Verizon fios deals for existing customers 2023

I can imagine how tempting the current Verizon fios deals are today. They have brought exiting promo deals, and all eyes are on the best deal to grab.

However, how can you know if you are among the people who can get these great holiday offers! Remember that, promo deals always run at a certain limited time and if you delay, you might miss out on these deals. And that brings us to the same question again, Are you a potential beneficiary of these Verizon Fios promo deals offers?

The answer depends on your previous relationship with Verizon. Though new customers have exclusive great offers that are being promoted if you do online signup, but existing customers have no such great offers as such but there are currently great deals being run to the existing customers.

For more information about the Verizon FiOS deals for existing customers 2023, you can log in to their official website to be well informed of the current promo deals.

However, you can still enjoy the Verizon phone deals for existing customers by getting the fios new customers pricing though, you’ll have to end your current plan. Now, the main question comes on how to go about it?

Can I get these Fios New Customers Pricing?

For those who contracts are almost ending and wished to get the new customer pricing, there is only one way to do this; you will have to allow your existing contract with Verizon to rollover thereafter, you’ll be in a place to sign-up for these Verizon FiOS deals.

Though, there are some requirements that you will have to follow when ending your existing contracts like sending back the DVD router-cable card or rather DVR. All is not lost because, with the new deal, you will be able to get new ones when your installer will come to connect your new account. Therefore, to enjoy the new customers promo deals or considered as a new customer when it comes to Verizon fios, you will have to allow your Old-plan or package to lapse.

If you have Verizon as your phone, you can also enjoy the existing Verzon fios deals by simply upgrading to improve your connection as well as plan.

To achieve this, just negotiate with them to get a discount when you upgrade to super plans such as triple play and gigabit and do not forget to mention that failure to give you the discount, you will go for the same plan from their competitor in the market.

This trick often works for many people. Anyway, who wants to lose long-term or loyal customers? That enough will make them think twice before turning your request down. You are likely to get the best deal possible.

Verizon Fios Bundles & Deal Packages for existing customers

There are various fios deals for existing customers as well as new customers. But in this article, we will focus more on Verizon fios deals for existing customers 2020 which include,

Verizon Fios Bundles & Deal Packages for existing customers

Internet Only Plan for Current Loyal Verizon-Fios Customers

As an existing Verizon customer, you have already known that the Company offers the best when it comes to Internet, TV and Home phone packages. You only need to upgrade to save some cash on these great products using various plans that best suits your needs. Here are the available offers to you.

  • Digital TV: There are current offers to already existing Verizon customers. Therefore, to get your most popular Television show, all the big games and blockbusters movies, just go to their official website or make a call to them to know more about their current offers.
  • Bundles Fios Services: As an existing Verizon customer, you have the privilege to build your bundle through an upgrade of your Fios service. Just call the support center for more guideline.
  • Digital Phone: You will be able to get unlimited calls nationwide including a choice of more than 20 plus calling features. With one phone call away today, you will be able to improve your home phone service.
  • Fios Internet: You can upgrade to a much better Internet that has reliable and Ultra-fast speed. This will enable you to stream music, play game as well as download HD-movies. Verizon fios also have a new attempting offer that gives a Pre-pay option. It’s a Fios offer to current customers which is more of new customers offer. If you are towards ending your contract, then you may consider trying it out especially when your finances are limited.

How to Upgrade Your Existing Fios Package

Just visit the Verizon official website and log in using your User ID. Thereafter, check out if you are eligible through your account, If your account is eligible then you can proceed to pick the services that you need or want. With the new Fios plan, you will get some additional package benefits such as:

  • $ 100 Gift Card
  • 2 years Price guarantee
  • 1 premium network Channel- for 24 months; You will choose from Cinemax, HBO, SHOWTIME, Sports Pass, STARZ, EPIX or the Spanish-Language plan.
  • Ability to stream-live Fios TV & On-Demand via the Fios-Mobile App which is data-free for wireless users
  • Redeemable 500-My Rewards bonus points for On-Demand movies

Verizon replaces Fios TV, Internet-bundles & Contract with the MIX-AND-MATCH Pricing

Recently, customers have been canceling Verizon plans over High pay for Television prices and for that; they have been doing away with the Verizon FiOS bundles plans and contracts.

As a market strategy to continue maintaining their customers, they have introduced a new pricing plan known as Mix & Match which is very friendly, Verizon Internet for low income families. They focus majorly on selling Pay-Television, internet as well as phone like standalone products.

