Top 6 Sprint Deals For Switching in 2023

Are the Sprint deals for switching is worthy enough? All major carriers in the US offer many lucrative deals, including free phones when you switch to their networks.

The easy and quick process of switching is beneficial for both customers and companies. Because of this system, we see competition between carriers to provide the best service at the best price.

In this promotional offer battle, we think Sprint is one step ahead of other major carriers. It’s because the Sprint deals for switching include a maximum of $650 contract buyout deal.

Hence, you can start clean when you switch to Sprint and enjoy other offers after switching. Today, we’ll talk about all switching deals available in 2023 and other deals you can enjoy after the switching.

6 Sprint deals for switching in 2023

For users of other carriers, it’s a common question that should I switch to Sprint? We don’t want to answer that because you’ll know it once you see the switching deals offered by Sprint.

Noteworthy: if you’re eligible who switch to Sprint, get $200 cash, plus a $600 savings in the first year. Another Alluring offer before it expires; switch to Sprint and get the iPhone 11 for $0/mo. Do you love android? Get the Samsung Galaxy S10+ for $0/mo with a Sprint Flex lease.

1. Sprint Contract Buyout

Do you owe a lot of money to your current carrier? Are you thinking of changing your carrier but hesitating because it will cost too much money? If the answer is yes, you must check out the Clean Slate deal from Sprint. Sprint will give you a maximum of $650 to cover most of the expenses of switching.

So, you can pay installments and early termination fees with this money. But the taxes and other fees are not included in this offer. The whole process is simple and doesn’t take much time to complete.

You’ll get a Prepaid MasterCard with which you’ll not be able to cash out. Here, you’ll not get enough information, and that’s why you should visit this official link for detailed instructions.

What you’ll need

To get the deal, you’ll need to bring your number to Sprint, trade in the phone that’s tied to the early termination fee or monthly installment charge, activate on Sprint Flex lease, and submit the necessary bill documents. After activation, complete registration, and approval, you’ll get the Prepaid MasterCard within 6 to 8 weeks.

2. Switch to Sprint and Save

Yes, you can save money on monthly lease payments for LG smartphones when you switch to Sprint. There are 2 models named LG Tribute Royal and LG Tribute Empire available that you can lease for $0 per month.

So, you won’t have to worry about spending extra money on phones when you switch to Sprint. Although, you’ll need to pay the taxes and other fees. This offer also requires purchasing a new line of service and eligible upgrades.

What you’ll need

You’ll only need to port in your current number, buy any one of the phones on a monthly installment plan, get a new line, upgrade another line, pay the taxes and fees, and you’ll be getting one of the LG phones for free for 18 months.

3. Bring Your Own Device To Sprint

On Sprint’s website, you’ll see that the Unlimited Plus costs a total of $150 for 5 lines, and the Unlimited Premium costs a total of $200 for 5 lines. This is a discounted price that you can get when you bring your own smartphone to the network. Otherwise, you’ll be charged an additional $10 per month for both plans.

Also, you can enjoy an unlimited data plan at only $15 per month for your tablet by bringing in an eligible tablet and enabling autoplay.

That’s how you save $10 per month for your tablet’s data connectivity. Another offer includes bringing an Apple Watch to Sprint and get an unlimited watch plan for only $10 per month when you opt for autopay. These offers are for a limited time, and you should check if they are still available.

What you’ll need

The offer tells everything about what you need to do. Just bring your device to Sprint and get multiple lines or a single line according to different offer’s eligibility. Pay the taxes and other monthly charges, which are not included in the pricing we stated above.

4. Unlimited Kickstart Sprint Switching offer

This is a regular unlimited everything plan that you can get when you bring your own phone or buy a new one from Sprint at the time of switching. The offer is to pay $35 per month per line for unlimited data, talk time, and text. On the other hand, you’ll require to agree on no annual contracts like some other carriers.

You can watch unlimited videos with 480p quality, stream music for up to 500Kbps, and do gaming with 2Mbps. You can see the Unlimited Kickstart offer in action.

What you’ll need

  • You’ll need to switch and bring your own device or buy a new smartphone from Sprint, get a line, buy this data plan for that line, and activate the phone. Thus, you’ll start enjoying all services from Sprint in no time.

