T-Mobile Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals 2023

The T-Mobile buy one get one free iPhone deals to come with unlimited data plans. If you are on the lookout to get the latest iPhone models, then the time is now. Interestingly, this popular US-based carrier also has deals galore for Samsung devices and wearables

To be precise, T-Mobile is presently the third-largest wireless carrier in the US. Recently, it has climbed up from fourth place to third. Its present growth can be attributed to the aggressive T-Mobile buy one get one free deal.

Notably, these deals are quite popular among new and existing customers also. Under the BOGO (Buy One Get One) offer, customers who buy an iPhone device would get another one free via monthly bill credits.

So starting this month, you can visit the T-Mobile outlets and bring home various iPhone models. Quite impressively, you can get up to $750 off on the second model. So let’s take a glance at the buy one get one free iPhone deals you can avail.

6 T-Mobile Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals 2023

1. Get Select  iPhone 11 For Free and Save On More

T-Mobile Buy One Get One Free iPhone

Well, there is no better way to skip the Apple Tax than to get a new phone free of cost.

When you are switching from your old connection to T-Mobile, you can trade in your current smartphone. By trading in, you are eligible to get an iPhone 11 in return.

No doubt, it is one of the best T-Mobile buy one get one free iPhone deals if you comply with specific conditions. To be eligible for this deal, you need to possess a new phone in the form of an iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy, or Google Pixel 4.

On the other hand, if you are interested in iPhones but not a big fan of the iPhone 11, T-Mobile has got you covered. You can save up to 50% on an iPhone XR or iPhone SE when you switch to T-Mobile. In this deal, you don’t need to trade in your device.

All you have to do is to avail of one eligible voice line, and you are set. What’s more, you can also save up to $700 on the all-new iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max.

But this time, you have to trade in your old device to get this offer. Note that the trade-in conditions are the same as that of the iPhone 11. You can also exchange the latest smartphone for getting a flat $500 discount.

2. Get the iPhone SE For Free with a Trade-In

T-Mobile Buy One Get One Free iPhone

Well, T-Mobile has launched its much-awaited Connecting Heroes initiative this week. This initiative provides free service to the first responders.

But what’s more exciting is the T-Mobile buy one get one free iPhone offer. Quite impressively, T-Mobile has also started offering a free iPhone SE with eligible trade-ins.

In case you are not passionate about owning an Apple device, T-Mobile also has got the all-new Samsung Galaxy for you. 

Through this initiative, T-Mobile wants to give back to the personnel of fire and police departments. The T-Mobile deals for existing customers and Sprint customers include a free iPhone SE.

These customers can also get up to $500 off on Samsung smartphones. You can avail $400 off on iPhone SE when you trade in the top of the line smartphones. On the other hand, if you trade-in iPhone 6 or Samsung Galaxy S8 series, you would get $200 off on your new iPhone SE. In case you have a Samsung Galaxy series device with 5G connectivity, and you want an iPhone SE, T-Mobile has got you covered.

You would avail $500 off straightaway when you trade in the Samsung Galaxy series for an iPhone SE. These deals are limited until stocks last. So you have to hurry up to get the all new iPhone SE.

3. Opt For a New Connection; Get Eligible for a Free Phone

This is an excellent T-Mobile buy one get one free iPhone deal irrespective of whether or not you are a new customer. To be frank, this deal is quite simple! All you have to do is to add a second line to a qualifying plan and get free data on iPhone.

This free phone would be provided only when you opt for the new line. However, T-Mobile has enlisted a few smartphones which you can choose from. The smartphones you can get on this deal are LG K40, LG K51, Revvlry from T-Mobile, and LG Stylo 5.

All these smartphones have carved a name for themselves in the past. They come in sealed boxes with necessary accessories and documents. But you have to be careful while qualifying for this deal. You would need to start a Magenta line.

On the other hand, you can also sign up for the essentials line and subsequently add other essentials or Magenta line.

The price of the phone you are getting for free will get charged to your account on a monthly basis. This would be valid for a period of two years. If you leave T-Mobile before 24 months have elapsed, you have to pay the full price of the smartphone. 

4. The iPhone Buy Two and Save Deal from T-Mobile

iPhone Buy Two and Save Deal from T-Mobile

This T-Mobile buy one get one free iPhone deal is unarguably one of the best if you are looking forward to an iPhone.

Customers who buy a new iPhone would be able to get a second one for free. But note that both these devices must be purchased on EIP.

Quite phenomenally, the free device you are getting would be covered via monthly credits worth $750. To avail of this deal, the existing customers have to opt for a new One Plus or Magenta Plus voice line.

On the contrary, if you are a new customer, you require two lines to get this deal to work.

It is important to note that Apple is expected to add new devices to its lineup next month. To grab all these new and upgraded devices, this T-Mobile buy one get one free is quite excellent. Apple typically supports its devices with software updates for a varied number of years.

