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Top 5 MetroPCS Big Screen Phones in 2021

MetroPCS phones are now formerly known as Metro by T-Mobile oversee to be ignored. MetroPCS phones give you the opportunity to save some money when buying a phone without a contract with a bunch of affordable plans. There are a variety of phones in both high end and low end phones which keep consistency in modern design with a big screen. MetroPCS upgrade a plenty of models and brands like Apple, Samsung, LG and Motorola.  

Though MetroPCS is the name of the new carrier, there are plenty of smart reasons to stick with it. Moreover MetroPCS has the best phones ever. Metro always offers you more coverage and better plans than any other phones. You may pay less and get a higher quality phone with a big screen. MetroPCS customers have the freedom to go with low-cost handsets or flagship devices. MetroPCS Phones are best for visually impaired people because of its big screen. 

Choosing the best big screen phone is the most complicated task. Are you looking for MetroPCS big screen phones? Thinking about you we have listed 5 phones of MetroPCS which may look familiar because they are some of the best phones in MetroPCS.

Top 5 MetroPCS Big Screen Phones in 2021

1. LG Stylo 4 MetroPCS Big Screen Phones

There are basically two types of Android users like some of the users argue over screen and want the best phone year after year and some of the users want just a phone that looks good, works well and captures good pictures. Most of the customers focus on the flagship G and V series, LG is a big play with low or midrange price.

LG Stylo 4 Phone - Locked - MetroPCS Only
300 Reviews
LG Stylo 4 Phone - Locked - MetroPCS Only
  • LG Stylo 4 with 32GB Memory ( MetroPCS Network). SIM Card, its charger, and its guidance booklet...
  • The LG STYLO 4 is a device that fits your lifestyle, no matter how big your life is. Create more....
  • With the LG STYLO 4, nearly anything is possible. It's more than a phone; form, function, and fun...

Key Features Of LG Stylo 4

  • LG Stylo 4 has a screen with 6.2 inch with 2180X1080 display resolution.
  • It has an autofocus rear camera with 13MP phase detection.
  • It has 32GB memory.
  • SIM card and charger is included.
  • It features a fingerprint and facial recognition sensor.
  • It has a large 3300 mAh battery capacity.
  • It has 2GB RAM.
  • It is designed aesthetically.

 LG’s Stylo series is also famous for including an integrated Stylus similar to the much more expensive Galaxy series. In the USA and Canada Stylo 4 is available on T-Mobile and MetroPCS. This phone is also compatible with Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint in the United States.

The best thing is the Stylo 4 has running well for its performance at the price. As hardware improvements tickle down to the lower prices the midrange phones have been getting better and better so the Stylo 4 continues that trend. The display is bright enough for comfortable daytime watching and dim enough that the user feels relaxed on eyes late at night. That means this phone is also comfortable for visually impaired people. The user will also feel free and can type with both thumbs on these screens. The phone is well built as the glossy plastic back picks up smudges easier. The Buttons are nice and clicky. 

When you speak on phone calls you don’t get problems making and receiving calls if you live in good coverage areas. The cameras also worked well, when you capture a picture it looks like a professional shot. MetroPCS phones deal with existing customers so thinking about customers MetroPCS sells this phone with $250 and a good phone overall regardless of price. The previous customers of LG Stylo 4 always provide positive opinions about this phone. It is one of the best MetroPCS compatible phones with a big screen.

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2. LG Stylo 5 MetroPCS  Phones

LG Stylo 5 is one of the best MetroPCS phones. The LG Stylo 5 has a big screen and stylus like the Galaxy Note 10 phones. MetroPCS LG phones cost a lot less.  LG Stylo 5 impressed the customers with its good design and amazing battery life. It is a large phone and fairly thick. The sides are aluminium with a glass front and a plastic back. The back covering is like protective covering on screens. Like other LG models LG Stylo 5 is not ultra slippery glass. The LG Stylo 5 uses a 450 Snapdragon 450 processor paired with 3GB of RAM which is more standard for a phone which is priced at $200. The performance of this phone is really good. 

