Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone – is it exist in 2023

Literally, everybody wants to enjoy a free phone. Getting it free means spending less money to buy it out and saving for other more important things. Nonetheless, as they say, you can’t get everything for free.

Enjoying a free phone purchase is rarely offered by a lot of companies. Here we discover the fact about Verizon wireless free government phone.

Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone – is it exist in 2023

Verizon lifeline assistance is a program designed to help low-income households maintain minimal, basic phone service. The government is offering a free cell phone and 250 minutes of free monthly cellular calls.

Currently, the benefits are available in more than 30 states from the following major providers: Airtouch, Assurance Wireless/Ameriprise, AT&T, BBBONETWORKS (Boost Mobile), Cellcom, Connections Wireless/Verizon, FreedomPop / TracFone / SafeLink Wireless, GreatCall/Jitterbug / Health Net / Southern LINC, Mpowerd by Nex-Tech / Assurance Wireless…

The Verizon wireless free government phone program provides one or two mobile devices per household. Recipients must qualify based on the federal poverty level.

Several states also have their own Lifeline programs that provide subsidies for other communication devices, such as landline phones, and some of them cover cell phones too.

The program is open to all customers who can demonstrate financial need, including senior citizens and non-citizens with a green card or valid employment authorization document (EAD). Eligibility in one state is not transferable when moving to another state.

To verify your eligibility, you will need to bring an ID (typically a social security card) and proof of address in order to complete the process at a local store.

If eligible, you will be given a free phone from any provider above after signing up or transferring your number to their network.

The free phones program is funded by the Universal Service Fund and wireless carriers, each of which contributes a fee based on the company’s interstate and international end-user revenue. The FCC estimates that Lifeline will cost $2 billion in 2017 alone, up from less than $1 billion in 2015.

This has led some critics to question whether the program may be vulnerable to abuse or fraud. In 2011 over 1 million Americans were found with more than one Lifeline account.

Regarding those who do not qualify – Verizon Wireless Free Government Phone Application Requirements:

1. Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus From Verizon Wireless

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

You may get the Galaxy S9 plus free via the Verizon wireless free government phone program (but there are some terms you have to obey).

The S9 Plus is futuristically 6.2 inches polished with a curved screen weighing about 189 grams. Nevertheless, this device has two rear cameras, 12 MP featuring dual-aperture technology and a front camera of 8 MP.

It’s the world’s first f/1.5 aperture incorporated only into premium DSLR cameras.  Storage could be 64 GB or 128 GB with 6 GB RAM into it. The battery has a 3500 mAh capacity with a fast-charging operation, full load at 90 minutes.

Amazing Camera Specs ( Even at Low light)
Finger Print Sensor
Loud and Clear Audio System
Expensive Price
Battery Performance is a so-so
View at Amazon

Verizon Price

In Verizon, you could get the new Samsung S9 Plus at a convenient $929.00 with prepaid deals that you’ll like. You’ll also be able to avail of 50% off with this smartphone if you select the trade-in option.

2. Samsung Galaxy S9 By Verizon Wireless

Samsung Galaxy S9

The predecessor of S9 Plus is still not something for you to throw with. The S9 features are gorgeously designed with a 5.8-inch dual-curved screen. It has incredible camera specs incorporating a 12 MP rear and 8 MP camera capturing high-quality photos. The audio is clear, very loud as it should be.

Its Snapdragon 845 processor delivers a high-quality imaging system with fast browsing speeds as needed. Additionally, it enjoys wireless charging with a water-resistant rating. Battery features a 3000 mAh sufficient to sustain from day to night of use.

Greatly Improved Design
Faster Speed
Wireless Charging
Water Resistant Body
Loud and High-Quality Speakers
A Bit Weak Camera Quality
Loud and High-Quality Speakers
View at Amazon

Verizon’s Price

If you’re interested in buying Samsung S9, you could purchase this device on Amazon at a lower price of $799.99.

3. Apple iPhone X For Verizon Users

Apple iPhone X For Verizon Users

Apple’s flagship still brings superiority into the smartphone business with its high-quality features and specs. This high-end phone has a 5.8 inch OLED screen, comfortably held and durably built.

It features the revolutionary Face ID recognition unlocking system that is being copied by many smartphone manufacturers today. Camera operation is one of the best in the market, with an intuitive dual 12 MP rear sensor camera having an f/2.4 aperture and optical image stabilization that’s only seen in DSLR cameras.

