Verizon 4G Cell Phone Signal Booster Review

One of the most important considerations of a powerful signal booster is its capability to detect the weak signal and adjust it into powerful signals automatically. In consideration of this factor, the Verizon 4g cell phone signal booster comes with the automatic gain control system that amplifies the signals wonderfully. This signal booster also has a higher capacity to provide a powerful signal to more far areas.

Verizon 4g cell phone signal booster

With the coverage range of up to 5000 square feet, it will give you the same strong signal in all your rooms. The booster will incredibly reduce the number of dropped or missed calls. It will also offer you a better experience with the combined functions of the LED indicator, pannel & yagi antennas, easy-to-use installation app, and a lot more. So to know more about the booster, let’s explain something more in the next sections.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about Verizon 4g cell phone signal booster

Q: Does this unit boost voice and data?

You will be happy to know that this high performing booster can boost voice and data. It amplifies the signals by 32 times.

Q: Can I use this booster in the remote areas?

Yes, you can use this booster in any remote area, even where the signal is very weak.

What users saying about Verizon 4g cell phone signal booster

If you read the feedback that many users have posted for this booster, you will see that most users are satisfied with the performance of the booster in several aspects. Many users have expressed their positive feedback regarding the easy setup and installation of the booster. They are amazed by the faster setup and installation of the booster.

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Many users have talked about the strong signal of the booster. They are happy to see more signal bars on their devices. They were amazed because they are now getting signals where they couldn’t imagine to have any signal before.

Another great aspect of the booster is that users get the benefits of multi-users connectivity. They can now share everything with their friends and family members. Many are also happy with all the advanced features that have made their experience really better.

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Comparison between Verizon 4g cell phone signal booster and Other Cell Phone Signal Booster

If you compare the Verizon signal booster with the cell phone signal booster, you will see that both boosters come with many similar features except for a few differences. Verizon is designed for the cell phone models with 4G LTE band 13. On the other hand, the Cell phone booster is designed for Verizon, AT&T, and T-mobile.

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Both signal boosters can wonderfully reduce dropped calls and enhance the quality of the audio, video, and voice. Both boosters also increase the speed of uploads and downloads. But the first one works on band 13 and the second one works on band 13 and band 12/17.

The Verizon booster can provide you a stronger signal at the range of up to 5000 square feet. But the Cell phone booster can cover the range of up to 4500 square feet. So in terms of the area coverage capacity, the first model stays ahead of the second model.

Key Features of Verizon 4g cell phone signal booster

Wider Coverage

The booster provides more power and coverage with the help of the panel and yagi antennas. Both antennas come with the high gain features to capture the stronger signal. You will get the coverage range from 4000 square feet to 5000 square feet from this booster.

Powerful Signal

The booster can amplify your existing signal by 32 times to let you have a stronger signal and internet connection. As a result, you will have fewer call drops, better audio or video streaming, faster uploads & downloads. Moreover, you will also get a strong signal in the weak signal areas.

LEd Indicator

The booster comes with a smart LED indicator that allows you to understand whether the booster is working well or not. Because of this indicator, you will get rid of all the guess works regarding different signals or metrics. It will indicate different states by the lights of different colors.

Automatic Gain Control

The automatic gain control system of a booster is very important. If your booster has the automatic gain control system, then it can sense the condition of the signal and adjust itself to provide the powerful signals. This booster comes with automatic gain control, so there is no tension regarding the powerful signals.

Multi-Users Connectivity

This booster will allow you to share the booster with your friends or other users at the same time. As a result, you can enjoy 4k video streaming, online video gaming, and a lot more with all anytime in your office or home.

How worthy is Verizon 4g cell phone signal booster compared to its features and performance?

You will agree with us that the Verizon 4g signal booster is undoubtedly worthy compared to its features and performance. If you go through all the features and specifications carefully, you will see that the booster offers a stronger signal with a higher coverage range. It will wonderfully boost your existing signal by 32 times and provide you connectivity for up to 4000 square feet to 5000 square feet areas.

Apart from this, the booster provides better performance with automatic gain control that converts weak signals into stronger signals. The gain of this booster is 65 decibels that means it can amplify the signals with a larger capacity. So considering all these, we think the booster is worthy compared to its features and performance.

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We all know that the high performing booster features more capacity with a wider range. A powerful booster also includes different advanced features such as automatic gain control, inactivity mode, oscillation elimination, etc. In that consideration, the Verizon 4g cell phone signal booster is the right one for you as it contains all these. So if you want to have a quality booster with better performance, you can choose this booster without any hesitation.