US Cellular Prepaid Plans Review 2023

If you didn’t know, you could talk, text, and surf the web or stream content to your mobile device for less than ever before. US Cellular has the biggest and the most affordable unlimited plans, and this time, these plans are getting a facelift. This US mobile network now offers unlimited data with payback, absolutely no hidden charges or fees, and a trusted high-speed network. 

This is a US Cellular prepaid plans review to check some of the most reasonably-priced prepaid plans with more features. With US Cellular, you also get faster and more efficient customer service.

Finally, another reason to check out US Cellular phone deals is that this network offers the latest technologies. You’ll stay connected with your family and friends with plans that will work with your lifestyle. 

US Cellular Prepaid Plans Review 2023

US Cellular gives you more ways to go unlimited with their Unlimited Talk & Text with high-speed country-wide coverage. With this prepaid plan, you can go unlimited and enjoy uninterrupted movies and videos from your mobile device.

You can use your mobile to video chat to connect with family and friends via Skype, Hangouts, Facebook Messenger, and more. You can use an unlimited plan to play mobile games. From Mobile Legends to Pokemon Go, you can play anywhere with fast and unlimited data access.

US Cellular Prepaid Plans Review

All unlimited plans from US Cellular prepaid have the following:

  • No contract – prepaid subscriptions from US Cellular are not covered by a contract. You don’t need to sign up, complete documents, and submit forms or proof of identity just to get a prepaid number. No contracts would mean you don’t need to reveal personal information to the carrier. Your identity will remain safe as you get your unlimited prepaid service.
  • No credit checks – you won’t be subjected to any credit checks when you get a prepaid plan from US Cellular. You can have poor credit and still get reliable cellular service. And there will be no checks that can also hurt your credit score or credit records.
  • No overages – you won’t be charged extra. You will only pay for the minutes you consumed or the number of texts that you made.
  • No hidden fees/activation fees – you can get service right away, and there’s no need to pay for any activation or hidden fees. Just start using the service without any worries.

Cellular Prepaid Plans from US Cellular

There are three US Cellular Prepaid plans available. Find out which plan is best for you by checking out the details of each one.

1. 5GB

The US Cellular Prepaid 5GB is a high-speed data plan that is only $40 a month. This plan offers smooth, uninterrupted, and clear high-speed data along with unlimited talk and texts. 5GB of data a month is enough to be used on social media, for Skype, or for making video calls or watching videos.

US Cellular Prepaid Plans Review

Highlights of 5GB High-Speed Data

  • It costs only $40 monthly
  • With unlimited talk and text
  • No contract and no credit checks – you can cancel anytime
  • No overages
  • No activation fees and other hidden charges

The 5GB high-speed data plan is for only one line. If you need data for two to five lines, you can buy multiple lines of service by calling US Cellular Prepaid or by visiting a US Cellular store. Check the nearest one near you from their official website.

2. Unlimited

If you need unlimited internet, then US Cellular Prepaid’s Unlimited Plan. This is a high-speed data plan that costs around $55 a month. This plan comes with unlimited text, talk, and data.

You will also get uninterrupted video streaming in standard definition quality (480p). Unlimited internet service is your data plan if you need to stay connected online all the time.

You need an unlimited high-speed data plan if you want to stream videos like your favorite Netflix series or if you want to play games even while on the go.


  • It costs only $55 a month
  • This is high-speed data with no data cap
  • You will also get unlimited talk and text
  • Get faster video streaming in standard definition at 480p
  • There’s no contract and no credit checks
  • No overages
  • No activation fees

The Unlimited high-speed data plan is for only one line. But if you need data for the whole family or for two to five people, then you must consider multiple lines of service. Call US Cellular Prepaid or visit a US Cellular store. Don’t know where the nearest store is? Check it out from US Cellular’s store finder.

3. Unlimited Plus

Unlimited Plus US Cellular Prepaid high-speed data plan is $65 a month. This package includes unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited data. You will also get a free video streaming service in the standard definition of 480p quality.

US Cellular Prepaid Plans Review


  • It costs only $65 a month
  • Get unlimited talk and text
  • Unlimited data
  • Free video streaming in standard definition in 480p
  • With unlimited hotspot access of 1.5Mbps
  • With unlimited calls and texts to Mexico and Canada
  • With priority data of 22GB
  • Get Movie Night 1 rental per month through Redbox
  • No activation fees, additional charges, hidden charges
  • No contracts or credit checks
  • No overages

Unlimited Plus US Cellular Prepaid offers unlimited hotspot access at 15Mbps. You can turn your device into a mobile internet hub and share your data with your family or friends. If you’re traveling to Mexico or Canada, you can use your Unlimited Plus plan and make unlimited calls.

You will get priority data of 22GB. Aside from these subscription features, you also have Movie Night for one rental per month, courtesy of Redbox.

