MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile – The Ultimate Battle 2023

For the time being smartphone users are looking forward to saving money off their monthly bills and prepaid carriers who offer lower-priced plans without many service bells and whistles are one of the manifest ways to cut your costs.

Who have spent the last couple of months rolling out new deals to attract new customers these two prepaid carriers are MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile.

Metro PCS and Boost Mobile companies have good features and some problems as well. Metro has the best coverage so it will offer you more data coverage and better plans on the whole than Boost Mobile.

On the other hand, via Boost  Mobile you may get a higher quality phone while paying less. The one major contention of being the best of MetroPCS is it operates on T-Mobile’s network and offers more plans than Boost.

As several well-known phone companies detached to offer unlimited plans for their customers at that time Boost Mobile and MetroPCS offer alluring unlimited plans for all classes of people.

Both carriers now charge the same amount when you add extra lines, though you will find promotions to lure you and your family to switch over your wireless service. 

On this very day, we will be taking an in-depth look at both of those so that you can determine which one suits you best.

MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile – The Ultimate Battle in 2023

1. MetroPCS vs. Boost Mobile: Plans

MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile: Plans

MetroPCS Plans

MetroPCS has been interfering with its data allotments and discounts on multiple lines. If you have five members of your family though, Boost can save your money with a special offer.

MetroPCS offers the best prepaid cell phone plans unlimited for individuals who don’t need unlimited data. In a single month with $40 you can get 5GB of LTE data.

If you feel your data requirements are minimal you can choose for MetroPCS 2GB plan. MetroPCS Unlimited Plan starts at $50 a month though you won’t get 480p resolution on video streaming. It’s about the video quality and most likely you can’t tether.

If you pay $60 a month for an Unlimited plan you will get 10GB of LTE hotspot data though the video streaming restriction remains. According to MetroPCS to get stream video at HD resolution with an extra $10.

Boost Mobile Plans

Boost has two options. It offers a plan of 3GB of LTE data for $35. Boost used to offer a $5 autopay discount but this carrier decided to discontinue this program. So you prefer to pay $5 more than MetroPCS’s basic 2GB plan to get 1GB more of data.

Boost unlimited plan costs $50, the same monthly rate MetroPCS charges. Like MetroPCS, Boost is also restricted to 480p streaming on video. But Boost also limits music streaming to 500 Kbps and streaming games to 2 Mbps.

The best part of MetroPCS is all these limitations don’t exist at MetroPCS. You have to pay an extra $10 a month at Boost to lift those restrictions that help you to stream video at 1080p, music at 1.5 Mbps, and games at 8 Mbps.

Boost Mobile unlimited plan has an edge over MetroPCS. From Boost’s $50 unlimited plan you get 8GB of LTE hotspot data. But if you want to use hotspot data on MetroPCS unlimited plans you have to pay an extra $10.

2. MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile: Family Plans

MetroPCS Family Plans

Both MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile offers you multiple lines with discounts. MetroPCS and Boost both carriers charge the same amount for additional lines- $30 per line.

They both tried to offer different rates to attract customers. MetroPCS’s $30 per month 2GB plan and the customers of Boost can save $5 when they add an additional line to the 3GB plan. Both carriers offer you a $20 discount when you add lines to their unlimited offerings.

Boost Mobile Family Plan

Boost offers bigger savings with a special promotion than any other phone carrier’s plan. If you switch over to Boost from MetroPCS or Cricket then you will get five lines of unlimited data for $100 per month.

If you drop any of those lines, you will still have to pay $100. If you are switching over four lines from another prepaid service then Boost will offer you free phones.

MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile: Coverage Networks

When it comes to their cell phone providers concentrate on different things. Like some of you focused on the coverage area, price, data speed, or something else entirely. MetroPCS has excellent coverage than Boost Mobile.

MetroPCS operates on T-Mobile which comes in second in the nation, right behind Verizon at number one while Boost is a Sprint subsidiary.

MetroPCS has one of the better-rated networks. According to a signal report, T-Mobile has the fastest network speed and greatest 4G availability of the four major carriers.

T-Mobile has already the fastest network speed with 62% coverage whereas Sprint has poor network coverage with only 27%. 

According to Sprint, they point to several areas where its network is improving. Now Sprint’s network speeds were getting faster and its 4G availability was on the rise.

Sprint wants to tie with AT&T and Verizon for the best texting performance. MetroPCS was faster and more consistent than Boost. MetroPCS had an average download speed of 22.1 Mbps compared with 16.8 Mbps for Boost.

MetroPCS app download takes 1 minute and 41 seconds on the other hand Boost takes 36 seconds longer to download an app in a test. 

So. undoubtedly it can be said that MetroPCS network coverage is a thousand times faster than Boost Mobile network coverage.  

MetroPCS vs. Boost Mobile: Phone Selection

MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile is almost similar when it comes to phone selection with both carriers having some low-cost models.

MetroPCS vs. Boost Mobile Phone Selection

Boost Phone Selection

Boost offers 30 phones at an affordable price. These phones cost $200 or less. If They are unable to buy a new phone they can buy a refurbished phone.

Refurbished phones mean you can save a bundle on aging models like Galaxy S7 available for $200. If you search for newer models Boost sells the Galaxy S8 for $549, $180 less than any other phone model of MetroPCS.

