Tp Link Archer CR500 Reviews – Truly it wasn’t good enough?

Tp link archer cr500 cable modem router belongs to one of the universal modem on its grade. But if you want to use this model it requires some eye-catching unfavorable condition that you should consider. According to the users opinion it has not any phone jack it only offers cable connection. It’s broadcasting dual-band 2.4 GHz channel wasn’t good enough but as usual.

Tp Link Archer CR500 Reviews

But this is best modem router combo for Comcast users, and its offers you enhanced WI-FI functionality. It has the new condition that provides an amazing external power supply 12 VDC/ 3.5 A standard. The Tp link archer cr500 provides broadband frequency 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz dual band up to 867 Mbps speeds. By using this you can get full of internet speeds  with the latest technology surfing. Tp link archer cr500 appears consistent with the subsequent cable providers particularly with regard XFINITY on the basis of Comcast, list of extra ISP compatibility information greatly. It also requires an amazing feature that it has an auto up-gradation system.

You should not panicked about it,s up-graduation system. Tp link archer cr500 offers you COX internet connection seamless 4k streaming and multi layered gaming standard. Following downstairs we are going to discover the every information about the Tp link archer cr500. To know in detail about this cable modem have a look at several key features on it.

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Noticeable Features on Tp link archer cr500 

  • 16*4 broadcast channel connecting for faster internet plans.
  • Though it is a cable modem but it serves as two considered together cable modem and WI-FI router.
  • It is great for broadband internet plans up to 300 Mbps particularly with regard to Xfinity on the basis of Comcast, spectrum, suddenlink and mediacom.
  • Beamforming assist antennas situated device and focus focal point it,s broadband signal. 
  • Smart devices may execute to their full potential with enhanced network functionality.

Frequently asked the question about Tp link archer cr500

Q: Does this combo router have a phone jack?

It has four ethernet LAN ports in the back.

Q: Does it require cable and wi-fi router both?

YES! It provides you with both cable modem and WI-FI router.

What are the users opinion about the Tp link archer cr500

After considering the users review we have discovered some issues and huge superb features. Some users say that it is an extra money investment according to its feature. It does not require you great technical support that may hesitate you. The customer service support is awful for this; it is not much familiar to use.

Except for these issues it provides an amazing internet access standard. Tp link archer cr 500 uses DOCSIS 3.0 and broadcast connecting to supply throughput sixteen times quicker then DOCSIS 2.0 and consist download speeds up to 967 Mbps through above coax cable. 

ISP proportion percentage restricting makes the archer cr500 perfection for subscription grandstands faster up to 300 Mbps. These outstanding feature users are greatly loved, especially because it has an auto upgradation system that makes users satisfied mostly. One more notable feature is that it provides parental controls, it is very easy to install and users feel free and makes them positive for reviewing. 

The Tp link archer cr500 requires great WI-FI signal and strength network access. These are the customer reviews as much as possible I have shown.

Compare between Tp link archer cr500 VS TP-Link TC-W7960 WI-FI cable modem

Both of the WI-FI cable modems are great for their outstanding feature and performance. It is very hard to figure out the difference between them. For your ease and confusion free I have tried to figure out some difference between those cable modems.

The Tp link archer cr500 is a great cable modem that requires an amazing feature that it offers you an auto upgradation system. At the same time TP-Link TC-W7960 WI-FI cable modem needs to upgrade after a six month period of time.

Tp link archer cr500 requires a very easy set up and installation method that requires you to have parental controls. On the other hand TP-Link TC-W7960 WI-FI cable modem is difficult to set up but if you read the guide carefully you can set it easily. 

But when the Tp-link archer cr500 provides you awful customer support at the same time the TP-Link TC-W7960 WI-FI cable modem offers you pretty good customer service support. But the TP-Link TC-W7960 WI-FI cable modem surfing little bit low internet access. On the other hand the Tp link archer cr500 provides an amazing internet speed standard with parental control for customized access. These are the compare between Tp-link archer cr500 contrast TP-Link TC-W7960.

Key Features Tp link archer cr500

Fast and smooth internet access

The Tp link archer cr500 is 2 in 1 contrivance that separates a great performance cable modem TC-W7690 WI-FI router towards one exquisite handsome device to create fast and stronger reliable network connection. As  it requires amazing features it provides a fast and smooth internet access standard. As it requires a modem and router both devices have great internet access.

Software features standard

The Tp link archer cr500 offers web dependent configuration (HTTP), remote monitoring system, SSL for cr500 with necessary tools. Four LAN ports Ethernet the dual band bandwidth support had a FTF connection. Tp link archer cr500 has embodied corporation beam constituting into the modem stable standard network connection.

Easy setup and parental controls

The Tp link archer cr500 cable modem offers parental controls for customized access to the internet. Incurrence easy monitoring system, MAC/IP/URL screening filter, broadcast identity modifier (NAT); RIP v1/v2 (additional); DNS webcast transfer, DDNS, IGMP V1/V2/V3. Easy system requirements with safe monitoring installation.

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Final Vardict

Collaboratively with dual-band broadcasting, the Tp link archer cr500 cable modem maintains the 802.11 ac wi-fi broadcast standard supply big files and documents this latest technology keep always stable connection. Except for some noted issues the Tp link archer cr500 cable modem requires superb support to keep standard network connection. It also offers you cost effectiveness with great features. If this feature is worthy enough for you do not hold up your decision with jumble commotion have it as soon as possible.

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