Netgear r6900p Review – What are the next features?

Recently, there is so many Smart WiFi Router, you will find. But the thing is you need to sort out yours among them. The more boasting features mean the more money you have to spend on them. Today, we will bring a NETGEAR Nighthawk r6900p, that help you to choose a wifi router as a home solution to you. When you opt for spending less but getting the best deal, then you must have a look at this Netgear r6900p review.

Netgear r6900p review

In short, this Netgear r6900p router provides seamless data connection up to 30 devices within simultaneous usage and the area that covers 1800 sq.ft providing 1900 Mbps. So far this would be perfect if you are not a high-voltage online gamer but want to have smooth internet access without any trouble. So what are the next features of this Netgear router? To know about these hacks, make sure, you scroll down below.

Noticeable Features

  • It comes with 1800 sq. ft of wi-fi coverage that area never comes to squeeze
  • The ethernet ports are versatile that fits any console, streaming player or any type of devices
  • Configured devices up to 30, and provides the uninterrupted connection among them
  • Netgear Armor protects it from the foreign and harmful threat including data theft
  • Supported by the WPA2 wireless security protocols includes, DoS, Firewall, VPN and Guest Wi-Fi access

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The FAQ of Netgear r6900p

Q. How many devices it can run with an internet connection?

Due to having the home coverage of 1800 sq.ft, it provides more than one required that is up to 30 devices at one router connection.

Q. Will this router help you on online playing call of duty?

It has minimalistic data traffic that supports you to play this high-voltage game. However, you can easily play the oldies game within this network bandwidth so easily.

Q. I have Comcast and now Looking forward to updating the router, so Do I need to update wifi too?

Not necessarily, you need to update your router for that operation, because any router will work with any sorts of speed or wifi signals that sent from the best modem router combo for Comcast and so on.

What users are saying about Netgear r6900p

We, go through many blogs and read between mostly tech blogs. Besides, we try to sort out the real users out of social media, and offline researches. Afterward, we bring out some of the real users, who actually know the perfect specifications of it, and they bring this at home accordingly. All of them were highly satisfied, especially those are from them who small residents. The parental control, armor protection, and the overall bandwidth support seem to them perfect, and minimalistic issues they find while dealing with it for months.

Compare Netgear r6900p vs NETGEAR Nighthawk Smart WiFi Router

There is a number of differences between the Netgear RS400 and Netgear r6900p in terms of the main features of them. The first difference is with the coverage of the internet. In that case, the Netgear nighthawk r6900p occupies like 1800 sq.ft, whereas the Netgear RS400 is ahead by 2000 sq.ft.

Another main difference is with the speed limit, and the RS400 confirms more speed up to 2300 Mbps, the other one Netgear r6900p is limited to the 1900 Mpbs. However, the processor capacity makes no difference at all. The last comparison is with the USB port. In that term, the USNetgear r6900p comes with a single 3.0 USB port. On the flip side, Netgear RS400 is using the  1×3.0 and 1×2.0 USB ports.

Key features of Netgear r6900p

Perfect Home Wi-fi coverage

NETGEAR Nighthawk R6900P comes with a sound feature that aids to encircle the wi-fi area up to 1800 sq.ft, a perfect home coverage. Besides, online data streaming would be fun and flexible with the help of 1900 Mbps support. The dual-band works great and tested out successfully by many tech enthusiasts. If any of your wi-fi routers falter to cover the area, this one won’t give you the same hard time, for sure.

Multi-users connectivity

It offers the diversity at the maximum level, you may require at your sweet home. So you can band devices up to 30, that is maximum we believe. Furthermore, the overall processing of the connectivity is superb as you will find all the devices are connected with great performance, and no one complains.

Avoid threats

is intelligently built and thus it comes with the Armor threat protection. The integrated system allows you to stop any multiple anti-virus subscriptions if you have so. Alternatively, you can use this and get full-proof support from any data theft, anti-virus or any other malware. Besides, all the connective devices will experience it in the same way.

Smart app control and setup

Setting up your router sometimes gives you the hard time but thanks to god not for this one. Because it comes with the interactive app controlling feature, so with just one few moments, you can completely set it up. Furthermore, you can easily monitor the whole router activities as well. All you need to do is to connect the internet Ethernet cable to the router.

How worthy compared to the Netgear r6900p features and performance

Netgear r6900p review

Netgear nighthawk r6900p has a number of features that an ideal wi-fi should have under the hood. But the question is how well performed they are? The area coverage seems perfect, but it won’t give you a hard time as long as you are connected with the Ethernet cable. The USB port edition is 2.0, however, it would be better, if you will see the 3.0 edition. But it will be good to go for the minimalistic home internet usage. The main focus of it is to have a seamless easy data connection with the app controlling feature, which is top-notch from the view of users.

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Final Verdict

After reading the Netgear r6900p review thoroughly, you must try to sort out whether it is worthy of investing or not. The features we explain are just good to go, but if your choice is to level up them, then only you can make a difference. On the flip side, when you are happy with the bandwidth and area coverage, for that don’t want to jump on the higher branch, this one is an ideal choice right away.

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