With this new Verizon Strategy, you can now get more customized options in-terms of the TV packages such as; with just $ 50, you will be able to select your 5 favorite channels among a group of 200 plus channels as Verizon recommends a package that has on average 125 plus channels which best suits you.

In addition, you will also get YouTube TV at $ 50/mo. as a Fios Internet Customer which is part of the package that the telco signed with Google last year.

As part of the pricing strategy by the Verizon Marketing team, to relieve customers from the fixed bundle’s plan and contracts, they have come up with various pricing plans. Apart from the ones explained above, Verizon now offers three-Fios Internet option which includes;

  • 100 Mps- $ 39.99
  • 300 Mbps- $ 59.99
  • Gigabit Connection- $ 79.99

New Fios broadband subscribers can still enjoy the 1 year free Disney Plus through Telco; an offer that started from June 1, 2020. You can also get unlimited home-phone service for $ 20/ mo.

With the new pricing, all the TV plans entail local broadcast networks and the video plans include

  • Your Fios TV- 125+ channels & 12 months fee for each set top @ $ 50
  • More Fios TV- 300+  channels and 1 set top @ 70
  • Most Fios TV- 425+ channel, 1 set box & 12-DVR service credit @ $ 90
  • YouTube TV- 70+ Channel @ $ 49.99

To top it up, Verizon offers a Fios TV-Test Drive option that includes all its channels at $ 50/ mo for 60 days. Based on customer’s household actual viewership, Verizon will recommend a suitable plan which is the best match. Current or existing customers can switch over to these new Mix & Match plans at any given time with no penalty involved as well as cancel at any time without involving an early termination fee.

Despite the fact that Verizon is withdrawing from Fios bundles, they still offer discounts to customers having Fios and Wireless service. For example, The Mobile plus Home Rewards programs offer a saving of $ 20/ mo. and a $ 10/ mo. credit on the next device that customers will purchase. Verizon also provides 5G wireless broadband home Customers’-Stream TV that provides access to top-rated video streaming services such as YouTube, HBO, and Hulu.

Verizon Fios Promotions December 2023

How to Upgrade Your Existing Fios Package

Check out these Verizon bundles for existing customers which include;

Fios Gigabit 940 Mbps/ 880 Mbps Internet Promotion for $ 79.99

It comes with,

  • Free Stream TV
  • Router Rental
  • No annual Contract
  • Free Ring Stick-Up Cam Battery/PlayStation Plus & PlayStation for 12 months
  • Sign-Up for Auto-Pay (Must)
  • Offer up-to $ 500 Credit for Early termination fees
  • 940 Mbps speed for Upload & 880 Mbps for download
  • Save up-to $ 30 with unlimited Wireless

Your Fios TV/Fios TV Test Drive for $ 50

Additional package includes;

  • 12 months of Disney plus free
  • 425 plus channels for 60-Days; thereafter, you can choose a preferred package based on the usage/ choose 5 favorite channels from 125 plus channels

Fios 200 MBPS/ 200 Mbps Internet Promotion for $ 39.99

It comes with

  • No annual Contract
  • Amazon Echo Dot plus Smart Plug/ PlayStation+ and PlayStation for 3 free months
  • 200 Mbps speed for Upload and 200 Mbps for Download
  • Auto-Pay sign up (a MUST)
  • Saves up-to $ 20 per month using Unlimited Wireless
  • Up-to $ 500 for Early termination fees

400 Mbps/ 400 Mbps Internet Promotion for $ 59.55

Additional package includes

  • Auto-pay sign up (a Must)
  • No annual Contract
  • Save up-to $ 20 using unlimited Wireless
  • Up-to $ 500 Early Termination fees
  • Amazon Echo Show-5/ PlayStation & PlayStation for 3 months free
  • 400 Mbps speed for Upload & 400 Mbps speed for Download

Additional Fios Promotion Details

  • Nurses, Military, Teachers and 1st Responders get Internet plan offers starting from $ 34.99 per month

How does Verizon Custom TV works?

Verizon Custom TV basically helps customers to pay for what they watch. You do not have to pay for fixed TV plans for channels that you will not actually watch. It’s a company that surveys on how customers consume TV these days.

