6 Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals 2022

Verizon buy one get one free iPhone is a fantastic deal to own an advanced smartphone. There is no denying the fact that paying the full retail price while buying an iPhone can be a hard task. This notion becomes more evident when you start looking at the recent handsets.

The recent iPhone launches can cost you a hefty sum of money. This is where Verizon BOGO deals exude practicality. As part of the new Verizon BOGO promotion, the carrier is offering you to score a free iPhone 11 when you buy another at full price. This all-new promotional deal is aimed to provide a vast number of tech gadgets and the latest smartphones for free.

Verizon iPhone deals help you avoid the upfront cost. Quite impressively, Verizon also has some BOGO discounts and free iPhones if you get a new connection from Verizon. Verizon Wireless is the biggest carrier in the USA and has excellent coverage of a decent selection of smartphones. 

5 Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals in 2022

1. Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone For $15 a month

This is one of the best Verizon buy one get one free iPhone offers that you can ever avail. In case you are longing to have an iPhone for long, Verizon is here with its latest offer. The carrier is offering the latest iPhone 11 for just $15 per month with a new connection on an unlimited plan.

Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals - iPhone 11

This also implies that you would save a substantial amount of money in the form of bill credits over the life of your device. This offer is also valid for Verizon phone deals for existing customers. On the other hand, when you are adding two devices instead of one, only one device should be on the new line.

In short, this latest Verizon BOGO offer exudes practicality to modern-day users. Also, this offer doesn’t require you to trade in your device. Whichever model you select, Verizon would provide offers. With the acquisition of one, Verizon is also offering $700 off on the second.

You could get $400 back on rebates if you were switching to Verizon from an entirely new carrier. Don’t fret as you would be availing the phones in installments. Hence, you would be paying for the phone on an installment plan.

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2. The best Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone XR deals

This is another Verizon buy one get one free iPhone deal quite popular among people. Quite impressively, there is no need to pay anything for the new iPhone XR if you are a new customer opting for Verizon’s unlimited plan. What’s more, you would be able to get the smartphone on an installment basis.

Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals - iPhone XR

Verizon would completely compensate the price of the smartphone via bill credits on a monthly basis. You are also entitled to acquire a $200 refund card as part of Verizon’s Holiday Switch Program. You wouldn’t find a better iPhone deal than this.

On the other hand, if you prefer the iPhone XS, it is currently $10 per month at Verizon at the moment. Furthermore, there is no need for you to trade-in your current phone. The discounts are $300 when you select the monthly payments.

You are also entitled to get a discount when you pay $10 on a fresh connection belonging to an unlimited plan. Interestingly, if you add two phones, you can get an extra $700 off. Thus it is evident that this Verizon BOGO offer is a must-have to get a new iPhone XR and XS.

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3. The iPhone 7 deals currently available at Verizon

If you are in need of a smartphone urgently, the iPhone 7 at Verizon is a good enough deal. This Verizon buy one get one free iPhone offer holds great significance for the new customers too. For instance, if you are a fresh buyer, Verizon won’t make you pay for the deal.

Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals - iPhone 7

Nowadays, the carrier is offering the revolutionary iPhone 7 for free when you opt for a new connection and schedule the device on an installment plan. Well, iPhone 7 is one of the most giant selling phones of Apple. If you want to be part of Apple’s rich legacy, opting for the iPhone 7 is a great idea.

You can also get the iPhone 7 plus, but it’s not entirely free. Moreover, the actual selling price of the phone would get credited each month on the plan. Hence, you would only be paying for the service. Remember that under this deal, you don’t need to trade-in another phone. This is one of the best Verizon BOGO deals if you want to enjoy the latest features of the iPhone 7.

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4. Verizon and the best iPhone 8 deals

Under this buy one get one free iPhone offer from Verizon, you would be entitled to get the all-new iPhone 8. To be frank, getting an iPhone doesn’t have to be expensive. And when the context is about Verizon BOGO offers, you would always get assured low prices.

Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals - iPhone 8

Note that Verizon is retailing the iPhone 8 for only $449 in retail. This would be just $19 over a period of two years. To make things easier for you, Verizon is offering another iPhone 8 free of cost. If you purchase two quantities of iPhone 8 smartphones and add a new connection to one device, you would avail $450 approximately on the second iPhone.

This same deal is also applicable when you opt for the iPhone 8 plus. At first glance, you may say that this is not an ideal offer from Verizon. However, the iPhone 8 also costs less than the iPhone XR and XS. So if you are buying a phone not to show off, this deal is a decent one.

Also, the rebates of this deal are straightforward and easily understandable. So if you are comfortable paying installments, then this deal is entirely appropriate for you.

