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Sprint Deals For Switching – 10 Fact You Must Know

Do you know why Sprint is the best network to switch? It assures you 100% Total Satisfaction Guarantee. The concept behind Total Satisfaction Guarantee is to obtain customer or user’s trust by promising new customers and current customer adding a line will be given for 30 days. Therefore,they try Sprint’s LTE service no matter where they live and work. The company has committed that if they are not 100% satisfied we will refund the phone costs plus charges and fees too. It also offers you maximum sprint deals for switching which allows you to enjoy the deals within the suitable packages.

Are you curious to know what Sprint switch is? Do not make yourself uncomfortable let us answer. Sprint switch is to shift from your current cellular network to Sprint. When you switch from another cellular network to Sprint it offers you an Unlimited Plan with one of the latest phone added for only $35per line per month up to 5lines, also covers your switching fee that is up to $650 per line via Prepaid MasterCard Virtual Account or Prepaid MasterCard.

When there is nothing to lose, then why to be afraid? Right, here are several helpful facts that you must know before switching to Sprint.

Sprint deals for switching – Fact you must know

There are few facts that every user should know before switching to Sprint, which is related to its speed, video quality, signals ,and about its packages. Everyone demands a perfect cellular for their phone.

So, before you get your hands on cellular, you need to research about it keenly. For your help, we have written this article and elaborated all the packages and facts below:

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Sprint does not affect your Video Quality

AT&T and T-Mobile give you very feasible package for streaming, but they do not give you HD video quality. Therefore, you need to prepare in case you have any of these you will not be watching videos in high definition.

Sprint offers you 1080P streaming, 1.5mbps for music, and 8mbps for gaming. Therefore, if you are buying the unlimited plan, you do not have to worry about the video quality. When you buy a network, your first priority is always that your internet speed should be efficient, browsing should be fast, and the video quality should be HD. In this case, you can blindly depend on sprint.

Get your hands on three lines for free with Ultimate Basic

If you order up to 5 lines on the Unlimited Basic Plan today with AutoPay, you will get the 1st line for $60/mo, 2nd line will cost you $40/mo, and the exciting part is that you will get 3rd, 4th and 5th lines for free through 09/30/20.

So, what are you waiting for Sprint if offering you exclusive deals? Go grab this offer. This Ultimate basic plan brings unlimited text, talk with 4G LTE data, 500MB of LTE hotspot, subscription of Hulu, and 480p video streaming. It also includes unlimited text and talks along 5GB of LTE data while roaming in Mexico and Canada.

Version, AT&T, and T-mobile allows you to talk and use the internet at the same time

Version,AT&T, and T-mobile allow you to talk on call while you are using the internet. You can be on-call, you can look up to any of your favouritewebsites,and you can message your friends meanwhile, if you need to ask them anything while using your phone as a hotspot.Nevertheless, there is a drawback that Sprint does not allow you to use internet and talk at the same time. It does not support two actions performing at the same time.

Imagine that you have to order from UberEATS and you are already on some important call so now you will end the call will order the food and then call that person again. If you have to practice this on a daily bases or becomes your routine, it will be much frustrating for you.

Sprint allows you to lease, iPhone and Galaxy

You can easily lease a phone through Sprint. The phones that you can lease are an iPhone or Galaxy S8. These phones can be upgraded after you are done with the 12 payments.What you can do is you can make your payment at the end of the process, and you can buy it if not, then the device belongs to Sprint.

Now, this is totally your choice if you want to avail this option, or you can pay the instalment and might be you want to make and early upgrade which will cost you $5 a month. Whatever you choose, it will be your decision.

Talk about Speed

If we talk about the speed of Sprint, it only depends on accessible location how close are you to the signal towers or how closer the tower is to you. We have to tell you that if you compare Sprint with its competitors, then it has made it name up to the mark. It speed is definitely going to break the competitors.

Sprint’s customer service

Whenever you face any problem, regarding the cellular network .The first step you take is to call the customer care service, which you believe will solve your problem. In case, you have a problem regarding the network issues, or you want an update on packages.

If we talk about Sprint, it may be handling issues in a professional way, and many users must be happy with them the way they solve all the issues users facing regarding their network. If you are valued customer care service, you might want to switch to other carriers.

Why choose Sprint phone and plans

Sprint has always considered their users, and by keeping them into their mind, they offer you several plans, which would be a great deal for you. Before you switch to other cellular networks,you should have all the information about its packages to check if it meets your requirements. It offers you three simple plans Unlimited Basic, Unlimited Plus, and Unlimited Premium.

Unlimited Basic Plan

You can get can this plan is $60/mo. You can purchase 1stline in $60/mo, 2ND line in $100/mo and 3rd-5th lines in $ 100/month and also offers you several features:

  • Get unlimited data, calls, and text around the nation.
  • 500 MB LTE mobile hotspot
  • DVD-quality SD video streaming (480p).
  • Unlimited text, talk and 5GB of 4G LTE data, roaming in Canada and Mexico
  • It comes with a Hulusubscription.
  • Not compatible with 5G phones

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Unlimited Plus Plan

This plan will cost you $70/mo. You can purchase 1st line in $70/mo, 2nd line in $120/mo and 3rd to 5th line in $130-$150/mo. It also comes with its own features:

  • Get unlimited text and talk
  • 50GB LTE mobile hotspot
  • HD video streaming (1080p)
  • Unlimited text, talk and 10GB of LTE data while roaming in Canada and Mexico.
  • It comes with Hulu and TIDAL subscription.
  • It is not compatible with 5G.

