Top 6 Virgin Mobile Hotspot Plans 2023

Virgin Mobile is a service provider that offers prepaid services. The network is provided by Sprint to the Virgin mobile users.

The excellent thing is, that there is no activation fee needed. Also, you do not need to deal with contracts and overage charges.

Most Virgin mobile hotspot plans offer the user unlimited talk time and texting service. But, of course, the cost for different plans varies from each other in accordance to what services are provided.

Virgin Mobile has included a program called BYOD – Bring Your Own Phone. In this, the customers bring the phone they are already using and sign up with Virgin mobile plans.

With the top hotspot plans provided by Virgin mobile you would want to switch to Virgin mobile paylo phones services as soon as possible, but you should know that there is no guarantee that your phone will be compatible with Virgin mobile. In general, services offered by Virgin Mobile work best with Sprint phones.

There are a lot of benefits for subscribers of the unlimited hotspot plans offered by Virgin mobile. You can stream unlimited music from Slacker Radio, Samsung Milk Music and iHeartRadio, without investing in their monthly data plan.

This is the reason music lovers like to subscribe to Virgin mobile. All in all, Virgin mobile has lot to offer to their new as well old customers. Some of their plans are truly incredible. Here, we are sharing the top plans provided by Virgin mobile in 2023.

Top 6 Virgin Mobile Hotspot Plans 2023

1. $60 Unlimited Top Plan Provided by Virgin Mobile

Top 6 virgin mobile hotspot plans

This is the best plan Virgin mobile has to offer, this is why it is our first pick. It provides unlimited 4G LTE data around the nation.

In addition, you can communicate over voice calls and converse with texts without any limit. People who consume more than 35 GB of data in a billing cycle are de-prioritized at the places and times when the network services provided by Sprint are constrained.

This plan includes fifty domestic voice call minutes on roaming for selected devices. You can enjoy streaming videos at resolution up to 480p+. About music streams, you can stream at 500 Kbps. You can have fun while streaming games at the speed of 24 Mbps.

You need to remember that Virgin Mobile only offers the ‘Bring Your Own Phone’ for iPhone users. People who bring their iPhone for signing up for this unlimited plan can avail this plan.

Plus, you need to make sure that your iPhone is compatible with Virgin mobile and is unlocked version. Then, you can transfer your number and get a new SIM card for a complete activation.

Details About the Price:

You have to pay $60 every month for the service and $9.99 for the subscription of this unlimited plan. A special offer for the users who want to activate this plan on their iPhone is that they can receive a new SIM card at $9.99 only. This means you can save a total of $15.01 with BYOP if you are an iPhone user.

2. $35 Unlimited Top Plan Provided by Virgin Mobile

Top 6 virgin mobile hotspot plans

If you are low on budget and want to save money, but desire to use Virgin mobile services, then this plan is what you are looking for.

This plan is really beneficial for people who want good services at low prices.

In this plan, you get unlimited talk time and texting service and of course, you get unlimited data.

However, you get 4G data of 5GB every month. When you have surpassed the limit of 5GB, your data speed is reduced.

Similar to other plans offered by Virgin mobile, this one also provides you the advantage of streaming your favorite music without bothering about paying extra for a music subscription. It does not affect your data allowance of the month as well.

This plan can be subscribed to anywhere in the country. It is best for customers who do not need high-speed data. This is because when you exceed the 5 GB of full-speed data, you get to use unlimited data at the speed of 2GB without any overages.

You are also provided with the fifty 50 domestic roaming voice call minutes on selected devices. You can stream the videos as per your choice for up to 480p+ of resolution. Music can be streamed at a speed of 500 kbps. You can also enjoy gaming streams at the speed of 24mbps with this plan.

In the special BYOP offer, the Virgin Mobile provides a great deal but only for iPhones. Therefore, if you bring your own phone to a store for switching to Virgin mobile services, you can save on money while enjoying their services with this plan.

However, it will only work if you have a compatible and unlocked version of iPhone. If you have it, you can easily exchange your number and use a new SIM card for availing the services.

