MetroPCS International Calling Plans 2023

A few years back, I remember looking for international cell phone plans while traveling worldwide. But, at that moment there was not any useful information on the web and I had to get scammed by those providers many times. But there is a lot of information available now. 

However, at the request of my friend, who is a Metro by a T-mobile user, I searched for a suitable international call plan for him. To my surprise, I couldn’t find even one single useful article about that.

So, I decided to inform you about Metro by T-mobile’s (formal MetroPCS) international roaming plans and how they compare to other top providers’ international plans.

MetroPCS International Calling Plans 2023

MetroPCS International Calling Plans

MetroPCS has multiple domestic-services plans. They don’t incur a per-minute calling charge in any of their packs nationwide. Moreover, they offer plans at a reasonable price. 

You don’t need to contract to switch from plan to plan, so you can easily choose the Metro pcs phone deals for existing customers.

The popular MetroPCS plans are a 10 GB LTE data plan with unlimited text and calling at $40 dollar per month and an unlimited data plan which charges $50 per month. 

International Roaming With MetroPCS

Although you won’t experience any per-minute roaming fee in the nationwide coverage area, you will incur when travelling worldwide. As you may know, MetroPCS uses the T-Mobile network. Thus, international roaming was possible as T-Mobile partnered with some other international carriers. 

International fees vary from country to country. And, MetroPCS has different plans for different parts of the world. I’ll inform you about some plans in this article. So, let’s see what they are.

MetroPCS in international Plans With Fast Speed

In a foreign country, the biggest thing that is going to annoy you is the 2G speed. However, MetroPCS offers a variety of data plans with high speed and you can enjoy 4G LTE speeds while travelling worldwide. 

The greatest advantage you are going to have with these plans are not restricted to 1 specific country. Suppose you are planning to go on a trip around Europe. You can enjoy the same service plan throughout the entire journey. You don’t need to change the plan after every border cross. Here are the high-speed data packages of MetroPCS.

512 MB International Day Pass

This plan of MetroPCS will cost you $5 per day which includes half gigabit internet. This internet is for one day use. You will get another 512 MB of data the next day. 

Without that, it offers unlimited calling for the entire day. Thus, make your day enjoyable with your friends and family by keeping you in touch. 

If you are travelling, then you won’t use your internet pretty often. Moreover, you can use it when you go back to the hotel or in any cafeteria as much as you want. But, to use google map and massage services you need this much internet. Moreover, you can keep a contract with your family. 

5 GB International Day Pass

The 5 GB international Day pass pack offers you 5 GB internet for up to 10 days at 4G LTE. And, unlimited calling is also included. The plan costs $35 dollar for the 10 days, making it a wonderful option if you are going to travel for week-long trips.

15 GB International Day Pass

The last plan of MetroPCS with high speed is the 15 GB International Day Pass. You have to pay $50 dollars for that. It lasts for 30 days, offering you 15 GB with unlimited calling and texting facilities. 

If you are going to have a long trip around the world this offer is the best suitable one for you. 

The MetroPCS also offers several robust international plans as add-ons. Two well-known offers are Canada Unlimited Add-ons and Mexico Unlimited Add-ons. Let’s have a glance at those offers of MetroPCS. 

Mexico Unlimited

With this add-on you will get:

  • Unlimited call from and to Mexico
  • Unlimited high-speed data in Mexico
  • Unlimited text in Mexico

This offer will cost you $5/month. 

Canada Unlimited

With plan offers you: 

  • Unlimited call from and to Canada
  • Unlimited high-speed data in Mexico
  • Unlimited text in Canada

The Canada Unlimited costs you the same $5/month. 

Without that the MetroPCS comes with other add-ons to call in several other countries. Those add-ons are known as MetroPCS Global Voice. Global Voice add-ons differ in price depending on the number of minutes included and the country included. 

Compare Of MetroPCS And Other Providers International Calling Plans

Comparison Of MetroPCS And Other Providers International Plans

Other providers also offer international roaming plans. Those plans may be more suitable for you if you want to switch. So, let’s see what other top providers have to offer. 

1. Verizon International Calling Plans

Verizon comes with three types of international plans:

  • Verizon TravelPasses
  • Verizon Monthly International Plans
  • Pay As You Go

Verizon TravelPasses: The plan costs you $5/day for Canada and Mexico. And, if you choose internationally, it costs $10/day.

Depending on your current plan it carries over, which means if you are on an unlimited plan, you can carry on this internationally. But sadly, after 0.5 GB users, it becomes really slow.

The 0.5 GB per day is superfast at 5Mbps. And, after the limit, you get to use the internet at 2G speed. You won’t be able to browse the internet, stream music, watch a video or use social media. You can only use it for email, iMessage and other message-based apps. 

But, for most people, this much data is enough while travelling. And, you also have other options from Verizon like Monthly International Plans. 

Verizon Monthly International Plan: If you are going for longer trips, Verizon has something to offer you. They are:

  • 100 text, 100 minutes and 512 MB data at $70/month.
  • 1000 text, 1000 minutes and 2 GB data at $130/ month.

Those offers allow unlimited incoming text messages. But the worst thing about this offer is you are getting so less text, minutes and that DATA to use for an entire month. And, not the least, you have to pay a charge for the plan you have in the U.S. as it is an additional plan. 

Verizon Pay As You Go plan: The most expensive and last option of Verizon Pay as you go. It will cost you over 2,000 dollars for one GB of data. Noway it is acceptable in any case.  You can choose the best pay as uou go phones plans.