Portrait capturing mode is also great for this camera, with video capabilities recording 60 frames per second, delivering clear video and image capturing.

As expensive as it is, the phone features a 256 GB storage with an iconic engine A11 Bionic Chip that runs on the device excellent even at gaming operation. The battery operation includes a wireless charging option that could load for up to 2 hours and 15 minutes.

Sturdy and High-End Screen Design
Camera Features
Wireless Charging
Flexible Use Engine
Improved Biometrics
Shorter Battery Life
Very Expensive
View at Amazon

Verizon’s Price
In Verizon, you could get the iPhone advantage at a $ 999.00 pricing for which is a bit lower than you’ll buy it into Apple or local phone stores. Aside these phones are not available on the Verizon wireless free government phone program at this moment, but you could get 50% off if you’ll select trade-in.

4. LG V30 For Verizon Wireless Users

LG V30 For Verizon Wireless Users

LG competes out with the likes of Samsung and Apple through its flagship. The LG V30 is impressive with a powerful 6 inch OLED design, feels very light and durable.

It has a water-resistant body slightly curved, improving greatly from its previous LG G6 design. Its camera is also excellently empowering a 16 MP rear boasts out f/1.6 aperture capable for low-light photography.

The other lens taking care of wide-angled shots has 13 MP at  f/1.9 aperture. Nonetheless, the front camera is 5 MP, not really astounding but efficient still. Battery capacity is sufficient to run for a day at 3,300 mAh. Wireless charging is included but not as innovative as Apple or Samsung.

Easy Use Design
Camera Specs
Waterproof Display
Wireless Charging
Headphone Jack Capability
Speedy Processor
Slow Camera Autofocus
View at Amazon

Verizon’s Price
You could get LG’s flagship at an $840.00 retail price with a 24-month installment that could be paid at $35 per month at Verizon’s website.

5. Google Pixel 2 XL For Verizon Wireless

Google Pixel 2 XL For Verizon Wireless

Preferably the best camera phone in the market, the second version of the Pixel series by Google measuring about 3 inches by 6.2 inches is impressive with a 6-inch display featuring Android Oreo and a pOLED display with the screen resolution of QHD+ 2,880 x 1,440 resolution.

The device is highly curved with a slim design it. It includes a 3.5 mm headphone jack for which lacks its previous model. Its camera specs are definitely one of the things you’ll look for with this device.

It sports out a 12.2MP rear camera lens having an f/1.8 aperture will do amazingly even at low-sensitive lights as needed. Bumping into its front camera, the device is set with 8 MP having an aperture of f/2.4.

Aside from that, additional camera features with widened aperture, faster autofocus, and a new Portrait mode makes this device more desirable. Similar to its image capability, the video is also excellent for this device. It has weak battery life, having 3,520 mAh into it. Nonetheless, it could keep up for use in a day as needed.

No 3.5 mm headphone port
Slow Camera Autofocus
View at Amazon

Verizon’s Price

If you are interested in buying this device, then you could purchase it in Verizon at a retail price of $849.99. Also, you have an option to do it monthly with its 24-month installment of $35.41.

Usually, a free phone is linked with plans and hassling contracts that you should abide by. Though it’s something we complained over repeatedly, we still don’t have any choice. It’s how every business work. At least, we’ve got the phone at a lower and convenient price.

That is why you must be able to purchase this free phone from a reliable company that will keep you secure without taking any advantage of you.

One of the companies that some people are investing their trust with is Verizon Wireless. In fact, it’s the only wireless company that has rated the highest by RootMetrics for the past nine years. It’s definitely reliable, high speed with great data performance as needed.

In this article, we will evaluate some premiere phones being offered by Verizon Wireless. You could not have this phone under the Verizon wireless free government phone program, but the price is prettily very affordable compared to what it’s being sold in the market. Thus, let’s start this Verizon Wireless phone adventure!

About Verizon Wireless

Shortened as Verizon, this company is an American telecommunications company offering various wireless services. They deliver wireless phone services, home phones, mobile WiFi, and broadband to their customers.

Currently, it’s the largest telecommunication company in the USA, sharing about 149 million subscribers as of October 2017. Aside from that, the company has many subsidy companies, including 11 rural wireless carriers having 2.1 million users.

The company is the premiere of its 4G LTE network that most US citizens use in its mobile internet data. Later on, the company announced the development of a 5G LTE network for which will improve the mobile internet, making it faster for easy communication.

You could visit their website to know more details regarding its current plans and services for other information.

