Netgear C6300 Vs C7000 – Is C7000 Best For Speed?

Netgear C6300 Vs C7000 - Is C7000 Best For Speed?Netgear C6300 vs C7000, which one would be best for combination speed of browsing and video streaming? You know why renting combo routers from the ISP providers (Xfinity, Comcast, Spectrum) is not the best option to switch.

But which one is the best Netgear combo modem router option for consistent performance?

We recommend you restrict your selection to Netgear C6300 and C7000. Since we found them quite steadfast in overall execution and both are identically suitable for individuals. Let’s reveal the mystery, if you want faster and steady speed along with multiple device coverage then Netgear C7000 can be your next combo router.   

The C6300 is a bit cheaper one that can offer decent speed but unlike others, it may show some connection dropout issues after using a couple of months. Though the issue is not for all, a split quantity of users reported to us about it. Keep an eye on the detailed comparison between Netgear C6300 Vs C7000 to acknowledge further about the winner in the combat.

Why Should You Pick The Netgear C7000 Combo?

  • For enhanced bandwidth performance the channel bonding plays a crucial role. Netgear C7000 comes with 24 x 8 channel bonding technology where C6300 falls behind with 16 x 4 channel bonding. 
  • Netgear C7000 is engineered with AC 1900 WiFi technology which ensures a maximum of 1900 Mbps speed per second. Netgear C6300 is made with AC 1750 WiFi technology, which delivers 1750 Mbps at maximum.
  • For faster internet surfing Netgear C7000 can deliver up to 960 Mbps download speed. But C6300 has a maximum download speed of up to 680 Mbps.
  • For security purposes, C7000 is the champ again with DoS attack blocking, SPI, NAT firewall, and WPA/WPA2-PSK technologies. But with inferior WPA/WPA2-PSK security technology, C6300 lags again.
  • The C700 is compatible with DOCSIS 3.0, 2.0, 1.1, & 1.0 technologies where C6300 is compatible with just DOCSIS 3.0. Moreover, C7000 has a 1.6 GHz processor and C6300 has a mediocre 600 MHz processor.

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Similarities Between the Netgear C6300 And C7000 Combo Routers

Here we are with two dual-band modem routers combo from the Netgear C series under the AC WiFi technology. Since they are from a similar series, it is obvious that they will stand together with some common characteristics. After that, here you will find a comparison table consisting of the head to head breakdown of their configurations. Let’s start by discussing the resemblances first. 

  • Both routers are made with 2 bands which include one 2.4 GHz band and one 5 GHz band. 
  • These two Netgear combo routers are built with 3 internal antennas and the cables are compatible with a common DOCSIS 3.0 technology. 
  • Netgear C6300 and C7000 feature the advanced WiFi 5 in the WLAN mode which uses 802.11ac or 802.11b/g/n/ac frequency bands.
  • Each of them has 1 USB port and 4 Gigabit ports which ensures high-speed wired connections to a computer, printer, game box, and additional devices.
  • Both support the WPA/WPA2-PSK security technology as well as compatible with guest network service and parental control service.
Specification Netgear C6300 Modem Router Netgear C7000 Modem Router
Image Netgear C6300 Modem Router Netgear C7000 Modem Router
Channel Bonding 16 Downstream and 4 upstream channels 24 Downstream and 8 upstream channels
Security Features DoS attack blocking, SPI, NAT firewall, and WPA/WPA2-PSK WPA/WPA2-PSK
Download Speed 680 Mbps maximum  960 Mbps maximum
Gigabit Port 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Processor 1.6 GHz 600 MHz
USB Port One RF Coax port and one USB 2.0 Port(Type A) One Coax Port and one USB 2.0 Port(Type A)
WLAN Method Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac) Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac)
Throughput Speed Total 1750 Mbps- 450(2.4 GHz) & 1300(5 GHz) Total 1900 Mbps- 600(2.4 GHz) & 1300(5 GHz)
Overall Dimensions 10.94 inches x 6.85 inches x 2.96 inches  9.66 inches x 8.31 inches x 1.7 inches
Weight 1.52 pounds 1.6 pounds
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What Are The Key Features Of Netgear C6300 And C7000 Combo Routers

What Are The Key Features Of Netgear C6300 And C7000 Combo Routers

Speed & Coverage

Starting with the Netgear C7000, which ends up being the high-speed modem router combo from these two. C7000 can deliver a total speed of up to 1900 Mbps. The fastest download speed is up to 960 Mbps while connecting with 30 plus devices. Moreover, it can cover a wider area of up to 1800 square feet. 

Talking about the Netgear C6300, that can cover up a speed of 1750 Mbps. With a slower download speed of up to 680 Mbps, it can decently pass the requirements. From the 2.4 GHz band, it serves 450 Mbps and the 5 GHz band serves 1300 Mbps, to wrap the throughput. In speed and overall coverage for faster streaming, we prefer the C7000.

Channel Bonding

For connecting with multiple devices and providing constant data speed to all devices, channel bonding is a crucial part. Netgear C6300 has 16  downstream channels for downloading and 4 upstream channels for uploading. On the other hand, C7000 is equipped with 24 channels for downloading and 8 channels for uploading. It means C7000 stays ahead with an additional 8 downstream and 4 upstream channels.

WiFi Technology

Our picked C7000 comes with an AC1900 WiFi technology but the C6300 has a lower AC1750 WiFi mechanism. With the AC1900 it means, this one can offer a total of 1900 Mbps speed and the AC1750 means it can deliver 1750 Mbps data transfer speed in total. Though each of these modem routers is dual-band, still the AC1950 means the Netgear C7000 is ahead in the longer run. 


A secured connection and surfing over the internet is the thing that we all want nowadays. Because there are lots of scammers and other malware available in the internment to hack your information. Both Netgear combo routers have a decent level of security and firewall protection, but C7000 has the better versions.

For instance, the C6300 has the WPA/WPA2-PSK technology for security protection. On the other hand, Netgear C7000 features DoS attack blocking, SPI, NAT firewall, and WPA/WPA2-PSK technologies for security purposes. With an open eye, you ownself can define which one is the best.

FAQs About the Netgear C6300 And C7000 Combo Routers

Q: Does the package include all the required cables?

The manufacturers usually include the modem, the power supply unit, and the Ethernet cable in the box.

Q: Will this modem work with Comcast?

If your modem is compatible with DOCSIS 3.0 or more, then it is decently okay to run by Comcast. Note that they won’t provide you with the compatible ones, since the providers want you to lease from them.

Q: What does the number sitting with AC mean?

AC means that the router has support for the 802.11ac (or Wi-Fi 5) wireless networking standard, which offers fast WiFi network connections on the 5 GHz frequency. AC1750 or AC1900 means it can offer a maximum of 1750 Mbps or 1900 Mbps speed.

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Final Words

For enhancing your streaming and internet surfing experience both of these routers are a great alternative to switch. But both are not the same in the specifications part as well as the price section. From our view, we recommend you to go for C7000 if you require smooth streaming, gaming, and surfing over the internet. 

But wait! Moving for the Netgear C7000 can be an issue for you if you have a tight budget. Because the C7000 is priced under 180 where Netgear C6300 stands under 150 dollars at Amazon. So, if you want decent speed and coverage at an affordable price, then go for Netgear C6300.

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