So in all possibilities, your device wouldn’t have the risk of not being upgraded. The fall’s iOS release 13 would be out soon.

This deal promises to give you a new and updated device with the latest accessories. Also, you have the option to choose from a wide array of colors.

5. Buy a Galaxy Watch, Get another Free Deals

Buy a Galaxy Watch, Get another Free Deals

Wearable tech is fast gaining popularity among millennials. So if your preference is something other than an iPhone, this is a great deal to have.

However, this deal has a resemblance to the T-Mobile buy one get one free iPhone offer.

This Samsung Galaxy watches BOGO deal allows you to get a free watch after buying the first one. In this exciting BOGO deal from T-Mobile, you would get all the latest models of the Samsung Galaxy Watch. The eligibility criteria of this deal are quite similar to the other ones.

For instance, you need to buy the first one on installments over a period of two years. Quite interestingly, the price for the second smartwatch gets paid via bill credits for the time period of 24 months. Furthermore, the customer also has to add one Digits connection to your account.

This would allow your 4G-LTE enabled smartwatch to answer and disconnect calls. Wearable tech is currently a huge favorite among many individuals. The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch series can connect with any smartphone easily.

This smartwatch simplifies your life to a great extent. You can straightaway control your smartphone without taking it out. And in times like these, the less you take out your smartphone out in the public, the better it is for your well-being.

6. Get a Chance to Buy the All New T-Mobile Revvlry Plus at Flat $200 Off

T-Mobile Buy One Get One Free iPhone

Apart from the T-Mobile buy one get one free iPhone deal, you can also opt for the Revvlry Plus smartphone.

It is T-Mobile’s flagship device and boasts off great specs at an affordable price. But there are specific things you should know to avail of this exciting deal.

To get this deal, you need to add a new line to your account. In this manner, you can get the T-Mobile Revvlry Plus for free.

T-Mobile is offering $200 off on the all new Revvlry Plus. Note that the Revvlry Plus is an excellent upgrade over the normal Revvlry.

It comes with a vivid and immersive touchscreen of 6.2 inches. T-Mobile has given it a full HD display along with dual camera setup and 4 GB RAM. In the storage department, the all new Revvlry Plus easily outshines its predecessor.

It comes with 128 GB of internal storage, which is more than enough to store all your essential files. As customary, the remaining price of the device would be added to your account in monthly installments over a period of two years. And if you unsubscribe from the deal, you have to pay off the balance of the phone.

Buy a Samsung or LG Smartphone, Get A Second Free

The T-Mobile buy one get one free iPhone is no doubt a great BOGO deal for iPhone fanatics. But there is no denying the fact that people also love Samsung and LG devices a lot.

So if you are someone who likes Samsung or LG smartphones, T-Mobile has got this offer for you.

T-Mobile is offering a BOGO deal on the Samsung Galaxy S20. In case you are not a big fan of Apple, you can quickly get this deal. This is also an excellent opportunity to upgrade to a smartphone that boasts of the latest Snapdragon 865 chipset.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 also supports 25 W fast charging along with a rear triple camera setup. On the other hand, if you want to buy an LG device, T-Mobile has got options for you. You can get the LG V60 with this same deal.

It is essential to mention here that the LG V60 has an unbeatable battery life with decent specs. You can also term this smartphone as a gaming phone as it can handle complex graphics processing with ease.

The LG V60 sports a refreshed design along with a flexible camera and headphone jack arrangement. To get this deal, you have to add two new lines of service. However, the bill credits are worth $1000 for the second device.

Does T-Mobile Have Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deals?

Currently, the T-Mobile BOGO deals encompass a wide variety of iPhone models. If you are a big fan of Apple, this is the right time to opt for these deals. On the other hand, this US-based carrier is also offering a plethora of deals on wearable tech and devices.

If you are longing for an update, this is the right time to do so. But before enlisting yourself for the deal, go through the terms and conditions carefully.

How Can I Get T-Mobile Buy One Get One Free iPhone Deal?

T-Mobile is one of the most popular US-based carriers because it accommodates every need of the users. From data requirement to BOGO deals, there is no dearth of options when you are opting for T-Mobile. So, let’s take a look at some of the ways to be eligible for the iPhone BOGO deal.

  • You have to join T-Mobile on a valid network plan.
  • The previous phone number you have should belong to an eligible carrier.
  • Buy a new iPhone on a monthly payment plan.
  • Trade-in the device in good condition. If you are visiting a store, you should go through the list of eligible trade-in devices.

Final Verdict

With the Mobile buy one get one free iPhone, you can enjoy the advanced technological features of Apple. Most of the Apple devices listed by T-Mobile would get future updates. So there is no fear of getting your device vulnerable to security threats.

Besides that, T-Mobile has a reliable aftersales service which you can always look up to. So grab a BOGO deal and enjoy the technical superiority of your iPhone.