Top 7 Office Phone Systems For Small Business

Do you add extensions to your existing phone network? Or do you want to invest in a phone system that will support you while upgradation?

If any or both of the questions’ answer is yes, you’ll want to read our chosen top 7 office phone systems for small businesses.

It’s true that you need such phones that give your office a professional look and uninterrupted service. So, your clients will never feel ignored and you’ll never loose a business deal.

For this reason, we’ve included such products that are praised by the professionals after years of use. Also, these are durable and come with a fair price tag.

But you need to know what your current situation demands and choose accordingly. For your convenience, we’ve divided all phone sets into 4 categories.

  • Single set corded
  • Multiple sets corded
  • Multiple sets corded & cordless
  • Multiple sets Cordless

Top 7 Office Phone Systems For Small Business

Office phone systems for small business (Single set corded)

The phones listed here don’t cost much. So, they are convenient to add as extensions. If you have an existing phone system, you can buy these sets and distribute them among the employees.

1. Polycom VVX 400 Series Business Media Phone

Office Phone Systems For Small Business- Polycom VVX 400 Series Business Media Phone

We love this phone because of its large TFT screen. It looks very modern which will give your office an upgraded look. What’s more, you’ll have an easy 4-way navigation cluster with the select button in the middle. That’s why they were awarded for ease of use and sound quality by Spiceworks.

Key Features 

  • It has a large 3.5 inch (320 x 240) TFT screen for mistake-proof navigation.
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports with Power over Ethernet (POE) feature. So, you won’t need to buy additional batteries.
  • You’ll get clearer call quality with its HD voice feature up to 7 kHz on all calls.
  • The phone system is easy to set up, administrate, maintain, and upgrade.
  • To easily integrate any communication or productivity application from any third party, Polycom has made a versatile and open API.
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On the other hand, you have to think about call quality which is important for business meetings. This phone has HD voice technology which ensures a clearer voice on all lines. Also, you can get this feature on the expanded phone network which includes a maximum of 16 stations.

In addition, it has 12-speed dialing capability, Asian character support, support for Skype and Office 365, and all other basic phone functionalities. However, you won’t have to worry about your existing IT infrastructure as it will be compatible with the system you already have. 

2. Panasonic KX-TS208W 2-Line Integrated Phone

Panasonic KX-TS208W 2-Line Integrated Phone

We like it because it has a wall-mounting option which will free up a lot of space on your desk. For this reason, the phone set’s display has a high-contrast white backlit display. So, you won’t feel any difficulty viewing the caller ID.

Key Features 

  • It has 2-line operability with a 3-way conferencing option for supporting more people in a single meeting. 
  • It’s got 10 one-touch dialers, 10 two-touch dialers, and a 10-speed dialer for quick calling.
  • The speaker will help you talk without holding the receiver and it is helpful when your hands are full.
  • This is a wall-mountable phone set with memory to dial by one touch.
  • The LCD display has white backlit which will give you a clear view even if you mount it on the wall.
  • You can control the volume of the speaker and the ringer so that your colleagues won’t feel disturbed.

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Moreover, it’ll support your planning with its 3-way conferencing capability. This way, all three parties will be present at once and make the plan together in no time. Otherwise, you have to call back and forth to finally come to a decision.

Sometimes, we stay busy with our hands full. So, this phone has the feature of speakerphone which helps you talk while working. Also, it has a speed dialing feature which saves a lot of time when we have to make many calls a day.

3. AT&T CL2940 Corded Phone

Office Phone Systems For Small Business - AT&T CL2940 Corded Phone

We know how busy a normal office day can be. And we often make silly mistakes hurrying. Among them, one is the wrong number dialing. It is both embarrassing and time-killing. For this reason, you need a phone that has big buttons and a large screen. 

