Top 5 Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals In 2023

Are you looking for profitable offers to exchange your old phone for a new, decent handset during this lockdown period?  Verizon wireless upgrade deals bring you a list of exclusive discounts and exchange offers for both existing and new customers.

Have you been saving to invest your money in a newly launched smartphones like Apple iPhone or Samsung Galaxy series? Here is an excellent deal for you to get one at the lowest prices in the market.

Verizon has always been famous for its high-speed data services among the customers. But the company is also grabbing all the attention for its incredible deals, and EMI offers on different expensive smartphone range.

All one needs to do is get an unlimited pack from the company and get qualified appropriately for that offer. Also, you get additional benefits from the company when you sign up for such offers and connectivity services.

Here is a detailed review of the top 10 Verizon phone deals for existing customers and the new ones. Each offer is different and comes with certain exclusive advantages as well. Also, make sure to choose the offer as per your budget and requirement.

5 Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals In 2023

1. Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals on Motorola moto z4 series

Motorola moto z4 series offer you spectacular features and excellent 48 MP camera facilities. The phone is the newest one offering you easy access to the 5G ultra-fast, super tech world. With such a high-end sensor and camera features, you do not have to worry about getting a professional camera anymore. That is because, as they say, the bigger sensor offers your better and enhanced pictures.

Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals - Motorola moto z4 series

But the phone is entirely on the costlier side and hence might not be available for every smartphone lover. Here comes the role of the Verizon wireless upgrade deals available in the market. Verizon brings you easy monthly installments for 24 months cycle for its customers. You get to pay only $5.00 per month, and the handset is yours!

The phone is available in flash gray and frost white colors with 128 GB internal memory. The retail price of the phone, as per Verizon, is $499.99. The monthly payments are available for the customers who are qualified for zero dollars down payments as well.

When you choose to place the order online, you get an exclusive discount on your activation charges by $20. You get to choose between free in-store pickup services or free two-day shipping facilities from the company. In case of any doubts regarding such offers, Verizon is always available at your service.

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2. Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals on Apple iPhone SE

Owning the latest Apple iPhone is a style statement for many users. Also, given the immense popularity, such phones are priced at relatively higher rates in the market. The latest iPhone SE series is entirely worth an investment as it comes with attractive attributes.

Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals - Apple iPhone SE (2020) Range

You get 13 hours of standby time along with Apple registered 12MP camera. The company has packed the powerful chip in this series to provide you seamless operative facilities. Download any games or applications and use them with lightning speed. But although these features are too good to be true, yet getting such a handset might be a luxury for many people.

Not anymore if you happen to be an existing Verizon customer. That is because; the latest Verizon wireless upgrade deals are available for the Apple iPhone SE series. You can select from three different iPhone variants with varying palettes of color and internal memory. Verizon offers you an easy monthly installment for a cycle of 24 months.

The handset is available in quirky and attractive colors, namely white, black and red. For the 64 GB handset, you need to pay $5.00 per month, whose retail price is $399.99. For the 128 GB phone, the monthly installment is $10.00, and the retail price is $449.99. Lastly, the monthly payment for 256 GB is $ 15.00, and the retail price for this handset is $549.99.

Along with these offers, you get an exclusive discount of $20 off on the activated charges around $40. No need to worry about the EMI down payments as the qualified customers would get $0 down payment facilities. With the introduction of such offers in the market, people can afford more than one iPhone for their family members.

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3. Verizon Upgrade Deals on Samsung Galaxy A21 Series

Have you been eyeing the Samsung Galaxy A21 series phones available in the market? The phones offer you excellent battery backup and camera facilities. However, the phone is on the costlier side, making it a tad difficult for many users to get it for him/her.

Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals - Samsung Galaxy A21 Series

But what if you can get the phone for as low as $5.00? Does that seem like an unrealistic offer to you? Then you must check out the latest trending deal from Verizon for its new customers. Just like MetroPCS upgrade phones plan, Verizon is offering similar offers for its customers. With easy monthly installment plans for 24 months, the new Verizon customers can get amazing deals on Galaxy A21 series.

If you want the offer, you must get a new phone connection, and you would be eligible to get EMIs as low as $5.00 per month for this Samsung Galaxy A21 phone. Verizon’s retail price is $249.99, which is quite more economical than the market prices. Also, you can enjoy less $129.99 promo credit, which is applied over 24 mos.

When you decide to shop online, you get two-day shipping free, with a sharp reduction in the activation fees. All-in-all, it happens to be an outstanding offer from Verizon for welcoming new customers to the family.

