How To Unlock Assurance Wireless SIM Card

If you are an Assurance Wireless user and want to switch to another carrier, they will provide a new SIM card, and your switching will be done.

But if you want to switch to a new carrier but want to keep the existing phone, your device needs to be unlocked. So, you may ask how to unlock Assurance Wireless Sim Card?

How To Unlock Assurance Wireless SIM card

Unlocking Assurance Wireless SIM cards are not as hassling as many of you may think. They mainly remotely unlock devices. In that condition, your device just needs to be compatible for unlocking with Assurance Wireless, and the rest of the job is up to them.

They will automatically unlock the device within 2 to 3 business days. If you can’t remotely unlock your device, they will alternatively unlock it based on your request. Mostly, Assurance Wireless sends a text message with all the needed info and guidance to unlock devices.

If you have any Assurance Wireless devices that are older phones with MSL locks, you can’t unlock them with remote ways or messages. In such circumstances, you need to use an MSL code for unlocking that device.

MSL means Master Subsidy locks, which the cell phone manufacturers put for locking a device to a specific carrier during purchases.

Regardless of these processes, you can also unlock the Assurance Wireless device/SIM card with third-party applications or software.

Most third-party sites come with a trusted tool that you can use for unlocked flip phones from any carrier free of cost. Let’s discuss the procedure of how to unlock Assurance Wireless SIM cards.


  • First, you must enter into the site or download the app of the third-party service.
  • Contact the Assurance Wireless Customer Support
  • They will look for some specific personal data, provide them correctly
  • Explain the reasons behind your unlocking and seek the unlocking code from them
  • They will simply check & verify all your data and provide your unique unlocking code
  • Track the on-screen follow-ups after entering the code into your device
  • After a while, your device will take the restart, and it will be unlocked

Assurance Wireless can refuse your unlocking request for particular reasons in rare situations. If you have any rules violation, or your device is reported for any suspicious activities, they have the right to refuse your request.

Sometimes, you may also fall into trouble after unlocking your device since all unlocked devices don’t work smoothly with all carriers. Sometimes, a few features of your device can also malfunction or not work correctly.

Key Facts About Unlock Assurance Wireless SIM Card

How To Unlock Assurance Wireless SIM Card

Assurance Wireless is one of the prominent Lifeline service providers, which is now running under the network wings of the T-Mobile network. Specifically, they offer the Lifeline benefits for the low-income participants under the banner of T-Mobile.

If you are a low-income participant, you can receive free talk times, messages, free data, and a free government cell phone.

All the Lifeline participants can get cellular services without any contacts, fees, and hassling procedures. They don’t even require activation fees as most other providers want.

Assurance Wireless SIM cards are not usually locked; their device needs to be unlocked if you wish to switch. Following, we’ll cover up the detailed procedure to unlock Assurance Wireless SIM card.

Before you go for the unlocking of your assurance wireless phones, you must acknowledge the crucial factors of the SIM and its services.

Since Assurance Wireless is a Lifeline participant of the Federal Lifeline program, they have specific rules for qualifications and application.

Moreover, you should check the device’s compatibility you are using now. If the current device is incompatible with the Assurance Wireless SIM card, then you may suffer from inconveniences in the longer run. Therefore, it is better to check out the device compatibility before you jump.

How To Check Assurance Wireless Device Compatibility

Assurance wireless free phones need to be compatible with the carriers you plan to switch next. Therefore, your current device needs to be unlocked for supporting the following carrier. So, let’s describe how to check the compatibility of your device!


  • You should enter into the official site of Assurance WIreless first.
  • Afterward, enter into the phones page for finding your device
  • You can also visit the eligible phones page for checking the compatibility
  • On the eligible phones page, they will require the IMEI number of your existing device
  • Enter the IMEI number and fill up the captcha for proceeding further
  • After that, they will verify the info and let you know the outcome

Device Requirements To Unlock Assurance Wireless SIM Card

After you have checked that your device is compatible with Assurance wireless sim card unlock, it is time to check the device requirements for unlocking your Assurance Wireless SIM card or device.


  • Your device must be provided by Assurance Wireless
  • Go for a device that is not reported as lost, stolen, or free from any fraudulent actions
  • Your device must be active for the previous 12 months
  • The cell phone must have an unaltered and unmodified operating system
  • Pick devices that support the GSM network standards since Assurance Wireless is a GSM-based service provider

Types Of Assurance Wireless SIM Card

Assurance Wireless was a prominent Lifeline service provider under a previous major network of the USA, Sprint. But Since Sprint has merged with the T-Mobile network, Assurance Wireless has also shifted to T-Mobile’s network coverage.

