TP-Link AC1350 Review – How good for multiple connectivity?

When it comes to the up-gradation of your existing wifi connection to a faster wifi network, it’s always better to go for such a router that offers reliability along with higher speed and performance. In that consideration, the TP-Link AC1350 router stands top in the list. The router can provide a safe and reliable wifi connection to your multiple devices at the same time.

TP-Link AC1350 Review

With incredibly faster speed and advanced features, this router will change the perception of your HD video streaming, online gaming, and a lot more. Along with the reliable wireless connection, you will also enjoy the safer wired connection with the four fastest ethernet ports. So let’s discuss all the helpful features of this router and see whether it’s a perfect fit for you or not.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) about TP-Link AC1350

Q: What is the difference between AC1200 and AC1350?

The noticeable difference between AC1200 and AC1350 relies on the speed of the wifi connection. The first one offers 1200 Mbps speed, and the second one offers 1350 Mbps speed. But most other features are almost similar.

Q: Does the router support the Tether app?

Yes, the router supports the Tether app wonderfully, both on your Android and iOS devices.

Q: Which one gives better wifi coverage? This router or any other best modem router combo for Comcast or Xfinity?

The wifi coverage depends on the model of the router or modem. The specific model offers a specific range. So to know the answer to the question, you can see the specifications of the unit.

What users saying about TP-Link AC1350

Going through the users’ feedback is one of the effective ways to get the full picture of a product or service. If you check the customers’ feedback on the TP Link Archer C59 router, you will see that most of the users are satisfied with the performance of this unit. Most of the users are very excited about the speed and full home coverage of the router.

Another aspect of the router that grabs the attention of the users is its capability of providing a safe and reliable internet connection. Because of advanced technology, the router can give you higher safety and protection.  So you don’t have any tension regarding your data or privacy breaching while using this fastest router.

Many users have positively expressed their experiences regarding the easy setup and controlling of the router. It really takes only a few minutes to the full setup and can be managed through the easy-to-use app. Everyone is pleased about the simple setup process of this router.

Comparison between TP-Link AC1350 Router and Tenda AC1200 Router

If we compare the TP-Link AC1350 router with the Tenda AC1200 router, we see that both models offer the fastest wifi speed with a reliable connection. But the first one provides up to 1350 Mbps speed, and the second one provides up to 1200 Mbps speed. So considering the speed, TP-Link stands ahead.

Both routers provide strong wifi signals through different high gain external antennas. The Tenda comes with four external antennas, but the TP-Link contains three external antennas. So in terms of the number of external antennas, Tenda stands first. However, it’s not a big issue for the first one as it still provides a higher speed than the second one.

If you consider the technology of both routers, you will see that the first one is developed with the advanced 802.11ac wireless technology. But the second one is developed with the beamforming and Mu Mimo technology. However, both 802.11ac and beamforming technology provides the fastest internet speed.

Key Features of TP-Link AC1350

Faster Speed and Higher Coverage

TP-Link AC1350 C59 offers the fastest wifi speed of up to 1350 Mbps with dual bands. You will get 450 Mbps speed on 2.4 GHz band and 867 Mbps on 5 GHz band. At this wifi speed, you will have no buffering while enjoying any HD video or playing the online games. This router can provide you the full home coverage with three high performing external antennas.

Advanced Technology

The router is developed with the advanced 802.11ac wireless technology that gives you a stronger wifi signal every time you use it. With the power of this router, you will get a revolutionized home network in your home or office. It also features advanced software functions such as the parental control and guest network to offer you the best performance.

Versatile USB Port and High Gain Antennas

The router comes with three high gain external antennas and a versatile USB port. So you get a strong wifi signal and share USB storage for versatile purposes. Through the USB port, you can also get the print service easily and conveniently.

Fast Processing

The router contains such a processor that can balance the needs of your devices intelligently and keep the connection fast and uninterrupted. The processor can manage the dual bands seamlessly to offer you the best performance.

Easy Setup and Managing App

With the help of the TP-Link Tether app, you will be able to set the router up easily and manage everything no matter where you go. The app is perfect for both android and iOs operating system. The simple and easy layout lets you manage everything effortlessly.

How worthy is TP-Link AC1350 compared to its features and performance?

Compared to the features and performance of the router, we think that it’s worth buying. If you go through the full specifications and features, you will also agree with this statement. This router is specially designed to offer you the fastest internet speed along with the safest connection. So we think there is no risk of data or privacy breaching while using this app.

Moreover, it can provide you multiple devices connectivity and far-reaching wifi coverage. As a result, you can enjoy a seamless internet connection in all your devices, sitting in the farthest room in your home. The router also comes with an effective reset button, wireless on/off switch, and a lot more to offer you the most convenient experience.

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Finally, we would say that if you look for the fastest speed router for your home or office use, you can try TP-Link AC1350. This router can provide you up to 1350 Mbps wifi speed with the full home coverage. Apart from this, it’s developed with advanced technology to offer you reliable connections and services. So we think considering this router for your home or office use would be one of your best decisions.

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