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4. Verizon Upgrade Deals on LG V50 ThinQTM 5G

The next one on this list of top five Verizon wireless upgrade deals is the LG V50 ThinQTM 5G deal. The phone is available in chic new aurora black at $999.99 on the Verizon website. What is so unique about this phone? Its amazing five cameras offer telephoto zoom, standard, and wide-angle lens facilities. If you have recently seen the phone, you must know about the fantastic 5g ultra-wideband and its outstanding battery performance.

Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals - LG V50 ThinQ™ 5G

Many users have been waiting for the product’s launch in the market, but only a few got it due to its huge price. But Verizon understands the value of any smart gadget and hence comes up with lucrative package deals for existing and new customers.

For example, if you have been using Verizon connection, you can get zero down payments EMI on this phone. The Verizon client has to pay as low as $41.99 per month for 24 months to get this handset. If you place the order online, you also get to save an additional $20 off on the $40 activation charges.

In case you aren’t a member of Verizon, do not worry. You can still get the Verizon offer if you apply for a new connection. But as the deal is desirable, you cannot wait long to get your hands on this device. The offer is for Verizon customers and is applicable for a limited period. So check out the Verizon deal before it runs out! If you wish to get it right now, then you can also get an in-store pickup facility.

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5. Limited Verizon Upgrade Deal on Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW

The last one on this Verizon deals list is the Verizon deal on the range of Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW phones. As the technology progresses ahead, it is time for us to switch to 5G connectivity. This Galaxy handset provides seamless connectivity options and long battery life and outstanding camera performance.

Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals - Samsung Galaxy A71 5G UW

But if you are worried about the price of the product, do not worry at all. Just like assurance wireless phone upgrade plans, you get similar ones from Verizon without any hassle.

Being a new Verizon customer, you can get EMI on this handset for a 24-month cycle. The retail price of the phone, as quoted by Verizon, is $649.99, and the EMI amount is as low as $15.00 per month. But remember to get the offer, you need to apply for a new connection from Verizon and get selected unlimited plan.

Do note that the offer applies to selected cities only. You might have to make the entire $649.99 device payment or the full retail price on the selected unlimited plans. You can also get an additional $289.99 promo credit, which is applied over 24 mos.

In case you fail to meet the appropriate eligibility criteria for the offer, you might miss the additional promo offer. Why wait any further when you can get your hands on your dream phone at the lowest price in the market?

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What Are The Top Verizon Wireless Upgrade Deals 2022?

Some of the surprising deals of Verizon available for its customers are:

Verizon is always looking out for its customers, and hence, it has come up with an amazing buy one and get up to $700 off offer for a selected range of gadgets. Yes, you get such a lucrative offer from the company when you apply for a new connection. But the Verizon offer gets even better when you select the iPhone 11 range for you. You get to save as much as $700 on the next phone if you apply for the eligible Verizon unlimited plan.

It is one of the surprise gifts you get when you apply for a new connection from Verizon. If you already have an old smartphone, you can exchange it for a new one and get up to $300 when you make the switch. No need to get any credit checked! You are eligible to get the offer within 30 days of activation.

When you sign up for Verizon’s connection, you can get an Amazon Echo Dot with a smart plug free of charge. Make sure to choose the appropriate unlimited plan and purchase any product from the Verizon website. However, free gadgets might differ depending on your purchases.

How to Get Verizon Smartphone Deals?

Like Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade plans, you get different sorts of unlimited and smartphone offers from Verizon. But these deals are mostly available for the loyal and existing Verizon customers. If you want to get a buy-one-get-one or monthly installment deal on your favorite iPhone, you need to be a Verizon customer.

Every year, the company comes up with an excellent upgrade program to help people exchange their phones for new ones. The company has a plethora of deals to cater to the requirements of diverse client groups. Right from new customers to the ones serving in the military, the company has all kinds of offers for you. But to get the appropriate one, you need to submit the paperwork and fulfill the criteria correctly.

But in any case, remember that the company keeps on modifying the offer from time to time. Every couple of days or weeks, one can see new offers on their website. That is why; keep a tab on their webpage. By that, you can know more about the ongoing deals and the expired ones. Also, do check the eligibility criteria for each discount deal before applying it to avoid confusion later.

Final Verdict

Verizon has been quite popular among the users for its wide range of services. But due to the availability of many lucrative smartphone deals, it has managed to garner a strong client base shortly. When you switch to the company’s services, you get unlimited high-speed facilities and amazing deals on the top-rated smart gadgets available in the market.

Imagine that with such unlimited Verizon plans, you can now buy two Apple iPhone sets at the cost of one. Doesn’t that sound pretty profitable as well as exciting? You can also get buy-one-get-one deals and cashback offers as well on a selected range of smartphones from Verizon. You get exclusive offers for exchanging your old handsets for a new one as well from this company.

So, among these offers, which Verizon wireless upgrade deals attract you to get a new Verizon connection?