As T-Mobile uses the GSM network standards, you can’t expect to get CDMA services from T-Mobile. Similarly, Assurance Wireless has SIM cards that also go well with GSM, LTE, and 5G network standard compatibility. They will work smoothly with the smartphones that support these network frequency bands.

Assurance Wireless Compatible Carriers

Suppose you’ve decided to move to any other carrier’s network coverage with Assurance Wireless devices. You also need to find out which carriers are compatible with Assurance Wireless at this stage.

You have unlocked your Assurance Wireless cell phone and are ready to switch it to another carrier. Before the switch, you must check if the carrier you are planning to switch to is Assurance Wireless compatible phones.

This is one of the crucial factors which is ignored by most. Ignoring this factor may result in malfunction in your device after switching to the new carrier. Assurance Wireless uses GSM network standards.

They or their device will only work with the carriers that support or have GSM network standards. As T-Mobile operates the network coverage of Assurance Wireless, you can stay pretty sure that it will work with all T-Mobile devices and network standards.

AT&T also uses the GSM network standards for their overall service coverages along with T-Mobile. Therefore, we recommend switching to T-Mobile or AT&T network for the best coverage and compatibility.

Except for these major carriers, there are other MVNOs(Mobile Virtual Network Operators) which you can switch if you wish to. So, for compatibility, we should look for the MVNO carriers that use the T-Mobile network for their overall service functioning.

All Assurance Wireless compatible MVNOs are:

Assurance Wireless SIM Cards Compatibility With Any Other Devices

Assurance Wireless SIM cards won’t operate smoothly in the devices owned or launched under a specific carrier. You may think of trying the SIM card on any Government free phone, but it won’t work either.

Assurance Wireless SIM Cards Compatibility With Any Other Devices

Because these Government free cell phone providers/companies offer free cell phones under their branding and operating system.

Since these providers offer free devices, we don’t find any legit reasons for switching the SIM to personal phones. You may have observed that most phones are not compatible with Assurance Wireless SIM cards and accounts. Even if you try any unlocked and GSM compatible devices, it may not work, except for a few carriers.

However, you can use the Assurance Wireless SIM card/account for some selected Virgin Mobile devices. This category excludes Apple, Blackberry, Party Animal, Androids, and Super Model devices. At the end of the day, we recommend you use your services to the authentic carrier for the best overall service.

Assurance Wireless Unlocked SIM Card Compatible Devices

As we have said earlier, Assurance Wireless devices will best suit the Assurance Wireless SIM cards, regardless of the device is locked or unlocked.

However, we have also mentioned that several devices from Virgin Wireless may work with unlocked Assurance Wireless SIM cards.

Here is an index of compatible devices for unlock Assurance Wireless SIM cards.

FAQ About Unlock Assurance Wireless SIM Cards

What will happen if an Assurance Wireless SIM card is inserted into other devices?

If you have inserted Assurance Wireless SIM card into none of the compatible device categories, it will show No SIM or Invalid SIM signals. In this situation, you won’t be able to use any services like calling messaging that requires a SIM card. However, you can use the functions that don’t require a SIM card in this phone.

What is Assurance Wireless SIM unlock PIN number?

If your Assurance Wireless SIM card requires a network unlock PIN number during the unlocking, it means your sim card is locked with the original carrier’s network.
The SIM network unlocking PIN number is usually an 8 to 16 digit number that you can use to network unlock your Assurance wireless SIM card. If you need this type of code, you should contact the Assurance wireless customer support, and they will provide you with the Assurance wireless sim card unlock code.

What do Assurance Wireless SIM card PUK Codes do?

If you enter the PIN number wrong consecutively three times during the unlocking process, it will require the PUK code. Pin Unlock Key is the elaborated form of PUK, which is an eight-digit code. Your SIM card PUK code is related or linked only to the specific SIM card, which will not work with other SIM cards.

Are there any restrictions in unlocking Assurance wireless SIM cards?

To Unlock Assurance Wireless SIM cards, you must be a verified user of this carrier or their Lifeline services. You must unlock your Assurance Wireless device, supporting the GSM network standard.

Why do most people unlock SIM cards or devices?

The majority of the people are not pleased with the Lifeline services of their sim card provider for their offered free devices. This is the reason that makes people unlock their current SIM cards or devices. In this way, they search for the better ones by switching to new carriers.

Final Verdict

Now you know the detailed process of how to unlock Assurance wireless SIM cards and other necessary facts relating to this topic. Before you go unlocking your Assurance Wireless SIM card or devices, you should comprehend this carrier’s general terms and conditions.

You must also meet all the required prerequisites to unlock Assurance wireless SIM cards free of cost. If you are a qualified Lifeline participant of Assurance Wireless, you can save a lot in the long run by sticking to the Assurance Wireless Lifeline program. We suggest not to switch to any other major or MVNO carriers.