Best 5 Senior Citizen Discount Cell Phone Plans

Unlimited high-speed data, high-quality video streaming facilities, a smooth and consistent network for online gaming are the attractive features of data plans. But, that isn’t needed in the case of seniors. They require simple basics with senior citizen discount cell phone plans.

According to research, around 97 percent of people in their 50’s or above have a cell phone. But, the internet service for these devices can be pretty expensive, costing $70 per month.

And, those plans also have some exclusive perks which are of no use for some seniors. Some elders may like to talk with their grandchildren online and use the internet; others may not need the internet. Keeping all of these in mind, here are the five best senior citizen discount cell phone plans for you.

Best 5 Senior Citizen Discount Cell Phone Plans

The plans I included in this list vary depending on your needs. If you are a mobile-savvy senior, you can find unlimited plans with a lot of excellent features. Also, if you are someone who just needs your phone for little use, there are flexible plans.

1. Verizon 55 Plus Unlimited plan

Selecting a reliable carrier as a carrier is a great way to always stay connected with your loved ones. Verizon, in this case, could be your preference. They have quite a few plans for people of 55 or above, but I would like to specifically focus on the Verizon wireless senior citizen discount plan.

Senior Citizen Discount Cell Phone Plans - Verizon

The Verizon 55 plus offers unlimited talk, text, and data starting at $60 a month for a single line or $80 for two lines. The plan is pretty expensive, but it also comes with some wonderful perks too.

With the plan, you get unlimited mobile hotspots, which means you can use multiple users’ devices with a single plan. And, if you love to travel, Verizon offers unlimited talk, text, and data to and from Mexico and Canada.

Features of Verizon 55 Plus Unlimited plan

  • Unlimited messaging, calling, and 4G LTE data.
  • Unlimited mobile hotspot data limited to 3G speed.
  • Verizon Up rewards.
  • Unlimited calling, texting, and data to and from Mexico and Canada.
  • Limited to two lines.

But, there are some restrictions with the Verizon cell phone plans for seniors, which you need to retain in mind. Firstly, the plan is only for people over 55 years and older. And, customers’ billing address must be in Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Texas, or Detroit, Michigan.

Moreover, you need at least one cell phone in your account, and the maximum line per account is two.

Verizon’s 55+ Unlimited Plan is a great way if you keep connecting with your loved ones without any limitations. If you are a participant in any government assistance program, you can also take advantage of that.

With high-speed data, unlimited mobile hotspots, and other perks, you will enjoy the senior citizen cell phone plans a lot. So, this is my number one recommendation for mobile-savvy seniors.

Comes at a significant discount (compared to other unlimited Verizon plans).
4G LTE data without any limitation.
Unlimited mobile hotspot.
Still pretty expensive.
Need to AutoPay to get the best price.
There is a residency restriction.
Video streaming is limited to SD quality.

2. T-Mobile Essentials 55 Plus

T-Mobile is the only carrier with three unlimited plans for seniors, including T-Mobile Essentials 55 Plus, Magenta 55 Plus, and Magenta Plus Unlimited 55. All the plans here have different perks and internet speed, but they all offer unlimited speed.

Senior Citizen Discount Cell Phone Plans - T Mobile unlimited 55

The Essential 55 Plus plan provides the most value among the three, and it’s also the most affordable senior citizen discount cell phone plans. Prices of the plan start at $40 each month for a single line and are $55 when you sign-up for two lines. Just keep in mind, the price doesn’t include taxes or other fees.

You get unlimited 4G LTE data, text, and talk without any speed cap or restriction with the plan. As for perks, it includes an unlimited mobile hotspot for using multiple devices and scam protection. But, the hotspot is limited to 3G speed.

However, the senior citizen discount t mobile plan limits your video streaming at SD quality, and for Canada or Mexico travelers, the speed is only 2G. But, the Magenta 55+ and Magenta Plus 55+ solve these issues.

Features Of The T-Mobile Essentials 55 Plus

  • Unlimited 4G LTE data, text, and talk.
  • Unlimited Mobile hotspot data at 3G speed.
  • Unlimited 2G data in Mexico and Canada.
  • SD quality video streaming.

The Essentials 55 Plus is an excellent and affordable plan. But, it has few limitations on video streaming quality and mobile hotspot. If you love on steaming and similar service, you should upgrade to one of the Magenta plans. Moreover, those plans also offer Netflix basic subscriptions.

