Tp-link AC4000 Review – How good for Comcast or Xfinity?

Those who think that more antennas mean better performing router, Tp-link AC4000 will surely attract them. The thing is better WiFi network depends on several other characteristics of a router. So, only antennas should not be your ultimate deciding factor.

Tp-link AC4000 Review

After getting stunned with the looks of this router, we started reviewing its performance. The specs and customer experiences motivated us to write a full review of this amazing router. So, let’s get familiarized with the router and know whether to buy or not at the end.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) About Tp-link AC4000

Q: Does this router support Alexa or Google Home as I need it?

Yes, this router supports Alexa or Google Home, and you can connect the devices to the router’s network. Amazon Echo or Google Home devices can take your commands and execute them easily.

Q: I have a combo, and can I replace the combo with this device?

If you have a cable connection, you can have the best modem router combo for Comcast. But this is only a router, and you can’t replace the combo with this one. For a reliable and satisfactory experience, you can get the best cable modem for Xfinity or Comcast and buy this router.

Q: Will I get 2 USB-3.0 ports as I want to set up a local FTP server?

This router comes with 2 USB ports, which quantity-wise meets your requirement. But one is USB-2.0, and another is a USB-3.0 port, which might disappoint some users. This is not a problem if you connect your USB storage device to USB-3.0 and a printer to the USB-2.0 port.

What users saying about Tp-link AC4000

From its users, we got the real reviews of Tp-link AC4000, which will surely help you to decide. This router is so reliable that you won’t need to think about it after the first setup. The coverage and handling of several devices continuously are admirable.

The only issue that we thought needs to be addressed is its web interface and mobile app. Testing the setup features of its competitors, we couldn’t complain. Tp-link should invest some more in improving the interfaces.

It will make sure that even non-technical persons can configure it intuitively. Other than that, we couldn’t find any general problem faced by all users. There are some terrible reviews like all other products, but those are separate incidents.

Comparison Between Tp-link AC4000 and NETGEAR Nighthawk X6S

Price-wise and WiFi speed-wise, both routers are good enough for home or office usage. The tp-link ac4000 router module is present in both routers, and you can expect to use it even when your service provider improves its infrastructure.

Furthermore, both routers have tri-band operability so that you can add multiple routers to extend the network. Also, they are capable of supporting several users simultaneously with MU-MIMO technology.

For faster internet speed on both wired and wireless connections, a router needs to have a quick and powerful processor. Both routers have that with smart load balancing capabilities. Moreover, they cover large areas with their powerful amplifiers and antennas. So, both are really good routers, and you can choose any model you like.

Key Features of the Tp-link AC4000


For the modules following AC4000 standards, this router will be able to provide up to 4 Gbps speed. Its tri-band operability makes sure that you stay connected to the fastest available channel. Moreover, the bands communicate with Nitro-QUAM technology, which can provide a 25% faster speed than the same models. Like the wireless connection, other wired connections are also capable of Gigabit speed. So, no matter which device you connect or what services you take, you won’t feel the difference because of the medium.


The specs will tell you that this router can cover approximately 3500 square feet. So, large homes or offices can easily be covered with this router. The antennas and intelligent WiFi coverage technologies work in harmony. As a result, you will have no dead zones in your home. If you go to see the features of this router, you will see that it has RangeBoost technology. It is responsible for reaching farther spots and giving you complete coverage.


The Archer A20 comes with a 1.8 GHz 64-bit quad-core CPU and 512 MB RAM so that both wired connections and wireless connections stay speedy. Moreover, beamforming technology, QoS, and MU-MIMO technology will make sure that you have a stable connection and seamless streaming or gaming.


Like other routers of its competitors, it also comes with MU-MIMO technology, which allows multiple devices’ connectivity. Not only connectivity but also stability, which is ensured by smart connect feature.


Another unique feature of this router is the Ethernet ports are capable of providing 2 Gbps speed. This is something that you won’t find in other models of the same price range. It also comes with 2 USB ports so that you can set up a local FTP server for your convenience.


The fantastic thing is that the router comes with a built-in antivirus so that nothing harmful can attack your devices. Moreover, there are several firewalls to prevent online attacks and scams. The Tp-link database always stays updated and effectively prevents all malicious activities. On the other hand, you can heavily censor the contents that your kids will watch by parental control interface. With guest login and encrypted communication system, you can expect a secure home WiFi network.

How worthy is Tp-link AC4000 compared to its features and performance?

After much comparison and testing, we think that Archer A20 is worth your money. The features and performance of the router will take good care of your home network. The price is indeed a bit higher, but that is what good products demand.

If you don’t have to buy a new device every year and get the desired speed all year round, your investment can be considered as a good one. Please don’t take our words for granted and check the link to read customer reviews.

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Those who own a big apartment or duplex and have a large family, they should buy Tp-link AC4000. This router is perfectly capable of supporting several devices streaming HD contents and playing online games without any lag. So, order one now before this popular router runs out of stock.

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