10 Best Polycom Conference Phone in 2023

Conference experiences were never as good as using Polycom conference phone. You might have a multi-line phone system for small businesses and those that have conferencing features but you know how bad the conference call quality is.

The bad conference experience is like a silent killer. Your client might not tell you about the experience but you’ll not be able to successfully close a deal.

So, you need to have such phones that can give you the ultimate support for the conference calls. And with the phones from Polycom, you will feel like everyone is in the room. You can even consider video calls with Polycom video conferencing support.

10 Best Polycom Conference Phone in 2023

Here are the 10 best Polycom conference phone at a glance.

1. Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone

Best Polycom Conference Phone - Polycom SoundStation2 Conference Phone

As it is important to ensure high sound quality, the Polycom SoundStation 2 has Acoustic Clarity Technology and double loudness.

Also, the conference phone has a large backlit display and an option to add 3 wired microphones. Furthermore, this is compatible with your existing PBX line and can be connected easily with an analog extension.

Key Features

  • It has a great 2-way conversation capability with full-duplex microphones, advanced noise reduction, and twice loudness with more microphone sensitivity features.
  • The phone has an intelligent sound mixing feature that allows crystal clear voice input by taking only the microphone input that is closest to the speaker.
  • Its compatibility with the existing phone system makes it convenient for any business and ready to use right after unboxing.
  • With 3 extra corded microphone extensions, you can place this conference phone in your large conference room.
  • It has other common phone features for easy call placing and receiving with the console’s phone number display, call waiting, and name/number storing capability.
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Now, the first thing we are emphasizing is voice clarity. With the Acoustic Clarity Technology, you’ll be able to make successful conference calls that involve simultaneous, natural, and free-flowing conversation.

Again the double loudness and microphone sensitivity will ensure that no party needs to repeat what they’ve told. It also eliminates your ear strain.

On the other hand, we’ve discussed its easy operability and compatibility. This phone can be connected with one of your phones or you can connect it to your PBX line without having to change anything in the existing phone network. Moreover, you can cover your large conference room with its 3 additional extension microphones which you can buy separately.

2. Polycom SoundStation IP 7000

Polycom SoundStation IP 7000

We’ve seen or heard complaints from professionals of having a bad microphone range, poor voice capturing, and getting mobile signal interference while having a conversation.

You know how damaging these issues could be for your business. The Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 solves all these problems.

Key Features

  • Regarding voice quality, it has the most advanced and clearest HD audio call quality with Polycom Acoustic Clarity technology and delivers from 160Hz to 22 kHz of high-fidelity audio.
  • Its large display has high resolution and is capable of handling XHTML microbrowser so that you can take advantage of the latest conference calling application.
  • You can connect 2 extra microphones along with multiple call control interfaces to the base and have everyone in the conference room connected with the phone.
  • The phone can run on the power from the Ethernet cable connectivity or you can use an AC power adapter additionally.
  • It features all other basic phone options and some added advantages for easy and quick calling with the large XHTML supported display.
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You can be tension-free as the phone has a 20 feet microphone pickup capability along with 2 extension wired microphones.

Also, it has an automatic gain control feature to adjust the distance between the speaker and the microphone. This makes the other parties of a conference call have face-to-face conversations feel.

Moreover, it allows a 2.5 mm application port so that you can connect your phone or computer to place calls using other third-party software. On the other hand, the technology used in this phone can successfully omit the mobile phone’s signal interference.

With other flexible configuration settings, the Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 is compatible with the most advanced SIP endpoint software in the industry.

3. Polycom SoundStation 2 Analog Conference Phone

Best Polycom Conference Phone - Polycom SoundStation 2 Analog Conference Phone

This is a Polycom conference phone that you can buy with a tight budget. But surprisingly, you won’t have to compromise the conference call quality.

Key Features

  • The large display allows you to make quick phone calls, better management, and easily configure the device with easy-to-use features and install functions.
  • You can connect your PC or Smartphone to use third-party software for better conference call management and omit the lack of bad conference sound quality of your Smartphone or PC.
  • It has other basic phone features like adjustable ringtones, speed dials, the capability of making calls via headset, and more added extension microphones.
  • This conference phone ensures secure connectivity between all called parties with 64-bit voice encryption so that wiretapping will not succeed.
  • With a long corded range, 360-degree voice capturing capability, and intelligent audio mixing, conference calls are ensured to have the highest qualities.
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It comes with fewer accessories and that’s the reason for its low price tag. With the items given inside the package, you’ll be ready to make conference calls. However, you’ll only need to buy additional microphones for more coverage.

Furthermore, you’ll get the best sound quality as other Polycom conference phone systems with the Polycom SoundStation 2 Conference Phone’s Acoustic Clarity Technology, dynamic noise reduction, automatic gain control, and twice mic sensitivity than other phone systems.

For all of those features, you can hear and be heard by other parties at the same time with maximum clarity. All parties will feel like they are having a real face-to-face conversation. Without any interruptions, no one will need to repeat their opinion and have a productive conversation.

