Top 10 Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade 2021 – Complete Guide

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What does it mean by Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade?
Q Link Wireless offers free monthly wireless phone service for eligible users and this includes free talk, data and text. Q Link Wireless is a leading provider of Lifeline services. It offers all qualified customers a free smartphone and free wireless phone service month after month. An upgrade means you may already have a Qlink Wireless subscription but you only have a basic phone. Upgrading is simply using a better, faster, more efficient phone.

Top 10 Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade 2021 - LG Nexus 5 D820

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade – Why?

There are different possible reasons why you may need to replace or upgrade your QLink Wireless phone. You may want to replace your phone if the one that you have was stolen, lost or broken. You may also consider an upgrade, especially if there are cool smartphone models to take advantage of.

Aside from a replacement because of a  lost or stolen phone, you may also replace your phone in the form of an upgrade. When you sign up with QLink Wireless, you will be receiving a basic phone. However, if you do not like the features of this phone you can upgrade to a newer, and more advanced model. The updated version will depend on the availability of phone models. Aside from these, you will also be charged with a replacement fee depending on the model that you choose.

If this is what you want, contact QLink right away to take advantage of special offers and discounts. Qlink Wireless offers limited offer freebies and special offers including free minutes and free data for those who want to upgrade their devices.

The availability of a certain model is not guaranteed. For a replacement transaction for Qlink wireless phone upgrade, a replacement fee of $25 is included. This is because you want to upgrade Qlink wireless compatible to a newer and more advanced model compared to the phone that you got from Qlink for free. For your assistance you can find latest Qlink compatible phones here.

How to get your Qlink Wireless phone replaced?  

If your phone is lost or stolen, call Lifeline immediately to report the device at once. If it is stolen or lost, you are still responsible for paying any charges that may have been incurred while your phone is in use. Therefore it is very important to report the case ASAP. After reporting, the service on the device will then be suspended to prevent use and to prevent further charges to the number or device. Reporting is free of charge but a replacement fee that you need to pay, but it is at a reasonable replacement fee of $20 is required.

The replacement phone will be shipped to you in a day or 24 business hours upon the receipt of payment. When you get a new phone, the model of phone that you will get as replacement for lost or stolen phone will be according to your device. If you do not want to use a phone with updated features then you need a  basic phone.

If the replacement phone is an upgrade, the model you will be upgrading into will also depend on what is available. You may want to check QLink’s official website to find out about the models which were previously provided as replacement models. The services that you had before will also be continued but you can also upgrade these.

On the other hand, if you want to come to the Qlink Network by switching from a different cell phone carrier and associate your previous number with the Qlink’s latest cell phone model, then follow the below Qlink Wireless phone upgrade procedure.

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade Process For Any iPhone or Android Network

If you want to connect to the Qlink Wireless Network, you will have to follow the steps below. But at first you have to make sure that your phone is compatible with Qlink Wireless.

Check your phone’s compatibility

Bring your own phone program assumes you bring the phone of your choice to your compatible network. Enter your IMEI, MEID or ESN on your iPhone to see if you are eligible for the BYOP program. 

Qlink Setup

Confirm your phone’s compatibility at one time. If you need a SIM card kit then you can get it. If you do so we will forward it to you for free. If you think you don’t need a SIM card then we will activate your phone without delay.

Activate Your Phone

To ensure that your phone is activated you have to follow these steps;

  • Insert your Qlink SIM card into your phone.
  • Execute a network reset on your phone.
  • Download My Mobile Account App and log in using your phone number.
  • To complete activation call to 305-260-6232.

In this way your smartphone will connect to the Qlink Wireless Network.

To execute an iPhone Update

  • You have to tap the green phone icon from your home screen.
  • Then dial ##873283#.
  • After tapping the green phone icon the OK to start upgrading.
  • Tap OK if upgrading is completed.

To execute an iPhone Network Reset

  • Ensure your mobile data and go to settings then select Qlink Wireless then Tap the green button.
  • To execute a network reset first you have to go to settings >General>Scroll Down>Then Tap Reset>Tap Network Reset Settings.
  • Enter your iPhone password.
  • From Your home screen tap the green phone icon.
  • Dial #25327#.
  • Then Tap OK to finish the upgrade.

