Top 6 Sprint Buy One Get One Free Offers 2023

Have you been searching for the appropriate Sprint buy one get one free offer lately? Each term, the company comes up with lucrative deals to cater to the clients’ needs. But the Sprint BOGO deals come with different terms and conditions. The company has exclusive plans for their existing customers as well as the new ones.

Different carrier companies in the US come up with various phone-exchange discounts and incredible deals on smartphones. But seldom will you come across offers as attractive and profitable as the buy one get one offers.

One of the telecommunications companies that dominate the market with such offers is Sprint Corporation. It is an eminent name in the telecommunications world for offering outstanding internet data packs in the market. But what set this company apart from its competitors are its Sprint deals for switching and the new customers.

Do you want more information regarding these Sprint deals? Then, here are some intricate details about these offers along with a detailed guideline for your reference:

Top 6 Sprint Buy One Get One Free Offers 2023

The company has recently launched some of the never-seen-before BOGO offers for its new and existing clients.

You get to choose the plans at your convenience and get amazing offers on select smartphones available on their website. Here are the best Sprint offers for your reference:

1. Sprint Save Big On Your Apple iPhone 11 Series

Sprint Save Big On Your Apple iPhone 11 Series

Sprint if offering you a BOGO offer on the exclusive iPhone 11 range for trade-in devices. If you are a Sprint user and aiming to exchange your old phone for the new one, it is ideal for you.

The phone is available in both 64 GB and 128 GB variants. Also, you get to choose from a wide range of funky colors as per your taste. The handsets are available in black, purple, white, and red.

If you order online, you get free shipping within 3 to 5 working days. By trading your old phone for the new one, you get another one free of any charges.

However, if you have no old phones to trade-in, make sure to check the availability of the offer with the company policy.

Also, the company has strict rules for a credit check before finalizing its customers’ financial agreement. The ones with an outstanding credit score get the best Sprint plans.

2. Grab Sprint BOGO offer on Samsung Galaxy S10+

Grab Sprint BOGO offer on Samsung Galaxy S10+

The next one on the list of Sprint BOGO deals is the fantastic deal on the selected Samsung galaxy S10+ series. The handset is available in elegant prism black color along with 128 GB internal memory.

One of the reasons why these deals are popular among the customers is that it allows the users to choose their deals and customize them as per their requirements.

However, you need to get through a credit check before you can get this deal from the company. Remember that you need to select both the devices and plans according to your necessity to get the offer.

Along with the BOGO offer, the company also offers easy monthly installment plans for the clients to pay for the handset without any problems.

3. Sprint BOGO Offer on Apple iPhone XS Max

Sprint BOGO Offer on Apple iPhone XS Max

What if you could get yourself and your spouse an iPhone XS Max and pay only for one handset? It might be an excellent yet unrealistic offer for you.

However, it is entirely accurate for the Sprint customers who want to trade-in their old devices for the new iPhone XS Max series phones.

Sprint is offering easy EMIs as well as BOGO offers on an exclusive range of Apple iPhone XS Max along with free shipping.

You get to choose your plan accordingly and get into a 24-month contract with the company. You can also pay the entire amount, as the retail price is $999.99 only for the day.

In case you choose the EMI plan, you need to pay $16.66 monthly for 24 months. All these offers apply to the new Sprint connections, and you can get up to $ 350 off when you get one. The Sprint new and old customers are eligible for an instant discount as well.

4. Buy One and Do Not Pay For The Next iPhone 6S

Sprint Buy One Get One Free Deals - iPhone 6S

Sprint buy one get one free? Yes, you read it right. The Sprint customers can now get one iPhone 6S handset free with their connection.

All you must do is get a new iPhone 6S handset for the company’s website at as low as $31.25 per month EMI. It is available for 24 months billing cycle.

However, once you start the payment, you get another similar handset completely free of Sprint charges.

The offer is applicable for the new connections, and the credit will be applied only after two appropriate invoices.

Remember that if you decide to terminate the plan early, you might have to pay the entire amount for the phones. But in case you want the offer right now, do not forget to give their customer care a call today.

5. Sprint Pixel 3 XL For Free

Sprint Google Pixel 3 XL deals

Google Pixel 3XL is quite popular among gadget lovers. But the handset is available at higher prices in the market.

Sprint is keen on providing its customers with the luxury of enjoying life with such top-rated handsets. That is why this company has come up with EMI and BOGO offers for its old and new clients.

You need to get a new connection from the company to enjoy such benefits. The first handset is available for easy installment plans for as low as $30 for 24 months. You can pay the entire amount at-a-go or divide it in monthly installments as per your choices.

6. BOGO Offer on iPhone 7 Plus Buy one Get one free

Sprint Buy One Get One Free Deals - iPhone 7 Plus

The last offer on this list of Sprint BOGO deals is the one available on iPhone 7 plus series. You can lease the iPhone 7 Plus handset for $27.92 per month and get the iPhone 7 for $0.00.