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Unlimited Premium Plan

This plan is known as the VIP plan because it is suitable for 5G devices. It will cost you $80/mo with 1st line, $140/mo with 2nd line and 3rd to 5th line with $160-$200/mo. It comes with exclusive plan features that are:

  • It gives you unlimited texts, calls, and allows you to use basic data in more than 200 worldwide locations.
  • 100 GB LTE mobile hotspot
  • Full HD video streaming
  • Unlimited text, talk, and unlimited 4G LTE data while roaming in Canada and Mexico.
  • It is highly compatible with 5G phones.
  • It comes with a subscription of Hulu, TIDAL and Lookout premium plus.
  • Provides you fast, free delivery, exclusive deals, free monthly games, and more with Twitch Prime

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2GB Phone Plan

It offers you some different package apart from the general plan ,is 2GB Phone Plan. It starts at $40/mo, and it includes:

  • Get 2GB of high-speed data, including Mobile Hotspot.
  • Get unlimited text, talk, and Unlimited in international text.

It also offers you 50 GB Mobile Hotspot. It can be connected to any device while you are on the way. You can enjoy 50 GB of high-speed LTE data only in $50/mo. There is one more surprising plan which it offers that is 10 GB Mobile Hotspot this is only in that case if you need less data sufficient amount. You can enjoy 10GB of LTE data only and only in $30/mo.

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Unlimited 55+

It is specifically for those users who are the age of 55 or older than that. Sprint is also taking care of people of this age group. You can buy 2 lines of Unlimited only for $35/month. This is an amazing offer and its time-limited.

  • You have to verify your age if you want to purchase.
  • Unlimited Text, talk, and data
  • Stream videos in DVD-QUALITY
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot
  • Stay in touch with worldwide roaming in over 185 locations.

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What is Special about Unlimited Kickstart?

If you bring your own eligible device from any other carrier, you become eligible for $25 Unlimited Kickstart Plan; your monthly bill will be $25+taxes per month per line. One more thing that we like about it you do not need any sort of contract hence you can change whenever you want. You can add 5 lines within this plan. You can get 1st line of it in $25/mo, 2nd line is costing you $50/mo, and 3rd -5th line is costing you $75 to $125/mo. It also includes free texts and basic data in more than 200 worldwide locations.

iPhone 11 Pro Max trade into Sprint Switching

Now, you can get your dream phone only with the help of Sprint. It gives you exclusive offers to get new iPhone 11 Pro Max. All you have to do is trade in a phone, which is eligible with Sprint. You can lease iPhone 11 for free, iPhone 11 Pro for $12.50/month or you can get 11 Pro Max for $16.67/month. It all depends on the trade-in device. You have to activate a line with Sprint so that you can be eligible afterward discount will be applicable as monthly credits.

Sprint is offering you iPhone 11 Max Pro you can get it with Sprint Flex Lease program. It allows you to exchange phones: iphone7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max. You can also pre-order the iPhone the prices are discussed above.

Many other companies willonly accept your phone if it’s in good condition, which means there should be no cracks, no battery issues no thumbprint issue and many more. Here again, Sprint has shown the flexibility it will accept any eligible phone model in what so ever condition.

Benefits of buying iPhone 11 Pro Max with Sprint

Sprint brings an out of the box offer for you, which starts at $41.67 per month for 18 months. You can avail this great deal. We can observe that Sprint is making your life easier by providing you such exclusive services.

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Let uslookat other companies how much do they offer? AT&T also sells the iPhone 11 pro its price starts at $33.34 per month. Isn’t AT&T is providing a better deal than Sprint? Why Sprint then? Only and only because you have to pay $41.67 per month for 18 months, but at AT&T, you have to pay $33.34 per month for 30 months. When you can have iPhone Pro Max in your hand within 18 months,why do pay for 30 months?

Let us have a look on Verizon, offers you the 64GB iPhone 11 Pro starting at $41.66 for 24 months. Here is an advantage of switching to Verizon and if you have a phone to trade-in. It gives you $700 off on the iPhone 11 Pro. One of the most important selling companies is T-Mobile. It sells the iPhone 11 Pro at $31.25 per month for 24 months. However, you have to pay $249.99 upfront at the time of purchase.

Sprint offers you promo code for iPhone 11 Max Pro

If you purchase the iPhone 11 Pro at Sprint, you will receive up to 70% off on your purchase. The shipping is also included in it. Keep checking the daily coupons and other deals on Sprint with the help of those you might be paying less on the upcoming smartphones from Apple, Google, LG, and Samsung.


In this article, we have elaborated Sprint deals for switching and other facts that will help you to analyseif Sprint is best for you. We do recommend you Sprint because it gives you great packages that include exclusive offers. It also allows you to trade-in your phone.

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