Lexmark MS810n Review – Is it Truly Fastest Office printer?

How important is a printer for an office? Although a printer is not one of our favorite techs, the importance of a printer is not that light. And, the security of it is also very important. To ensure your print quality and security, I am going to review Lexmark MS810n in this article. So be sure to continue reading. 

Lexmark MS810n is designed for high uses which print up to 50,000 pages per month for your office and workgroup. The easy setup, a vast number of connectivity options, faster printing speed, and huge page input capacity make it a perfect choice for an office with high demand for printing. And, in this article I’m going to tell you every pros and cons of this printer and whether you should buy it or not. Now, without wasting your time, let’s move on to the features of this printer.

At A Glance of Lexmark MS810n Printer

  • The 800MHz dual-core processor of Lexmark MS810n improves the printer speed and quality. 
  • No need to wait a single minute with its finger blazing speed of printing 55 pages per minute.
  • Complete your task at ease with the easy-to-use control panel. 
  • With its humongous input capacity of 4400 sheets, you don’t even need to think about page refilling. 
  • Enjoy hand-free printing with its huge capacity ADF and built-in two-sided printing. 
  • Secure your important business data from hackers with its innovative security capacities.

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The printer is a little larger than any other of its categories. It measures 20.6 inches wide, 23.7 inches in height, and 21.7 inches thick. And, the weight is also not that light, about 52.2 pounds. The main reason behind its weight is huge paper input trays. However, as an office-use printer, you need a specific place and a desk for it.

To know more about MS810n, let’s compare it with the same class printer Canon Color ImageCLASS MF733Cdw.

Compare Lexmark MS810n And Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw Printer

Lexmark MS810n Printer Canon color imageCLASS MF733Cdw Printer
Lexmark MS810n is a single-functional printer which means you can only print by it. And, the printing quality and speed is something you’ll never get in AIOs or MFPs. Canon Color imageCLASS MF733Cdw is an all-in-one printer. You can copy, print, scan, or fax whatever you want.
To save your valuable time, it supports a 50-sheet ADF(automatic document feeder). But, it doesn’t support auto-duplex printing. To print hand-freely, it offers an automatic document feeder and single-pass(2-sided) auto-duplex.
The printing speed of this model is something to talk about. It can print 55 papers in one minute which is much faster than any of its competitors. It offers you a good speed of 28 pages per minute (ppm) which is average for this type of printer.
You can connect to it via Gigabit LAN, USB 2.0, and USB 2.0 host. But it doesn’t support wireless connection which means you can’t print directly from your mobile phone. It has almost every connectivity system. Near field Communication (NFC) allows you to connect your mobile phone in a single touch.
Its paper input capacity is huge, standard input is up to 650-sheet, and max input capacity is up to 4400 sheets. The standard input capacity of imageCLASS MF733Cdw is a 250-sheet cassette with a 50-sheet multipurpose tray. And, it also has a 50-sheet duplex.
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What Users Are Saying About Lexmark MS810n Laser Printer

In the printer industry, Lexmark is a renowned old band. They provide you with a first-class service and fine quality with their products. However, there are mixed reviews of users on Amazon about this product. The superfast speed loved by all. It barely lets you wait. And, for an office with high printing demand, Lexmark MS810n is highly recommended by the users.

Also, The paper input capacity and toner cartridges are large enough. So, you don’t need to often add paper and change cartridges which is also an advantage for heavy printer-users. The build of it is sturdy and the maintenance is simple.

There are some flows of this printer. Some users reported that when outputting the prints were jamming. This problem could be caused by many reasons. And, it also could be erroneous to set up. However, I didn’t find this problem when tasting. The real problem in my opinion is, the printing quality is not consistent. Occasionally, the quality sucks.

However, it’s only when you are printing continuously. So, give some rest before going to print new documents. And, despite its high price tag, it’s a monochrome laser printer. However, here’s our best printers for real estate agents that may help you. 

Key Features Of Lexmark MS810n Laser Printer

Super Printing Speed

With the speed of 55 pages per minute, you literally need a second to have a print on your hand. The speed is super fast. Even the first-page printing is also fast. You can produce your first page as short as 4.8 seconds. 

Keep Printing

To print without any interruption, Lexmark MS810n offers you a maximum paper input capacity of up to 4400 sheets. With that, it uses high yield toner cartridges. With this humongous input and toner cartridges, you don’t need to stop your printing job to add paper or change cartridges as often.

High Performance and Fast Processing

Print up to 50,000 pages per month easily with Lexmark MS810n and thanks to state-of-the-art paper handling, enjoy your printing with fewer maintenance hassles. And, it’s 2.5 GB upgradable memory can further improve your printing speed.

FAQs Of Lexmark MS810n Laser Printer

Q: Does it copy also?

No, It’s a single function printer that only prints. And, Black & White printing quality speed is better than any high-end AIO printing. 

Q: Is it black & white or color?

No, It’s only black and white and the quality is excellent. If you are looking for color, here are our best color printers.

Q: Does it come with toner cartridges?

Yes, it does. According to Lexmark, it comes with starter return program toner cartridges which are worth up to 10,000 pages.

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Final Verdict

Lexmark MS810n Monochrome Laser Printer can only print Black & white and the price is fairly high. So, you may not consider it to buy. But from this review, you know it’s not the case. It’s offering you a very high printing speed with an advanced level of security to protect your data which is essential for a business nowadays.

Also, with the simple and sturdy build, its maintenance is also easy. Last but not the least, the operating cost is also very low. The toner cartridges are cheap.

For a business, office or workgroup which needs to do a lot of printing, this MS810n is perfectly suitable. The printing quality is as good as any office needs. Although you can’t print in color with it, but most offices don’t need color. However, for the size and price, this printer is not suitable for home-uses. Feel free to have a look at our review of the best printers for homeschool.

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