Top 5 Simple Telephones For The Elderly in 2023

You may not even look at the features when you buy any land phone for everyone at your home. But when it comes to your senior member at home, then you need to be careful and make sure which features need to come first.

Land phone these days comes with lots of variation with shapes, colors, and features. But when you buy simple telephones for the elderly then make sure a few features are included there.

Normally, elder people tend to be nearsighted and they seldom hear reduced sounds around them. Hence the phone has to be bigger with visible numbers and louder to hear while speaking.

In this article, we will let you know what features to consider and what features not to consider. Hopefully, at the end of the article, you will get to know what makes a land phone worthy to buy.

5 Simple Telephones For The Elderly In 2023

Elder people require a special phone that I have already mentioned. But try to know which things come first and which goes last Bigger buttons and louder sound with clarity are a must and what next? To know let’s talk about 5 simple telephones for the elderly below.

1. JeKaVis JF11W Corded Phone

Simple Telephones For The Elderly - JeKaVis JF11W Corded Phone

JeKaVis JF11W Big Button Corded Phone for those who are nearsighted and thus have low vision also, hearing problems. 

The seniors who have Alzheimer’s and Parkinson, require some special landline phone which is loud enough to make sure easy visibility the big buttons are the real ace.

Key Features of the JeKaVis JF11W phone

  • it is perfect for the visually impaired person with a minimum hearing problem.
  • The large amplified phone also has speed dialing mode so the call automatically sends to the respective numbers.
  • it is handy for wall mountable however, you need to install it for that.
  • Bigger keypads and bigger fonts help those who have low vision.
  • Hands-Free mode lets elderly people speak without holding the phone and it is loud to hear.
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When you can see one of your elder members in the family is using it, they can easily operate it. Because of the dialing mode, touch speed, volume controlling is just perfect what they preferred to be.

The keypad surface occupies a big space and is not only limited to that but also, the font is so huge to easily appear to them.

If any elder people are unable to hear within the phone then that person switches it to the handsfree. Ironically, the handsfree is loud enough so your next-door neighbor can even hear. The other regular functionalities are also available like home, hold auto mode, store, redial and flash operation.

2. HePesTer P-02

HePesTer P-02

HePesTer P-02 has each and every feature to be a landline phone for a senior person. Before jumping into the common features that every elderly phone does have let’s talk about the unique one.

Key Features of the HePesTer P-02 phone 

  • It has 1.1″ size of large buttons with visible big fonts
  • Total 10 groups of speed dial memory are easily send to the respective memory numbers and that is fast
  • The volume control is easy and it is loud with handsfree mode.
  • It can be used for emergency use especially when the power shuts off.
  • Easy to operate and answer the phone with 2 answering methods.
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If the power gets shut down in your home still this phone will run since it can be used for an emergency reason and that’s the main attention of it.

Apart from this, it has a bigger keypad with larger fonts and thus it is easily visible to senior people. Depending on your hearing power you can adjust the volume as loud, louder, or the loudest mode.

Moreover, you can also adjust it within the handset, ringer or speakerphone.  T 10 two-touch speed dial allows calling to the desired numbers in no times

The amplified volume produces at least 40 dB and more than that who is unable to hear that level. The other necessary features like hold, tone, redial, and LED flashlight are also available there.

By the way, the LED flashlight will increase user-friendliness to a great extent. Last but not least, if you want to mount it on the wall then a simple installation process may require it.

3. Emerson EM300WH Big Button Phone

Simple Telephones For The Elderly - Emerson EM300WH Big Button Phone

The Emerson  Corded Phone was brought by a USA company with a smart design that is just perfect for elder people or disabled people. It comes to the users with a bigger button and the button is easily visible to them with large fonts.

Key Features of the Emerson EM300WH Phone

  • The numbers of this phone are 1.25 inches and appear like postage stamps.
  • In case of a power shortage or outage, it comes handy to use so no worries for a hard time.
  • Hands-free speakerphone mode is easy to go by just one click and allows space to use in great ease.
  • Flash, speed dial, ringer volume control, and other functionalities make it worthy to buy.
  • It can easily be mounted to the wall and the installation is so easy.
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More or less, every senior people around us wants to have a phone that is large at the same time easy to operate. The Emerson landline telephone looks sleek and is a recommended corded phone that everyone should keep simple telephones for the elderly.

The main attention of it is user-friendliness and it is not a technologically challenging device like another regular landline phone.

As you bring it for seniors they don’t love to use that has tons of features rather some features would be great like speed dialing mode, hold, redial, flash mode, and so on.

It can easily be mounted to the wall, if necessary. Moreover, the hands-free mode provides extra room for people who have some sort of hearing problem.

The surface of the land phone is mostly occupied with bigger fonts. Overall it can offer more than anyone assumes it to be.

4. Trimline Corded Phone

Trimline Corded Phone

Trimline Corded Phone comes with an amazing design like crimson red. So before going to the features of it, you will agree that the design will surprise your elder parents to use, which means they will just love the appearance of it.

Apart from this, the main attention of it is the loudness that makes it great for impaired people.

Key Features of the Trimline Corded Phone

  • Specially designed for people who have damaged hearings with the help of Volume XL Amplifier.
  • Ringer alert strobe light helps and the extra loud functioning never allows you to miss a call.
  • The backlit buttons have light so that it helps to track or make a call at night at the same time it is easy to read.
  • It comes with an amazing design, lightweight and different colors
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If a person has a serious hearing issue then, this phone would be the best for him. Besides, it is small in size and thus lightweight. People who have arthritis at old age can easily grip it.

The ringer alert is set to the loudest mode so anybody can sleep even if someone is deeply asleep.  The default size is available in red, however, it is also available in blue and black colors.

The lighted dial mode helps to make it visible even in the dark so thanks to the manufacturer for this smart design. The backlit keypad is attached to the receiver.

You can easily on and off the electronic ringer that is located on the base. Also, the high low volume controller is located on the handset along with the ring alert strobe light.

5. AT&T CL4940 CL4940 Corded Speakerphone

Simple Telephones For The Elderly - AT&T CL4940 CL4940 Corded Speakerphone

The last phone on our list is the loudest while you will speak on it and thus it is called speakerphone. Now guess what how loud it is! Another specialty of it is to have a call waiting option so you can easily track if someone else makes a call to you.

Key Features of the AT&T CL4940 CL4940 Speakerphone

  • It is high end corded phone with big buttons make it easy to track the numbers on the keypad.
  • It comes with a large tilt display that makes it visible even in the dark.
  • 25 minutes of digital recording helps to track your phone when you are not available at home.
  • An amazingly lightweight device that comes less than 3 pounds, and based on loudest speakerphone.
  • Call waiting and caller ID feature allow more flexibility while using as an elderly person.
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Besides, the caller Id option will easily let the user know who is on the call. So, you can assume it to be a bit sophisticated but not that much to make a senior technologically challenged.

The tilt display helps to navigate the user to track who is calling along with the name of that particular person.

The caller Id makes it digital and you can track a person who called you yesterday. Besides, it has a digital recording that saves the recording and let you know about the audio massaging.

So, if a senior person is unable to receive the call that person will come to know who called them with the left audio messages.

Final Verdict

Every phone we have brought to you has more or less common features that are big buttons and loudspeakers to hear. It has to be the common feature of simple telephones for the elderly.

Besides, some features like redial, flash, hold, and hands-free mode come as the second most important thing to consider. After going through, all of them you can buy one of your preferred ones that can serve your senior member’s purpose.