To Perform an Android Network Reset

  • Tap the phone icon from the home screen.
  • Tap ##72786.
  • Tap Yes to accept updates.
  • Then your phone will restart at one time for upgrading.

Here are the Top 10 Qlink Wireless Upgrade Phones of 2021

Remember that although all these phones are available for replacement or upgrade, the phone you will get depends on the availability of the phone as well. A basic phone will be given for free, while smartphones are for upgrades or replacements.

1. QLink’s upgrade phone ZTE Legacy

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - QLink’s ZTE Legacy

Why upgrade to this existing phone?

The Legacy (N817) model from ZTE is one of the most stunning smartphones that will be worthy as an upgrade to your old smartphone model. This comes with a processor speed of 1.2 GHz, together with its 510 MB of RAM. This means that it is enough power to provide you the basics necessities and features of a smartphone. It also comes with TFT color technology to let you take good quality photos and videos.

When it comes with design it has a clean classic look.. You can also add apps, though the storage may not allow you to have a lot.  This is what  you really need for basic communication and to surf the web.

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How to upgrade Qlink ZTE Legacy to Qlink Wireless

An upgrade is possible if you are eligible. Contact Qlink Wireless to find out more about the Qlink ZTE Legacy upgrade depending on your location and the availability of this phone model. And if you want to check this out, contact Qlink for the best and the latest information.

2. Alcatel OneTouch Elevate upgrade to Qlink

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - Alcatel OneTouch Elevate

Why upgrade to this this existing phone?

Alcatel offers top quality in all their phone. The OneTouch elevate has the best models for the fraction of the price. The OneTouch Elevate model comes with an Android 5.1 Lollipop operating system. This has a 4.5 inch FWVGA display, slightly smaller to the usual 5.0” smartphone screens but nonetheless stunning. It connects to 4G LTE networks. 3

You can use the Alcatel OneTouch to capture awesome photos by using the 5MP rear-facing camera, or its 2MP front-facing camera. This phone is compact, lightweight and ideal for your pocket or your handbag. However, it only has 1 GB RAM, which means that you may not be able download and use a lot of apps.

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How to upgrade Alcatel OneTouch Elevate to Qlink Wireless

You can upgrade to the Alcatel OneTouch Elevate by contacting Qlink Wireless. You will be asked to pay for a fee and to activate your new phone from the Qlink Wireless site or by calling customer service.

3. Blackberry Curve 8330 upgrade to Qlink

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - Blackberry Curve 8330

Why upgrade to this existing phone

The Blackberry Curve 8330 is a real looker. It is compact, lightweight and can be taken anywhere. It boasts of good quality and reliable features. It supports Bluetooth technology, EV-DO support and more. It has a 2MO camera capable of stills and video recording.

It has great mobile e-mail functionality simply because it is made by Blackberry. This is capable of voice dialing, speakerphone, voice command, conference calling, multimedia and text messaging. This phone can provide great audio features as well. It lets you improve the treble or bass of sound.

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How to upgrade Blackberry Curve 8330 to Qlink Wireless

You can upgrade to the Blackberry Curve 8330  by contacting Qlink Wireless by phone and talking to a customer service representative. You will be asked to pay for a fee and to activate your new phone from the Qlink Wireless site or through customer service.

4. Qlink wireless upgrade HTC Desire 626

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - HTC Desire 626

Why upgrade to this existing phone

QLink Wireless also offers HTC Desire 626 which is one of the most attractive smartphones in this lineup. One of the best features of this phone is its strong call quality. This will let you make calls and receive calls with ease and style. It also comes with an 8-MP rear camera but with a lower performing processor.

You can choose from a variety of colors too. You will also love its sharp, big screen display, customizable screen and features and its lovely colorful design. There are some reports that this phone has a low performing battery as well but nevertheless it is a phone to watch out for as a Qlink Wireless upgrade.

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How to upgrade HTC Desire 626 to Qlink Wireless

You can upgrade to the HTC Desire 626 by contacting Qlink. You can do that by calling their hotline and speaking to a customer service representative who will assist you in upgrading your phone. You can also find information from the Qlink Wireless official website.

