 4-line phone system as this one is capable of 4-line operation with line indicators.
  • It has DECT 6.0 technology for good range, good signal strength, and security.
  • It also has a 32-number speed dialing option with the last 10 numbers redial option.
  • You can add 100 names and numbers to its phonebook and see the last 50 caller IDs with its extra-large display.
  • The handset is DSL compatible and has a power failure option so that you don’t miss any calls from those 4 lines.
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Moreover, it has a duplex speaker like base stations. As a result, the attendants at both ends will be able to talk and hear at the same time. Also, the quality of the calls is amazingly good as it has DECT 6.0 technology. Apart from quality, you’ll also get protection from wiretapping and no interruptions from Wi-Fi signals.

The handset has call waiting and caller ID viewing display. So, you’ll not need the base station at all to receive or make a call. Finally, keep in mind that this is not an independent phone and requires you to buy the phone system listed above.

4. VTech AM18447 Main Console 4-Line Business Phone System 

VTech AM18447 Main Console 4-Line Business Phone System 

If you want a hassle-free expandable business phone system, you should order the VTech AM18447 main console to lead the way. With this phone, you can expand the network with 9 more desksets or handsets.

Key Features

  • It’s a 4-line business phone which can be expandable up to 9 more stations.
  • Auto-attendant is enabled on each line and it guides the caller through the company directory.
  • Its digital answering system can record up to 180 minutes of messages, announcements, and memos.
  • The base station is DECT 6.0 compatible which allows you to add more cordless sets.
  • You can use its speakerphone for hands-free talking and do something important like taking notes or finding any document.
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Moreover, the installation process for the whole office is very easy and takes only a few minutes. The 4-line connectivity also takes no time to set up. Just connect them with the phone and you’ll be ready to go.

Also, it has an auto-attendant system and you can set custom music for a call on hold feature. So, you can set a unique tone that represents your company. This feature is important to set a brand image.

5. VTech (AM18247) 4-Line Expandable Small Business Office Phone System

VTech (AM18247) 4-Line Expandable Small Business Office Phone System

The VTech AM 18247 is the deskset to expand your office phone network. It also supports 4-line operability. As the phone features everything of VTech AM18447, you can rely on it.

Key Features

  • Its installation process is very simple because connecting the analog line will make it ready to use.
  • It has enhanced security features with DECT 6.0 and allows cordless handsets to connect.
  • With 180 minutes of message recording capability, you’ll not miss anything while you’re away.
  • The call quality is improved by its full-duplex speakerphone feature.
  • It also has a call-waiting feature and a phonebook to store different caller IDs.
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The digital answering system will reduce the pressure on the base station. Moreover, it has a full-duplex speaker so that you can have a fluent conversation with your client.

Moreover, the phone uses DECT 6.0 technology which makes your line secures from wiretapping and improves call quality. This is a perfect extension deskset that will suit your office.

6. VTech AT&T SB67108 4-Line Cordless Handset

VTech AT&T SB67108 4-Line Cordless Handset

This is a Vtech 4 line business phone that can be used to expand your existing 4-line telephone network. Also, the handsets are well designed and equipped with the latest technologies.

Key Features

  • Most importantly, it is a 4-line phone to extend your current phone system and support the features of the main console.
  • Also, you can easily add this handset to a new location.
  • With this handset, you can page your colleague; make intercom calls between handsets, and transfer calls when necessary.
  • The speakerphone feature will help you talk fluently with the client without holding the handset. 
  • It also features call-waiting, call history, and a one-touch redial system.
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Moreover, you do paging, use the push-to-talk intercom, and can transfer a call to an extension. So, you don’t need to consider desksets to expand the network. These handsets alone are enough to support you.

On top of those, you can have a 3-way conferencing with this device. So, taking a decision will be a matter of minutes without calling back and forth. Finally, if you have a hearing problem, you’ll have no problem using this handset as it’s compatible with hearing aids.

Final Verdict

From our review and real-life suggestions, VTech CM18445 4-Line Small Business Phone System is the best VTech 4-line business phone on our list. It’ll help you grow your business with a professional setup. So, order now unless you love to operate your business without any order.