Aside from that, you could download the company’s app available to all of its users nationwide. There are 2,331 Verizon Wireless stores easily accessed that were spread throughout the country.


The origins of Verizon Wireless were traced way back to 1999. An American phone company named Bell Atlantic and U.K.’s Vodaphone has to merge out to make a new wireless phone service company as they’ve seen its demand in the market.

The company was under the name of GTE corporation at that time. By 2000, they’ve changed the name to Verizon, taken from Bell Atlantic’s new label.

From that time, Verizon has taken its rise towards being the largest telecommunication company in the USA. It has acquired many wireless phone companies throughout the country, including some notable companies in the 2000s like the Rural Cellular Corporation, Sure West, and Rammell.

Nevertheless, the company had also sold some of its assets to AT&T in 2009. The company has given multiple rural wireless properties to AT&T from the 18 states, including Iowa, Michigan, and Kansas; the company has given multiple rural wireless properties to AT&T.

The company’s success had increased over when it had purchased full shares of Vodaphone’s counterpart into the company by 2014. Thus, making Verizon Wireless the sole owner of the company.

In August 2016, the company appointed Ronan Dunne to be the new president of the wireless company. A month just after his hiring, the company had launched its mobile service under the name MVNO.

This mobile service had become a piece of news when it decided to bring back the unlimited data plan, which prompted other companies like Sprint and T-Mobile to compete with similar services.

Verizon has its app called AppFlash, which its customers use to aid them in knowing more things about utilization, setup, and other services that the company has been offering. Aside from that, you could address your concerns and inquiries through the use of the app.

Two years after the appointment of its president, the company has hired Hans Vestberg to become the CEO of the company.

Why should you go with Verizon Wireless?

Having the tagline of being the best wireless phone service provider ain’t just nothing without proof that the company is indeed it is; here are some just of the reasons why one should shift and use Verizon Wireless; and how could you avail a free phone via the Verizon wireless free government phone (lifeline) program.

Unlimited Data Plans

The company that started it all. Verizon Wireless is currently offering two unlimited data plans costs about $80 and $90, respectively. Both plans are known as Go Unlimited Plans, and Beyond Unlimited Plans as needed.

Nevertheless, you could stream through videos faster without minding your mobile data from losing out. To lower down these prices, you could avail of their family plans saving you as much as $90 compared to the regular data plans.

Messaging App

For some, this could not be that important. However, this is truly an edge compared to its other competitors. Could use its app to send texts or make calls through the Advanced Calling option in the app. Aside from that, you could send data to your friends or send any gift by just clicking few buttons into the app.

Virus and Malware Protection

The app will keep you safe at all times. The app is empowered with virus-scanning capabilities through the Verizon Support and Protection app. This will ensure you that browsing the internet is safe and secure without worrying.

International  and Domestic Calling

Verizon includes an unlimited calling plan to Mexico and Canada for as low as $5 per month. For other countries beyond this, you could call out for about $15 per month. Access also the phone plan overseas for only about $10 through the Verizon Travel pass.

Wide Range Coverage

Dominating the 4G mobile data coverage, Verizon is still the king covering 81% of the US coverage. It almost fills out every state in the USA with very comprehensive and consistent signal coverage. Other than that, this coverage is also extended through its few MNVOs like CREDO and Straight Talk.

Fastest Speed

Tested by RootMetrics and Better Business Bureau, it’s already proven that Verizon has a very fast speed with an impressive 12 MBps speed. The company also incorporates a dominant 4G LTE network for which any other company could not compete over.

The Downside of Verizon Wireless

Despite its great and wide range of advantages, Verizon Wireless also shares a couple of disadvantages that you should consider upon availing of their services. This includes the following;

High Price

You’ll be complaining about the costly monthly payments that you’ll go to pay over this company. Nevertheless, this is very considerable since the company is delivering great and reliable services to its customers. However, as of now, there is an affordable option for group and family plans that you could enjoy.


Verizon is undeniably the best wireless network currently in the USA. It has great coverage, fast speeds, and great customer service. It has various plan options with various features, including its intuitive app that some people look forward to.

The price could be a bit steeper and more expensive than its other competitors like AT&T and T-Mobile; it’s generally reasonable for the speed and coverage that you’ll be getting with this wireless company.

What about Verizon Wireless Free Government Phones?

As AT&T has ventured to free government phones, a lot is also curious about the availability of this service by Verizon Wireless, which is considered to have the fastest internet speed in the country.