A very affordable plan.
No contract is required.
Get 5G internet without spending extra money.
Has alternatives.
Hotspot speed is available only at 3G speed.
2G speed is for Mexico and Canada.
Up to SD quality streaming.

3. AT&T Unlimited 55+ Senior Plan

Being one of the world’s largest telecommunications and cell phone service providers, AT&T has a huge variety of plans. But, the reason for them to be on this list is their wide range of plans which suit seniors from tech-savvy to simple users.


The unlimited 55+ plan from AT&T is quite similar to Verizon. Prices start with the same $ 60 for a single line per month and $80 for the double line ($40/ line).

You get unlimited 5 G data, unlimited text, and talk. But, keep in mind, the price shown on their website doesn’t include taxes and additional fees.

You can find some differences between the plan of Verizon and AT&T. Firstly, Verizon’s data speed is 4G LTE, whereas AT&T offers 5G data with the plan, wherever available. But, you aren’t allowed for hotspot data.

However, you can use the 5G network of this phone in the US, Mexico, and Canada. Moreover, texting in more than 120 countries is entirely free.

Features Of AT&T Unlimited 55+ Senior Plan

  • Offers unlimited 5G data, unlimited text, and talk.
  • Message up to 120 countries without any cost.
  • Unlimited 5G data available in Mexico/Canada.
  • HD-quality video streaming.

Even though the price of the AT&T cell phone plans for seniors is a little expensive, with the consistent and high-speed network of AT&T, everything is worthwhile. But, not everyone is eligible for the plan. As a 55+ plan, the package is only for the people at their 55 or above.

And, the senior needs a Florida billing address, which means the plan is only for Florida residents. You also need a senior’s phone as the owner of the account, and the line is limited to 2.

Unlimited 5G data.
Discount for the people of Florida.
Allowed to text in more than 120 countries.
Pretty expensive plan.
Not available for the whole USA.
No hotspot included.

4. T-Mobile PayGo Plan

If the seniors need a phone that won’t have the data, text, minutes, or features that you neven use, T-Mobile’s PayGo plan would be perfect for them.

Senior Citizen Discount Cell Phone Plans - T-Mobile

The plan isn’t offered by T-Mobile, instead via Ultra Mobile, but as it runs on the T-mobile network and is only available in T-Mobile stores, it’s technically T-mobile’s.

The plan runs on the 4G LTE and 5G network of T-Mobile. The service is excellent if you need a limited wireless service or a plan for an emergency.

For only $3, you get 100 minutes for calling, 100 texts, and 100 MB 5G data. As reaching the limit, additional minutes, data, and text will cost more depending on the tier of the user.

After the limit, every additional minute and data will cost 3 cents, while one cent for each text. You can buy a one-day or seven days pass if you know when you will need extra data or text. Single-day data passes cost $5 for 500 MB and $10 for 1GB data.

Moreover, you can purchase a day of unlimited text and call for only $2. Users need to purchase a top-up plan every 90 days to keep their account and phone number active.

These plans can be suitable options for seniors who depend on mobile phones often or have a landline. It does not only save a lot of money from wasting on never-used data and features but also offers you extra in case you need it.

5. AT&T Daily plans

AT&T daily plan excellent option for the seniors, where they only need to pay for the day they use the internet. For only $2, you get access to unlimited text and call for the day, and you can use it at your heart’s content.

And, if you don’t need to use your phone for the next day, you don’t need to pay a single penny. If the seniors go out for a few days a month, the plan will perfectly suit them.

They can just purchase the plan for that day and can keep in contact with their loved ones. The plan also lets you use data, which will cost $1 for 100 MB.

The account balance expires if you don’t regularly add money. And, the expiration date can range from 30 days to one year, based on the loading amount.

Final Verdict

There need to be some factors to consider when selecting a mobile plan for seniors. Most senior citizens discount cell phone plans are affordable, have decent flexibility, no contract required, and often come with unique benefits.

Some large carriers like AT&T and Verizon have discounts for seniors or plans for a specialty for an age group. But, both their plans are limited only to Florida residents.

T-mobile is the only exception that offers senior citizen discount cell phone plans for all states. And, they have three unlimited plans for people over the age of 55.

That doesn’t mean seniors only have unlimited options. Many carriers have low price plans with limited amounts of data, minutes, and text. Ultra Mobile’s pay-per-go plan can be an excellent choice for them. Without that, Mint Mobile and Tello also have some incredible things to offer.

So, first, decide how you use your mobile phone and decide on any of these plans. If you have certification from any government assistance program, you can get more discounts.