Top 3 Verizon Family Plan 3 Lines 2023

If you are using single line phone plans and in your household, there are more than one cell phone holder, then you may have faced the concern of expensive monthly costing over the mobile plans.

This is a common concern in most families where 2 to 3 members have cell phones. Single line or unlimited data plans are more frequently cost more in the total monthly costing.

This is because a vast amount of data remains unused and you still have to pay for that. That’s why it would be a no brainer choice if you go for the best family plan for 3 lines instead of those single and cheapest unlimited data plans. This will allow you to save a decent amount of monthly mobile data costs.

Now you have set up your mind for shifting to family plans for saving your mobile line expanses, but here’s a catch. Not all mobile plans are the best and reliable in terms of providing constant quality service.  So, considering your ease we have demonstrated here one of our selected picks for mobile line family plans, and it is nothing but Verizon.

Verizon has a variety of mobile plans and offers according to the wide range of user demands. It has mobile and data plans for family purposes in 2,3,4 and 6 lines. Here we will discuss the Verizon family plan 3 lines for your convenience.

Verizon Family Plan 3 Lines 2023

Verizon 3 Line Family Plans

Finding out the best one for your family is one of the critical tasks, in terms of the family plans for multiple lines. Verizon has a pretty reliable section of family plans with multiple lines. There are 2, 3, 4, and 5-line family plan options available at Verizon. You can add one according to your needs. 

1. Verizon Start Unlimited Plan

Verizon Start Unlimited is one of the most affordable Verizon internets for low-income families’ monthly data usage. It is a deprioritized plan as well as you will get unlimited data services from it. Moreover, you will get full-speed internet facility enjoyment with this Verizon data only plans within a budget-friendly choice.

It just starts with a price rate of 45 dollars per person. So it means if you shift to this program/plan it will cost you a minimum of 120 dollars for Verizon family plan 3 lines. 

Additional features of Verizon Start Unlimited Plan

  • Provides Unlimited Minutes And unlimited texting facility
  • Ensures full speed LTE(4G) internet services through all devices
  • Visual Voice Messaging and Multimedia Message Service
  • Give you the advantage of International Calling and Data service
  • It ensures VoLTE(Voice Over LTE) feature as well as 5G access

More than all those features, it is the most price saving option in family plans. This plan also includes WiFi calling, group savings, and eSIM features.  With the most advanced features as well as the reliable unlimited data facility it is the best value for money Verizon family plan 3 lines available. 

2. Verizon Play More Unlimited Plan

This is another family plan with 3 line availability and it is pretty much higher than the above in terms of the budget tag. It also has some additional features like a hotspot, full speed internet, prioritized networking, and much more.

You may not be able to shift for this plan if your budget tag is pretty much tight and limited. But it is surely slightly better than the upper one in one way or another.

Additional Features Of Verizon Play More Unlimited Plan

  • Provide you a prioritized data plan of up to 50 GB per month 
  • Full speed 5G access to the devices as well as 15 GB of hotspot facility to all
  • Provides Unlimited Minutes And the unlimited messaging facility
  • Visual Voice Messaging and Multimedia Message Service is also enabled
  • An international Calling and international data service is also accessible

It just starts with a cost-cutting rate of 55 dollars per person. So it stands out as nearly 160 dollars for 3 lines in your family plan. This plan may seem pretty much higher than the Verizon Start Unlimited Plan, but it will also be a worthy option for your family. Since Verizon delivers far better and reliable services than the other providers, it will be a valuable purchase.

3. Verizon Get More Unlimited Plan

This plan is one of the most highly-priced plans from Verizon, for the family plan services. In the family plan services of 3 lines, it is priced at a slightly higher rate than the aforementioned ones.

This plan is also a prioritized plan which has a better hotspot sharing facility than the upper plan. But it has some features that you may find helpful and worthy. So, it’s better to have a look at this.

Additional features Of Verizon Get More Unlimited Plan

  • Comes with a 50 GB prioritized full speed LTE internet facility
  • Provides a full speed 5G access to all the devices as well as 30 GB of hotspot facility to all
  • Talk and send messages without any limits as it has Unlimited Minutes And an unlimited texting facility
  • Roaming, international calling, and data services are also available
  • WiFi calling, eSIM, and Group Savings are included for more possibilities

Amongst the family plans of Verizon, it is the most costly plan available for 3 lines. In this plan, 65 dollars will charge for per person thus in a sum of almost 190 dollars will charge for 3 lines of service.  Don’t think about the budget if you are looking for quality and reliability in services. Quality and reliability don’t come without prices.

Compare Verizon 3 line family  plans VS AT&T 3 line family Plans

Verizon 3 line family  plans AT&T 3 line family  plans
Verizon Provides prioritized and deprioritized plans of up to 50 GB of data plans.Some plans offer prioritized data and others offer deprioritized data plans of up to 100 GB.
Unlimited texts and unlimited calling features are included as well.AT&T also covers unlimited minutes and unlimited messaging facility to their plans
Their plans may seem pretty much costly compared to other providers.When compared to Verizon, AT&T gives better services at a lower cost
Verizon provides their fastest data plan at a price tag of 65 dollars per person.AT&T’s best data plan is priced at 60 dollars per person.
It provides international calling and data plans with a roaming facility.Long distanced roaming and international services are included in it.

Final Verdict

Verizon and AT&T both are pretty much the same in overall data plan features and attributes, the difference may come from the pricing point of view.

It’s better to choose the best family cell phone plan that accommodates your family’s needs and does not be a part of your tension while paying for the monthly bills. Furthermore, do not spend on the data plans that you cannot fully utilize. It will be a matter of disappointment for some people who care about every penny.

The companies set a stickered data plan that executes some people to pay extra cash for data that they are not able to finish using thus resulting in excess spending for data plans.

The family plans we have mentioned should help you to save money and not let you spend more on the others. Instead of others, you can switch to Verizon deals for more loyalty in performance. Verizon may charge pretty much higher costs than others, but they ensure supreme quality features for everyone.