LG Stylo 5

Key Features of LG Stylo 5

  • LG Stylo 5 has a big screen with 6.2 inches full HD display 2160X1080 resolution with Stylus.
  • It has 1.8Hz Snapdragon 450.
  • It has 3GB RAM.
  • It has 16 or 32GB ROM with microSD card support.
  • It has a big battery with 3500mAh.
  • It features 13MP rear and 5MP wide angle front camera.

Like Samsung, LG has similar versions of the pre installed Google apps. It has a healthy dose of bloatware on top together with Facebook and clutch on Amazon apps. Though the launcher doesn’t have an app drawer but that can be fixed easily. 

It is also important to know that LG has the worst part of manufacturer when it comes to updates. But according to LG Stylo 5 never receives a major Android update. The software experience of Stylo 5 is good. LG has a few useful utilities for use with the Stylus: they are a memo pad, a screen shot,  a GIF creator and a coloring book. Stylo 5 has a high point in its battery life. Most of the users say that more than 50% battery remaining they easily get two days of use out of a single charge. 

Like most expensive phones the Stylo 5 can take photos like a professional photo shot with plenty of light and quality collapses in a dark environment.  To sum up, Stylo 5 is not a bad choice for you where it offers a great design, good performance and a fantastic battery life with around $200.

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3. Google Pixel 4 XL Big Screen Phones

Google Pixel 4 XL is one of the best MetroPCS phones with a big screen and plenty of good features. But apart from this it has some shortage of expectations. That doesn’t mean the phone is bad. This phone is really good and provides great service in several areas. But in one point Google Pixel 4 XL disappoints its customers because when it brings some innovative technical marvels a pedestrian necessity like battery life is still left unaddressed. 

Google Pixel 4 XL - Just Black - 64GB - Unlocked
583 Reviews
Google Pixel 4 XL - Just Black - 64GB - Unlocked
  • Point and shoot for the perfect photo. Capture brilliant color and control the exposure balance of...
  • Get the shot without the flash. Night Sight is now faster and easier to use it can even take photos...
  • Get more done with your voice. The new Google Assistant is the easiest way to send texts, share...

Key Features of Google Pixel 4 XL

  • Google Pixel 4 XL has a big display with 6.3 inch full HD OLED and 3040X1440 pixel resolution.
  • It has 6GB RAM.
  • It has 64GB/128GB storage.
  • It runs on Snapdragon 855.
  • It has an incredible camera with 12.2 MP and 16MP camera.
  • It has clean and fluid software.
  • It has bold design and good build quality.

Every year the customers raise their negative opinion about this phone. First they said Google Pixel 4XL has terrible build quality, secondly display issues and thirdly poor battery experience. And every year its customer expects that this time Google will address the issues and produce a pixel which truly lives up to its potential. 

There are three color settings for the pixel 4 display, they are natural, boosted and adaptive for convenience of customers. Google pixel series don’t get much acceptance to the smartphone users for some of its limitations like battery life. With a single charge, users can use the phone for 7 hours which is very poor for heavy users. Otherwise MetroPCS Google Pixel 4 XL is a good phone under $200. 

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4. Moto G7 MetroPCS Big Screen Phones

Moto G7 is one of the MetroPCS which is affordable with budget and provides good performance. Those who need a great battery life and don’t want to spend much money for smartphones Moto G7 is a perfect choice for them. Moto G7 is one of the MetroPCS upgrade phones. When a customer sees the phone they may think it looks more expensive but actually that’s not true. Probably Moto G7 is considered as the most affordable phone of MetroPCS. Though Moto G7 doesn’t offer top end power but it is durable, reliable and affordable.

Moto G7 with Alexa Hands-Free – Unlocked – 64...
1,062 Reviews
Moto G7 with Alexa Hands-Free – Unlocked – 64...
  • Pre-installed selection of Amazon apps, including Amazon Shopping, Amazon Music, Audible and Amazon...
  • Amazon exclusive version with Amazon Alexa built-in: Simply say “Alexa” or double press the...
  • 6.2" Full HD+ Max Vision display (2270 x 1080) with 19:9 aspect ratio, 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of...

