How To Get No Activation Fee Cell Phone Plan

Cell phone providers usually tend to charge an activation fee when any new line is added with account activation. This cost is the compensation fee for the company which they invested in opening that new service account. To save a few bucks on the monthly cellular bills, You may ask how to get no activation fee cell phone plan?

You can get a free cell phone no deposit no activation fee from several carriers under their recently launched promo deals and offer plans. You can get free cell phones from primary nationwide companies like T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T with the set eligibility prerequisites.

Several cellular providers under the Lifeline program also offer free cell phone services without activation fees. Just you need to go with the set requirements to enroll in their plans, and everything is free of cost afterward. One of the most acceptable options is swapping to a new carrier with complimentary or discounted switching discounts for freshers.

What Are The Activation Fees?

Activation fees are a reimbursement fee for the cellular service providers, which they charge without mentioning in their fine prints or advertising boards.

Similar to the bag fees at the airport transit, cell phone companies charge these activation fees and SIM card fees when you start a new service. Cell phone providers charge 10 to 45 dollars as an activation fee and may charge 9.99 dollars for SIM cards.

In a general sense, the money that companies take from you during account activation is the fee they need or spend to originate the new service.

Then things get worse when you see the activation fees are on your bill during your service upgrade or new line attachments. Providers mention that These fees work to set up the features and configure your device to function in their network web.

Basically, one user must have to pay before becoming a customer in any specific carrier. However, there are certain providers who don’t charge any activation fees for service renewals.

Or, if you want to ditch activation fees and save a bulk from your monthly cellular bills you can choose providers that offer no activation fee cell phone plan or the family cell phone plans with multiple lines.

How To Get No Activation Fee Cell Phone Plan

How To Get No Activation Fee Cell Phone Plan

It is very much possible to get a cell phone plan with no activation fees from certain providers. We will discuss the provider later, but before that, we will discuss smoke procedures or waysouts by which you can get the activation fee of your cellular service waived. Let’s get into the detailed discussion!

Check For Affiliations

First, to get no activation fee cell phone plan, you need to check for your affiliations. It means you need to define if you can go for a phone from your workplace or via any associations that you may have belonged to.

If you purchase cell phone plans with any recognized schools or community colleges, then your cellular provider may waive your cell phone activation fee.

Besides that, you can determine if you can purchase phones from the place of your work. Because cell phone providers come with certain offers for specific companies or organizations which will require no fee for activation. If you are a verified member of a congregation group(for example, Boys Club, Girls Club), your activation fee may be waived also.

Shop Phones Around

Another alternative way to get a no activation fee cell phone plan is to shop your phone plans from other carriers around. Suppose a cellular carrier around you is offering a great deal without any activation fees, you can grab it easily.

Several cell phone carriers come with physical outlets which offer a comprehensive section of phones on their display with excellent discounts on fees.

You can also compare the deals from a few cell phone providers around you. Comparing or competing for cell phone carriers nearby can help you to waive your activation fee as a selling notch.

Here, you can get a chance to eliminate your activation fee just by negotiating with the customer care representative to give a discount to fit your budget segment.

Besides, you can choose to purchase a cell phone from any big box retailer stores. The majority of the large chain stores offer a wide section of cell phone carriers to choose from.

Some of the prominent chain stores are Walmart, Target, The Kroger Co, Costco, Macy’s, Home Depot, etc. They offer cell phones with no activation fees from third-party originators.

Purchase From Providers

Instead of purchasing cell phones with plans from physical stores or outlets, you can choose to go with an online option of the very same provider. You should consider purchasing cell phones straight from the provider’s official website to get cell phone plans with no activation fees.

Where cellular companies usually complete your service activation, in this perspective, you manually have to do the task. The cell phone provider’s website will send the phone directly to you, and they will send you with all the needed info for self-activation. In this way, you don’t have to pay any activation fees as you have activated the service on your own.

Top 3 Providers For No Activation Fee Cell Phone Plan

A cell phone activation fee is an expense that the cellular provider endures for a single time when you open and start a new service with that carrier. The expenditure is basically regarded as the cost for the company’s outlay related to the latest line/account activation.

You may ask, how to get no activation fee cell phone plan from the country’s top cellular providers? Following is a checklist of No Activation fee cell phones from the leading cell phone companies of the nation!

1. T-Mobile

One of the largest cellular companies in the United States is T-Mobile, and they now have the best 5G coverage in almost all states. With T-Mobile, you can obtain a free cell phone device via their 2 years billing cycles. Households with more people and hefty users choose this provider over others for multiple reasons.