However, you need to wait till two credit invoices to get the appropriate deal on your second handset.

Do note that you need to get an 18-month lease agreement and two new connections from the company. Or you can get one upgrade and one new Sprint connection to get this offer on your favorite iPhone handsets. Either way, you need to get your credit score checked by the company to get the appropriate deal without any hassles.

How To Get Sprint Buy One Get One Free Offer?

The primary thing to know about these BOGO offers is that these are available solely for the Sprint customers. That means the company provides these benefits to their existing customers only.

You need to be a user of the company’s internet data plan to get such lucrative offers from time to time. But, there are always some adequate prospects for the new users as well.

The company focuses on getting more subscribers every day. That is why there is always a new plan available for new customers. All you have to do is choose the deal and identify the eligibility criteria of these offers.

If you are already an existing Sprint user, you need to check whether it applies to your benefits or not. If you want to switch to Sprint’s plans, then it is advisable to follow the norms accordingly to get the maximum benefits. However, here is a step-by-step guideline for the customers to get the Sprint BOGO offer:

Contact Customer Care

Whether you know the offer already or a new customer, you need to call the customer care helpline to know more information.

In case you can visit the local store, it is advisable to meet them personally to understand the different kinds of BOGO offers available for you.

But given the COVID-19 situation, you can also contact the Sprint customer care via phone. All you must do is ask them about the eligibility criteria and check your plan accordingly. If it applies to your Sprint plan, you are eligible for applying to the offer without any hassles.

Upgrade and Update

The company representatives are always looking out for new customers. Even if you are already one, you can upgrade your plans to get different Sprint benefits. If you plan to do so at the end of the month, it could be quite beneficial for you.

That is because; these representatives are desperate to provide the customers with new benefits and thereby upgrade their plans for their commission.

Why not utilize such deals and get hefty discounts on your favorite Apple iPhone series? You can even add a few accessories to your list while you update the plan and switch to a new one. Do not forget to check out the fantastic Sprint deals for existing customers as well.


Nothing can ever match your research skills. That is why even if you already know Sprint’s existing plans, you need to know more about it. That means researching the ongoing and upcoming Sprint plans for new and old customers.

Compare the benefits as well as the prices of the handsets along with the different criteria. If you are aiming for updating your handset or get a BOGO offer, it is essential to find the most affordable one for your ongoing data package. Customer care can help you with relevant information about the trending Sprint BOGO deals. However, researching these offers can guide you to choose the best offer for your benefit.

Cancel the Odds

You must have an existing contract with the company. But if you wish to get another new connection or plan, you need to cancel the ongoing one. If you have switched to a different one, it is essential to cancel out the previous contract to avoid any confusion later.

Apart from that, one must cancel whatever isn’t required for the plan or the offer. Call up the disconnection department and know the legal procedure of how you can cancel the irrelevant services added in your contract.

The best aspect of these conversations is that the representative will always come up with excellent offers to retain their customers.

Once you let them know that you no longer wish to get these services, the company officials would offer you exclusive data offers, calling plans, easy upgrades, BOGO offers, etc.

It is entirely up to the Sprint customer as to which offer would be profitable for sticking around with the connection. Make sure to go through the available deals for your Sprint connection before you agree to the company terms.

Get a Phone

If you wish to get Sprint to buy one get one free deal, you need to buy a phone first. Check out the company’s website to know the different types of ongoing BOGO offers on its selected range of handsets. Select the one that is profitable for you and purchase it at the retail price provided by the company.

According to the offer, the next phone will be available to you entirely free of any charges. You will get the handset lower at a price among the two as a gift from the company and pay only for one phone. But the terms and conditions are quite essential for the success of the deal.

Clear Out Payments

In case you have any outstanding bills, you would not get the appropriate offer from the company. That is why call the company representative and show them the cleared phone bills and that you are a loyal customer for a specified period. That will help you to bag the best deal from the representative without any hassles.

Once you have made the payments and shown all your credentials, you are set to get the offer on your next handset. But in case you are looking for upgrading the old handset for a new one, you need to check the handset before submission.

In case of injuries, you need to report it to the representative. Also, make sure to let them know that you didn’t cause these defects. It is advisable to come clean with the deals to get maximum benefits from the company.

The company also has an exclusive Sprint plan for seniors, along with the ongoing BOGO offers. Do check these offers out and then proceed accordingly to get the appropriate Sprint plan for your family.

Final Verdict

You may have seen many companies offering BOGO offers in the market. But getting exclusive BOGOO deals on your old handset is quite a unique one.

Sprint is a reliable name in the industry that delivers you with the best facilities, but many types of BOGO offers for both current and new clients.

But selecting these sprint buy one get one free offers is quite tricky as well. That is because these are available on the top-rated branded smartphones only for the Sprint customers. If you are already on a plan, then it might be profitable for you.

But if you aren’t, then you need to sign up for a new connection before you can apply to the specific deal. Find the best Sprint plan for your family today to get the appropriate Sprint to buy one get one free in no time!