5. Qlink wireless upgrade Kyocera HydroEdge phone

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - Kyocera HydroEdge

Why upgrade to this existing phone

Kyocera is known for creating handsets that are very durable as these are also lovely. The Hydro Edge smartphone is water resistant therefore it can survive ordinary splashes and messes. It is quite bulky with port covers in order to ensure that water is kept out of sensitive areas. There is a black plate that can be locked to further protect its battery. As suggested by its “Hydro” name, the manufacturer guarantees that it can survive water up to 3.28 feet for 30 minutes. This runs on Android 4.1 Jelly Bean; not the latest but still a good OS for different apps and features.

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How to upgrade Kyocera HydroEdge to Qlink Wireless

You can upgrade to the Kyocera HydroEdge  by contacting Qlink Wireless by phone and talking to a customer service representative who will guide you to the activation process. A standard fee will be collected as you upgrade your phone.

Here are smartphones and updated phones that are compatible with the Qlink Wireless network. These are among the top acceptable models for the Bring Your Own phone service.

6. Qlink wireless LG X Charge upgrade phone

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - LG X Charge

Why upgrade to this existing phone

This LG phone has a brilliant 5.0” display and a 13MP autofocus rear camera with flash and a 5MP front facing camera with LED flash and Auto Shoot. You will enjoy fast LTE speeds, Media Tek and its fast and powerful 1.5 GHz octa-core processor. It runs on Android 7.1 Nougat with a split screen view. This is equipped with Google Play Store, Maps, Gmail and Google Assistant for hands free operation.

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How to upgrade LG X Charge to Qlink Wireless

You can upgrade to the LG X Charge  by contacting Qlink Wireless. A customer service representative will be glad to assist you make the upgrade. You will be asked to pay for a fee and to activate your new phone from the Qlink Wireless or when you call customer service.

7. Qlink wireless upgrade with Apple iPhone 5C

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - Apple iPhone 5C

Why upgrade to this existing phone

The iPhone 5C offers great features with a new design. You will enjoy using it colorful unibody shell that will feel awesome on your hand. It offers 4G LTE data, improved high resolution 4-inch display and more amazing features like the Siri voice assistant, AirPlay media streaming and more. It is equipped with an 8 MP primary camera and a 1.2 MP front camera for great stills and videos.

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How to upgrade iPhone 5C to Qlink Wireless

You can upgrade to the iPhone 5C through the Qlink Wireless site or by talking to a customer service representative. You will be asked to pay for a fee and to activate your new phone from the Qlink Wireless website. 

8. Qlink wireless upgrade with Samsung Galaxy S8

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - Samsung Galaxy S8

Why upgrade to this existing phone

This is compatible to almost all GSM carriers anywhere around the world. It comes with an octa core processor for faster multitasking speeds, better page loading and flawless website loading. You have a 5.8” quad HD super AMOLED Infinity display with a bezel-less edge to edge screen. This comes with a dual megapixel rear camera and an 8 MP front facing camera. You also have a fully secure phone because it comes with iris scanning; this is definitely not found in just any kind of smartphone!

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How to upgrade Samsung Galaxy S8 to Qlink Wireless

You can upgrade to the Samsung Galaxy S8  through Qlink Wireless by phone and talking to a customer service representative. You will be asked activate your new phone from the Qlink Wireless site or through customer service. A standard fee will be collected to start using your new Samsung device. 

9. Qlink Wireless upgrade with LG Nexus 5 D820

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - LG Nexus 5 D820

Why upgrade to this existing phone

The LG Nexus 5 D820 is a device with a slightly smaller screen at 4.95” but nonetheless this offers True HD IPS + Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen with Protective Corning Gorilla Glass. It runs on Android V4.4 KitKat and is upgradable to V4.2. Enjoy taking stills and videos with its 8 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash.

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How to upgrade LG Nexus 5 D820 to Qlink Wireless

You can upgrade to the LG Nexus 5 D820 through Qlink Wireless by phone. A customer service representative will assist you make the switch. You will be asked to pay for a fee and to activate your new phone.