Such that, rather than subscribing to a highly paid plan to get various channels that you will not view all; you will be picking the genre as well as the kind of channels that you like not to mention, you can only pay for those channels that you certainly watch. In each Standard Custom TV, customers pick only one package from these genres namely;

  • Sports and News
  • News and Variety
  • Action & Entertainment
  • Kids & Pop,
  • Infotainment & Drama,
  • Home & Family
  • Lifestyle & Reality

Comparing Verizon-Fios-Internet promo deals

It’s all about saving cost. No one would want to spend extra coin while there are ways you can use or consider to reduce the excess spending. Same applies to Fios Internet plans. Just like any other promotion deals, there are certain factors you can check out to help you in making a wise decision before committing to one. You need to check if it’s,

Comparing Verizon-Fios-Internet promo deals

Contract verses No contract plan

To give an answer to its customers, recently Verizon dropped the contracts plan and it is now using month-to-month pricing. Therefore, while choosing your suitable plan, compare the terms and requirements that come with the plan especially for providers that up-to-now still requires a 1/2 years contract. For Verizon plans, renters and students can now enjoy the plans.

Taxes and fees

It is essential to know that both taxes and fees are likely to increase your monthly service price with any provider. However, Verizon Fios recently started providing free routers to its customers for Fios Gigabit Internet.

Verizon Bundles verses Fios Internet-Only

Verizon Fios offers both quality TV-plan and Home-Phone services. However, bundling services can suitable and convenient for you when planning to use all the three services instead of purchasing each service differently from various Companies

Verizon Fios Prices

Though, Fios Internet prices are somehow expensive compared to DSL as well as cable but in reference to cost per Mbps, they are quite cheap. Often, you tend to pay 10 to 20 percent more compared to basic DSL and in response to that, the Fios download speed are much more faster such that the slowest Fios Internet plans is much better than DSL by 150 percent or more.

Verizon’s Fiber Optic Technology

When it comes to fiber optic internet connection; Verizon is among the most reliable and top-rated companies. Verizon uses Fiber optic technology to transmit data via light which is bounced between plastic rods or glass as well as provides the fastest potential download not to mention, upload speeds.

Verizon Fios Internet download speed is normally five to ten times much better than what their cable competitors offers. The Verizon Upload speeds are approximately 500 times better as they do not undergo the same technical challenges as DSL wiring and old cable.

The difference Between Verizon Fios & Verizon High-Speed Internet

Verizon has two major Internet networks namely; Verizon High-speed Internet and Verizon Fios

Funny enough, what you might think as the name suggest is the slower version of the Verizon network. The High-Speed Internet is the Verizon slower option and it uses telephone lines for delivering data in terms of Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL). Henceforth, DSL connections are much slower compared to Fios fiber Internet plans.

Though Verizon High-speed internet tends to have the slowest speed that Verizon company offers, it is largely available in many areas.

Which is the best Fios Service?

Fios customers have only two options to choose from when seeking for Fios services and these includes

  • Fios Internet-Only Plan
  • Fios TV & Phone bundle packages

Verizon Fios Internet-only plans are more suitable to people who get their television from streaming services such as Roku, Netflix and much more. It can also be the best plan for renters as well as students; people who do not like or want a contract plan because bundle deals tend to require long-term commitment.

However, Verizon Fios TV-bundles stands out for families as well as individuals who are fond of watching television especially sports. But there are some similarity in content played when compared to Fios Internet-Only; Fios TV bundles has a robust Smart-TV platform which feels almost like a Roku tough, it has much more content options.

Additional package

As an additional package for both Fios Intenet-Only as well as bundle plans, Verizon offers a landline phone service as an add-on package to its customers. On instances, Internet and phone plans are rarely listed online. Though, you can make a call, check your coverage address; usually they can offer one plan for you.

Things to note

It is important to be well informed that Verizon Mobile LTE services aren’t available in Fios Internet bundles. Therefore, Verizon phone deal for existing customers is somehow impossible to get.

Apparently, if you want to have both the mobile as well as Internet service from Verizon then, you will have to sign-up separately since they do not came as a package as the mobile phone service apparently is a separate business in the midst of the established Verizon Corporation.

Final Verdict

Verizon Fios always have deals and promotions for both their existing and new customers. On occasions, the Verizon FiOS deals may be favoring the new customers but they will also have their existing customers in mind. The existing customers will also have available deals most of the time to enjoy.

However, you can also opt-out of an existing Fios plan to enjoy the new deals for new customers though, you will have to wait for the plan subscribed period to elapse in order to sign up new customers. Remember, these Fios promo deals have limited time, so do not wait for so long, you might miss out on the hottest deals.