The Unlimited Plus is $65 for a single line, and if you require unlimited plus prepaid for two to five people, then multiple lines of service subscriptions are better. Call US Cellular Prepaid or come to a US Cellular store to get started.

4. Pay-As-You-Go Data

If you don’t want unlimited prepaid service or you think you can’t consume so much data for a month, then the Pay-As-You-Goo data plan is the best for you. This plan comes with unlimited talk and text, while data is $0.03 per MB. This is for only $30 a month.

This plan is good for people who don’t really use the web all day. It’s for those who use their phones for calls and texts and who consume very minimal data.

The $0.03 per MB data charge is one of the most reasonable rates, which is why many still prefer the Pay-As-You-Go plan rather than spending more on monthly payments that you don’t really need.


  • It costs only $30 a month
  • It comes with unlimited talk and text
  • Data is $0.03 per MB
  • No contract and no credit checks
  • No overages
  • No activation fees

To take advantage of the PAYG plan, you may visit US Cellular’s official page and select the Pay-As-You-Go plan and afterward, choose your device.

You can select from smartphones, basic phones, tablets, and more. These devices start from the most affordable to the most expensive. You will be covered by a two-year contract. Afterward, select the features you need, any accessories, and then finally, review your order, and you’re done. 

How to get US Cellular Prepaid Plans

You can get a US Cellular prepaid plan through their official site. Here are the steps to do it:

  • Visit US Cellular’s official site at
  • Find and select the tab that says PLANS.
  • Select Prepaid from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose from the three major prepaid plans (5GB, Unlimited, or the Unlimited Plus plan)
  • If you only need one line, click on the button that says, “Just Need One Line? Get Started” in blue.
  • You have added the Pay-As-You-Go plan to your cart.
  • You will now select the device you want to go with your new prepaid plan.

You may also compare two or more products to check for the best specs and features to go with your use.

  • Add accessories you want to go with your new mobile phone. When you’re done, you may first review your shopping cart before you check out.
  • When you’re done and pressed check out, you will be asked to verify your identity, including your delivery address and mode of payment.
  • Double-check all the information you placed in the different fields, and then click submit.
  • Wait till your order arrives. This will include the mobile phone you selected, any accessory or accessories you ordered, a US Cellular Prepaid SIM, and complete instructions.
  • Charge to full the device and connect the SIM card.
  • Configure the SIM to your device under the US Cellular network. Now you’re ready to use US Cellular prepaid.

Aside from visiting their official site and placing your order here, you may also call US Cellular for your orders. You may call 1-888-944-9400 to place your orders. This is the best way to buy multiple lines of service (2 to 5 lines).

And aside from checking out their official website or calling their hotline to place your order, you can visit a local US Cellular store. Use the company’s handy Store Finder feature. Here are the steps to use this convenient feature.

  • From the first page, scroll down to find “Stores.”
  • Click Stores and input your city, state, or your zip code on the empty search field. Press the button that says “Locate Me” in blue.
  • The results would show a few nearby stores. Most stores are found in key cities like Appleton, WI, Wichita Falls, TX, and Grand Island, NE.
  • You will get a detailed map from Mapbox, which you can zoom in and out from.
  • Choose the store you want to visit from the list near the map. Store details provided include the name of the store, the store address, business phone number, and more details.
  • Schedule an Appointment by clicking on the “Schedule an Appointment” button. Just click on the date and time on the scheduler.
  • Fill out a form to confirm your schedule.
  • Go to the store you chose at the time and date you prefer and buy the device or the plan you wish to get.

Bring Your Own Device

Aside from buying a US Cellular phone, you can also save money by just bringing your own device. You must first make sure that the device you have is compatible with the US Cellular prepaid service.

And to find out your phone’s compatibility, contact their customer service. When you bring your own phone, you can get $300 back when you switch to US Cellular.

US Cellular special prepaid deals

  • FREE Samsung Galaxy S20 5Goffer – this is a free phone when you switch from other providers to US Cellular.
  • iPhone 11 for $0 promo – this is also available when you switch to US Cellular.
  • Switch and get $700 off on selected phones promo – this is your chance to get a Samsung Galaxy S10, a Google Pixel 4, or a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 at $700 off.
  • Get 50% Off on Smartphones when you switch to US Cellular
  • Get a FREE Smartphone using the $60 US Cellular Virtual Promo Card

Final Verdict

Choose the right US Cellular Prepaid Plan for your needs. If you want unlimited high-speed data and unlimited talk and text, then your plan is the Unlimited Plan. If you prefer high-speed data with more perks, then you need Unlimited Plus.

But if you just need high-speed data at 5GB with unlimited talk and text, the 5GB data plan is for you. And if you don’t use the web that often and you simply need talk and text features, your plan is the Pay-As-You-Go plan. Consider all the perks and features of each plan, and you’ll surely find the right one that will match your needs in no time.

If you need more information about US Cellular Prepaid Plans, call their customer service hotline at 1-888-944-9400 for immediate answers to any of your questions.