Boost also sells the iPhone 8 for less than MetroPCS price. Boost also offers exclusive ZTE Max XL at an attractive price.

MetroPCS Phone Selection

MetroPCS also offers some good exclusive phone models like ZTE Blade Z Max. MetroPCS also offers 31 models which include two flip phones.

In MetroPCS iPhone X is available and for sure you will find 20 phones for less than $200. With MetroPCS, you can use the Samsung Galaxy, iPhone, or a Google Pixel version. And you shouldn’t miss the latest metro pcs phone deals for existing customers.

Both carriers offer you to bring your own phone. If you purchase a Boost Mobile then your device will need to work with a CDMA-based network. 

MetroPCS and Boost Mobile: Extras and Perks

MetroPCS Extras and Perks

MetroPCS offers a data maximizer with its tiered data plans. MetroPCS data plans give you the option of streaming video at lower resolutions so that you are not swallowing as much data.

You can stream music from Pandora, iHeartRadio, Apple Music, and Spotify without using up any of your allotted LTE data if you have got the 6GB plan. MetroPCS tiered data offers you to use your phone as a mobile hotspot.

Boost Extras and Perks

Like MetroPCS, Boost offers subscribers on its tiered data plan stream music from select services. With $20 a month Boost customers can also sign up for six free months of Tidal HiFi, and streaming service.

By installing the Boosts Dealz app the subscribers can also earn account credits that put ads and offer on their phones.

The unlimited data plan of 3GB offers you to use your data as a mobile hotspot with the unlimited plan offering 8GB of LTE hotspot data each month.

MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile: Network Data Caps

Both MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile offer Unlimited Plans for these networks but there are qualifications for that term. There are speed restraints placed on things like streaming music and video games with Boost Mobile.

When you are streaming throughout most of the country there is no data cap but you won’t get blazing speed. In terms of video quality for MetroPCS, there are some limitations as well. You can’t get streaming video faster than 480p because there might not be a data cap. 

MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile: Customer Service

Boost Customer Service

Boost’s customers admitted that it is speedy and friendly. You can get a lot of help by searching the company’s robust website.

When the customers posed any question to Boost’s Facebook accounts Boost customer service received prompt responses as as possible.

To solve your problem Boosted tries to use automated menus. But if you want to get help from live support from customer service then the customers will be frustrated.

MetroPCS Customer Service

MetroPCS customer service is in a seven rank position. They improve their position in terms of customer service day by day. But MetroPCS customer service got slow responses to tech support questions posted to social media.

MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile: Service Price Comparison

MetroPCS Service Price

With MetroPCS, you can get a 10GB LTE plan for $40 per month. You can get a lot of data with T-Mobile’s high-performing network. MetroPCS also has unlimited plans for $50 and $60 per month but it depends on which other benefits you want.

MetroPCS runs on T-Mobile and is thought to have one of the best cellular networks in the country second only to Verizon. As they have a high-end network so they do an excellent job of balancing price and service.

Boost Mobile Service Price

Boost Mobile offers unlimited plans with more hotspot data. With only $35 they have a 3GB per month plan. Boost Mobile plans monthly rate can match with Metro and Cricket.

Moreover, Boost uses Sprint’s network which is undeniably slower than T-Mobile, MetroPCS. Boost has an unlimited plan which rivals the one offered by MetroPCS, costing $50 per month.

MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile – Which One is Better for you?

Above we have mentioned for you all the information about MetroPCS vs Boost Mobile. Now you have to decide which of these companies makes more sense for you.

All the things depend on what a smartphone user prioritizes. If we discuss MetroPCS then you are getting better coverage with it. You will enjoy faster data streaming as well with 5G. MetroPCS plans to go to cost you a little bit more.

Boost Mobile ensures you get superior customer service with more hotspot data. You will get several plans either a single line or family plans with lower prices.

You can get some benefits if the MetroPCS package is not desirable for you.  Boost Mobile contends with slower data speeds and network coverage depending on what part of the country you call home. 

Summary Comparison

If you don’t want to read through the whole article, the below quick breakdown of it for the customers of both mobile phones.

Boost Mobile

  • Boost Mobile offers a cheaper rate for several plans.
  • Boost Mobile customers will get more hotspot data than with MetroPCS.
  • It also provides excellent customer service.
  • With Tidal music streaming it has a lot more benefits.
  • It offers aggressive promotion aimed at switchers.


  • MetroPCS offers a larger coverage network than Boost Mobile.
  • It provides faster data speeds for quicker page and website downloads.
  • It provides benefits like exclusive trip deals, vouchers, and Amazon Prime.
  • Customers can get many different phones from which to choose.
  • Its unlimited data plan is more attractive.

Final Verdict

If you are in confusion whether to choose MetroPCS or Boost. MetroPCS is marked for the two most important considerations- Coverage and price. T-Mobile’s network performs better than Sprint’s in more areas and MetroPCS customers receive that benefit with pleasure. MetroPCS plans offer more options with unlimited offers.

If you buy the device from Boost Mobile then you can expect better customer service. Boost customers can have a solid selection of affordably priced handsets for less than $200.

Both MetroPCS and Boost Mobile have positive and negative aspects. So think carefully and wisely when you go to choose this point in your life. Between the two of them, MetroPCS is the better option for most users.

But Boost has also better perks to make the decision tougher than you might think. But one thing you should remember is to avoid signing up for any long-term commitments unless you feel quite confident in your selection.