Key Features 

  • It’s a budget phone with classic XL buttons, an XL display, and loud ringtones.
  • It doesn’t need any AC power line and you can have caller ID functionality with 4 AA batteries.
  • The phone has a wall mounting feature to free up your desk space. 
  • The directory can store up to 25 names and numbers with a 10-number speed dial feature.
  • It has different language support and a caller ID history checking option that can store up to 65 names and numbers.
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To solve this, we’ve chosen AT&T CL2940 which has extra-large buttons and an extra-large tilt display. Moreover, it has a loud ringtone and audio assisting feature.

This is helpful when you’re away from your desk and immediately need an increased volume for a better understanding of the caller’s voice.

Also, this is a simple corded phone to meet basic phone functions with specifications for visual impairment and specifications for hearing impairment. This phone simply needs nothing more than a line to make and receive calls. Plug it in and forget about its maintenance.

4. Panasonic KX-TSC11B Corded Phone

Panasonic KX-TSC11B Corded Phone

We’ve shocked that such a low-budget phone has a navigation button that promotes ease of use. It’s because we’ve not seen such a feature on high-end phones. This is very simple and basic phone support for your office phone systems for small business.

Key Features 

  • With a switching server, you can add as many stations as you want to your phone network for more connectivity.
  • This single-line corded phone gives you service non-stop without any maintenance.
  • No AC power line is needed to power this phone. So, you’ll stay ahead in case of a power outage as it runs on 3 AA batteries. 
  • With good contrast and viewing angle, the display can show 3-lines at a time.
  • You’ll get other basic phone features like mute, redial, pause, flash button, programmable tone/pulse, and many more.
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Firstly, the phone keys have placed a decent gap between them. It’ll allow you to avoid any possible mistakes. Secondly, you can do speed dialing with one-touch to save time. Also, the station has onboard memory for 50 caller IDs and 20 redial IDs.

Moreover, the phone is powered by 3 AA batteries. So, you’ll never be unavailable. This corded phone can also be mounted on a wall leaving your desk wire-free. The viewing angle of the display is good and you can read the name and number even there’s strong sunlight on the display.

Office phone systems for small business (Multiple sets corded)

This phone is best for a business that is still small but growing rapidly. It has everything you need for a small or medium-sized business.

So, when you need to expand the network, you’ll be easily doing without any expert installer. As a result, your cost will be minimized with its quick and easy installer guide.

5. Xblue X16 Small Office Phone

Office Phone Systems For Small Business - Xblue X16 Small Office Phone

Want a complete office phone systems for small business? This Xblue X16 will be the perfect choice for you. With this one-time investment, you’ll be able to operate for many years even if you need to increase station numbers.

Key Features 

  • No need to purchase anything else initially as it comes with 4 powerful base stations and an X16 communications server.
  • Each 4 base station can add another 4 sub-stations which will result in supporting a maximum of 16 employees.
  • For quick one-touch internal calling, each base station has 12 programmable buttons with a light indicator. 
  • The navigation key makes it easier and quicker to make calls or see previous ones. 
  • The phone includes live call recording which is helpful in many cases with the memory to store caller IDs.
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Moreover, the package includes a server that will support phone systems for small business for a maximum of 16 sets. Also, the server can be upgraded to 6 base stations from 4 base stations. As no internet connection is needed, you’ll only need to plug some lines and the system will be live within minutes.

To get an eye-catchy view, the display has a blue color backlit with the green color word and numbers. Also, it has an auto-attendant feature for your convenience. Finally, you’ll find that anyone in your office can set the system up with its quick setup guide. 

Office phone systems for small business (Multiple sets corded & cordless)

If you’re a small business and have a tight budget but want something latest, this type is for you. You’ll get almost all the modern features of an office phone with quality and reliability. For your assistance, you may find our previous review about the 10 Best Multi Line Phone Systems.

6. PANASONIC Corded / Cordless Phone System

PANASONIC Corded / Cordless Phone System

Panasonic leads the cordless phone market for some reason. So, you can rely on this phone for your uninterrupted business calls, baby monitoring, key finding, and many more. Who could’ve thought that a simple phone can support you like a personal assistant, right?