4. Polycom SoundStation IP 6000

Polycom SoundStation IP 6000

The unique feature of this Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 is its capability of delivering high-fidelity calls that can reach the limit of 14 kHz.

Also, the phone can pick up the voice of the speakers from up to 12 feet away. So, the participants all across the room can talk without dropping the voice quality of the far-seated person.

Key Features

  • It has the industry-best audio call quality ensuring zero external signal interference and noise reduction features.
  • The phone includes a standard 12-key keypad and 3 soft keys for quick operation with features like on-hook and off-hook, redial, mute, and volume adjustment.
  • For more connectivity, it has a Base-T Ethernet port, 2.5mm jack, and 2 RJ9 ports so that you can connect extension microphones, PC, or your Smartphone.
  • With 3-way conferencing capability, it also offers call waiting, speed dial, hold, transfer, and divert functions.
  • Regarding audio features, it has voice activity detection, adaptive jitter buffers, acoustic echo cancellation, background noise suppression, and low-delay audio packet transmission.
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Moreover, the device supports multiple languages, extension microphones for larger room coverage, and Power over Ethernet. Though an AC power supply is included in the package, you can power it via the Ethernet connection.

Polycom has made sure that this phone has the ultimate call quality with its proprietary Acoustic Clarity Technology and the most advanced SIP features.

Also, you can be assured that the security of each call is a top priority so that no business secret is leaked. With its 64-bit voice encrypting technology, no one can wiretap the calls.

5. Polycom SoundStation 2 EX (2200-16200-001)

Best Polycom Conference Phone - Polycom SoundStation 2 EX (2200-16200-001)

If you run a small business, have a small or medium-sized conference room, and won’t ever need more than 10 people to attend a conference call, this will be the perfect conference solution for your business.

Key Features

  • The package includes 2 extension microphones that’ll increase the range of the conference phone.
  • It has improved communication with no distraction as no external signals can interfere with the conference calls.
  • Its better call quality with dynamic noise reduction, automatic gain control, and echo cancellation promotes a good business practice.
  • Captures the voice of all speakers present in the conference room by its 360-degree audio-capturing microphone.
  • It includes application ports that’ll allow you to connect and call using your smartphone without the need for an analog phone or do internet calling with a PC.
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Moreover, this Polycom conference phone has a 3-way conferencing capability with HD audio and call pickup capability for up to 10 feet away from the microphones.

This device can capture voice from all around the room as it has 360-degree microphone coverage. On the other hand, the digital intelligent audio mixing capability removes all distracting ambient sounds. Also, the phone features dynamic noise reduction technology for removing background noise.

Another big issue on conference calls is the signal interference of other Wi-Fi devices or mobile signal. But this conference phone has no more buzz technology to cancel all those interferences. With all those beneficiary features, you’ll be able to enjoy other functions of a basic phone system.

6. Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 IP Conference Phone

Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 IP Conference Phone

This is the most expensive and impressive Polycom conference phone system on our list. If you have used the Polycom SoundStation IP 7000, you should multiply the awesome experience by 2 and that’s the rating we can give it to Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 IP Conference Phone.

Key Features

  • For connectivity, it has a 2-port Gigabit Ethernet switch for speedy computer connectivity and support for the Wi-Fi network.
  • It allows more users to connect with this phone system quicker than other devices using USB, Bluetooth, NFC, or IP connectivity.
  • To ensure smooth conversation, it has NoiseBlock technology, voice activity detection, packet loss concealment, and echo cancellation with a full-duplex speakerphone.
  • To power, up the device, you can use either its class 4 Power-over-Ethernet features or built-in IEEE 802.3af standard auto-sensing power sourcing equipment.
  • For enhanced security features, it includes Media encryption via SRTP, Transport layer security, Encrypted configuration files, and password login.
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The first thing that’ll grab your attention is the design and a huge gesture-based 5-inch color capacitive touch screen that is multi-touch capable.

Moreover, it has an on-screen virtual keyboard. This phone performs more than smartphones in terms of making conference calls.

However, you can connect your Smartphone with this conference phone for some customization features and using other third-party conference software.

With the Polycom RealPresence Resource Manager, you can manage calls more conveniently. Also, it supports Hybrid registration which allows you to connect up to 3 platforms simultaneously.

The best part is that this phone can adapt a Polycom video conferencing system or other business-grade video conferencing solutions.

7. Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 2200-15600-001

Best Polycom Conference Phone - Polycom SoundStation IP 6000 2200-15600-001

If you are looking for a conference phone for your small or mid-size conference room, the SoundStation IP 6000 from Polycom should be an ideal choice.

Key Features

  • The included microphone inside this phone can pick up your voice from 3.5 meters away.
  • This phone has dedicated buttons and a White LED display to operate it.
  • The phone can be operated in multiple languages.
  • For security and advanced call handling, it features the latest SIP software.
  • Its patented Polycom clarity technology at 14 kHz makes sure high-fidelity calling capacity.
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This phone has a higher-fidelity calling capability at 14 kHz. The microphones will pick up your voices from over 12 feet away. The Polycom clarity technology makes sure the sound doesn’t get distorted.