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5. Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone XS deals

Even the premium iPhone of 2018 is getting a great offer from Verizon this time. Note that the iPhone 8 is getting the same deal as that of the iPhone 11.

Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals Verizon - iPhone XS

Thus, if you want to buy two phones on an installment plan, you can quickly reach $700 off on the second one. As customary with all the BOGO offers, the credit would be applied monthly during the period of two years. Quite impressively, Verizon would also offer you the same rebate of up to $400 when you are switching to them. In other words, this is an excellent Verizon buy one get one free iPhone deal, which you should look forward to.

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6. Get an iPhone SE at an attractive price

This is probably one of the best Verizon buy one get one free iPhone offers you can ever get. You are not only getting the latest Apple internals, but you are getting them without paying cash. Also, like most of the Verizon BOGO deals, you have the opportunity to avail bill credits for the value of your new device for a period of 24 months.

Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals Verizon

There is no denying the fact that the iPhone SE is an excellent phone with decent specs to boast about. Furthermore, Verizon is allowing you to choose from an exciting range of colors to match your gear. On the other hand, if you order online, Verizon would slash your activation fee to half. This is also a great way to avail cheap Verizon phones for sale without contract.

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Buy a top phone from Verizon, get the second one free

So far, the list was crowded with top-of-line iPhones. But it is time now to delve into other fascinating smartphones Verizon has for you. In case you are not crazy about Apple iPhones, you can lay your hands on Verizon’s offering of the latest Android phones.

Whether you are eyeing the LG V60 or the Motorola Edge, Verizon would help you get the second for free. If you are a Samsung fanatic, then remember that the Samsung Galaxy series is also available with exciting offers.

If you are grabbing a device, the second one should belong to the same brand. Moreover, you have to add either one of the devices to the new line to get discounts in the form of bill credits. So, this deal was a bit different from the Verizon buy one get one free iPhone.   

Avail a Verizon Gift Card when you bring a specific device

Well, Verizon has plenty of offers when you are buying a new device. But what if you are happy with the equipment you have? Keeping in mind this need of the users, Verizon is offering money back to the customers. Interestingly, you would get some money back when bringing your current device to the Verizon network.

For smartphones, you can get $150 back. On the other hand, for a tablet, you can avail of an extra $100 off. Also, you have to apply promo code at the shop to avail of the gift card. But make sure that you use the right type of promo codes to get the correct discount offers. You can also get respite from the activation fee if you bring in your device.

For just $10 per month, get a Samsung Galaxy

Apart from the exciting Verizon buy one get one free iPhone, this deal is quite impressive. For just $10 per month, you can get a Samsung Galaxy series smartphone. And if you have the 5G connection in mind, the Galaxy S20 is well worth having.

However, as customary, you have to opt for a new connection from Verizon to avail of this offer. If you simply upgrade your device, you would get a $200 discount. Note that both these options come in the form of bill credits. Thus, you should opt for an unlimited plan to avail the full benefits.   

Getting a refurbished phone from Verizon

Verizon doesn’t sell refurbished phones. However, it sells certified pre-owned smartphones, which are almost like new ones. Verizon also claims that it inspects each device for defects and ensures these are quality checked to ensure that there are no flaws. You can also select from cosmetic conditions like the new smartphones estimating more. Note that Verizon doesn’t sell these refurbished phones on a repayment basis. Thus, you have to pay the full price.

Does Verizon Have Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals?

Verizon is offering trade-in BOGO deals on the iPhone 11, iPhone XS, and the iPhone XS max. With the help of the Verizon buy one get one free iPhone deals, you can save up to $550. The other iPhones also carry exciting discounts, which makes your smartphone shopping more exciting. Also, if you buy a phone worth more than $550, you would get a Verizon gift card.

How Can I Get Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deal?

Here is the list of ways through which you can get the Verizon to buy one get one free iPhone deal.

  • Add two iPhones with monthly payment modes activated to your cart.
  • One of these smartphones should have a new Verizon connection.
  • Get the amount credited to your account within a period of two years. You will get another amount credited if you opt for unlimited plans. 

How Does Verizon Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deal Work?

When you avail one device paid for on the payment program, you will get the second device by getting a bill credit. It is important to note that both these devices would display a monthly payment amount. The second device would be issued a credit for the monthly payment. Also, be mindful of the fact that the first device should be on the payment program while the second one cannot be terminated.

Final Verdict

No doubt, the Verizon buy one get one free iPhone deal is an excellent opportunity to bring home the goodness of the Apple platform. However, you have to be careful while filling out the details related to your new line. It is always recommended that you opt for unlimited plans to get the amount credited on a sufficient amount of time.