Details About the Price:

You have to pay $35 every month for availing this plan offered by Virgin mobile. In addition, you have to pay $9.99 at the time of subscription. However, if you are an iPhone user and use the BYOP scheme, you can get a discount of $15.01 on the cost of a new SIM. Therefore, you save a total of $9.99 on the SIM card.

3. $45 Unlimited Top Plan Provided by Virgin Mobile

Top 6 virgin mobile hotspot plans

In between these two plans, exists a plan for which you have to pay $45 every month. With this plan, you get unlimited nationwide data at the speed of 2GB.

However, you can enjoy 10 GB of data at the speed of 4G first. Then, once you have consumed the high-speed data of 10 GB, you will have to manage at 2G speed for the remaining time of the month.

This plan includes fifty domestic roaming talk minutes on the selected devices. Video streaming can be mobile-optimized with the resolution of 480p.

You can stream the music of your liking at the speed of 500 kbps. Cloud game streams can be enjoyed at the speed of 24 Mbps.

Just like the other mentioned Virgin mobile plans, iPhone users can take their phone to the store and get subscribed to this Virgin mobile unlimited data plan.

You can save on the cost of getting a new SIM card as you shift to the new number for availing services of Virgin mobile. However, if your phone is not compatible or unlocked, this plan is not that beneficial for you.

Details About the Price:

In this plan, you have to pay$45 every month. Plus, the price of $9.99 needs to be paid when you subscribe for this plan.

If you receive the services of this Virgin mobile plan with BYOP, you can get the new SIM card after the transfer of your number at $9.99 only. However, the customers who are not iPhone users have to pay $15.01 extra as well.

4. One Day Hotspot Top Plans Provided by Virgin Mobile

You can use the mobile hotspot for connecting five devices with your phones. With the subscription of one day hotspot plan, you can use the hotspot services for a day. According to your requirement you can choose from these offers:

  • Pay $3 and get 500MB of data
  • Pay $5 and get 1 GB of data
  • Pay $10 and get 2 GB of data

If you are not sure about how many days you want the hotspot service for, you can opt for any of these one-day plans offered by Virgin Mobile.

5. Monthly Hotspot Top Plans Provided by Virgin Mobile

If you require hotspot services for a longer period or do not want to get bothered to charge again and again for a daily subscription, you should subscribe to the monthly hotspot plans provided by Virgin Mobile. Based on your preferences, you can select from any of these offers of monthly plans for hotspot service:

  • Pay $35 and get 5GB
  • Pay $45 and get 10 GB
  • Pay $60 and get unlimited data

If you want to use the hotspot services without caring about the data, the $60 plan is best for you. However, if you do not want to spend extra, subscribe to the other mentioned hotspot plans.

Insurance Top Plan Provided by Virgin Mobile

If you are looking for an insurance plan for your iPhone, Virgin Moblie offers a top plan for that as well. Through the subscription of this plan, you get monthly insurance for your iPhone. The charge is $7 for each month.

6. The Best Part About These Virgin Mobile Plans

Virgin Mobile is the service provider that many trust and appreciate. Their plans also have many additional benefits. If you are still not satisfied with their service, you can unsubscribe in the period of seven days and get your money back.

Another best thing about using these plans is that you do not have to change your number for using them, but you can transfer your number and get a new SIM card for use.

You do not have to bother and worry about the service contracts as their plans do not require any annual service contract. In addition, you are not charged any extra amount for the activation of these plans.

Virgin Mobile VS Other Service Providers

If we compare these plans with the unlimited plans provided by the other service providers, there are some better options available in the market.

However, Virgin Mobile was founded in 2001 and had been working on elaboration and betterment of their services ever since. They have succeeded in building trust among the public.

Virgin mobile services are used by nearly 290 million. The only reason is that they provide great services at affordable prices.

Their plans always ‘wow’ the people and they get compelled to switch to their services. There are other service providers who are just as good when it comes to service but do not go down on their fixed prices.

If you have decided to switch to the Virgin mobile services, these top plans provided by Virgin mobile are what you need.

According to your preferences of usage and budget, you can subscribe to any of these plans offered by Virgin mobile for their new and old customers.