How Verizon go unlimited plan for seniors is best & why?

Verizon Go Unlimited plan for seniors has got its name changed to Start Unlimited with more features and excellent plan pricing. If you still have this plan in your account, you can also get other plans for your other devices.

Verizon Go Unlimited Plan for Seniors

When you can compare the best pay as you go phone plans, you will see that this one ace in some aspects. We are not saying that this is the cheapest plan of all, but it surely is one of the best for its features. Let’s see more about the plan and some bonus information on a unique plan for seniors.

Verizon Go Unlimited Plan for Seniors 2022

Plan Features

This Go Unlimited plan comes with lots of features so that you don’t have to spend extra on some necessary services. Let’s see what those attractive and useful features this monthly plan has to offer.

  • It comes with unlimited 4G LTE data, talk, and text within the country.
  • You can enjoy Apple Music for six months and get Verizon Up rewards.
  • You will also be able to use talk, text, and 2G data connection while traveling in Mexico or Canada.
  • The plan will let you stream SD (480p) videos without any limit, which is known by DVD quality.
  • Customers with this plan can share their unlimited data with other devices through mobile hotspot at a speed of 600 Kbps.
  • It will allow you to add different plans for different devices on the same account, but not this one on multiple devices.
  • An account can have up to 30 devices connected to the internet where ten devices are phones, and 20 devices are accessories or wearables.
  • With a $10 extra payment, you can enjoy the speed and features of the 5G network that is expanding its coverage every day.

So, those are all offered by the package and you should know them to take the highest advantage of it. And now, let’s move on to the pricing of this plan to set a budget and make a decision.

Plan Pricing

The Verizon Go Unlimited plan for seniors has straightforward pricing that comes with several discount offers. 

  • For single-line connections, this plan will cost you $80 per month. But the cost is less such as $70 per line for two lines, $55 per line for three lines, and $45 per line for four or more lines.
  • If you enable autopay and paperless billing, you will get a $5 discount per line per month on the price that is mentioned here.
  • Military, veterans and first responder accounts can get more discounts on the plans. The amounts are $10 per account for one phone, $25 per account for 2 or 3 phones, $20 per account for four or more phones.

Those are some pretty awesome discounts, and now, let’s see what other plans you can mix with the Go Unlimited to support other phones.

Plan Mixing

The Go Unlimited plan is only applicable to one phone, and that is why you will need to choose from other plans. Other active unlimited plans to choose from are Start Unlimited for light users, Play More Unlimited for moderate users, Do More Unlimited for heavy users, and Get More Unlimited for the ultimate gamers.

To understand clearly, let’s assume that you have six phones to be added to your Verizon account. Among them, you can purchase Go Unlimited for 1, and any other combination for others. It can be that Start Unlimited for another 2, Play More Unlimited for another 1, and Get More Unlimited for the remaining 2.

If you are not comfortable with this hassle, you can check out Virgin mobile pay as you go phone plans. It might not be cheap pay as you go phone plans that you are looking for but surely meet your requirements.

Special Plan for Seniors

Here, we will see a special monthly plan for those who are 55 years or older. We know that paying as you go cell phones for seniors is the best option, but we urge you to check this one out. 

Verizon Go Unlimited Plan for Seniors

This plan is called 55+, which costs only $40 per line per month when you go for two lines. It will also require you to enroll in autopay and paperless billing. This plan has the same features as the Go Unlimited, but you are getting the price for fewer lines.

How Verizon Go Unlimited plan for seniors is best, and why?

Seeing its pricing, you won’t realize the Go Unlimited plans potential or how it is the best monthly plan for seniors. So, let’s see the reasons to select the plan for your phone.

  • Seniors are either light internet users or moderate internet users, and so pay as you go is not always the best. The features and several service offerings that are included in the package can cost you more if you take them separately.
  • You can get more discounts by taking multiple lines and enabling autopay with paperless billing. So, in the end, you will realize that this is cheaper than other plans from different operators.
  • Using the Verizon app and logging into your account, you will be able to easily manage your plans and devices, saving a lot of money every month.
  • The plan comes with roaming facilities, which is another crucial matter to consider. You should travel more and pay as you go plans won’t cover for your roaming.

So, go with this unlimited plan and enjoy worry-free talk, text, and data anywhere in the US, Canada, and Mexico. Also, connect all your devices to the internet with the mobile hotspot making it more convenient for seniors.Before we move to the conclusion, please check out the T-Mobile pay as you go phone to make sure that you are getting the best deal available right now.


That is all about the Verizon Go Unlimited plan for seniors and don’t overthink about taking the service of the top mobile service provider in the country. If you are not satisfied with your current operator, you should change it to Verizon and take the benefit of the switch to Verizon deals.