T-Mobile free cell phone plans are only available to users who are swapping or activating a new line on an eligible T-Mobile cellular program (it doesn’t matter if you purchase or lease it). Some of the T-Mobile free phones with activation are- Samsung Galaxy A32, Galaxy A53, iPhone SE 2020 variant, and other top phones.

2. Verizon

Amongst the major cell phone carriers in the US, Verizon is one of the best ones for Ultra speed 5G speedy packages, without any monthly limits for plans. When you exchange or count a new cable to Verizon, you can obtain a complimentary cell phone with the activation without any fees.

Swapping to Verizon is effortless, and they don’t demand your existing number movement. Thus, you can restart with the exact number & maintain a more satisfactory cell phone experience. Some best free phones with Verizon is the iPhone 11, Apple 12 Mini, Galaxy S20 FE 5G, Moto Edge 5G UW, and much more.

3. Metro By T-Mobile

Metro By T-Mobile offers their customers complimentary most delinquent phones for a specified time with no activation fee. To acquire Metro Free Phones Without activation charges, you must swap from another provider to Metro. This MVNO company has a broad selection of 5G phones delivered in the free phones sale.

They are Galaxy A13 5G, moto g stylus 5G, One Plus Nord N200 5G, Nokia X100, TCL 30 XE, Galaxy A32, and the One Plus Nord N10 5G. You can choose from the broadest collection of FREE 5G phones when you switch to Metro (It is a limited proposition offer that is accessible for in-store purchases only.)

What Career Offer Free Phones No Activation Fee

To get free phones with no activation fee, we highly recommend you to switch to Boost Mobile and Cricket Wireless, as they offer free phones without any contracts. From Boost Mobile, you can get the Samsung Galaxy A13 5G For Free, no contracts (if you are a switching user).

Cricket Wireless also offers free phones with no contracts, but unlike Boost Mobile, they have a wide section of free phones without contract requirements. They are Motorola Moto G Pure, Nokia C2 Tava, Moto G Play (2021), Samsung Galaxy A03s, and Moto G Power (2021).

How Can I Get Free Prepaid Phones

Lifeline provides free prepaid phones to people who fulfill the requirements of the Federal Lifeline program. If you want to get a free government phone, you need to apply by following the required terms of the Lifeline program. Here are the programs you can utilize as a piece of evidence to authorize.

  • Free projects of the School Lunch Scheme
  • Medicaid or Federal Medical Aid Program
  • Supplemental Security Income
  • Temporary Assistance for Needy Families
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance Project
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP)

FAQ About Free Cell Phone With New Activation

Do you have to pay an activation fee when buying a new phone?

If you buy phones from any cell phone carriers with an attached plan for the first time, you may have to pay an activation fee when buying a new phone. However, there are some providers that offer no activation fee for cell phones under certain conditions.

Is there an activation fee for unlocked phones?

The activation fee gradually involves consumers who purchase an unlocked cell phone from a provider different from AT&T and start it on their arrangements.

The activation fee from Sprint is $30 per device. T-Mobile has unlocked phones with no activation fee, but they charge a $20 fee for SIM starter kits on new buys.

How to avoid the activation fee Verizon?

To avoid the activation fee from Verizon, you need to negotiate with customer support to waive the fee. Besides, you can call the retention department, activate your phones online, get your own phone from stores, or switch carriers.

How can I avoid cell phone activation fees?

First, you can purchase your cell phone from other platforms through your workplace or any associations that you belong to. Purchase cell phones directly from the online platform of the providers. Or, you can look around and shop your phone elsewhere at a discounted deal.

How to avoid activation fee of T-Mobile?

If you desire to dodge the T-Mobile Activation cost, you can do so by starting your latest phone online or via the T-Mobile application. It is an Assisted Support that does not contain a material SIM card charge, which will cost an extra 10 dollars.

Final Verdict

Now you know how to get no activation fee cell phone plan from large providers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and Metro with the qualifying conditions. The best option is swapping to a new provider with free or discounted switching deals for new users.

Overwhelmingly, Republic Wireless, Metro By T-Mobile, Google Fi, and Ting offer switching deals for new users. Some government cell phone companies with free phones no activation fees are- Cintex Wireless, Q Link, Tag Mobile, SafeLink Wireless, Infiniti Mobile, TruConnect, etc.