Linksys WRT32X Review – Is It Truly Affordable Gaming Router?

Linksys WRT32X ReviewWhen it comes to the gamer’s routers, the game freaks understood what the latency, speed, and ping mean in online gaming; It may make a difference between a win and loss. Gaming and video streaming in the WiFi router don’t go on the same track.

When competing in online gaming with the Linksys WRT32X WiFi gaming router, your gaming device will get all the bandwidths it will need to run without any lags and buffering. Released in the middle of 2017, this router was the first gaming prioritizing router at that time.

The hardware and engines of this router have a lot to deliver to the gamers while streaming online. The Network prioritization featured engine detects the desktops or PCs of your network and gives those devices the bandwidth priority. If you are taking your gaming more seriously than anything else, then having a look at Linksys WRT32X review will make you pleased without any doubt.

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At A Glance Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router

  • Launched with a Killer Prioritization Engine for focusing only on gaming devices for a lag-free gameplay
  • As it is made with a dual-band frequency class of both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz you will be able to enjoy a vast network experience
  • The Killer Engine identifies, gives priority, and reduces latency as well as peak ping up to 77 percent
  • Provides you a dominating next-generation WiFi speed of up to 3.2 Gb per seconds to keep you at the top queue
  • As it has 4 ports, you will get access to the Pro level Gigabit Ethernet switch for connecting multiple gaming consoles

Compare Linksys WRT32X with ASUS RT-AC5300 Gaming Router

Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router  ASUS RT-AC5300 Gaming Router
The Killer Prioritization Engine is to focus only on gaming devices for buffering free gameplay. ASUS RT-AC5300 is built-in with access to GPN(Gamers Private Network) for optimized, lag-free gaming.
It has a dual-band frequency class of both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, which will let you enjoy a vast network experience. As it has a tri-band frequency class with single 2 & 4 and Dual 5 GHz, you will get maximum throughput.
The Killer Engine identifies, gives priority, and reduces latency as well as peak ping up to 77 percent. The Mu-Mimo technology allows connecting to multiple clients with individual internet bands for maximum speed.
Has a dominating next-generation WiFi speed of up to 3200 Mb per second to keep you at the top of the gaming. It’s latest 802.11ac technology delivers a maximum data transfer speed of 5334 Mb  Per Second for accelerating gaming.
As it has 4-gigabit ports, you will get access to the Pro level Gigabit Ethernet switch for connecting multiple gaming rigs. With the 4X4 gigabit ports, you will be able to switch between ports and bands to connect with multiple gaming consoles.
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What Users Are Saying About Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router

When you move on to the hardware part of this router, you will become astonished that how it was made. The hardware side was pretty good for this best linksys router. Besides the firmware of the device is crappy and pretty much hassled with no exact settings rather than the push forwarding of the Killer enabled engine.

If you are going for a killer enabled engine at this budget tag to maximize the device priority of your gaming then it is okay. But for other utilities of WiFi routers, it will make you pretty unpleased. The majority of the users have reported a lack of features in the firmware. Other than that the router is great for better gaming.

Key features Of Linksys WRT32X AC3200 Gaming router

Gaming Focused Hardware

The gaming prioritization killer gaming engine is packed in this Linksys WRT32X AC3000 router, thus you will get the feel of robust gaming without any sort of lags and buffering. For hard gamers, this router is going to be a piece of heaven. The Killer engine syncs with the Killer PCs for a more smooth experience.

Lag-free Multitasking

For being a gaming router, you will be able to do the other lower focused tasks form this router more smoothly. With the powerful dual-core CPU it ensures high-speed data transferring so you don’t lose your edge when performing multiple tasks like streaming, gaming, or strategizing in the voice chat.

Gigabit Ethernet Switch

This router is ideal for doing LAN parties. Moreover, you can connect to your gaming PCs, gaming consoles, 4K TVs, streaming devices, and additional switches at a noticeable speed from a built-in Gigabit Ethernet switch with four specific ports. Improved gaming is now possible with this Linksys WRT32X router, whether you’re connected with a wire or without wires.

FAQs About Linksys WRT32X Gaming Router

Q: Does it works for X Box or Play Station 4?

The router is mainly designed for desktops or PCs with the killer networking adapters to optimize the gaming experience. However, you can use the Xbox or PS4s with the basic/manual prioritizing to change the non-killer enabled devices.

Q: Does this router improves video streaming?

If someone asks about the improved video streaming or connectivity improving while streaming videos, it will do it. With a decent connection,4K videos will be streamed with this router without any disconnecting issues.

Q: Is this usable for homely tasks?

You will be able to use this for home-usage. But you won’t be able to have the advantage of the Killer Prioritized engine unless you have a killer engine enabled wireless adapter installed on it.

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Final Verdict

Linksys WRT32X is the first router that is launched in late 2018 for giving the priority to the gamers. But this may be an old one for modern users because after this many more high configured routers and devices have launched in the gaming tools market. Side by side this router may not be a suitable option for one who wants a more high featured router for gaming as this router lacks features.

Those who run for the killer prioritization engine for enhancing their gaming experience can have a check at this router as this is the best option regarding the hardware. Moreover, the initial price was 299 dollars but now the price is more discounted and dropped. Thus before opting for this cheap gaming router think twice, whether you need features or hardware.

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