Top 5 Virgin Mobile Phone Deals for Existing Customers

In the US, Virgin Mobile is one of the most reliable networks available. Millions of people use Virgin Mobile services around the country. For its customers, Virgin provides special offers and promos. For the people who want to save money on their services, various mobile phone deals are offered by the company.

Virgin Mobile Phone Deals for Existing Customers

Being a popular Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Virgin Mobile has been embraced by many. It uses Sprint’s network and is owned ancillary of the company. Virgin mobile was launched in the year 2001 and so the company is now known for its experience and work over the years. If you are an existing customer of Virgin mobile, you would be aware of the services offered by the company. However, when it comes to deals, you might not know much about them.

The users are satisfied with the services of Virgin mobile paylo phones on the available costs, yet the company provides various mobile phone deals. If you wish to cut down on the costs of the Virgin mobile phone services, several Virgin mobile phone deals for existing customers are available. We research and bring to you the best and genuine deals provided in the market.

Top 5 Virgin Mobile Phone Deals for Existing Customers

There are several mobile phone deals available for the customers of Virgin mobile service. However, it becomes confusing to know which deal is best for you. One deal can be best for one, at the same time, not of much use for another person. Therefore, it is essential to choose the right deal for you.

Such deals not only save you money on the mobile phones that are in the market for a while now but if you research carefully you will see the deals that offer a discount on the latest smart phones that are just launched in the market.

Here, we have listed the top 5 Virgin mobile phone deals for you:

 iPhone 6s Plus

If you do not wish to spend approximately $1,000 for an iPhone, consider this deal offered by Virgin Mobile. Here, you get iPhone 6s Plus for $299.99 only. That is a straight discount of $250. Therefore, this deal saves a lot of your money.

The iPhone 6s Plus depicts a sleek design similar to the latest models. You can record video of 4K quality with this smartphone. It also has a front camera of 5 MP. Therefore, you can take great selfies whenever you want.

You will have to pay $35 for each month for the service plan. Similar to other plans, in this plan too, you will get full speed data for 5GB and then, the speed gets down. You also get unlimited calls and text in this plan. Plus, ten international calls can be made per month with this deal. You can also make 50 roaming voice calls on selected numbers every month.

You also get a return period of 7 days with this deal. Therefore, this deal is worth considering if you do not wish to compromise on quality as well as price.

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Motorola Moto G6 Play

If you want to save yourself from paying high, then this deal from Virgin Mobile is worth considering. Here, you receive a Motorola Moto G6 Play with a discount of $30. The actual price is $129.99 and with this deal, you get it at only $99.99. So, if we consider the price, this deal is great for your pocket.

This deal is best for you if you require a mobile phone that comes with good quality and basic features. This phone has a battery life of thirty six hours and so you will not have to bother charging it frequently throughout the day. Plus, with its 13MP camera, you can take great pictures.

This particular phone is an excellent purchase for those who do not wish to make too many efforts while taking care of the phone and charge it. However, if we talk about the look of the phone, you would like to flaunt it.

Coming to the service plan, you will have to pay $35 every month. You will get unlimited data in this plan. However, 5 GB will be provided as high speed data and then the speed will decrease as you surpass this limit. You also get nationwide unlimited call and text service under this price. Therefore, this is listed as one of the best Virgin mobile phone deals for existing customers.

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iPhone 6s

You get a significant discount on the purchase of an iPhone 6s through this deal. You get straight $250 off the actual price of this smartphone. Therefore, if you wish to flaunt your new iPhone and take care of your pocket at the same time, consider buying an iPhone by Virgin mobile.

This model of iPhone is not the latest. However, it has features like 3D Touch, 12MP camera and video recording capacity of 4K. Therefore, at the price of $199.99, it becomes a great deal.

Coming to the service plan, you will have to pay $35 every month. You get unlimited National minutes on call and unlimited messages to text anywhere in the nation. You can also make ten international calls under this deal every month. However, for more international calls, you will have to use additional services. 5 GB full speed data is provided and then the speed slows down one you surpass this limit.

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New iPhone XR

If you desire to buy the latest iPhone at the best price and deal, this deal is for you. With this deal of Virgin Mobile, you get at $649.99. This means you get a straight discount of $100 on this latest iPhone. Considering that this fantastic deal is on the new iPhone in the market, it becomes a great value for money deal.

The data plan of this deal includes unlimited 2G data and 5GB of 4G LTE data. You also get the unlimited text and call service on this plan. However, once you exceed the limit of 5 GB, your data speed will get reduced to 2G speed.

This Plan also consists of 50 minutes for roaming call on selected devices. Considering all this, this deal provided by the Virgin mobile is an excellent deal. You also get a return period of 7 days with this offer.

If you are tech-savvy and like to buy the latest iPhone in the market, this deal is for you. With this deal of Virgin Mobile, you get the latest iPhone so you would not feel that you have missed on anything because of the discount. In addition, the price is really good on this deal.

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Motorola Moto e4

If you wish to purchase a smartphone that has basic features and offers typical functions of a mobile phone, this deal is for you. You will have to pay only $49.99 for buying a new Motorola moto e4 from the company of Virgin Mobile.

This phone is obviously not latest and does not have the new features, but it does a great job for this price. In this deal, you will have to pay $49.99 for the phone. For the service plan, you will have to pay $35 every month. This deal of Virgin mobile is best for elders and people who do not have much to do with the latest technology. Basically, if you do not care about getting the newest smartphone in the market, this deal is profitable to you.

You get unlimited data with 2GB speed and 5GB data with 4G LTE. You can make 50 domestic calls on roaming with this service plan, on selected numbers. You can make unlimited calls in the nation and text unlimited times to your dear ones with this service plan.

If you are looking for a phone to buy for your grandmother or grandmother and they are not tech-savvy, you can go with this deal. They will be able to use the cell well to make calls and at the same time, they will not feel left out from the world of internet.

All the above mentioned Virgin mobile phone deals for existing customers are worth considering. The main element that is offered in all these deals is that even though the price is cut down, the quality is not compromised.

The deals on latest models of mobile phones are best for you if you are tech-savvy and wish to try your hands on the newest mobile phones in the market. This way, you can fulfill your wish to get the latest smartphone without spending the huge price.

Whereas, the deals that do not have the mobile phones but the models that are in the market for a while now, hence you can find most popular Virgin mobile compatible phones here and save more of your money. The features of most of these phones are just like new phones. Therefore, if you do not wish to flaunt the new smartphone, these deals are great, considering the quality and the price.

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