5. 3 Free lines when you switch to Sprint

If you switch to Sprint, you can buy unlimited data plans without paying for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th lines. So, that’s 3 lines for free, and the monthly payment for those lines is $20 per line for those 3 lines. The 1st line and 2nd line will cost $60 and $40 respectively per month.

The plan includes Hulu limited commercial plan for each account, 500MB 4G data, unlimited 3G data, 480p video streaming, 500kbps music streaming, and 2Mbps gaming. So, that’s an outstanding offer for families. Scroll down to the end, and you’ll see the offer.

What you’ll need

You’ll need to switch to Sprint quickly as it is a limited-time offer, get a maximum of 5 lines per account, and opt for this plan.

After paying for the 1st and 2nd line fees (not the monthly data plan), you’ll get the 3rd, 4th, and 5th line for free. With the combination of 5 lines, you’ll be able to save a maximum of $140 per month.

6. Unlimited 55+ Switching to Sprint

This is the Sprint plan for seniors who are 55 years old or above. If you switch to Sprint, you can enjoy $50 per line for unlimited talk, text, and data. But that’s the price of regular plans, and you’re right. The offer applies when you opt for 2 lines. Now, you can get to enjoy everything unlimited for only $35 per line.

Apart from unlimited talk time, data, and text, the plan includes Global Roaming in 185+ destinations worldwide, SD video streaming, music streaming for up to 500Kbps, gaming at 2Mbps, and unlimited data sharing with a mobile hotspot. Here’s detailed information on the plan from Sprint.

What you’ll need

  • You’ll need to port in your number, get a maximum of 2 lines for the new account, and buy the Unlimited 55+ plan for both lines with autopay. Pay other taxes, fees and enjoy $35 per month per line for unlimited everything.

That’s all of the currently available Sprint deals for switching in 2023. But there are other Sprint phones and plans with limited-time offers that you’ll need after switching. So, let’s see those deals after reading about the process of switching.

How you can switch to Sprint

We’ve seen all the deals offered by Sprint when you switch to its network. But some of us don’t know the switching process, and this is for them. You can switch from T-Mobile to Sprint, switch from Verizon to Sprint, or switch from other carriers. And you’ll land on the official website from Sprint with an eligibility checking tool.

Sprint Deals For Switching


  • Firstly, you can either go to your nearest Sprint store or talk with one of their sales representatives to start the Sprint deals for switching process.

Pro Tip: Don’t cancel your current service before porting your current number to Sprint successfully. Otherwise, you’ll lose your number. Also, do the switching 4 or 5 days before your current contract’s billing month ends, which will save you money.

  • Secondly, you’ll be asked to share some information that you used before. The information includes the previously used name and address, the account number from your old service provider, the account password if there’s any, and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number or Tax ID.
  • Thirdly, you’ll need to wait for 10 to 15 minutes as the information will get verified. After successful verification, you’ll be a new customer to Sprint with your old phone number. However, for landline connections, the waiting period can be 2 to 5 working days.

That’s all about bringing in the number, but what about keep using your old device? You can know the process to keep your current phone. You’ll only need to check your device’s eligibility, buy a SIM card and a monthly plan, and activate the device. For both eligibility-check and device activation, you’ll see links on the official website.

Sprint smart device deals after you switch

After successful switching, you need a new phone if you don’t have an ancient model smartphone. These Sprint phone deals are not offered because you’re switching. So, existing customers can enjoy these offers too.

Top 6 Sprint Deals For Switching Right Now (2021 Updated)

iPhone Deals

With the “Lease One. Get One” deal, you can lease an iPhone 11 64GB or 11 Pro or 11 Pro Max and get an iPhone 11 64GB on an 18-month lease for $0. On another offer, you can lease some models with discounted monthly installments.

For iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, you can get an $8.75 discount per month for 18 months and a $15 discount for iPhone XR. Also, the latest iPhone 11 can be leased for only $15 per month with a discount of $14.17. See all the deals with detailed information.

Galaxy Deals

You’ll see discounted rates on the Galaxy smartphone lease. It’s unbelievable that you can lease a Samsung smartphone for as low as $5 per month for 18 months. There are 2 models available, and they are Galaxy A10e and Galaxy S10e.