Nonetheless, the bad news is that currently, Verizon Wireless does not have (Verizon wireless free government phone ) this type of service available to its customers.

Verizon Wireless Free Government Phones?

However, it does not mean that Verizon Wireless cares less for its low-income generating customers. The good news is that Verizon Wireless has available plans and discounts catering to those people who can’t afford to cope up with the monthly upfront costs. Aside from that, Verizon Wireless offers existing phone plans to give you more discounts on availing of your favorite smartphones.

If you want to know more about these things, scroll down below to read more about these offers by Verizon Wireless.

Lifeline Program by Verizon

Lifeline assistance is a program offered by the government, making sure that every citizen in the USA will access our mobile phones, reaching out to more people easily. It’s specifically intended for consumers who do not make enough money for a living.

Likewise, this program is intended for disabled, senior citizens, Indian American natives, and even those ex-veterans, including its families, as the main targets for this program.

As of now, the Lifeline program has been adopted by various phone companies, giving out free phones to its subscribers with cost-efficient text and data plans for which could costs you a minimum of 1 US dollar.

Unfortunately, as said, Verizon Wireless does not give you free phones for these customers. Nonetheless, Verizon Wireless has offered discounted prices for their customers who are beneficiaries of this program.

You could save as much as $9.25 to your monthly Verizon bill upon subscription. Not just that, Verizon Wireless gives special treatment to those who are beneficiaries of Tribal Link up with a 100% onetime customary fee to those new subscribers.

However, these discounted monthly payments are limited to few states in the country, including Iowa, North Dakota, New York, and Wisconsin. Other than that, the company does not provide these discounts and services to its customers.

Lifeline Monthly Rate Options for Verizon Wireless Customers

Basically, there are two monthly plans that a lifeline beneficiary could choose upon. Respectively, the Lifeline Plan and Home Phone Connect Plan.

The Lifeline Plan (no DSL or cable option) costs you a minimum of $15.75 and is incorporated with nationwide 750-minute calls and unlimited text. An additional minute could costs up to 45 cents with a one-time activation fee of $35.

The cheaper option, the Home Phone Connect Plan, which will require you to connect to a Home Phone Connect Device will costs you a minimum of $10.74 with unlimited call and text. A one-time activation fee costs about $35, which is just similar to the latter plan.

It is important to remember that installation, maintenance, and roadside assistance do not cover the costs that you’ll pay monthly.

The Home Connect Device

Verizon Wireless had their version of it through this Home Connect Device instead of giving free government cell phones. It’s a square-shaped small device, black finished with soft edges on its sides.

Nevertheless, this device could be placed anywhere through your homes, being able to call unlimitedly anyone across the country.

It’s easy to use and quite water-resistant. Nevertheless, the only people who could get this device are those Lifeline beneficiaries who avail of the Home Phone Connect Plan.

Though you could not bring this device anywhere to a mobile phone, this device is considerably more expensive than a basic phone given by other companies that could buy on Amazon at a very low price.

Verizon’s Senior Citizen Plans

If you are in your 50s, you are lucky enough to enjoy this discount that Verizon Wireless gives to those at 55 and older. Instead of paying $75 into the unlimited data plan monthly, you’ll be able to enjoy a $15 discount by paying $60 into it as needed.

Nevertheless, if you’ll extend out and purchase two phone lines, you’ll be able to get as much as a $50 discount by paying $80 instead of $130.

Not just unlimited data, the plan also includes unlimited call and text with long-distance calling to Mexico and Canada. You could also stream high-quality videos on the internet with an unlimited mobile hotspot for 600 kbps.

Verizon’s Veteran and Military Discount

Verizon wireless free government phone program is not existing now, but, Verizon Wireless deeply honors the men in uniform who serve our country with loyalty.

The company is giving discounts on any soldier and their family who subscribes to their services. Not just those in the military, but all government employees, specifically those on active duty, reserves, and national guard, are eligible. It also extended to retired military veterans and their families.

A 15% discount on monthly plans and a 25% discount on any accessory purchase by anyone eligible for this discount. Upon purchase of two lines or more, you’ll be able to take advantage more of the discounted price with $35 and $40 off consecutively.

Best Phone Deals in Verizon

With the elimination of two-year contract deals, multiple wireless phone companies have strategized to lure around many of their customers through phone deals.

These smartphone deals are one of the best offering phones from different manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, LG, and Motorola. As of now, here are the best phone deals of the latest models that you could get at a reasonable price on Verizon’s website.