How Can I Get US Cellular Student Discount

Although students aren’t the largest purchase meant power in the market, they are the most potential future customers. So, brands try to attract them by offering different discounts. Today, I will tell you about the US cellular student discount.

All the large carriers (who have their own network) offer some kind of student discount. Unfortunately, US Cellular is the only provider that doesn’t offer any student discount. Also, they don’t have any student-specific plans. But, few plans are quite suitable for students.

Following the article, you will know details about the suitable plans for students, what other providers offer, and if you should stay on a US cellular network. Then, keeping the introduction short, let’s talk about the US cellular student discount.

What Is Student Discount

As I said before, students may not have the largest buying power in the market; they are diligent shoppers. And they are also potential future buyers. So, different companies and organizations offer special discounts for students.

There are several reasons for these discounts. Firstly, students love discounts; so, who doesn’t love discounts? But, students have different levels of attraction. From a survey, it seems more than 80% go to purchase from a store that offers a discount rather than a company that doesn’t.

Also, students are loyal customers. The brand students are using now, most likely they will continue purchasing from them even after graduation. Lastly, the students are nature brand ambassadors.

If they purchase anything, they take photos and upload different social media platforms, doing a free advertisement. For these reasons, companies are more eager to provide discounts to students.

Can I Get US Cellular Student Discount

US Cellular offers postpaid and prepaid plans to their customers. The best postpaid plan from this carrier comes at $70 per month for a single line. It offers everything unlimited with up to 50GB of priority data each month, a generous 30 GB hotspot, and two Redbox movie nights.

Can I Get US Cellular Student Discount

The next lower plan, the Everyday plan, costs you $65 per month for unlimited everything along with 25 GB of high-priority data, a Redbox movie night, and 15GB of mobile hotspot access. The Basic plan is $55 per month and includes unlimited call, text, and data and standard-definition 480p video streaming on mobile.

For the prepaid front, all options provide unlimited talk and text. The Unlimited Plus costs $65 a month and includes 25GB of priority data, a 20GB hotspot accessibility, and a monthly Redbox movie night.

The basic Unlimited plan is $55 per month and does not include hotspot data or a priority threshold. And the 15GB option, which costs $40 per month, provides sufficient bandwidth for streaming video, reading emails, and playing games.

Although the US Cellular prepaid plans are on the higher side for a single line, if you add more lines, the price goes down quite a lot.

Does US Cellular Offer Student discounts?

Under the shadow of ‘BIG 3’ (the three largest mobile phone carriers- Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile), US Cellular couldn’t make a huge name. The carrier is unique as they have their own network, unlike MVNOs (who use the network of large carriers).

US Cellular offers mobile plans at an affordable price, fast internet speeds, and different devices. Besides getting a phone plan, you can also purchase tablet plans from the provider, or, get a free tablet from the government. Although it has its network and is considered the fourth-largest carrier, US Cellular is way behind its competitors.

Anyways, the provider doesn’t offer us cellular discounts. Moreover, there aren’t any specific plans for them either. But, its plans are affordable, and even if you don’t get a discount, it will make up for it.

What Is The Advantage And Disadvantages Of US Cellular Plan


Decent Perks: US Cellular offers nice perks to its customers. Both the postpaid and unlimited prepaid plans include large high-speed deprioritization data, worshiping mobile hotspot data option, and Redbox movie nights. Moreover, you also get the cheapest unlimited data plans in Mexico and Canada.

Huge Phone Selection: US Cellular offers a BYOD program same as most carriers. Besides, the provider has a massive selection of handset options, starting from the high-end Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup and Apple’s iPhone 13 series to basic flip phones. US cellular has everything for you, whether expensive flagships or affordable devices or you may apply to get a free iPhone from Cintex Wireless.


Coverage: US Cellular’s coverage is relatively short compared to large carriers; its 4G LTE coverage reaches only 10% of the nation. The 5G coverage is more ridiculous, at a mere 1.5% of the country.

However, roaming agreements with large carriers increase its coverage considerably. But, the issue is that if you don’t have roaming data, you will be subject to deprioritization.

Expensive For Single-line: Although the price per line goes down significantly when you add multiple lines, US cellular’s single-line cost isn’t cheap. The top-self unlimited plan costs $70 per month for a single line. This cost is higher than most MVNOs but lower than Verizon’s postpaid prices.

What Other Carriers Offer For Students

What Other Carriers Offer For Students

Although US Cellular doesn’t have anything for students, the other large carriers offer generously for students. Here’s what you can get from those carriers –

1. Verizon

Verizon has the most generous discounts for students. Any eligible college and university student can get up to a $25 discount for two lines or a $10 discount for a single line with unlimited plans.

Although Verizon’s unlimited plans are expensive, you can get them at a reasonable price thanks to the discounts. Moreover, you will be able to enjoy the exclusive perks of Verizon.

2. T-Mobile

T-Mobile, the country’s largest network, offers a one-time student discount. T-Mobile does not provide particular monthly plan reductions for students because their plans are already reasonable compared to other big carriers.

The unlimited plans offered by the corporation start at $60 per month. However, if you can persuade three other individuals to join you, the fee is lowered to $30 each month.

If a student switches to T-Mobile or adds a new line, they do not have to pay their activation cost (which is usually $20). T-Mobile also provides a $150 Visa gift card to new students who join their network.

3. AT&T Wireless

AT&T’s plans are the most costly of any provider. The grounds for their plans’ high prices are the unique benefits they provide. The entry-level unlimited plans range from $65 to $85 a month for a single line.

AT&T Wireless also provides student discounts to help alleviate the financial load. However, the actual sum is not stated on their website. If you are qualified, you may find out more on their website.

FAQ About the US Cellular Student Discount

Does US Cellular have any student-specific plans?

US Cellular doesn’t have any student discount cell phone plan. But, all their unlimited plans are pretty suitable for students. Especially if the students add more lines, the cost per line goes down quite a low.

Which provider is the most suitable for students?

Does US Cellular have any student-specific plans?
US Cellular doesn’t have any student discount cell phone plan. But, all their unlimited plans are pretty suitable for students. Especially if the students add more lines, the cost per line goes down quite a low.
But, the best choice would be MVNOs. These carriers operate on the network of the large carrier, so they have almost the same internet speed, coverage, and service, but at a low cost. Of course, you will need to make little adjustments.

Which network US Cellular operates on?

US Cellular uses its cell towers and runs on a CDMA network.

Final Verdict

US Cellular doesn’t have any student-specific discounts or plans. But, their plans are affordable if you add multiple lines. The best large carrier for students would be T-Mobile, and the best choice would be switching to an MVNO under the same network you are currently using. That’s all for US cellular student discounts.