We recommend that you go for the Galaxy S10e as it is more powerful than the A10e. There are other models too with huge discount rates. On Galaxy Note 9, you can get a 50% off while buying a Samsung smartwatch.

Pixel Deals 

To see all Google Pixel deals like “Lease One, Get One” and discounts on monthly installments. By leasing Pixel 4 or Pixel 4XL, you can get another Pixel 4 or 4XL without paying any extra money.

So, this can be a great deal for the couples out there. On the other hand, you can lease Google’s Pixel 3 for more than a 50% discount. So, the monthly installment amount will be $10 only.

LG Deals

You’ve seen that there are 2 LG phones available for a $0 monthly lease at the beginning. Now, you can see other models that you can get with discounted monthly payments.

With only a $25 down payment and $5 per month, you can use LG Stylo 5 for 18 months. Also, G8 Thinq, Stylo 4, G8X ThinQ, and V40 ThinQ don’t cost more than $15 per month. So, choose the one you like without worrying much about the amount.

5G Phone Deals

If your city has 5G coverage by Sprint, you must see these 5G phone deals. All of these are flagship phones from Samsung, LG, and OnePlus.

With a $22.67 discount, you can lease the V50 ThinQ at only $19 for 18 months. The OnePlus 7 Pro will cost you only $20 per month, and the Galaxy S10 5G will cost $39 per month. Save big amounts on the latest 5G phones.

Tablet Deals

If you want an iPad or Galaxy Tab for a free 18-month lease, this portion is for you. The supply is limited, and you Save big amounts.

With a new line on a qualifying tablet plan and 24 monthly installment billing agreement, you can get the iPad 7th Gen 32GB for free. On the other hand, you can also get Galaxy Tab A10.1 or Galaxy Tab A8.0 on the same agreement as iPad.

Smart Watch Deals

There are several smartwatches available on a lease agreement without any down payment. The monthly payment of these selected models is also discounted by 50%.

The selected models are Apple Watch 5, Galaxy Watch Active2, Apple Watch Nike + Series 3, Apple Watch Series 4 Sport Band, Apple Watch Series 4 Nike+, and Apple Watch Sport Band Series 3. Don’t miss out on the deal and before the stock runs out.

You won’t own these phones by taking the leasing offers, but you can use these flagship phones for a really low price and upgrade when a new model becomes available.

So, that’s a win-win situation for you and Sprint at the same time. If you think smartphones still have too much price after the discounts, you can check out other cheap Sprint phones for sale.

Sprint phone plans after you switch

Now, only getting a phone won’t be enough until you get a line, buy a suitable plan, and activate the phone.

The unlimited data plans from Sprint are one of the best data plans in the market. That’s why we’ve gathered the phone plans that you’ll need after switching.

Sprint phone plans after you switch

Unlimited Basic

This plan is costlier considering it to buy for a single line. But it gets way cheaper than other major carriers when you buy it for 5 lines.

Comparing other carriers’ unlimited basic plans, you can save a maximum of $600 per month. All it needs is a new account which you’ll have after you switch.

Unlimited Plus

The Unlimited Plus costs less compared with the Basic plan as you can get a lot more with only $10 extra per month. So, it is wise to go for this plan which costs $70 for the 1st line and $150 for the 5 lines.

Unlimited Premium

With $10 more than Unlimited Plus, you can buy Unlimited Premium. It allows you to share 100GB of 4G data with your mobile hotspot, which is more than enough for a heavy user. Finally, you can get this plan for 5 lines spending only $200 per month save $200.

Other Plans

The other plans include less costly data plans with limited 4G data. You can start at $40 per month with unlimited talk, text, and mobile hotspot. There are other plans which you can check out from.

Final Verdict

The only lacking is that there are no Sprint deals for switching that include free or discounted phones. Don’t misunderstand as there are amazing deals available on the online store. But those can be bought by any Sprint subscriber. So, nothing exclusive about getting phone deals for switching.

However, please don’t get disheartened because there are other very generous offers you’ve seen initially, and we believe that the Sprint Deals For Switching is from other carriers are worthy enough.