10. Qlink wireless upgrade with Moto E

Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrade - Moto E

Why upgrade to this existing phone

The Moto E is capable of fast 4G LTE speeds with its 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon 425 quad core processor, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. It has a stunning 5” HD display with water repellent screen. It has a 5MP front-facing camera and a 8MP rear facing camera with flash. This is a safe and secure phone because it is equipped with a fingerprint sensor that unlocks the phone. You can also enjoy faster browsing speeds and improved versatility because it runs on Android 7.1 Nougat. It has split screen view, Google apps like Play Store, Maps, Gmail and Google Assistant for handsfree controls. It is unlocked so you can choose whatever carrier you wish to use.

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How to upgrade Moto E to Qlink Wireless

You can upgrade to the Moto E (4th Generation) by contacting Qlink Wireless by phone. You will need to speak to a customer service representative to assist you in switching from your old and outdated phone to a new Moto E phone. You will also be asked to pay a standard fee and to activate your new phone from the Qlink Wireless site or through customer service. After this, you can now use your new Moto E under the Qlink Wireless network and enjoy your free minutes, texts and data.

All About Lifeline

The Federal Lifeline Assistance is for low-income Americans to have access the best wireless communication services. Providers of Lifeline offer some sort of of discount on their phone services, which are eligible to people who fall in a particular income bracket. The main goal of Lifeline is to stay connected with loved ones, employers, health and emergency services because these are ways to prevent financial hardship.

Things that a Qlink Wireless customer has to remember

  • Keeping Your Free Service On

You must keep in mind a few things to make sure that you will be able to enjoy the Qlink Wireless service

  • Your monthly plan refills

Q Link Wireless will refill your free minutes and free data on the first day of each month. To make sure that your phone successfully receives this refill, keep your phone powered ON and charged during the first 10 days of the month. While your free minutes and data will be ready to use on the first day of the month, it could take up to 24 hours for your Balance to reflect this update so patience should be exercised.

  • To use your phone, keep it on
  • Federal guidelines require Lifeline providers to cancel service to phone that has been inactive for 30 days. Therefore you just need to use your phone at least once a month. To keep your free service on, all you have to do it use it! Here are ways to keep your Q Link service active:
  • Place or receive a phone call
  • Send a text message
  • Use your free data without connecting to a Wi-Fi service or hotspot
  • Recertify your Lifeline eligibility

All Q Link members must complete a recertification done yearly to demonstrate that they are still eligible for Lifeline. If you do not comply to this recertification then your service may need to get cancelled. Qlink Wireless usually sends announcements via text, calls or emails just to remind you before the time come. Recertifying your account requires a simple click of a button.

  • Check Your Usage

Always check your usage at least before getting out of the house. This is why there are three different ways to check your usage:

  • Login to My Qlink and select “Check My Usage”
  • Q Link Zone, our exclusive app free to all Q Link members
  • Visit our mobile site at
  • Add-Ons to Your Free Monthly Plans

How to get more data and minutes

Do you wish to add more minutes or data each month then this is for you. Along with your free monthly minutes and data, Q Link offers additional service at more affordable rates. Purchase additional Talk, additional Data, or Talk and Data Bundles.

Add as much or as little data and check out your monthly plan as you want, directly from your phone with the Q Link Zone app. If you choose an auto-refill function then you can enjoy more savings every month. There are discounts and offers to get extra minutes and data each month as well.

  • International Calling

Q Link also has international plans to suit your needs. Choose an UNLIMITED plan for just $5 per month, for unlimited calls to all selected countries, You can also use a Pay As You Go plan for as low as $3 per month, to call any country around the world!

Customer service helpline

For any questions, visit Qlink Wireless Help Center to find detailed answers to all of our most frequently asked questions. You can also contact Qlink Wireless by phone so you can talk to an agent regarding your questions, activation and upgrades.


Qlink Wireless Phone Upgrades will let you use a better, more efficient and smarter phone than what you already have. You can avail of the Qlink upgrade or the Qlink Wireless phone replacement offer anytime as long as you follow certain rules for upgrading and replacement.

The best time to replace or upgrade your Qlink Wireless phone is now. Your newer and better phone awaits you at Qlink Wireless.

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