Netgear AC1600 Review – How comparable with Netgear N600?

Netgear AC1600 ReviewAre you tired of looking at your router and frustrated with the trend? This one here will calm you down with a unique and minimalistic design.

Also, during the Netgear AC1600 review, we noticed that it takes less space because of its vertical no-antenna design.

Apart from the looks and design, this one will impress you in terms of speed, range, and performance.

The specific model we are reviewing here is the R6250, and we made sure that one can get it at the best price available. Let’s get started with its key features and then continue to real-life test results.

Noticeable Features

  • The speed of this router is enough to let you stream HD videos without buffering.
  • Also, the range is enough to cover all corners of a large home.
  • Its dual-band feature will never let you disconnected, making it reliable.
  • The security features are the latest and almost unhackable if set correctly.
  • Anyone can set this router for internet and WiFi connection with its easy-to-use Genie app.

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Compare NETGEAR AC1600 and NETGEAR N600

Choosing between the AC1600 and the N600 is easy because one is for large houses and another for small homes. If you have a higher budget and need a router to cover a larger area, you must choose the R6350 AC1600 router. Otherwise, choosing WNDR3400 N600 will be a wise choice.


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You are not compromising performance because you will get what you will pay for. From the model number, you can tell that AC1600 is capable of a faster download speed. However, more speed can be achieved, and watching TV is possible if you buy the best cable modem for Xfinity.

Both routers will ensure an interference-free connection due to their dual-band feature. Regarding design, both look stunning, and we saw that the N600 takes less space than the AC1600. So, the two routers are great in their own ways, and you should choose according to your requirements.

Key Features of the Netgear AC1600

Key Features of the Netgear AC1600


A router’s real performance is understood when one connected user plays a high-configuration online game, streams HD videos, browses the internet and downloads something.

With different users taking different services, it becomes difficult for a router to handle all those data packets. But with a router like Netgear AC1600, you can expect great performance because of its dual-core 800Mhz processor, 128 MB Flash, and 256 MB RAM.


From AC1600, we could understand that Netgear used 802.11ac technology on its 5GHz band. As a result, you can get a maximum of 300+1300 Mbps to download speed over the WiFi.

But don’t expect that kind of speed in your desktop that is connected via a LAN cable to the router. It is simply because the LAN ports cannot provide that much speed. So, our suggestion is to use a WiFI adapter and make your PC to router connection wireless.


We got the range of this router to be enough to cover a large home with its improved antenna design. You won’t see the antenna as it is inside the device, and it is another reason for the vertical design.

On the other hand, Netgear has given it the Beamforming technology. It means that the router can concentrate the WiFI signal and direct it to the connected user so that he/she can enjoy the maximum speed. It also increases the WiFi range so that you don’t get a dead corner.


For an impenetrable security feature, the router has WPA/WPA2-PSK WiFi signal protection, SPI and NAT firewall, the capability of DoS attack prevention, WPS push button, secure guest login, and parental control.

Ease of Use

All of the security features mentioned above can be ensured by Netgear’s easy-to-use Genie app. The router comes with a detailed instruction set, and you can use it within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box.

What are users saying about Netgear AC1600?

Replacing the old routers with the AC1600, real customers gave honest Netgear AC1600 reviews. After a few months of usage, they loved it for its performance and features, considering how cheap this was.

However, everything about the router is not sweet and smooth, as one or two issues are reported. The only noticeable one is a connection-drop problem while using the Ready Share feature of the router.

We think this might happen due to several other issues, and in most cases, it is not the fault of your router. For example, a loose USB connection to your hard disk, being too far away from the router, having too many users connected at the same time, or signal interfering obstacles in between can cause the problem.

Otherwise, this is a reliable router, and you can consider getting it as your main WiFi source or use it as a WiFi extender. From setting up the router to managing parental control, you will not be stuck at any point due to complexity.

How Worthy is Netgear AC1600 Compared to its Features and Performance?

We think that the Netgear R6250 is a bit overpriced considering the speed, range, and other features. However, we read the real reviews and took the router’s durability and reliability into account.

Finally, we agreed that AC1600 is one of the best routers for this price range. We think you won’t regret investing in this one as you will be able to use it as a WiFi extender if you ever upgrade your main router.

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FAQ About Netgear AC1600 Dual Band WiFi Gigabit Router

I want to watch cable TV using this router. Will it be possible?

No, you can’t do that with this one, and you need to buy the best modem router combos for Comcast. The combos are good for cable connection and great for internet connectivity.

Is it possible to use a DSL connection with this router?

Yes, it is possible, but you need to use an Ethernet cable to connect both devices. Direct phone lines are not compatible as there is no port.

In my area, the standard voltage is 220V, and can I use this router on this voltage?

The manual says that the router is compatible with 220V AC current, but we recommend you to check the manual or the ratings on the power adapter to stay safe.

They say that I can use it as a local FTP server; how is it possible?

Look at the backside of the router, and you will notice that there is a USB port. Connect a hard disk or a Pendrive, and you will be able to share files with a great speed like a local FTP server.

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Final Verdict

If you argue that there are far better routers with far less pricing, you are welcome to buy one of those cheap Chinese routers. Our question is, how long will you be satisfied with the cheap router’s performance?

So, don’t do experiments as we have already done the Netgear AC1600 review. Go for the proven one and forget about the device or any maintenance.