Total Wireless Bring Your Own Phone – How & Why?

Total Wireless bring your own phone’ confirms as long as the phone being brought to the network is out of contract, LTE capable and Verizon competent. Some commonly unlocked phones from artificers like Motorola and Samsung are compatible with the network.

Total wireless continues on the Verizon Network, So you can get the best coverage. Total Wireless network speed will most probably be slower than the speeds Verizon customers experience- probably up to 23% slower. Even though total wireless is working on the same network as Verizon, Verizon emphasizes their own customers over Mobile Virtual Network Operator customers like Total Wireless.

Total Wireless Bring Your Own Phone - How & Why?

Total Wireless is a sign of TracFone Wireless. It is a nationwide service in America. This model is the most cost – efficient as the operator does not own their own network companies.

About Total Wireless

Total Wireless probably a Verizon MVNO sells rollover data offerings through Walmart. According to a PhoneNews Report, Total Wireless is owned by America Movil Which also works with the TracFone Wireless family of MVNO brands. Total Wireless is a TracFone cell phone service which offers Unlimited talk, text and data plans including up to 25 GB LTE data  to their customers. 

Reasons of Bring Your Own Phone To Total Wireless

There are numerous reasons why and how Total Wireless bring your own phone, it’s enough important and this are includes-

  • Employees are apparently to grow productivity when they are using a familiar device.
  • Cost Savings.
  • Plus productivity profits.

Bring Your Own Phone and Total Wireless Compatibility

Sad to say, you can bring any kind of old phone to Total Wireless. You will have to make a point that your Phone is compatible with the Total Wireless network. If you want to get a Total Wireless network you need to have a Verizon compatible device or a CDMA phone.  To surely find out if your phone is compatible with Total Wireless you can use their device compatibility tool with your IMEI.

Total Wireless Bring Your Own Phone

Total Wireless Plans

Total Wireless plans several offers like Single line and Family plans. Every Prepaid plan includes 30 days of service. If you choose to auto refill plan, you will receive a discount. It also offers Unlimited talk, text and data plans to their customers.

Individual Plans

  • Unlimited talk and text; $25
  • 5GB ;$35
  • Unlimited;$50
  • 15 GB ;$90

   Why Switch to Total Wireless

  • Total Wireless runs on Verizon’s network. As Verizon has a wide ranging coverage so you will be benefited by this for a discounted price.
  • As Total Wireless is compatible for CDMA so you can switch Bring Your Own Phone easily.
  • With their prepaid plans you will be unlocked into any contracts and to sign on in credit check you don’t have to bear.

FAQ About Total Wireless Bring Your Own Phone

Does Total Wireless have Unlimited data?

Yes. Total Wireless recently added an ‘’Unlimited data Plan’’ which provides 25GB of high speed data for $50 a month. This carrier also offers a number of single plan and family data plans. Customers can also buy 5GB of add on data for $10 that over rolls from month to month.

Is Total Wireless 3G or 4G?

Total Wireless is a Mobile virtual network operator powered by Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Total Wireless was started under the TracFone brand in 1996. Total network runs on Verizon’s 4G LTE network. Verizon usage bands are 0 and 1 for 3G and bands 2,4 , 13 for LTE. But now Total Wireless bring your own phones and offers 4G LTE data. 

How does Total Wireless work? 

Total wireless is a TracFone cell phone service which offers unlimited talk, text and data plans to their customers, by being supported by the largest network provider in the US. Total Wireless bear customers to bring your own devices when they sell their own branded phones to the customers. 

How reliable is Total Wireless?

If we compare with other top no contract cellular phone service providers, we will notice that Total Wireless stands on the reliable connections through the Verizon network. Low cost -$35 a month plan for Unlimited talk, text and 5GB high speed data.$25 plan with no data but if you want you can add 5 GB data with $10 to transfer.

Can I use a Sprint phone on Total Wireless?

Yes. Sprint is compatible with Bring your own phone. To get more technical support your phone will need to be CDMA. It is one of two major radio networks, which is used by Verizon and Sprint. With IMEI you can check your device compatibility. If you want to use Total Wireless on your device dial *#06# . Then you can use Sprint phone on Total Wireless.

Does Total Wireless offer a hotspot?

Who subscribes to Total Wireless they will soon officially be able to use their phones as a mobile hotspot. Mobile hotspot has technically not been allowed on the provider, however some users once were able to get it working. 

Is there an activation fee for Total Wireless?

Total Wireless is a pay as you go wireless provider which offers prepaid service without the long term contracts that are all but excellent in the industry. You can sign up with no credit and checks, you don’t need to pay activation fees, no monthly bills-it’s all prepaid-and it doesn’t need age limits to get service.

Some advantages of Bring your own phone

You can save your money by eliminating the need to buy each employee specific devices and equipment. In this way you can increase happiness and satisfaction of your employees. You can promote productivity by allowing employees to use devices they are familiar and comfortable with. You can get up to date technology when employees get the latest and greatest devices.

Final Verdict

So if your phone is compatible with Total Wireless then you should not delay switching it. After checking the compatibility you can pick up an activation kit. Moreover, it’s time to select no-contract, no activation and extra fees service plan from Total Wireless.