Verizon TravelPass plan and MetroPCS 512 MB International Day Pass are quite similar plans. But you can get the MetroPCS 512 MB International Day Pass for anywhere in the world at $5 cost where Verizon costs you $10 worldwide. Overall, Verizon charges higher than MetroPCS and there are also restriction and overage charges issues. 

2. AT&T International Calling Plans

AT&T has a similar option like version except for the names: 

  • AT&T International Day Pass
  • AT&T Passport

AT&T International Day Pass: The day pass add-on costs $10/day and allows you to continue whatever current postpaid plan is, internationally. This means, if you are using an unlimited plan, you will be able to use unlimited minutes, texts, and data internationally too. The data usage is fast and it doesn’t have a limit on data. 

However, calling from DayPass countries to non-DayPass countries will incur a charge. And, this charge will be added with the $10/day cost. 

AT&T Passport: This other option of AT&T is as ridiculous as Verizon Monthly International Plan. It also has two offers.

Which are, paying $70 for 1 GB of data for 30 days or pay $120 for 3GB of data for 30 days. And, in addition to that, it will charge you $0.35/minute for calls.

The AT&T International Day Pass is a nice plan as it doesn’t put any limitations on data usage. It will be an offer for you if you use the internet quite often on a trip.

But the price is also double that of MetroPCS 512 MB International Day Pass. For longer trips, MetroPCS is better than AT&T in my opinion. 

3. Sprint International Calling Plans

Sprint comes with a different approach to international roaming. Their Unlimited plus and Unlimited premium plus plans include free of charge global roaming. It has coverage in over 200+ countries with $0.25 per minute calls, unlimited text and unlimited 2G data. 

But the main problem with this plan is the slow internet speed. You can’t watch any video or stream any music. All you can do is use message-based apps.

This is perfectly fine if you are staying in a hotel where you will get WiFi services. But, Sprint also offers an add-on if you are not satisfied with this. 

Sprint International Add-ons: Sprint offers two international roaming add-ons – One is $5/day for a limited data plan at high speed and the other is $25/week for unlimited data. Compared to Verizon and AT&T, these add-ons are more reasonable.

The offers are far better in the case of Sprint. First of all, it’s offering you unlimited texting and 2G internet free of cost.

And, if 2G is not good for you can get an additional fast net at $5/day. And, MetroPCS lowest pack also requires $5/day which will provide you with only 0.5 GB of data per day. 

4. T-Mobile International Calling Plans

T-Mobile has several plans to offer you for international roaming. The first one is T-Mobile ONE plan, which offers 5GB LTE data for Canada and Mexico and unlimited 2G data for other 210+ countries which is unusably slow. So, T-Mobile offers other plans. Which are:

  • T-Mobile One Plus
  • Global Plus 15GB
  • International 1 Day Pass
  • 5GB International Pass
  • 15GB International Pass

T-Mobile One Plus: This is the same as T-Mobile ONE plan without, it offers you 2x internet speed than T-Mobile ONE. It costs you $15 for a day without worth anything. 

Global Plus 15 GB: For month-long trips, T-Mobile has something for you, Global Plus 15GB, you can sign-up for it with your current plan. With $50/month, you get 15 GB of 4G LTE data with up to 5 GB hotspot data anywhere in the world. There are also unlimited text and calling services

International 1 Day Pass: It’s the same as the MetroPCS 512 MB International Day Pass, which provides you with a high speed of 0.5 GB per day to use and mobile hotspot capacity is also available. You also have unlimited text and unlimited calling in 210+ counties. 

5GB International Pass: Again same as MetroPCS, 5GB data at high speed, unlimited calling and text from 210+ countries. This gets you all these facilities for 10 days, costing $35. 

15GB International Pass: This pack from T-Mobile costs you $50 with the 15GB data at 4G LTE speed and other offers as before. This plan lasts for one month.

You may know, MetroPCS is now owned by T-Mobile and MetroPCS also uses T-Mobile’s network. So, the offers and coverages are the same. Any of them you chose won’t make a difference in the case of plans. 

5. Google Fi International Calling Plans

Google Fi has become famous recently. I saw many people on Reddit suggesting that Google Fi is best. And, they are right. Google Fi offers you unlimited talk for a month at $20/month and $10 per GB of high-speed internet.

However, if you Cross 6GB of data in a month, everything after that is free. Eventually, your plan becomes an unlimited plan. And the best thing is you only pay for the data you use. Suppose you used 2.1 GB data, you only need to pay $2.1. 

The amazing thing is, that international roaming does not charge you additional and their rates stay the same. Internet speed is also fast. Google Fi plans for international Roaming is better than MetroPCS.

With Google Fi, you don’t need to pay for unused data and there is no limitation. Internet speed is also fast. Where In the case of MetroPCS there is a limitations, uncertainty and speed vary. 

Final Verdict

MetroPCS plans for international roaming is better than many others like Verizon, AT&T, Sprint which are overcharging for every single GB. On the other hand, T-Mobile is the same ( for obvious reasons) and Google Fi is better than MetroPCS for international calls. 

But, you could be more profitable if you sign-up for a local plan as the United State’s cell phones plans are ridiculously expensive. Of course, except for Canada and Australia. And, with local devices, you won’t have any speed problems. 

So if you are going for a long trip, it is better to choose local plans over your current provider. But, for short-trip sticking with MetroPCS is better. And, to communicate internationally you can check the best international calling plans from the USA.