New Verizon Plans For Existing Customers 2023

Over the years, consumers have trusted Verizon more than other networks because of network availability, good customer service, and impressive plans. When it comes to mobile plans, new customers often get the best deals and the latest handsets. But are there new Verizon plans for existing customers?

As of writing this post, Verizon has exciting mobile phone service plans for its existing customers. In fact, Verizon has good discount, promos, Verizon wireless free government phone, and Verizon phone deals for existing customers for many years now. If you are an existing customer and would like to know what Verizon has in store for you, read on.

New Verizon Plans For Existing Customers 2023

Verizon trade-in promos

If you have an old device like a smartphone, tablet, or wearable technology like smartwatches, you might be interested in Verizon’s trade-in promos for existing customers. When you trade in your old device, you will receive credits towards your next purchases or you may get credits in your account if an instant credit does not apply. This promo also applies to new customers as well.

New Verizon Plans For Existing Customers 2019

You can trade in your old devices like your smartphone, tablet, jetpack devices, basic phones, netbooks, 3G, and 4G prepaid phones. Verizon does not accept Samsung Galaxy cameras, vehicle diagnostics or Delphi Connect, and other connected electronic devices.

The Verizon trade-in process is a detailed process. But it’s a guarantee that an existing customer will be able to get his credits for as long as he follows the trade-in steps completely.

Instant credits will be available in your account immediately as soon as you submit the trade-in details through your Verizon online account. These credits may be used to buy accessories, for down payments on various items such as phones and so many more.

Instant credit is only available for existing Verizon customers who decide to upgrade their subscription or if they want to add another line. Existing customers don’t need to wait till Verizon receives their trade-in device. Instant credit is not for in-store pick-ups.

Get up to $250 off on a new iPad 8.7

New and existing customers can take advantage of this new promo. Subscribers can take advantage of $20 a month unlimited data. This is a limited offer that you should take advantage of right away. This is your chance to own the latest iPad model which is very expensive when you purchase this from a store.

With this promo, you can get this lovely phone and get special deals and offers with unlimited calls, texts, and data from Verizon. As of writing this article, this promo is still ongoing with no expiry date mentioned. Usually, promos like this are valid only when devices last.

Save up to $450 on the iPhone

Another popular promo for existing customers is Verizon’s iPhone promo which is available only for trade-in. Existing customers may get an iPhone by collecting credits when they trade their old devices.

As trade-in rules apply, the amount of instant credits that may be collected depends on the device that has been traded. To find out if the device you want to trade is accepted and will have higher credit, contact a Verizon rep today.

Get the latest Samsung Galaxy S10e

When you are a Samsung fan and an existing Verizon customer, you must take advantage of their special promo to get the Samsung Galaxy S10e. This deal also includes $400 when you make the switch.

Get the latest Samsung Galaxy S10e

You must never overlook this promo because not only will you get the newest Samsung Galaxy phone model but you’ll also get the most reliable network service and plans for unlimited calls, texts, and data. Take note that this plan is available until supplies last.

Get $250 when you BYOD

You can get a $250 prepaid card when you bring your own phone and new smartphone line needed. Eligible and port-in 4G LTE smartphones required. You can redeem this credit when you visit the digital rebate center within 30 days of activation of your phone.

Take note that this offer is like hitting two birds with one stone. You can use your own device and keep your number as well.

For existing Verizon business unlimited customers

Existing Verizon business unlimited customers have the best deals. They can choose from Business Unlimited Essential, business unlimited, and Business Unlimited Plus. These three top plans come with talk, text, and data plans fit for first-time business owners and professionals.

For their Business Unlimited Essential, you can choose from a smartphone or device for $35 or a tablet for $30. This plan includes unlimited talk and text, high-quality video streaming, unlimited mobile hotspot, email access, and unlimited international messaging.

On the other hand, the business unlimited plan lets you pay for a new basic phone for $30, tablet, jetpack, embedded laptops or streaming cameras for $45, or a connected device for only $5.

The business unlimited plan gives you premium unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited calls, and texts, high-quality streaming, email access, unlimited mobile hotspot, and unlimited international messaging.

Finally, the Business Unlimited Plus gives you $50 for a new smartphone ($75 with a 2-year contract) or $75 for a smartphone with a 2-year contract.

This is the best business plan with premium unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited calls and texts, unlimited mobile hotspot, DVD-quality video streaming, unlimited international messaging, and 15% off on selected Business Solution Store products as well as One Talk add-on to your smartphone device.

More plans for existing Verizon business plan customers

Aside from the mentioned business plans, existing customers may also take advantage of their International Service plans that let you connect to any of the 200+ countries as you remain in the US. When you travel with this plan, you can use your device just like you do at home in the US using the TravelPass.

Other promos for existing consumers include monthly international travel bundles, international long distance, trip planner, and map promos and deals.

Why Verizon network?

Verizon introduces the 5G network. This is the most updated network that will let you live, work, and play in real-time, just like what Verizon guarantees to its customers. 5G makes real-time applications a reality. With 5K, you’ll be able to stream 4K movies without any pauses or buffering.

You won’t have to deal with lagging and lapses; you’ll be able to impress your guests when you invite them to watch  4K live streaming events in your home.

True Chat is a video chat in HD and this is unlike other video chat services you have had before because this is free from lags. Video chat through Skype or WhatsApp and find out how smooth the video is. It’s like having your friend or family member with you.

5G is also the best for downloading anything online. You’ll experience flash loading a completely new feature that is unlike traditional loading times.

You can now download a complete, 4K movie or a large file in PDF in just a few seconds. You won’t have to wait too long to download any file from any source.

And of course, 5G is also for gaming. You’ll get console-quality massive multi-player gaming you can take anywhere. Play your favorite games no matter where you are as long as you are covered by Verizon’s 5G network.

Verizon 5G is for new and existing customers in  30 cities in the US. If you are in Chicago in areas like The Loop, Magnificent Mile, River North, The Gold Coast, and Old  Town, you’ll be able to experience 5G first-hand.

If you are in Denver areas like LoDo, Capitol Hill, Central Business District, Highland District, The Denver Tech Center, and Potter Highlands Historic District, you can check out Verizon’s coolest 5G offering.

And if you are at Downtown East, Downtown West, and in Elliot Park in Minneapolis, you can check out 5G Ultra Wideband from Verizon whether you’re a new or existing customer. 

And not all phones are compatible with the new 5G network but don’t worry because Verizon brings to you the best 5G Ultra Wideband phones. From the network, you can get the LG  V50 ThinQ 5G the super intuitive phone that was created to think like its owner.

Also available is the Samsung Galaxy S10, the best phone to stream 5K videos and play console games no matter where you are. And finally, get the Motorola motoZ4 where you can get the chance to upgrade to 5G speeds when you use a 5G mod.

Special promo for existing Verizon customers on the 5G network

Existing Verizon customers will have the chance to experience 5G for a limited time only. They can get 5G access for only $10 a month and free for only a limited time offer. Simply buy a 5G smartphone and 5G access free using Verizon’s unlimited plans.

So which plan suits you best? Remember that Verizon plans are available only for a limited time and are covered by special terms and conditions.  Find out more about a plan so you can gauge if it will fit your everyday needs.