Key Features 

  • The display is big and can be tilted with other easy-to-use features. So, you’ll be able to manage your time.
  • It has a one-touch call block system to stop annoying marketers from wasting their valuable time.
  • It has a talking caller ID feature with a call-waiting service, call recording, and a phonebook that can store 100 IDs.
  • From the 2 cordless handsets, you can place one in your baby’s room which will alert you when your baby is crying. 
  • Adding an extra device to your keyring, you’ll be able to find it within 330 ft. of your cordless handset by simply activating an alarm.
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With all those features, it hasn’t forgotten about call quality. It has an active noise cancellation feature on the base station. As a result, you can listen to the person calling from outside in a noisy environment. At the same time, the caller will also hear a clear voice from you.

In addition, you can keep talking even if the power is out. It’s possible because the phone set stays recharged and can give you a continuous 7 hours of Talk time. Also, you’ll be able to talk on your cordless device buying 2 additional AA batteries in case of a power outage.

Office phone systems for small business (Multiple sets Cordless)

If you can increase your budget a little bit, you must buy this phone. It has everything you might need as an entrepreneur. Many business people have their homes and office under the same roof. For them, this is perfect as there are 5 cordless handsets. Place them in the rooms that you frequently visit and you’ll never be absent from an important call.

7. Panasonic KX-TG7875S Bluetooth Cordless Phone

Office Phone Systems For Small Business - Panasonic KX-TG7875S Bluetooth Cordless Phone

You’ll be amazed to know what you’ll get under a hundred-dollar bill buying this phone set. Lots of businessmen simply love this phone because of its call quality, flexibility, and reliability.

Key Features 

  • A total of 5 cordless devices are included in the package to give you maximum flexibility within the office or home.
  • The digital answering machine works for you in case you’re being absent so that your caller can leave important messages.
  • The cordless sets feature a charging option for your Smartphone and connect the Smartphone using Link2Cell technology.
  • The cordless handsets have a very good range without compromising call quality or call drop as it has DECT 6.0 Plus.
  • With the call blocking option and wall mounting capability, it has a display of 1.8 inches for a better view.
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The above advantages are made possible with enhanced noise reduction, Link2Cell, DECT 6.0 Plus, Intelligent Eco Mode. As a result of all these technologies, you get better connectivity on all cordless handsets. Also, it ensures more battery life with a 7-hour backup system onboard.

Finally, it has another big feature to mention which is Link2Cell technology. It connects two of your smartphones via Bluetooth. So, you can receive calls even if you’re away from your handset. Overall, we can say this is the best home or office phone system for small businesses. 

Tips that you’ll make you more professional

First of all, consistency is important for any business. It means the client should never hear and hear the automatic answering machine to leave a message during office hours. Even if you’re away from your desk, get a phone system that can be with you. Or try to at least put an extension in the room you visit frequently. 

Secondly, don’t do other works that interrupt the conversation with your client. The phones have a loudspeaker option which helps you do other things. But you shouldn’t exploit this feature.

Thirdly, memorize where the mute button is located on your set. It’ll help you when you need to know something from your colleague. And trust us; you don’t want your client to hear the chat.

Fourthly, know the transfer button’s location. Often you’ll need to use it as many of us call on wrong extensions. So, you can redirect the call to the right person without cutting the line. 

Finally, choose a professional welcome tone or auto-attendant script so that your clients don’t feel irritated. The overall feel about our company should be formal and seem serious about the service.

Final Verdict

We want to say one thing. It’s okay that you might feel hesitant at first to buy one of these. But you’ll want to kick yourself for not buying it sooner once you have started using one of these.

Finally, our recommendation for the best office phone systems for small businesses with minimal features is the Panasonic KX-TSC11B Corded Phone. And the best phone with all the features you need is the Panasonic KX-TG7875S Bluetooth Cordless Phone.