13 Panasonic Phone Systems Troubleshooting & Solution

We all know that we need to remember some tips and tricks on our way of life. For example, if we see that our phone’s not charging, we check the port if it has power, the cable, and finally, the adapter.

If everything’s working fine, we take it to an expert and not in the beginning. So, you can realize the importance of knowing how to troubleshoot to a certain level.

However, it saves a lot of time and money. Like that, it’s necessary to know some common problems and how to troubleshoot our office phone system. In this article, we’re going to talk about specifically Panasonic phone systems troubleshooting. So, let’s get started.

13 Problems of Panasonic Phone Systems Troubleshooting

Panasonic Phone Systems Troubleshooting

Panasonic phone problem 1

The deskset is displaying a ‘Busy’ message even when the line is free.


There are several reasons to show that desk set error message. One could be that you’re using your handset far from your console. Try to move closer and see if the message goes away. 

Also, there can be other possibilities like all lines are being used, the called unit is busy, and the called line was not set to take other units. Considering these issues, you can understand the situation, and troubleshooting is necessary.

Panasonic phone problem 2

It shows ‘Incomplete’ while copying the numbers to the phonebook.


This happens when the phonebook is full and you’re still trying to add some more. Delete some unnecessary numbers, free up some space, and try again.

Panasonic phone problem 3

The phone is displaying the ‘Memory Full’ message.


There can be 2 possibilities for showing this message. One is that your phonebook is full and you need to remove some unnecessary contacts. And another one is that your call block list is full. So, remove some numbers from the call block list and the message will be gone.

Panasonic phone problem 4

Another common error message or problem we face is “No link to base. Reconnect main base AC adaptor.” and it may annoy some.


The fault for this problem is on us. Because we may have taken the handset far from the base unit and it lost the connection. So, move closer and it’ll be solved. If the problem still is not solved, you can unplug the base unit to reset and then connect with it again. Another solution can be re-registering the handset to the base unit. After this, the problem will surely be solved. 

Panasonic phone problem 5

This error message says to connect Ethernet cable even if the cable is connected.


In this situation, you’ve to understand that the problem is in the cable. So, call your phone company to send a technician and check the connection from the phone board to your office.

Panasonic phone problem 6

In this message, you’ll see that the phone is telling you to use a rechargeable battery.


The main console runs on Ni-MH rechargeable batteries. So, if you’ve inserted alkaline or other types of battery, it’ll keep showing you this message. 

Panasonic phone problem 7

The unit is not working and we don’t know where to look.


There are many reasons for a not-working deskset. You’ve to check those parameters one by one and it’ll be solved. Firstly, ensure that you’ve inserted the correct batteries in a proper way which means that the polarities are in the right direction. Secondly, make sure that the batteries get charged fully. 

Then, make sure that the connections are fine once you’ve powered up the set. Next, unplug the unit’s AC adapter to reset if the problem still exists. Finally, register the unit to the main console and you’ll see that it’s working again 

Panasonic phone problem 8

We hear a noise and sound delay or interruption during a call.


This issue occurs when someone is using a computer connected to the same network as the main console. Remember that these phone systems require a minimum of 100 kbps and ask your network administrator to ensure that.

Panasonic phone problem 9

I can’t make a call and it’s important.


To make a call, you need to ensure that the STATUS indicator on the unit has a steady green light. When it’s red or the unit is downloading a software update, or the handset is too far from the base unit, you can’t make a call. Wait until the STATUS light is green or move closer to the unit to solve this issue.

Panasonic phone problem 10

The handset or the deskset is not ringing or we’re not hearing the tone.


For both cases, make sure that it’s not in the silent mode, the ringer isn’t turned off, call forward or do not disturb is activated, and your administrator hasn’t set it to block anonymous calls. Also, adjust the ringer volume and you’ll be good to go.

Panasonic phone problem 11

The voice of the caller is breaking up, what should I do?


This is another very common problem we face. It happens when your base station is exposed to high electrical interference. Relocate the unit and keep close to the base unit to solve this issue.

Panasonic phone problem 12

I don’t know how to remove the “Missed Call” sign from the display.


The message on the display goes away simply by viewing the list of missed calls.

Panasonic phone problem 13

What to do when liquid or some sort of moisture enters the base station?


The first thing you need to do in this situation is to unplug the AC power adapter. Also, disconnect the Ethernet cable.

Then, remove those rechargeable batteries. After that, leave the base set like that for at least 2 to 3 days based on how much liquid went inside. Give it more time if you feel that it’s not completely dry.

After the time has passed, put the batteries inside; connect the adapter, and the Ethernet line. Then, turn on the device. Hope it’ll work fine. But if you see that it isn’t working, contact your local phone dealer and get it repaired.

Remember, you must not use a microwave oven to speed up the drying process. 

How to set up a multi-line phone system properly

We’ve read the troubleshooting part but it’s true that prevention is better than cure. So, knowing the proper installation process can save you a lot of trouble. Let’s see the steps for the proper installation of the Panasonic multi-line phone system.

  • Firstly, contact your phone company to give them the number of your required line. They will take all necessary steps to make the lines available to the phone box outside your building.
  • Secondly, buy a phone cable to connect your phone system with the phone box. If you want to save money, you can carry 2 lines in one cable. Ask your professional installer to do it and you can use a decoupler if you need to separate the line later.
  • Thirdly, after finishing the connection process, tell your provider to set up a call rotation feature. What this feature does is that it simply forwards a call online to another line when the called line is busy.
  • Finally, connect your multi-line phone system’s main console to the line. Then, connect other desksets or handsets to the main console, set all the features and settings, and you’re ready to take business calls.

Final Verdict

You may face other issues than the ones described in our Panasonic phone system troubleshooting guide. Calling their customer care regarding the set’s problem will help you and solve the issue in no time. But if the problem is related to calls, you should contact your phone company to solve the issue.

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