Key Features of Moto G7

  • Moto G7 has a 6.2 inch display with 2270X1080 pixel resolution.
  • It has a Snapdragon 632 processor.
  • It has 3GB of RAM and 32GB internal storage that can be expanded with an SD card.
  • Moto G7 provides 12MP rear camera and a 8MP front camera.
  • It has a battery capacity with 5000mAh which should last you up to two days on a single charge.

Moto G7 is the best combination of solid hardware for a low price among the MetroPCS phones. The regular price of MetroPCS is $249 but if you switch from another carrier to MetroPCS then you only pay $59 or upfront cost of $209 without switching. MetroPCS operates on T-Mobile network which has 62% network coverage, so it can be considered as a smart move if you switch MetroPCS.

 All the prepaid customers seem similar in terms of performance. Moto G7 is the finest model of Motorola series. Those who love big and clear display, gaming and checking facebook, photos and image and last but not the least well built design they will surely choose Moto G7. Day by day Moto G7 has become a popular MetroPCS phone which has a decent quality with the right budget.

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5. XGODY 3G GSM  MetroPCS Big Screen Phones

XGODY 3G GSM phone is one of the best Android phones and MetroPCS upgrade phones which delivers speeds and fast speed performance. XGODY smartphone is best for video, photo and games. MetroPCS offers XGODY 3G GSM phones providing you amazing apps for your entertainment, health and fitness, finance and other needs.

XGODY 3G GSM Unlocked Cell Phones 5.5' inch 18:9...
142 Reviews
XGODY 3G GSM Unlocked Cell Phones 5.5" inch 18:9...
  • ★【 5.5" 18:9 IPS Screen】 The high technology of IPS offers you a large viewing angle,...
  • ★【 RAM 1GB+8GB ROM】 XGODY D27 packed with 1GB RAM & 8GB ROM, and it supports external 32GB SD...
  • ★【3G Unlocked Android Smartphone】You can connect to the local mobile network with your Xgody...

Features of XGODY 3G GSM

  • XGODY 3G GSM has a big screen with 5.5 inch display with high resolution.
  • It has 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM with external 32GB microSD card.
  • It supports dual SIM.
  • It is compatible with T-Mobile, AT&T and MetroPCS.
  • Snapdragon 439 octa core processor.
  • 2 Years warranty.

The best part of XGODY 3G GSM is the external memory can be upgraded to 32GB and was done but unfortunately the Android OS on this device doesn’t allow the programs to install on the external for whatever reason. XGODY offers unlimited plans and features with $62.99 which is a surprising matter for smartphone users. With XGODY phone you can take the best and clearest selfies like pro and can active on facebook and texting messages relentlessly. 

XGODY offers a fingerprint sensor which doesn’t offer many well known phone brands. That is the benefit of XGODY if we compare with other phones. All in all it is a great phone of MetroPCS.

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Which is the Best MetroPCS Big Screen Phones

LG Stylo 5 is the best MetroPCS upgrade phone. It brings your passions to life with a premium quality smartphone which provides the tools you need to be productive, get creative and elevate every experience. It has an immersive screen, advanced camera and enhanced stylus pen that are tailor made for big ideas and imaginations. As the Stylo 5 features a plastic back that should be able to handle everyday dings and drops, it’s unclear if the phone features a Gorilla Glass display and it lacks any sort of water or dust protection. 

If you really want a budget phone with a Stylus, and the lack of future Android updates isn’t a concern the Stylo 5 is a great choice. As it offers a great design and good performance and fantastic battery life. So heavy phone users can choose this MetroPCS phone undoubtedly. So, I would recommend you to buy these MetroPCS phones.

Final Verdict

MetroPCS has a bit of a different phone lineup than many other carriers, but it’s totally fine because there are plenty of great options. Though MetroPCS phones seem expensive, they have high end phones with the best features. MetroPCS phones are well-made, modern phones with current Android software, an ultra- wide secondary camera and a massive battery. Last but not the least, MetroPCS phones have a big screen which is the most convenient for visually impaired customers.

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