Verizon Fios Deals New Customer 2023

The Christmas season is here with us again and everybody is welcoming the holiday mood. Do not be left out in these new deals that are being run by Verizon. At least have that festive smile on your face when you get one of these hot great deals Verizon is offering for its online customers. It has become a norm for Verizon to test out various new offers to its customers.

Today in this article, we are going to help you identify the best deals that are being offered in Verizon and as a new customer, you can be one of the luckiest people to enjoy the great deals on offer.

The 7 Best Deals For new Customers 2023

As at 9th December 2020, Verizon opened its door for new Holiday deals for its new customers. They are looking forward to enhancing online Fios signups and for that, they always test new promotional pricing. However, in this article we will focus more on the Verizon Fios offers for new customers. Like today, they are running new offers for new subscribers or rather customers who sign-up for their great Gigabit speed deals.

Best Deals For new Customers 2020

If you are looking for a bundle plan with the fastest download speed, check out the Verizon Fios Internet bundle plan that has a great Gigabit speed for just $ 79,99 per month. While, for customers looking for a pocket-friendly package, you can go for a Verizon Fios Internet that comes with 200Mbs speeds for $ 39.99 per month. The good part about all these is that no contract is required to enjoy these services.

Despite the great offers and deals being offered by Verizon, you can only get them when you signup online. For those people who have found themselves locked up in a contract that you sign with your current provider, Verizon has considered all that, and for this, Verizon pays for early termination fees of up-to $500 and if you give online orders, currently, you will enjoy a waived setup fees that could have cost you $ 99 as per the normal setup charges.

Therefore, use online sign-up to receive the exclusive bonus being offered this month. These include Sony PlayStation for 12 months or receive a $ 100 Verizon gift-card and a Bundle Internet plus a TV set. To get the best out of this deal, choose a qualifying Fios-bundle deal, after that, Verizon will send a $ 100 Visa Prepaid Card including the above rewards.

The best deals to choose from for Verizon-Fios Internet

The new customer promo offers various Fios Internet plan but in our top list; we have chosen these Four Fios Internet promo deals to choose from which include

200Mbs: It only costs $ 39.99 and comes with a free Amazon Echo Dot plus a Smart Plug. With this Internet plan, you will save $ 99 that could have been spent on the free setup that comes with this Fios Internet plan. Be assured of saving up-to $ 20 per month with the unlimited wireless plan that comes with an internet speed of 200/200 mbps.

400 Mbs: The Fios Internet plan is available for just $ 59.99 with an internet speed of 400/400 Mbs plus an additional package of a free Amazon Echo Show 5 and a Free setup is assured.

Gigabit Connection: For just $ 79.99, you will be able to get this internet plan plus a free setup. It also comes with an Internet speed of 940/880 Mbps. The additional items that come with this plan include Fios router, Free Amazon Echo Show 5, Stream TV device and a Ring Stick up Cam battery.

Gigabit Internet Plus tv Test Drive: If you are looking for a TV set inclusive of internet then go for this offer. It also has a fast speed internet of 940.880 Mps. All at a price of 129.99

This December 2020 Verizon Fios Internet promotion covers all people. It has offered the best deals of the Internet starting with the fastest Internet plan and the pocket-friendly Internet plan. Therefore, if you want the fastest speed Internet plan, go for the Fios Gigabit Connection while, for those who want to pay less but enjoy the internet bundles, you can go for the 200Mbs.

It provides a good internet speed and you can afford to pay its monthly bill with no hassle. The best promo that Verizon has ever offered to its customers in this 2022 promo deal is making the Fios Gigabit Connection plan available to its customers as a promotional deal.

These are 2-year contract plans so choose the package that best suits your needs and pocket.

  • Lowest Value- Fios 200/200 Internet
  • Best Value- Fios 400/400 Internet
  • Fastest Speed- Fios Gigabit Internet
  • Fastest Speed and Additional Package/ TV- Fios Gigabit Internet Plus Fios TV Test Drive

The best deals to choose from for Verizon-Fios TV

It’s all about getting quality services and at pocket-friendly prices. Check out our top best Fios TV deals that Verizon has offered in this 2020 end year promo deals.

Your Fios TV: For $ 50, you will be able to get a Television Set with 125 plus digital channels and no annual contract is required.

More Fios TV: Get a Fios TV that comes with 300 plus digital channels at a price of $ 70. Additional packages include the first set Top boxes and a Verizon Gift Card worth $ 50. Remember, no annual contract is needed.

The Most Fios TV: If you are looking for a Fios TV set with many digital channels to choose from, go for this one. It has 425 plus digital channels with no annual contract required. Additional items in this package include a basic DVD, 1st Set-Top box, and a Verizon Gift card worth $ 100.