Besides giving you a higher clarity at the sound, this phone operates with a high-resolution white LED-backlit display. It is powered by PoE, so you are being saved from the hassle of having an extra power adapter. That also makes the phone set more moveable. You can expand the radius of movement with a longer Ethernet cable.

Although the built-in microphone is smart enough to pick up your voice from every corner of a mid-size room just fine! But if you have a larger conference room and you want to keep up with this phone. It supports optional microphones too. You can expand the range with two expansion microphones.

8. Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 SIP Conference Phone

Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 SIP Conference Phone

If you have a company with a small or mid-sized conference room, and you need a conference phone than Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 will be a wise choice.

Key Features

  • This VoIP conference phone comes with SIP and full-duplex operation mode.
  • It has a white LED-backlit display with custom intensity level control.
  • It is equipped with a control panel with more than 14 languages support.
  • The included microphone can pick clear sound from 7 feet away and it is also expandable with two separate mics.
  • This phone is corded, so you don’t get any distorted sound that can happen with the wireless once.
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It is a POE expandable design, so you have the flexibility to expand the desk set. You can make VoIP Conference Calls with SIP full-duplex operation. And it has a backlit LED for extra convenient operation.

It also has a whopping amount of languages to select from, No matter what part of the world you are from, this conference phone can be set up according to the language you speak.

It has English, Dutch, Danish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese, and Swedish as setting languages. It has a lot of keys to operate that’ll ensure frequently used keys at your fingertips.

The phone comes in corded. You place the phone set in the middle of your small to mid-size conference room and you will have 360-degree coverage around the phone.

The included microphone can pick any sound within 2 meters (7 feet) around the machine. Yet the intelligent sound mixer can separate single voices and filter any noise around it.

9. Polycom SoundStation 2 EX

Best Polycom Conference Phone - Polycom SoundStation 2 EX

When we use a conference phone, the thing we suffer the most is the sound distortion, noise, and overlapping multiple voices. Polycom SoundStation 2 EX comes with an intelligent Dynamic Noise Reduction (DNR) Technology that eliminates the surrounding noise to give you a peaceful conference and reduces your ear strain.

Key Features

  • The Polycom SoundStation 2 EX comes with a base station featuring 3 built-in microphones.
  • It has a display for easy operation and better accessibility.
  • This phone has two sound technology working for a better sound, DNR and Intelligent mixing technology.
  • It comes with two extra expansion microphones and two extra RJ ports to expand the mic, Supports both RJ 45 and RJ 11.
  • It can connect to mobile phones and any other digital/analog phone you already have.
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The base station is designed with three legs; all three legs are equipped with microphones. The design gives you an amazing 360-degree surrounding coverage for a convenient conference experience.

And all the microphones have the Polycom intelligent microphone mixing technology that highlights the person speaking to the microphone and reduces all the destruction around the source.

This conference phone comes with an extra two expansion microphones along with the base station. So the microphone set makes a conference way more convenient with some extra range around. This phone can connect to both analog and digital phone devices you already have.

10. Polycom SoundStation 2W

Polycom SoundStation 2W

Polycom SoundStation is an analog conferencing telephone that has a slick and sturdy build. It comes with 3 leg stands; each of them has a built-in microphone that gives you 360-degree coverage within a radius of 10 feet from the base station.

These microphones come with Polycom’s intelligent microphone mixing technology that gives you full control over the set.

Key Features

  • Polycom SoundStation supports DECT 6.0 with a frequency of 1.9 GHz and a WDCT radio interface of 2.4 GHz.
  • It comes with a Backlit Adjustable Graphical LCD for operation.
  • This phone comes with a smart microphone mixing technology to prevent extortion and overlapping.
  • It supports expansion mics; you can add 2 more microphones to it.
  • It has a huge battery life, gives you up to 24 hours of talk time while running all the functions.
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As all the mics are almost together, other phones struggle to serve you a clear and smooth sound when multiple people are talking at the same time.

The microphone technology from Polycom makes a conference so much more convenient to the users. This tech effectively reduces any background noise from other mics. When participants are talking together at the same time, you can hear everyone’s voice individually and clearly.

This conference phone comes with the base station including a bunch of features like Tons of buttons to control the extra facilities, LCD backlit display, and a Micro USB port for software updates!

It can be operated in multiple languages. It has a phonebook to save people’s names and numbers, so you don’t have to worry about wasting time entering their phone numbers every time you go to a conference.

Final Verdict

With patented acoustic technologies, specialized conference call equipment, and accessories, your conference setup will have no match to your competitors.

All Polycom conference phones reviewed here are good enough for your business. But Polycom SoundStation IP 7000 among them is the best Polycom phone system for conferencing. That selection won’t cost you much.

However, if you have the flexibility to spend some more, we would recommend you to take Polycom RealPresence Trio 8800 IP Conference Phone because it’ll give you the ultimate conferencing experience with video conferencing compatibility