Top 12 T-Mobile Deals For Existing Customers in 2021

Have you been with T-mobile for a long time? And expecting some of the best T-mobile deals for existing customers like you? Have you ever fallen into or heard about a situation where exchanging gifts between 2 persons becomes an endless loop? You know, like both of them are so gentle that each one of them wants to be the last person to give the gift, and the circle continues. Well, it happened with T-Mobile.

First, they treated their customers as the #1 priority and ensured the best service. To return the favor, you (the T-Mobile user) elected T-Mobile to get awarded for the “Highest for Quality in 2021” and “Customers most satisfied throughout 2021”.

In return, T-Mobile is now offering its customers great deals on Smartphones, accessories, data plans, and business solutions. Let’s read about the T-Mobile deals for existing customers and think about what we can offer T-Mobile now.

Top 12 T-Mobile Deals For Existing Customers in 2021

Smartphone Deals
All smartphone deals from T-Mobile fall into three main categories. Their highest discounted amount is $750, the second-highest amount is $390, and the last one includes leasing a phone without paying the monthly installments. These are the deals for existing customers, and you’ll not need to switch or trade in anything. Check the availability of the deals first and then go for it as these are limited-time free phone offers and deals.

1. $750 Discount Deals From T-mobile

The main process of this deal is some for different smartphone models. To be clearer, you’ll be buying new Samsung Galaxy phones, add two lines, and you’ll be having another selected Galaxy phone with a $750 discount or for free. 

Offer Details
Firstly, you have to be an existing customer of T-Mobile and own an active line. If, for any reason, you have canceled the voice plan of the existing line within the last 90 days, you need to activate it first. 

After that, you’ll need to buy a new Galaxy phone on a monthly installment eligible for this offer and buy two new lines. One of the two lines will be for the phone you’ve just bought and the other for the discounted phone. If you’re wondering what the models of eligible phones are, the list is given below.

Next, you’ll need to buy another eligible Galaxy phone on a monthly installment plan. Pay all taxes and line fees and submit the bill to the T-Mobile store. However, you’ll need to pay a down payment for the selected phone, and the amount will be full retail price minus the discount. After a maximum of 2 bill cycles, you’ll start getting the $31.25 credit on your T-Mobile account for 24 months. 

If you opt-out of the existing wireless service, you’ll have to pay the due credit in full. There are a few eligible smartphone models for this offer which are listed below.

2. $390 Discount Deal From T-mobile

We don’t think you would get a $390 discount deal instead of the $750 discount. But we’ve to tell you all available T-Mobile deals for existing customers. So, here’s all about the process to get the deal.

Plan Details
This deal is applicable only on the powerful smartphone from LG, and the model is LG G8 ThinQ. Firstly, you have to have an active line in your T-Mobile line. If you have a line and canceled their service within the last 90 days, you need to activate it again to be eligible for this offer. 

Secondly, you need to buy an LG G8 ThinQ on credit and pay the taxes. Then, buy a line for the new phone and activate it. After 1 or 2 bill cycles, you’ll start having a credit of $16.25 in your T-Mobile account for the next 24 months.

You’ll need to pay the rest of the retail price. Also, you might have to pay the due credit of the discount if you unsubscribe from the existing wireless service. 

3. Jump! On-Demand Deal by T-mobile

The last one in this section includes a smartphone leasing deal. If you’re an existing customer of T-Mobile, you can get the T-Mobile REVVLRY+ without any down payment.

Offer Details
T-Mobile calls it the “Jump! On Demand” deal which includes leasing the REVVLRY+ without making any down payment. Firstly, you’ll need to visit a T-Mobile store or call their customer service number to initiate this deal. 

Then, talk with them about all terms and check if you fulfill them all. Next, get this phone for an 18-month lease with a $16/month payment option. You might lose the promotional pricing in case of canceling the deal. 

The plan also requires you to get an insurance plan as you’ll have to return the phone in good condition after the lease period. 

Other Smart Device Deals

Besides the smartphone deals, T-Mobile offers some tablet deals, apple watch deals, and discount deals using promo codes. With the description of those deals, you’ll see respective links to apply and know more about them.

4. Free Tablet Deal by T-mobile

If you want an amazing Alcatel 3T 8-inch tablet for free, you should see this offer. There are other tablets on the online store, but you’ll have to pay the full retail price for those tablets. This offer also includes some other tablet models from Alcatel. They are Alcatel A30 and Alcatel Joy Tab.

Free Tablet Deal by T-mobile

Offer Details
Firstly, buy a new line for the tab or some other device and activate it. Then, buy the Alcatel 3T or the other 2 mentioned tablets on a monthly installment plan and a data plan which is 2GB or higher.

