Netgear AC1750 Review – Truly what it users saying about it?

Netgear AC1750 Review It is undeniable that the best cable modems for Xfinity are superior in terms of speed and performance, as those circuits do not have the burden of managing wifi. But lazy people like us always try to manage fewer things in our lives. That is why we love combos and researching to get one.

We reviewed a lot of products in the process and could get our hands on one device that performs very close to the modems.

After some testing and user opinions, we finally wrote the Netgear AC1750 review. The review will tell you in detail what to expect from this combo and all the features that you can use every day.

Key Features

  • This combo can do the job of 3 different devices, which are a cable modem, a wifi router, and a 4-port Gigabit switch.
  • It has DOCSIS 3.0 and dual-band technology to get the maximum speed on both cable and wifi.
  • With its powerful processor, you can stream HD videos and play high-resolution games online at the same time.
  • This modem router combo is supported by almost all major companies that provide cable internet service.
  • With its advanced and improved Beamforming+ technology, you will have better signal reception all over the house.

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Compare Netgear AC1750 vs. ARRIS SURFboard SBG7400AC2

The comparison between those two combos is not for finding out the best one. It is because both of them are good enough to be considered seriously. With previous Netgear users, the choice is obvious.

Arris SurfBoard SBG7400AC2 Modem

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However, you can do some experimenting by getting the Arris SURFboard, which is also a great combo. It has a 24×8 channel bonding with DOCSIS 3.0 technology, and the wifi part ensures a maximum of 300+2050 Mbps download speed.

On the other hand, the Netgear ac1750 wifi cable modem router is capable of 300+1450 Mbps download speed. Those values are not so practical because your internet provider won’t be able to give you this much speed. So, get the reliable one or the one with better specs because both are among the best modem router combos for Comcast.

Key Features of the Netgear AC1750

Key Features of the Netgear AC1750


The speed of a combo has two parts. On one side, you have the cable modem part, and on another, you will have the speed of the wifi. The Modem will allow you to get a monthly package with a maximum download speed of 680 Mbps.

On the other hand, the wifi router part is capable of providing a connection of 300+1450 Mbps. The real bandwidth is not that much, and that is why you will be able to enjoy the full bandwidth provided by the provider.


With dual-band technology and Beamforming, you can expect a relatively large apartment to be covered. You won’t get the same speed from every corner because of the obstacles, but it will be enough for HD video streaming.


No connection drop and smooth browsing during peak hours are the indicators of a good performing modem router combo. This combo has DOCSIS 3.0 technology, which ensures an interruption-free connection.

Moreover, its 2.4 GHz + 5 GHz dual-band signal technology performs an active load-balancing and provides strong signal strength. Inside, you will find a powerful processor and RAM so that data packet switching and handling stays fast.


Compatibility is not or never will be an issue as it is supported by significant providers like Xfinity from Comcast, Spectrum, Cox, CableONE, and more.

So, get feedback from your colleague or your friend about which company provides the best service in your area. Then, check this router’s compatibility with the company by talking to a Netgear salesperson.


It is the feature issue for the device that you are trying to connect for wireless connectivity. This has 4 Gigabit ports, which will give you a wide range of options for wired ones.

Moreover, there is a USB port for the fastest file sharing feature you can have. Sharing files can be frustrating with wired connections. So, connect a Pendrive to the router and enable the local FTP feature. The upload and download speed is unmatched, and the days of frustration will be over.


Finally, we tested and noted the time it took to set the whole thing up and start streaming a video. After the test, we found out that anyone without any technical knowledge could do the configuration within 10 or 15 minutes. We got most of the help from the detailed instruction manual that comes with the package.

What are users saying about Netgear AC1750?

Most of the Netgear c6300 and AC1750 is given by the users who previously used Netgear. So, we went to look for someone who switched from other manufacturers’ devices to Netgear.

According to a pair of fresh eyes, we got some criticisms, and that helped make a decision. Some issues that occurred were regarding bad signal reception on some parts of the house and the device’s longevity.

But those problems are solvable, and we tried the solutions successfully. For signal issues, we chose almost the middle point of the home and placed the router so that it could cover as much space as possible with fewer obstacles.

Moreover, we saw that some sellers are not providing what they are promising, and that is causing durability issues. So, it is up to us to make wise decisions, and you can do that by thoroughly reading our reviews.

How worthy of Netgear AC1750 Compared to its Features and Performance?

We reviewed many of the best cable modems for Xfinity and thought that this one has the most value for the money. With all other features being the same, it has a little bit more wifi download speed on its 5GHz channel.

Also, it has 4 Ethernet ports, and all of them are capable of handling Gigabit speed. Those are something you won’t find on other models under such a price range.

FAQ About Netgear AC1750 WiFi Cable Modem Router Combo

Can I replace the Modem given by my provider with this one?

Yes, this is a modem router combo, and this will decrease your monthly cable bill and save money as you won’t need to buy a router.

All you have to do is invest the amount you will pay for the Modem’s rent a year in advance. If the combo lasts at least two years, you will have the money to buy another one. But we all know that these devices last longer than that.

I already have an internet connection and a device to use the internet. Can I use this as only a router connecting to the existing device via an Ethernet cable?

You can not do that because this is a cable modem router combo that gets its internet connection through the coax cable. We recommend you to go for the single routing devices, which cost far less than this one.

There is a CD in the package to configure this device, but I don’t have a CD or DVD drive. How will I be able to configure it without it?

All of the latest routers, modems, or combos have the option of configuring them using a web interface. What it means is that you can access the device after powering it up via a web browser. So, don’t worry about CDs or any configuration option that takes time.

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Final Verdict

After the complete Netgear AC1750 review, we think this is worth every penny you will spend. With less than one year’s rental payment, you can own this device and save a lot more for the coming years. Now, you decide whether to go for the initial high-cost and gain in the end or keep the rented device and keep losing money.