Tracfone vs Straight Talk – The Ultimate Battle 2022

Tracfone vs straight talk deals provide you with more options if you want to save some cash each month. To be precise, both Tracfone and Straight Talk rely on the same networks as premium four US carriers. However, they offer you significant savings each month, which is also the main reason for their popularity. Straight Talk has a handful of plans available at Walmart and on its official site.

On the other hand, Tracfone has affordable plans that are smartphone-centric. It is worth noting here that Tracfone owns Straight Talk. But there exist differences in how they both operate. Tracfone and Straight Talk Wireless offer no-contract smartphone plans, which have catapulted their popularity. Tracfone plans for seniors are in the range of 20 to 30 dollars and include talk time as well as data.

Both These Network Providers Are MVNOs

It is important to note here both these telecom operators are MVNOs. In other words, they are mobile virtual network operators. To be precise, MVNOs don’t own or execute their operations via towers. Instead, they lease space on big networks.

Tracfone vs Straight Talk - The Ultimate Battle 2020

This is the reason that MVNOs offer people affordable cellular plans. It is because they don’t have to spend on infrastructure. So it is typical for both Straight Talk and Tracfone to use the foundation of the big four network operators of the US. 

Introduction of Both Operators at a Glance

Tracfone is the US’ biggest no-contract cell phone provider. It sells no-contract cell phone plans, along with affordable smartphones. You can purchase Tracfone products online as well as via Walmart. One of the most significant advantages of Tracfone is that it provides coverage on all major networks. On the other hand, Tracfone operates Straight Talk. It offers smartphone plans that provide users with a massive amount of data. You can buy Straight Talk products via Walmart or online stores.

Tracfone vs Straight Talk – The Ultimate Battle 2022

Let’s see how these two cell phone operators stack up against each other.

1. Tracfone vs Straight Talk– Family Plans

It is worthwhile to mention here that Straight Talk doesn’t provide its users with a family plan. It offers an unlimited 2-line plan for 90 dollars a month. On the other hand, Tracfone also doesn’t have an affordable family plan either. But it does provide a family discount exclusively on lines. However, the monthly plans don’t come under these criteria. You have to buy separate airtime to avail affordable family plan. Let’s take the example of the Tracfone 50 plan.

  • With the Tracfone 50 plan, you can add 50 minutes every month automatically
  • This plan adds 30 days of service every month
  • You can enroll with the help of your credit card
  • There are no activation or cancellation fees involved

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So it is evident that neither of these two cell phone operators is winners here. If family plans are a priority for you, then both Tracfone and Straight Talk don’t have any.

2. Tracfone vs Straight Talk- Normal Plans

To be frank, a majority of the Tracfone plans are ideal for budget-conscious consumers. Tracfone offers you three monthly options, which exude practicality. Moreover, TracFone flip phones for seniors are also quite popular as they are durable and come with lots of versatile features. The three monthly mobile plans that have been mentioned include the following.

  • 1 GB at $20
  • 2 GB at $25
  • 3 GB at $30

Apart from the plans as mentioned above, Tracfone also offers you with an array of service plans with a range of talk time and data. Here are some of them.

  • For $15, you get 500 minutes of talk time along with 500 SMS’ and 500 MB data for a month
  • For $25, you get 500 minutes of talk time along with 1000 SMS’ and 500 MB data for two months
  • For $35, you get 750 minutes of talk time along with 1000 SMS’ and 1 GB data for two months
  • For $45, you get 750 minutes of talk time along with 1000 SMS’ and 1.5 GB data for three months
  • For $50, you get 750 minutes of talk time along with 1500 SMS’ and 2 GB data for three months
  • For $125, you get 1500 minutes of talk time along with 1500 SMS’ and 1.5 GB data for one year

From the pointers mentioned above, it is clear that Tracfone has a definite edge when the context is about affordable phone plans.

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Straight Talk Plans depict simplicity to modern cell phone users. This telecom operator usually offers three original plans, which start from $35. After the consumption of the daily data, Straight Talk reduces your 4G data speed. Though they are unlimited, in real-time scenarios, you wouldn’t be able to do much with them. So here is the list of three plans that are quite popular among cell phone users.

  • For $35, you get 3 GB data per month
  • For $45 you get 25 GB data per month
  • For $55 you get unlimited data per month

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Apart from the offers as mentioned above, they also offer a 20-line unlimited plan. Tracfone should be your ideal choice if you want budget alternatives. 

3. Tracfone vs Straight Talk- Network Coverage and Performance

It is worth mentioning here that both Straight Talk and Tracfone use the same network towers. This is the reason that users can expect the same performance and coverage. There are fewer call drops in both the networks, and both of them have good signal quality. Note that both these network providers have 4G LTE services.

Tracfone vs Straight Talk - The Ultimate Battle 2020

So you can also enjoy HD-quality phone calls without any issues. But there are issues related to data speed due to network congestion in both the networks. So if you are someone who relies mainly on mobile data, both these networks have very little to give you.

4. Tracfone vs Straight Talk- Phones

Always remember that the straight talk refurbished phones provide users with great value. On the other hand, both these network service providers give you the freedom to bring your own phone to the network. In order to do that, you have to purchase a $0.99 SIM card. Both these carriers also have budget phones on offer if you want to opt for one. Another highlighting trait of both these carriers is that they let you lease phones.

The interest rate levied is 10% for a period of two years. Thus you should pay off the debt within a year of opting for the plan. For many users out there, choosing for a leased phone is not a great option because of high-interest rates. But they are a common phenomenon with MVNOs. The big four telecom service providers don’t usually charge any interest and provide an array of other beneficial offers.   

5. Tracfone vs Straight Talk- Rewards

For most of the users out there, oddly, Tracfone doesn’t have a rewards program. Quite surprisingly, it is one of the only carriers in the US that doesn’t have a rewards program. On the other hand, Straight Talk has an array of rewards and perks. Hence, undoubtedly, it is the winner here. From awards like auto-fill to cashbacks, Straight Talk has a versatile rewards program.

6. Customer Care Service of Both These Telecom Operators

When the context is about customer service, both these carriers are not that impressive. However, as per most user reviews, the customer service of Tracfone seems to be better than Straight Talk in this aspect. Tracfone is superior in providing customer service when compared to Straight Talk because it allows for live chat support.    

Advantages and Disadvantages of Both the Operators

Let’s go through the pros and cons of both these operators.

  • Tracfone provides coverage on all reputed networks
  • Both these service providers provide affordable SIM cards
  • Both of them have a large selection of budget phones
  • Provides you with international calling

Here is the list of some of the downsides of both these operators.

  • No unlimited data plan
  • Add-on data is quite expensive
  • Plans and their validity can be confusing to first-time users

Final Verdict

Both these telecom service providers can help you save significantly. However, Tracfone has a slight edge over Straight Talk as it has better plans. Straight Talk, on the other hand, offers excellent leased and refurbished programs. Hence, it depends on your usage pattern to select either one of them.