After submitting your bill, you’ll get approval within 1 or 2 bill cycles. The next thing is that you’ll be getting $7 per month on credit for the next 24 months. There are other fees and taxes that you’ll need to pay separately. 

Also, don’t cancel the plan or wireless service within this 24-month period. Otherwise, you’ll have to pay the due credit. Lastly, we want to mention that you’ll get $6 per month on credit for 24 months if you choose to get Alcatel A30.

5. Apple Watch Discount Deals by T-mobile

The eligible models for this $200 discount offer are Series 3 and Series 4 watches. It requires you to buy 2 of the eligible Apple watch models, add a line, and get a discount.

Offer Details
The first requirement to be eligible for this offer is to have an active line. If you’ve canceled the voice plan within the last 3 months, you’ll have to activate again and apply for the deal.

Secondly, go to the nearest store, buy a new line from T-Mobile, pay some fees, and buy 2 Apple watches. It could be 2 of the same models or a combination of S3 and S4. Buy them on a monthly installment plan. Then, submit the documents to T-Mobile, they will approve, and you’ll get the $200 discount on the next 24 monthly bill credits. 

Also, you’ll need to enable the Apple DIGITS service on both watches. For each account, you’ll be eligible to buy a maximum of 12 watches.

6. Promo Code Deals From T-mobile

T-Mobile is offering some promo code discounts for their existing customers on speakers and headphones. From 25% off the total retail price to a maximum of $100, discounts are available on this promotion.

Offer Details
There are some common terms for all promo codes. Firstly, these are limited-time offers when you buy accessories on or through their official number, which is 1-877-387-4324. Secondly, They pay the taxes and shipping charges separately, and the discounts will not apply here. Finally, you can’t combine these discount offers with other certain offers.

Let’s talk about the promo codes available for the speakers. The promo code “UE25” means a 25% discount on the total retail price of specific speakers. The “ACCSAVE30”, “ACCSAVE50”, and “ACCSAVE100” mean $30, $50, and $100 discount respectively on certain models. The link below will show you the discounted models.

Lastly, some of the headphone models are also included in this promotion. For Ultimate Ears WONDERBOOM 2, you’ll get a 25% discount on the retail price using the “UE25” promo code. For certain other models, you’ll have $5, $10, and $20 discounts using “ACCSAVE5”, “ACCSAVE10”, and “ACCSAVE20” promo codes accordingly.

7. T-mobile Data Plan Deals

What would we do only with smartphones without a suitable data plan right? That’s why T-Mobile is offering cost-saving data plans for seniors and military persons. 

#1. T-mobile Unlimited 55 plan

If you’re using the wireless service from T-Mobile and you’re 55 or up, this amazing data deal is for you. Also, the offer has a bonus section where you’ll see awesome smartphone deals. In the data plan section, there are three different plans to choose from.

Plan Details
The first plan is for a limited time only. It’s called “Essentials Unlimited 55“. You’ll be able to enjoy unlimited data, voice, and text for only $27.50 per line per month when you take 2 lines with autopay. So, you’ll have to pay $55 per month for 2 lines.

The second plan is T-Mobile’s signature unlimited plan named “Magenta Unlimited 55“. It offers unlimited talk, text, and data with dedicated customer service and no need for annual service contracts. These and more benefits will be available when you get this plan for 2 lines with $35 per line per month. So, it’ll be $70 in total per month for 2 lines. Moreover, it has taxes and fees included in the mentioned price.

The third one is T-Mobile’s premium unlimited plan called “Magenta Plus Unlimited 55“. For only $45 per line per month, you’ll be able to enjoy twice more features than “Magenta Unlimited 55”. For 2 lines, you’ll have to pay $90 per month, which is not optional. This one also has taxes and fees included in the package.

#2. T-mobile Unlimited 55 (see those 3 plans)

Bonus Offer

If you’re 55 or above, switch to T-Mobile, buy one of the 3 plans mentioned above, and trade in a qualifying phone, you’ll get an iPhone 11 for free. See the offer in detail.

T-Mobile Deals for Existing Customers

#3. T-mobile Magenta Military Plans 

T-Mobile is offering two cost-minimizing data plans with taxes and fees included in the package for the military personnel and their families. Also, you’ll have almost everything you need for your devices’ connectivity in these plans. After buying the Magenta Military Plan, you’ll only need to verify your military affiliation. The prices mentioned below apply to autopay. 

Plan Details

Magenta Military” is T-Mobile’s signature plan that costs only $55 per line per month when you opt for a single line only. With more lines, the price will drop as low as $22 per line for 5 lines. The benefits of this package are unlimited everything, free stuff every week, dedicated customer service, SD video streaming, 3GB 4G hotspot data sharing, free Netflix for 1 screen on SD, and many more. 

