How To Sprint Bring Your Own Phone – must consider before switch

Sprint is one of the major networks among the top four in American telecommunications companies. It provides multiple plans and also offers free phones when you switch.

Sprint is the cheapest carrier among Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. Sprint’s network coverage and data speeds are very low compared to the others. But Sprint provides alluring plans for the customers at a cheaper rate. Are you curious to know how Sprint bring your own phone?

Seeing this, most people now want to switch to Sprint by keeping their own device. Sprint wireless carriers save your money and use the nationwide 4G LTE Sprint Network.

These carriers are called Mobile Virtual Network Operators. This saves you money besides giving you freedom. In this case, you won’t be tied up to one carrier due to phone payments.

How To Sprint Bring Your Own Phone – must consider before switch

So, you can switch Sprint at any time and can cancel if you are unhappy with this career. Most the users think that it is very tough to switch a carrier by keeping their own device. But no. It is quite easier than you think. Let’s have a look to switch Sprint bring your own phone.

Steps of Sprint Bring Your Own Phone

  • You have to make sure that your device is unlocked.
  • You should check compatibility. To know whether your phone is compatible for Sprint or not. 
  • You have to choose the right Sprint Plan. Because each carrier offers something different in terms of plans and features. 
  • You can order your SIM card from Sprint.
  • Then when you receive your SIM card, activate it online.

   Benefits of Sprint

  • Call service on the same nationwide 4G LTE Sprint network you are accustomed to. 
  • You will get cheaper cell phone plans- typically more than 50% less.
  • Bring Your Own Phone and keep your phone number.
  • As it is a custom plan so you only pay for what you actually need.
  • The most important part of this is to switch sprint to your own phone you won’t have to contract, check credit, or commitments.
  • Sprint’s customer service is great.
  • It is easy to sign up by ordering a SIM card activation kit online.

When You do Upgrade- Considered a Renovated Sprint Phone

Once everyone wants to have a free cell phone. But now you have got a better option for bringing your own phone to your wireless plan with multiple plans.

You can go through bringing your own device as long as it is compatible with your new carrier. If you need a new phone then you can buy a renovated phone with 50% retail price.

Sprint Bring Your Own Phone

Which phones are compatible with Sprint?

  • Moto e4 and e4 plus.
  • Apple iPhone 7,7plus,8, 8 plus and x.
  • Apple iPhone 6,6s and 6plus.
  • Google Pixel.
  • Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+
  • Samsung Galaxy special editions S7,S8,S8+,S9 and S9+.

FAQs of Sprint Bring Your Own Phone?

Can I buy an unlocked phone and use it with Sprint?

Yes. You can buy an unlocked phone from a third party. Be guaranteed this Unlocked phone is a part of the CDMA network otherwise it won’t work with Sprint. Many phones that use traditional SIM cards are part of the GSM network that includes AT&T and T-Mobile. So before purchase you should check it.

Is Sprint a good network?

Sprint has the weakest coverage among four major networks. Sprint has 27% coverage where AT&T has 58% coverage. Even though Sprint is more expensive than other carriers and has less coverage and data speeds than the best networks. But if you live in the Sprint coverage area then perhaps you will be able to get the best coverage.

Can I use a Sprint Phone on the T-Mobile network?

According to fact, it’s possible to use a Sprint phone on T-Mobile or AT&T’s GSM networks, if your device is LTE capable or an iPhone. You can also use many Verizon phones on Sprint if they are unlocked. Verizon LTE devices are unlocked by defect which means that devices like the iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are unlocked and can be used on Sprint.

Can Sprint unlock my iPhone?

If you purchased a new iPhone after february 2015, then Sprint automatically unlocks your iPhone for domestic not for international use when it becomes eligible. You don’t have to contact customer service or make any kind of unlock request. The unlock application will be automatically.

Can I take your SIM card out and put it in another phone?

Yes, you can take the SIM card out and put it into another phone. If someone calls in your number the new phone will ring. You can also put a different SIM card in your unlocked phone and your phone will then work with another phone number and your account is linked to that card.

Can you use an unlocked phone with Sprint?

No. Only particular devices are compatible with Sprint CDMA and LTE networks. You can search menial online to unlock your phone. Additionally, you can purchase an unlocked phone from a third party. One thing you have to know is that T-Mobile and AT&T are compatible with each other. Sprint and Verizon are compatible carriers as they work in the same network.

Does Sprint work with GSM phones?

Yes, Sprint works with GSM phones. But not all carriers and not all your phones will work with every carrier because all carriers have different features. Cell phone carriers use two types of technology to connect your phone to their network. They are GSM and CDMA. Sprint and Verizon phones use CDMA technology. But sometimes they work with GSM phones. This means that they sometimes don’t with GSM networks.

 Final Verdict

Sprint Bring Your Own Phone has several merits like it helps you to stop paying premium prices for your phone and your mobile service. Bring your own phone save your $1000 on a new phone.  Bring your own phone also save up to 50% on a renovated smartphone when it’s time to buy a new phone.

Bring your own phone save your money a lot on your cell phone data plan with a Sprint MVNO. You can sell your old phone.

So who wants to switch sprint bring your own phone they can have a look on this overview.