The Best MetroPCS Home Internet Plans 2023

Metro PCS is a telecommunications company owned by the United States of America. The telecom company provides prepaid wireless services to its customers. As a non-contract carrier, T-Mobile officially launched MetroPCS in May 2013.

Customers get the best service from MetroPCS Home Internet plans. We use the internet for any office or home needs. At present, millions of people are using internet technology to perform their necessary tasks at home.  MetroPCS has some simple and affordable internet plans to meet this demand for the internet.

In addition to internet packages, MetroPCS also offers minutes and SMS packages. This means that under one plan you can enjoy data connection, calling, and text services at the same time.

With this plan, you get unlimited access for the entire subscription period. Metropcs plans are simple and suitable to meet the diverse needs of you and your family based on the Internet. This article gives you a brief overview of home internet plans and their costs from Metro PCS.

Does MetroPCS Offer Unlimited Data?

Nowadays most the people are dependent on the internet so they need a lot more data for their work. In this case, you can accept the unlimited data plans of MetroPCS. It has many unlimited data plans, although there are some limitations.

Top 3 MetroPCS Home Internet Plans 2023

MetroPCS Home Internet Plans

1. MetroPCS $60 Unlimited Plan

The $60 Unlimited plan allows four lines for families who need more than one line. This plan is incredibly effective because it gives you hotspot data as well as high-quality stream videos with resolutions up to 480p like other unlimited plans. With this plan, you will get unlimited 4G LTE data, SMS, and call minutes.

You can only use the minutes you receive to make calls between two people. You can also add a few minutes for other types of calls (conference calls and radio broadcasts).

You can get 300 minutes for $3 / month and 1000 minutes for  $10 / month. Provides high-speed data for customers in 5G covered areas. With this plan, you can get a free subscription to Amazon Prime and Google One as well as 100 GB of cloud storage.

Google One Cloud Storage allows you to share with your family members. Automated mobile backups and other benefits include access to Google experts for assistance.

The Amazon prime includes,

  • Unlimited streaming
  • unlimited photo storage
  • 2-hour shipping free
  • Access to TV programs with Prime Video

After using 35 GB / month, you may notice the problem of slowing down the internet during traffic jams. In that case, you should not worry because it is a temporary problem.

This plan provides 15GB 4 LTE mobile hotspot data for you to share your data with other data. You can create a hotspot with your smartphone. You can use the Internet by connecting to your other devices.

In this plan, you can add four more lines for  $ 30 per month. If you need high-speed data, you can subscribe for 2GB data for 5 / month, 5GB data for $ 10 / month, or 10GB for $ 20 / month. Considering all the benefits of this plan, it can be said that it is one of the unlimited internet plans.

This plan has some security features, which include,

  • call history-outbound
  • Free Web Guard,
  • Scam Shield™ Premium
  • McAfee® Security
  • Premium Handset Protection® Program

Other features include,

  • Scam Shield™ App
  • Voicemail
  • Call Waiting
  • Caller ID

2. MetroPCS $50 Unlimited Plan

This plan includes unlimited minutes, 4G LTE data, and SMS per month. After using more than 35 gigabytes of data per month in this plan, its speed can be noticed due to traffic congestion. However, this is a temporary problem.

You can also bring your phone to subscribe to the plan to get high-quality video streams with resolutions up to 480p. Like the $60 Unlimited plan, there is a 5G4L LTE mobile hotspot data system to share the Internet with computers and other devices.

There is no agreement on this plan. The plan comes with 100 GB of Google One cloud storage to help you get mobile backups automatically. Which you can share with your family members. However, the $ 60 Unlimited plan is Amazon Prime but the $50 Unlimited plan does not have this facility.

You can add $ 5 / month for 2GB data for high speed, $ 10 / month for 5GB data by subscribing to the existing monthly plan under certain conditions. If you want to enjoy the benefits of conference calls, chat lines, and radio broadcasts, you can subscribe for $ 3 / month for 300 minutes or 1000 minutes for only $10 / month. However, in this plan, the minute service is only for two-way communication.