Magenta Plus Military” is a premium unlimited data plan which starts with getting 2 lines costing $50 per line per month. But you can enjoy 5 lines paying $32 per line only. That will add is twice as good as the “Magenta Military” plan. So, multiply those benefits by 2, and you’ll get the features of this plan.

Bonus Offer 

By trading in a qualifying iPhone, verified veterans will be able to enjoy a 50% discount on family lines and get an iPhone 11 paid fully by T-Mobile. Click here and scroll down to see this limited-time offer.

Business Solution Deals

So far, we’ve seen the deals for personal uses. What about the businesses? T-Mobile also thought about it and offered many deals to grow your business. Let’s see how we can get benefitted from those discount offers.

8. New Business Line Discount Deals By T-mobile

This deal is for both new and existing customers. Act quickly before the offer ends, as these lucrative offers are for a short time period.

Offer Details
In short, you get a $100 discount on credit that’ll add to your account after an eligible port-in. So, if you have a qualifying business account and you port in on an eligible voice line within 60 days of activation, you’ll get $100 added to your business account within 3 or 4 bill cycles. Other regular charges will be applied. 

9. T-mobile Business Line Phone Deals

We’ve seen many phone deals above, but the phone deals we’re about to discuss requires business lines. All of these are limited-time offers and can be changed anytime. So, act fast with your qualifying active voice line on the business account.

Offer Details

The first offer includes a discount of $150 when you buy iPhone 11 Pro or iPhone 11 ProMax and add a line. After verified documents, you’ll receive the discount within 1 or 2 bill cycles.

The second offer includes leasing an iPhone or iPad and save up to $230 with exclusive Apple Financial Services. You’ll need to lease at least 5 eligible devices to get this discount offer.

The third offer involves a new Moto G7 Power smartphone and 2 lines to an eligible business plan, and you’ll get a discount of $200 via equal 24 monthly bills.

The fourth offer will give you a new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or Note 10+ with a $350 discount when adding a line to your business account. The amount of the discount will be paid by T-Mobile with equal 24 monthly installments.

The fifth offer applies to the LG G8 ThinQ smartphone. With this new phone, you’ll get $390 off, which will be paid with 24 monthly bill credits when you add a qualifying business line.

10. Fleet Management System Deal By T-mobile

For better management, T-Mobile offers the service of fleet management for free. With fleet management devices and software, you’ll be able to monitor and act instantly on your fleet operation.

Offer Details

A Geotab FLEET tracker with the required fleet management software is offered for free in this deal. It applies when you buy and activate a new fleet management line in your eligible business account. However, this is a limited-time offer, and T-Mobile can modify or cancel this offer anytime. Other charges and tax fees are not included in the package.

11. T-mobile Veteran Owned Business Deal

Magenta for business is the ideal business plan for your business. If you served your country, this time, T-Mobile will serve you with premium service and discounted data plans. The only barrier between you and the offer is the verification process of your military affiliation.

Offer Details

Let’s talk about what you’ll get from the plan. It has Unlimited data, voice, and text on the 4G LTE network. You won’t have to pay the taxes and fees separately as they are included in the package. Also, you’ll get 2G connectivity in 210+ countries and 4G connectivity in Mexico and Canada.

Moreover, you’ll be able to enjoy Netflix on one screen for 2+ lines for free. For up to 6 lines, there’s a 50% discount on those employee lines. If you are a veteran, an active duty service member, a member of the Army Reserve or National Guard, retired military personnel, and a Gold Star family member, you’ll be eligible for this deal.

12. T-mobile POS System Deal

The mobile point-of-sale or POS system is something that you need for your business today to save money. It allows same-day funding for free and no software licensing fees like others. This limited-time offer includes getting this system for free. So, you can consider the switch as you’ll have nothing to lose.

Offer details

You can get the GoPoint mobile POS software, including the GoPoint card reader, completely free with this offer. The taxes and fees are to be paid separately. You can get 1 free device for 1 business account. Also, a qualifying business account and service are required. GoPoint offers anytime technical support with minimum transaction fees, which makes it better than other systems. So, you’ll not have to worry about transactions anymore.

Final Words

That’s a lot of deals. T-Mobile really thinks about its customers. If you’re looking for a recommended deal that is the best among the T-Mobile deals for existing customers, you’ll be disappointed. It’s because all deals can be the best for you according to your specific needs.

But we really like one deal from the beginning, which is the $750 discount deal on smartphones. That’s the highest amount of a discount that any existing T-Mobile customer can take. Also, those deals are not for an infinite time. So, choose one and act today.

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