Free set-up and a 2-year discounted price are both guaranteed in the above Verizon Fios deals. The special promo price will run for the first two years its service that is, after the purchase. But, note that, if you fail to choose the term agreement, you are likely to pay more as Verizon may increase your monthly rate after 1 year or 12 months after the purchase. Sign up for this year’s Verizon Fios offers to get these great deals.

About Verizon Fios Online Promotions and Offers

Fios offers for new customers are great deals that Verizon has ever offered to its customers. However, you have to signup online to get these Verizon Fios promo bundles offers, if you call to order for a new service via a phone, you are likely to be charged a higher rate because the Fios Verizon promo is exclusively for online sign-up.

About Verizon Fios Online Promotions and Offers

The main reason behind this great promo of the year is for Verizon to boost its online sign-up clientele and to check out how they can add customers at various price points effectively as well as with different bonus rewards.

To make Verizon offers to look more enticing, when you sign-up for any of its online promo deals, Verizon will offer a waive to the setup fee which normally could have cost you $ 99. So, in one way or the other, you will save some coins when you purchase these deals. You can still enjoy more bonus rewards by considering the Double-play Bundles that come with the Fios Gigabit internet speed plus the best Fios-TV package.

It’s all about saving some extra coins. Verizon Internet for low income families is largely available in this 2020 promo deal. You can pay less and get a great bonus by simply signing up for the Fios Gigabit Connection Double-Play Internet Bundle as well as choosing the two-year agreement using auto-pay to get about 6 bonus rewards such as;

  • Free Setup (normally charges $99)
  • Free Ring Stick-Up Cam
  • Free Fios Router rental
  • Free Amazon-Echo Show 5,
  • Free Stream-TV device
  • $ 100 Verizon Gift-card

Verizon marketing department often partners with the Triple Play bundle to find a unique promotional link which can save hundreds of dollars on your monthly bills. However, just like any other great promo deals, these Fios special deals have a limited time frame and will soon expire. So don’t just admire from far but take this time to sign-up for your special deal from Verizon. Though there are Fios deals for current customers but the above deals are exclusively for new customers.

Additional Fios Special Offers for 2020 (December)

Apart from the great and enticing Fios promo deals being offered to new customers, Verizon has also come up with some special offers to its customers such as;

Offering up-to $ 500 Early termination Credit

I know how stressful it can be when you are locked in a contract while you are seeing other opportunity, potential, or great offers out there! All is not lost; Verizon can now reimburse you up to $ 500 to cover early termination fees from your previous carrier if you want to sign-up for their Fios deals. You do not have to make wishes will you can actually won and enjoy these Fios deals. Make a wise decision and sign-up online for these great Fios deals. Though, terms and conditions may apply in this case.

Pairing Plans to get Rewarded

You can combine your Vericon mobile as well as Fios Home-Internet plans to save up to $ 30 each month on your Verizon-mobile bills. An additional advantage of this special offer is that there are no set-up charges but it only applies when you do online orders.

Why Choose Fios Optic Internet?

Sometimes it is good to try out other internet service providers to know the best. If you have ever other cabled-based internet providers like Time Warner, Cox, and the rest, you actually know what I’m trying to say. You will know how good is Fios.

The speed, as well as the quality, is impeccable. You cannot compare them in any way. Let’s give an example with the Fios TV as well as DVD interface; it’s quite clean not to mention how clean it looks.

The reason behind the good quality is because Verizon uses a fiber optic line which is directly wired into your house or home. Other internet service provider tends to compress the TV signals and send them via a regular copper-cable line.

In addition, you do not have to share your fiber-optic internet line with your neighbors’ as they are normally installed completely independently. Let say that, you will still enjoy the fast speed regardless of numerous downloads and steaming such as Youtube, Netflix, Hulu from your neighborhood.

Your Fios Internet speed can never slow down as you will at all times enjoy the fastest internet speed even during hours when many people are more engaged in the Internet like peak evening hours.

Is the fios new Customer Deals exclusive for new customers?

Yes, the Verizon Fios special deals for existing customers are majorly a marketing promo deal for new customers. Therefore, if you are already a member of Verizon Fios, do not worry. There are still god Fios promo deals for you.

Just visit the Verizon online page to get more information and details about their current promotional deals. However, you can check out our next article about Verizon phone deals for existing customers to know the best deals to run for while the stock still last. Remember that these Fios promo deals have time limits and if you delay, it might pass you!

Final Verdict

The good thing about Verizon is that they understand their customers so much. They have designed a good deal for Verizon internet for low income families that is pocket friendly and offers a good internet speed as well. While on the other hand, they have designed an Internet plan with additional packages such as a TV set at an increased price though with the fastest internet speed.

So, you do not have to stress yourself with a fixed or highly paid internet plan. With Fios deals, you are at liberty to choose the best deal that is suitable for your needs and you feel much more comfortable paying the bill.