You will enjoy some security features such as,

  • Scam Shield™ Premium
  • McAfee® Security
  • Premium Handset Protection® Program
  • Free Web Guard
  • Security Bundle

Other features include,

  • Call Waiting
  • Wi-Fi Calling
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Scam Shield™ App

3. MetroPCS $40 Unlimited Plan

The plan covers 4G LTE data allowance, SMS, and voice call minutes to the customer. Adding 300 minutes for $3 / month or 1000 minutes for just  $10 / month will give you the benefits of conference calls, chat lines, and radio broadcasts.

However, minute calls only apply to communication between two people. Its speed slows down a bit after enjoying 40 gigabytes of full-speed data.

This plan features high-resolution video streams of up to 480p. If you want to add 4 additional lines, the line will cost 30 per month. Residents of 5G covered areas will also be able to enjoy the speed of 5G data. Allows the use of 4G data for music downloads, video and non-audio content.

4G data cannot be used to stream music from Apple Music, Pandora, Spotify, and many others from iHeartRadio. This plan does not allow 4G LTE mobile data to be shared with other connected devices.

Like the other plans, This plan has some security features such as,

  • Caller Identification
  • Scam Shield™ Premium
  • McAfee® Security
  • Storage and Security Bundle
  • Free Web Guard

The plan  has some additional features such as;

  • Voicemail
  • Scam Shield™ App
  • 3-Way Calling
  • Caller ID

Best Metro Family Plans

If many members of a family need internet access, they have to take the service of multiple lines from the carriers. Metro offers significant discounts for connecting multiple lines, with 10 GB of data per month for $ 50. Unlimited plans require an additional $ 30 / mo for additional line connections.

The best unlimited family plan for multiple line connections. Because in this case the fourth line will be completely free and will cost less than the 10 GB plan. This plan has many benefits like free cloud storage and Amazon Prime subscription.

Metro PCS pay by the gig plans

While Metro PCS does not offer a single mobile hotspot data plan, they do offer their pay-by-gig and unlimited plans as well. With this plan 4G LTE data is available. The entire amount of 1GB of data in this plan can be used as a mobile hotspot. This data plan changes every month depending on how much data you have acquired.

MetroPCS WiFi Hotspot Plans

MetroPCS offers a number of plans and features under the T-Mobile network, one of which is the MetroPCS WiFi Hotspot plan. If you want to enjoy unlimited data plans with a high speed as well as mobile hotspot service then the MetroPCS WiFi Hotspot plan is suitable for you.

Features of MetroPCS WiFi Hotspot Plans

  • With this plan, you can enjoy unlimited data between 2 to 22 GB.
  • Which indicates a high speed.
  • 3G mobile hotspot for high-speed unlimited data.
  • Unlimited teaching and video streaming.

Cheapest Metro plan

Metro’s cheapest unlimited data plans is 2 GB of data, which costs $ 30 / mo. This plan does not have the benefits of Amazon Prime or Google One Cloud Storage. This is a decent option for those who do not need much data.

MetroPCS Current Promotions & Deals

MetroPCS usually offers a variety of promotions and deals to increase customer interest in opening new lines or new connections.

All of these offers include special service bundles and free hardware giveaways. New customers take the cheap Metro PCS phones and plans to enjoy all these offers. So if you are thinking of adopting a new MetroPCS plan, check to see if there are any ongoing campaigns.

MetroPCS Wireless Availability

MetroPCS is already providing cellular services in 5 states although the states are not fully covered by this network. Serving across a wide area of ​​California, Texas and Michigan. Soon T-Mobile MetroPCS cellular service may undergo several changes.

How do Metro by T-Mobile’s plans compare to other carriers?

Metro plans are usually budget-friendly. Metro plans are much more popular than other carriers. Overall, there is not much difference in price between one carrier and another.

While there is not much difference between prepaid plans, Metro plans offer higher data throttling thresholds than other providers for unlimited plans. Metro by T-Mobile provides reliable coverage across the country through its powerful network.

Final Verdict

MetroPCS Home Internet plans are more affordable than other providers. If you are planning to start your new year for your family with a high-speed multi-line internet connection, consider any of the MetroPCS Home Internet plans.

These plans include internet data as well as national calls and text delivery. MetroPCS Home Internet Plans Unlimited features benefit the customer.